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Liquor Up, Liquor Down

By Lauren McKenna

The Pub Crawl peruses every gay bar in town in one night Everyone can agree that the key to a successful night on the town is the right kind of social lubricant. (No, not that kind — though I’m not writing it off just yet.) I’m talking the hard stuff. The hooch. The Booze. The Liquor. All of which seem to pump our veins with just enough of that good juju to look back and say, “Oh what a night…” The best part about this city is certainly the vast population of our out-and-proud LGBT community. With this community comes charm, and with that same charm comes the uncanny ability to turn down just about every main street, back route, or alleyway and to be greeted with the oh-so-subtle presence of a blinking rainbow Coors bottle sign. But who needs subtly on a night like the Pride Pub Crawl? My best advice is to revisit that closet and trade in your subtlety for your fabulous rainbow boa. Tonight is the night where tacky actually works — well. We all have our haunts, and this night is about embracing the old, the new, and the freaky. Plenty of you ladies have frequented Cattivo, shot some pool, tucked away from your exes, indulged in a tipsy purchase of provolone sticks, and danced to the cleverly nicknamed DJs. You probably all have your drink (mine being an Absolut Pear and Sprite—try it!) and your favorite cutie bartender.

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Or maybe you like the Shadyside 5801 or Spin scene better, with its hot music, trendy décor, and a Cosmopolitan or Long Island Iced Tea that will keep your hips in rhythm with the Touch Tunes or help you strike a “Vogue” pose with Madonna on the flat screen. And we can’t forget about Harris Grill, which isn’t just famous for its sumptuous bacon and brunches, but also for its fabulous outdoor section for you and yours to drink in the summer breeze. Maybe you’re into the club scene? Fresh and tanned from your rendezvous in Miami, find a home away from home in the go-go dancing, steamy fantasy land of Heat, where boys and girls alike will surely have their jaws dropping at the scantily clad bartenders. Likewise, Images’ bartender Trenny reminds us that Pride’s “going to be just as wild as it always is.” I’m thinking your twenty-first birthday. Only a lot gayer. If all this talk of raucousness makes you want to hibernate instead of hip swing, then maybe you’ll find some comfort in the welcoming arms of Brewer’s Hotel, where Eddie will mix you up the bars’ specialty — Rocket Fuel, which is basically every liquor you can imagine under the sun. But don’t get too cozy; this bar isn’t a commercial inn, but only for permanent residents.

Similarly, Blue Moon has “been around for forever,” says bartender Bill, and provides a relaxed atmosphere that’s open to everyone. Donny’s, too, is an old-time favorite, and if you feel like taking a trip down memory lane or exploring your penchant for the downstairs, boys-only-leather side of life, then this is your spot. If you like boys dancing on bars, you’ll probably be at Lucky’s. If you like hot girls in a DJ booth, you’ll be at There Video Lounge (Hi, DJ Tanner!). Last but not least is the lovely P-Town, whose name is “nothing mysterious,” explains owner Jeff, but houses all of those naughty fantasies of sexy boy toys strutting their stuff Wednesday through Sunday (think of it as like the Bada Bing, only much more fabulous). Each of these bars eagerly awaits you sexy LGBTs with doors and arms wide open. So throw out all of your inhibitions and head to one of these fabulous places to wet your whistle. Buses for Pub Crawl will drop off and pick up approximately every 20 minutes from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday, June 11. Tickets are $20 in advance/$25 at the door. For more information, visit


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Pittsburgh PrideMag 2010  

The source for information about LGBT 2010 Pride in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburgh PrideMag 2010  

The source for information about LGBT 2010 Pride in Pittsburgh, PA.