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A classic view of stacked houses known as the South Side Slopes. (Current photo by Jake Mysliwczyk)



ew Orleans has Bourbon Street. Memphis has Beale Street. Chicago has Rush and Division. Austin has 6th Street. And Pittsburgh has East Carson Street. If you don’t already know, I bet you can guess what each of these has in common. They are all iconic streets in major cities, known primarily for being hedonistic pleasure spots. Booze, music, vomit in the streets—anything can and does go on these storied stretches of pavement. While East Carson Street

BY BETHANY RUHE - PITTSBURGH CURRENT ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER BETHANY@PITTSBURGHCURRENT.COM might not have the national name recognition of some of its more highflying friends, locals know that on any given weekend it can rival all of them. There is a long-running movement to change that perception, as well as the reality, that helped build up East Carson Street’s image as a party palace. As long as there has been a circus-like atmosphere to the South Side, there has been those who loathe it and the impact it’s had on South Side as a


residential neighborhood. Settled (as so many Pittsburgh neighborhoods were) by German and Eastern European immigrants who came here to work in steel and other heavy industries, South Side has its roots firmly in the working class. The influx of younger professionals and college students added to the inpouring of visitors to frequent the bars and restaurants of South Sides, and clashes are bound to occur. In order to address those

issues, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Pittsburgh City Councilman Bruce Kraus, who represents the South Side, launched a comprehensive study to research and make suggestions on some of the neighborhood’s most pressing problems. The result is the East Carson Street Business District Strategy. According to the Executive Summary of the report, it “was guided by a project team, which consisted of representatives from the South Side Community

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Pittsburgh Current, Issue 3., Vol. 2  

The Sex Issue

Pittsburgh Current, Issue 3., Vol. 2  

The Sex Issue