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Sparks fly at Lone Star City Council meeting By Marlene J. Bohr he is getting a check over Nichols said. “What I do It was a war of words between a Lone Star resident and the town’s mayor at the March 21 meeting of the Lone Star City Council. Each signed up to speak in the citizens comment portion of the meeting regarding the mayor’s mileage records. Travis Pool said he wanted Mayor Nick Nichols to talk about reimbursement records for his mileage charged to the city. “What I am about to say, is as respectfully as I can,” Mr. Pool said. “I am asking the Texas Rangers and Chief Larry Fleet to investigate. I am asking that his mileage sheets be investigated. There are no odometer readings or nothing.  We are paying each month –

$300. Last month he drove over 800 miles in his personal vehicle. The Attorney General said the only way a city mayor can be reimbursed is if he is acting in the city’s business. In the last two years the checks have added up to more than $7,000. I would like to know if he is provided a credit card by the city, why he doesn’t use the credit card instead of asking for a reimbursement. He says he went 53 miles to Hughes Springs, and we know that is not 53 miles.” On Aug. 27, 2009, the council unanimously approved mileage reimbursement to the mayor of 50½ cents per mile. Mayor Nichols had also signed up for public comment. “I want to talk about comments that are going around town,” Mayor

is - this is how many miles I rode that day. I can’t put down every time I stop in town. If I go out of town, the mileage will be more. I can’t put down every time I stop as if I did that, I would be doing it all the time. I have been taking a brainwashing for quite a while now, but I want you all to see some of the negative stuff that I am putting up with through the stuff he (Mr. Pool) is putting on Facebook.” Mr. Pool interrupted, saying he had the freedom of speech. “It is a social media place,” Mr. Pool said. “Chief Fleet said you asked him what to do— not to investigate,” Mayor Nichols said. “You had your say; you need to shut up. I am fed up with that stuff and all the crap you put on there. See COUNCIL, Page 4

Repairing the streets City workers James DuBois and Brent Sheets work on Frazier and Hughes streets in Daingerfield. The asphalt patching truck was purchased by the city from the city of Jacksonville. The machine does a much better job patching potholes in the city, according to City Manager Carl Teel.

Hughes Springs’ schools plan four new classrooms By Marlene J. Bohr cussed at the March 18 classrooms.

Early plans are in line for the addition of four new classrooms at the Hughes Springs Junior High School, as dis-

meeting of the school district’s board of trustees. The board approved a competitive sealed proposal method for accepting bids for the

“We are getting close to putting out for bid,” Superintendent Rick Ogden said. “We will receive bids and then chose the one that provides the best value to

the district. The rooms will be added to the front of the junior high building between the junior high and high school in front of the sidewalk. “The class sizes mov-

ing up from the elementary school are larger and we will need the space.” Mr. Ogden reported school enrollment at 1,189. “Last month enroll-

ment was 1,200,” Mr. Ogden said. “We aren’t sure why it dropped. We did pick up five students on Monday. It changes from day to day as we are a mobile society.”

School receives technology commitment of $831,000 By Marlene J. Bohr

Advancing to State and Nationals in powerlifting are Tachrissa Boyd, left, and Nicole Phillips.

Phillips won second place in State powerlifting meet.

Phillips and Boyd move on to Nationals By Marlene J. Bohr second place State win. A Daingerfield senior was offered a full-ride scholarship for her efforts in powerlifting, traveling to State once again, and capturing a

Nicole Phillips had a second place win at Regionals in Wills Point to qualify her for State competition. At State competition in Corpus Christi on March 16 she lifted 475 pounds for squats,

205 pounds for bench press, and dead lifted 375 pounds for a total weight of 1,055 in the 220 plus weight class. Tachrissa Boyd, a junior, also qualified at Regionals with a first place See NATIONALS, Page 2

Obituaries ° Josephine Cooper ° Lloyd P. Phillips ° Helen Ruth Wilson See Page 3 Superintendent Sandra Quarles excitedly reported to the Daingerfield-Lone Star Independent School District board of trustees the award of $831,000 in E-rate funds. She informed the board members at their March 18 meeting. “This is a funding commitment from Universal Service Administration Company and will allow us to completely upgrade our technology infrastructure,” Mrs. Quarles said. “With this money we will be able to do some major renovations in our infrastructure. This will enable us to take technology to a whole new level. We are really excited about what this will mean for the district. “This will include data and voice switches, a network phone system, wireless access points, a district firewall, and much more.  Upgrading the infrastructure will allow us to expand the use of digital textbooks and implement the use of handheld devices for educational purposes.  Plans are to begin the work on this project im-

mediately, and it is anticipated that the project will be completed during the summer of 2013.” In her report, Mrs. Quarles reported enrollment was down 49 from a year ago, and staff was down by 16, with teachers down by 7½. Ted Estep, architect for the school bond, told the board members they are at the fifth and final step of the construction, covering everything but the auditorium. “Since we met, we have added a few things,” Mr. Estep said. “We have taken the horizontal units for air conditioning out of the ceiling. We have taken them out in those two places in the science labs. We are putting in a system that is called ductless cassettes. You have one in the lobby that serves that area. They are independent and are much more efficient than the previous ones. It should make a difference in your energy costs for that part of the building. We no longer have duct work above the ceiling or in the hallways. We are raising the ceilings and will put skylights in those hallways to get some of the natural light.

“There are two computer rooms, and we plan to go in them and give them a fresh coat of paint as if we did nothing to them it would make them look even worse after redoing the hallway. We are looking at an alternative for the junior high gym floor. They weren’t in our original estimate, and if we have the money, you can choose to do them. I felt we needed to know what the cost will be to replace those.” Transportation and Maintenance Director James Long reported on the fire alarm system. “Occasionally there is some angst in the system,” he said. ‘In the early morning hours it goes off and it isn’t loud, but the lights come on and we get a call from the dispatchers at the sheriff’s office. “Hefner Roofing started the roofing projects, and it is going smoothly.” In other business, the board approved purchase of metal doors. “We brought bids last month and Dr. Larry Miears had a question about how many doors there were. We went around and counted evSee TECHNOLOGY, Page 3

2 • The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013

Water distribution efforts discussed at council meeting By Marlene J. Bohr pressure on the rest of the system. We are still working on some addiDaingerfield City tional concerns and reManager Carl Teel lated issues that need reported progress on to be fully resolved in public water distribu- order for the whole option efforts and pro- eration to perform at vided information on its maximum efficiensludge recycling to cy. the Daingerfield City “In a follow up on reCouncil at its March 18 cycling the wastewater meeting. sludge into certified “The public works compost for use on department, under lawns, gardens, and agthe leadership of Jon ricultural applications, Newberry, has accom- I have researched plished a major effort the matter and have for the city’s water some preliminary indistribution system,” formation to report. I Mr. Teel said. “As dis- have made two trips cussed on numerous to Sulphur Springs occasions, part of the Municipal Wastewaconcern of the water ter Treatment Plant to system is related to observe and gather inhaving adequate and formation about their consistent water pres- composting program. sure throughout the Additionally, the dewhole city. An asso- signers of the comciated concern is the posting operation in fact that the whole city Sulphur Springs have operates as one ho- made three trips to mogenous zone which Daingerfield to look means that the whole at our needs here. As city is affected in case you can imagine, this of a shut down. For is highly regulated by several months, Jon Texas Commission on has been identifying Environmental Qualways to improve the ity, and the company pressure on the high that I am discussing side of the city without this with has a successadversely affecting the ful record of

ance with the requirements of TCEQ. In all practicality, I only see this becoming a viable option for us if we can reduce some of our operational cost by recouping some of the expenses in a marketable product. More study and research are needed. John Furlow, CPA, presented the fiscal audit to the council. “This is a clean audit,” Mr. Furlow said. “The city has impressive record keeping and the budget is very detailed.” Mr. Teel reported on the clarifier project. “Gracon Construction Company has now completed about 48 percent of the clarifier project,” Mr. Teel said. “We are endeavoring to coordinate with SWEPCO on the possible relocation of some of the power lines that are in close proximity to the construction site. In order to power the clarifier, some major electrical work is involved and the current location of the power lines and transformers are obstructing

the placement of the new electrical components. This will necessitate some rework of the utility poles and transmission lines. “We have met with the engineer from SWEPCO and the contractor to identify a solution to this challenge and minimize the additional cost to the city. A proposed solution has been agreed upon and hopefully will let the project go forward.” Mr. Teel brought the council up to date on future projects related to financing of water treatment. “The Texas Water Development Board has a multiple step process for municipalities regarding financing future water treatment and/or wastewater treatment projects,” Mr. Teel said. “The first step had a deadline of March 1 and required a preliminary submission of some technical data from the city. This initial data and submission was required in order for the city to even have the opportunity to apply for a future loan for project

consideration. Without this submittal, we would not even be considered, and even with the submittal, there are no guarantees that we would qualify. The submittal does not obligate us to apply for any project funding, but is only a pre-qualifying of our ability to be considered for funding in 2014. Special thanks are owed to Freese and Nichols who compiled the data for us at no cost and helped prepare the forms for proper submission. “Freese and Nichols Engineers Inc. have submitted its invoice for 60 percent of the design work for the Downtown Enhancement Project,” Mr. Teel said. “The Engineering cost is 80 percent reimbursable from the grant with the city bearing the rest of the cost. However, please keep in mind that the city has to pay the full invoice first and then submit it for reimbursement. The time frame for reimbursement involves submitting a paid invoice to the Texas Department

of Transportation and then waiting for them to circulate it through their channels. If everything flows through the process without any delays, it will take approximately 30 days or more to receive the reimbursement.” The council approved going out for bids for road construction material. “In order to get the best price for road construction materials and services, I have prepared a list of items on which we need to get competitive bids as we approach the road construction season,” Mr. Teel said. “Needless to say, the escalation of gasoline and oil prices will have a corresponding effect upon the cost of asphalt based road materials. The bid specs will state that the price sheet submitted by the bidders will be used for the rest of calendar year 2013.” In other matters, the council approved Stan Wyatt as its representative to the Northeast Texas Municipal Water District.

Local woman requests help in Walk for Lupus By Marlene J. Bohr temic Lupus Erythemato- A local woman and her cousin have a special interest in a Walk for Lupus that will be held in Grand Prairie on Sunday. The walk will begin at 9:30 a.m. at Lone Star Park. Tamara Stern of Daingerfield was diagnosed with lupus in 1999 and her cousin, LaKeithdra Bryson, also of Daingerfield, was diagnosed two years ago.  “The walk is to raise money for lupus research,” Ms. Stern said. “We do not have a local chapter here, so our team, Team TOS, will go and walk and raise money to give to the Lupus Foundation of America North Texas Chapter in Dallas.” Ms. Stern said lupus is difficult to diagnose.  “In 1999 I was being treated for inflammation,” she said. “I kept swelling and didn’t know what it was. One day I had six seizures back to back and was rushed to Titus Regional Medical Center, where I stayed for two weeks. During the course of two weeks, it had attacked my nervous system already where I didn’t know my family or my children. I was rushed to University of Texas Medical Center in Tyler and that’s where a team of doctors diagnosed me with SLE, which is Sys-

NATIONALS win. She was in the 148 weight class; however, she didn’t get to finish because she was red lighted on her squat. “You give three opportunities and if the judges don’t get at least two white lights, you don’t get to finish,” Assistant Coach Engra Patt-Mason said. “Both girls are considered All-State so they qualify for a powerlifting ring. They will be competing in Nationals this Saturday in Oklahoma City, Okla.” Both girls said they spend long hours practicing and then attending meets that last all day on Saturdays. This is the third year for Phillips in powerlifting and the second for Boyd. “These girls have been to four meets this year and they practice every day,” Coach Patt-Mason said. “They lift hard three days and go to walk throughs on one day and a walk through on Friday

sus. “Later on in 2012 I was diagnosed with DLE, Discoid Lupus Erythematosus, which is not as bad as SLE, but now I have two different kinds of lupus. SLE doesn’t recognize good cells from bad cells and your body basically attacks itself, and your body attacks its joints, organs, nervous system and causes increased fatigue and hair loss.  DLE causes discoloration in your face and causes permanent hair loss, and it alters your physical appearance.” It has taken many adjustments, but Ms. Stern has learned to live with lupus. “It takes some getting used to, having two kinds of lupus,” she said. “When you are used to being healthy and working, it’s difficult; the DLE doesn’t hurt, but the SLE does. I take different pills by mouth and a shot twice a week that I administer at home, and every four weeks I go for an hourlong infusion in Tyler.  “I have pain daily. It makes it hard to do everyday tasks, even tasks as simple as opening a bottle of soda.  I have had surgery on my right knee and surgery on my right hand. My body wasn’t strong enough for the surgery. They did the surgery to see if they could get the scar tissue out. It left my hand too weak to be able

age 16 and with her being diagnosed and being so young, it is important to give to research to help find a cure not only for myself but for her and for the thousands of people out there,” she said. “More and more people are being diagnosed with lupus. “To get a chapter here, I need to call Washington to find out how to have a chapter. I emailed, called, and wrote a letter and have not received a response. If anyone is interested in the walk in Grand Prairie or to make donations, they can call

First United Methodist Church of Hughes Springs would like to give a special thank you to all of our sponsors for all the donations for this years town wide Easter egg hunt. Special thank you too...

Cousins with lupus plan to attend the Walk for Lupus on Saturday. They are Tamara Stern, left, and LaKeithdra Bryson, both of Daingerfield. to be used properly. The prognosis is that I would have it the rest of my life, and it is controlled by medicine.” Miss Bryson has poly articulate rf positive JIA, that is juvenile idiopathic arthritis, which belongs in the lupus family. “She is having problems with physical movements, and she stopped some school activities,” Ms. Stern said. “However, after medicine and chang-

from page 1 and they lift on Saturdays. Phillips has placed first at every regular meet, second in Regionals and second in State. Boyd has two first place wins and two second place in regular season and placed first in Regionals and didn’t get to finish in State.” Coach Michael Mason has worked with the girls in practice and takes them to the meets. “These two girls are really hard workers and represented the school really well,” Coach Mason said. The girls agreed they spend many hours prac-

me at 903-717-4180.” The Walk for Lupus Now is a 5K fun walk, benefiting the local programs and services for the Lupus Foundation of America, North Texas Chapter. Funds raised also go toward lupus research. There is no fee to register for this event; however, the foundation asks that participants raise funds through pledges. For more information and to register, visit faf/home/default.asp?ievent=484903

ticing. “I worked very hard,” Phillips said. “I have been doing powerlifting for three years. Joselyn Taylor got me into it, and I wanted to better myself.” Boyd has been powerlifting two years and agrees the work is hard. “I have been working really, really hard,” she said. While in Corpus Christi, the girls rode boats to go sightseeing and also saw the Selena Memorial as the singer was from Corpus Christi. Both girls are anxious to compete in Nationals.

ing routines and diet, she is better.” Ms. Stern has participated in the Walk for Lupus previously. “The research to me is important because my cousin was diagnosed at

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3 • The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013 • 3



Services for Josephine Cooper, 86, of Mount Pleasant, were held March 20 at North Jefferson Church of Christ in Mount Pleasant with Kris Groda, Weldon Miller, and Jim Parker officiating. Interment was in Neveills Chapel Cemetery in Mount Pleasant. Mrs. Cooper was born Dec. 17, 1926, in Mount Pleasant and died March 17 at her residence.

Book Sale

50 Anniversary th

Kendyle and Anne Buchanan of Naples, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary March 9. They were married March 9, 1963, in Dallas.

Friends of the Daingerfield Library held the annual book sale March 16 at the Morris County Courthouse Annex. Ross Dickson, left, purchases a few books from Margie Hargrove, one of the Friends of the Library members.

TECHNOLOGY from page 1 ery door and accounted for each one of them.” The board also approved an eight-period

Lloyd Paul Phillips

schedule for the high school. “We had talked about it last year and this year

again,” Mrs. Quarles said. “We agreed to let the teachers know as early as we could. We feel we need to go back to the eight-period day because it is possible for a student not to have math for four days in a row.” Board President Maurice Tigert put himself on the agenda under public forum. “I am sure all of you read The Bee about the administration and you don’t know how that made me feel,” Mr. Tigert said. “It really ex-

cited my heart. I want to say what a privilege it is to be on the board and serve you all. Each of you is doing a special job and don’t get thanked enough. I would personally like to thank you for everything you do.” After a 45-minute executive session, the board approved the teachers, diagnosticians, librarians and nurse contracts as approved by Mrs. Quarles and accepted letters of retirement from Debra Gilmore and Avis Wilson.


Services for Lloyd Paul Phillips, 90, of Wichita Falls, were held March 20 at Lunn’s Colonial Chapel with Deacon Anastacio Perez officiating. Arrangements were under the direction of Lunn’s Colonial Funeral Home. Mr. Phillips was born July 3, 1922, in Daingerfield and died March 18 in Wichita Falls. He served his country in the U.S. Army Air Corp from 1942 until 1946. He performed maintenance on air drones and loaded material from trucks to airplanes. He was

Mike and Debby Burke would like to express heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out in support of the 2nd annual “Mike Burke Day,” this past Tuesday, March 19th, at the Daingerfield/Hughes Springs ballgame. We so appreciate your donations and gifts of love as Mike continues his battle with Alzheimers. He so loves his Daingerfield Tigers. Special thanks to Miguel Larsen and Sabin Warrick for their above and beyond help with this project, and a special thanks to Mike’s dear and longtime friend, Ben Terry, for all his time and efforts in putting this special day together for him. We just want everyone to know how much we appreciate your love and concern.

very proud of his military career and loved to speak of time in the military, sharing his thoughts and opinions with anyone willing to listen. Having been raised on a farm in East Texas, he loved gardening and growing vegetables. Mostly, he loved to spend time with his children and grandchildren. He never complained about life and would lend a hand whenever he could. Survivors include his son, Larry Phillips and wife, Betty of San Antonio; two daughters, Lynda Amador and husband, Richard, and Paula Trullender, both of Wichita Falls; brother, Gene Harell of Texarkana; sister, Martha Bishop and husband, Truman of Mount Pleasant; five grandchildren, Ricci and Renetta Amador, Angela Phillips, Paul Garza, and Jeremy Phillips, and nine great-grandchildren. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.lunnscolonial. com


Services for Helen Ruth Wilson, 78, of Linden, were held March 18 in Linden with Todd Reed and Anna Hensley officiating. Interment was in Flat Creek Cemetery in Linden. Mrs. Wilson was born Oct. 18, 1934, in Cass County to Harvey Boone Wilson and Verna Mae Hixson Wilson and died March 14 in Texarkana, Ark.


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4 • The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tri-Cities Talk

What is the most important thing in your life?


Hometown Person Full name: Billy Willis Jr. I have lived in: Hughes Springs for 35 years. Family: My wife, Tiffany, and two daughters, Kaycee and Kaylee. Pets: Weenie dog named Junior and a Yorkie called Sam. Occupation: Inspector operator at Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. One of the best things about my job is: It pays good and has great benefits. My ideal vacation is: Anywhere near the water. My hero is: My mother, Mary Williams. She is a single mother who raised me and my brother on a single income. She is a hard worker that made sure my brother and I had the things we needed. And for that, I love her. My favorite TV show is: Family Feud. My favorite healthy snack is: An apple. If I could change one thing about East Texas, it would be: To have more places that are kid-friendly and teen-friendly. Teenagers need a positive place to go so they will stay out of trouble. The person who has influenced my life most is: My grandfather, Bennie Alexander. He taught me everything a young boy could learn up to manhood. Some of the things that I use in everyday life, I learned from him. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. The scariest thing that ever happened to me was: As a volunteer fire fighter, we had to cut an elderly lady out of a car during a wreck. I thought she was dead, but she wasn’t. It was one of the first fire calls that I had been on. If I had to do it all over again, I: Would not change a thing. Life is lesson, learn from it. The most exciting or dangerous thing I’ve ever done was: Go into a house fire. Your heart is racing, but at the same time, you have no fear. You just do it. If I won a trip to anywhere, I would go to: The South Pacific with the clear blue waters. Two words that describe me are: Friendly and helpful. Included on my bucket list are: Traveling and starting my own business.

Days Gone By

10 YEARS AGO Hughes Springs senior Josh Ogden won first place in the Voice of Democracy essay contest at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #1890 in Rocky Branch. Diana Kizer is the celebrity participating in the Sonic Celebrity Car Hop Day in Daingerfield. The event is sponsored by the American Red Cross. Morris County Judge J.C. Jennings gives the oath of office to A. Lawton who has been appointed Precinct 1 County Commissioner. 20 YEARS AGO The Avinger United Methodist Church has been chosen as a recipient of the prestigious Copeland Award for its vision in ministry and growing record in membership and attendance. Honored at the Daingerfield Chamber of Commerce banquet are Maurice and Rita Tigert, Martha Ridenour, Jimmy Cornelius, Reba Bassett, Homer Tanner, and Ann Shumate. A section of Highway 259 near Interstate 30 in Morris County will be reconstructed this summer according to plans approved by the Texas Transportation Commission.



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My parents because they take care of My parents because they take care of God. He made everything. There is nothing not to like about Him. me, and they keep me under their roof. me.

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The Buzz By Marlene Bohr

Become a foster parent It is an easy bet when you saw that headline, you immediately put the idea of all kinds of children in your mind and probably, as I often have, wonder what it would be like to be a foster parent and shape a young life. Think about it; maybe you can. It just will not be the child normally thought of when we hear the words ‘foster.’ Our local animal shelter in Daingerfield stays full to the gills, and with the spring season upon us there will be many new births in the area. Due to that, there will be many, many puppies and kittens that are born into a world where they do not have a home. That’s really sad when anyone is homeless. We have many in our communities that are actually homeless when we look at the number of animals in our shelters and others that are left to roam in the towns and in the country. With the great number of births the spring season brings, an idea was presented to me of putting out a plea for foster parents. Here it is. Listen up; the plea is officially out for foster parents. Can you take one or two or a litter of puppies or kittens and help raise them until a home can be found for them?  Yeah, I know, it’s really a lot of work. It takes a lot of exercise taking care of


Easter Egg Hunt

The Daingerfield Chamber of Commerce will host its Annual Easter Egg them and walking them and bathing Hunt on Saturday, at the Daingerfield them, etc. This is the time of year also State Park beginning at 10 a.m. when people are thinking of getting out walking to exercise after months Afterschool of being cooped up in the house. Hav- Daingerfield Afterschool Centers on ing a dog to walk would be a good Education, ACE, offers bus transporform of exercise, not only for you tation on Monday and Tuesday only. but for the dog. Then if you All ACE students will be parent pickhave more than one, you can up on Wednesdays and Thursdays. surely devote more time to Monday, April 22, will be the last day exercising to improve your- for ACE bus transportation. All ACE self. You’d have to burn calories students will be parent pick up until taking care of the extra work an the last day of ACE on May 23. If you animal requires. have any questions or concerns, conThink about the benefits you tact the site coordinator, Shanta Lockwill reap from fostering ett, at the junior high campus. cats or dogs. Studies have shown that people who Music City Texas have pets are healthier. Music City Texas Theater presIt isn’t just the activity that owning ents J.D. Souther April 12 at 8 p.m. or fostering a pet can contribute it’s For tickets, call 903-756-9934 Monday the happiness they bring to our lives. through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sometimes foster pets end up being   permanent pets, and that is a plus for Book Club both the foster person and the pet. The Noon Book Lovers Club will If you have questions about foster meet Thursday at the Daingerfield parenting a dog or cat and want an- Public Library.  For more information swers, Cynthia at the Daingerfield call the library at 903-645-2823. City Hall will be happy to answer your questions. Call her at 903-645-3906 and Choir Rehearsal find out how fostering an animal can Unity Mass Choir Rehearsal has been turn into an act of kindness and a way scheduled for Friday, April 5, at 6 p.m. of paying it forward to the community. at the Allen-Rodgers Retreat BuildThere a lot of joy in a wagging tail and ing in Linden. All choir members are a soft meow. asked to be present.

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He doesn’t listen to what he hears. What he is doing is making the city look bad. He will have it all on Facebook before we get out of here. “I wasn’t going to bring up anything like that until he did. I will be blasted as soon as he gets to the house. He has requested all this stuff. I have nothing to hide.” City Secretary Ruth Nash said the mileage did not add up to $7,000. “It has the amounts in the accounts payable when it is submitted and also again in the accounts payable when it is paid,” Ms. Nash said. “The amount will be shown twice.” Chief Fleet said there was no criminal investigation regarding the mayor’s mileage reimbursement. Mr. Pool had asked the city to furnish him with information on what happened to pipe the city had in its possession. “I have complied with the Freedom of Information Act regarding the mayor’s mileage,” Ms. Nash said. “A lot of the other Freedom of Information Act has to do with stuff over 10 years old. On that you can charge $15 an hour plus overhead for labor. I looked through the records, and it was so old you couldn’t find it. In compiling the information, the bill came to over $500. I compiled all the papers, but no one has paid me for it. “I found out you can require a depos-

it before you actually start work and I should have done that. I told him (Mr. Pool) it would be released when the city is paid. He will be disappointed as we did not find anything.” In other business, Ken Kennedy asked the council to consider passing an ordinance prohibiting smoking in any public place, which is an enclosed area to which the public is invited or in which the public is permitted. The matter was tabled for further information. “I think this is going to have a lot of legal ramifications,” Mayor Nichols said. “It would mean any area. Anyone can ban their own area.” Mr. Kennedy said most people think smoking is bad in a public place. “On the Federal level, smoking has been banned in Federal places.” he said. “Twenty-eight states have bans. Texas is not one of those states. They do have somewhat of a smoking ban. as in 1997 they passed a law prohibiting smoking near public schools, libraries, trains, and other places. It doesn’t include all public places. It has been discussed on the state level, but did not come to a vote. We all know the hazards of smoking. As a matter of fact, once a ban is put in place, as time goes by, more and more people support the ban. “I am asking that the general public be protected against smoking. Unless they

post a no smoking sign, it is legal to smoke.” Councilwoman Martha Wexler gave her opinion. “I would like to agree with it, but I think the governments get their nose into things they should not get into,” Mrs. Wexler said. “They want to say what you eat and how much you should eat. I think it is a health hazard, but I think an individual business should put up its own no smoking signs.” The council approved designating the month of April as spring cleanup in Lone Star. Approval was given to hire a parttime person for the summer at $10 an hour for a maximum of 700 hours. They will be mowing, among other summer jobs. The council discussed, but took no action on raising water and sewer rates. “We need to check our rates, and we need to go up on them,” Mayor Nichols said “If we get this loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, they will tell us what it takes to operate.” “We are going to need to allow some time to work on what we think the rates are,” Ms. Nash said. “I already pulled some stats on what other cities charge. We are going to need a work shop down the line and have a rate increase for next year’s budget.”

5 • The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013 • 5

Honor Rolls Avinger ISD

First Grade “AB” “AB” “A” Devin Hall and Miles Christopher Carr, Hunter Natalie Sanchez, Bobby Johnson. Reece, and Brianna Young. Ray Sissom Jr., and Noah Sixth Grade Young. Third Grade “A” “AB” “A” Bryson Schubert. Aubreigh Powell, Shelby Elijah Young. Whelchel, and Jessi Wyatt. Fourth Grade “AB” Second Grade “AB” Rachael Barton, Kasie “A” Keldyn Schubert. Compton, Mariah Foster, Taygen Downs and Rielyn and Savannah Martin. Schubert. Fifth Grade Seventh Grade

“AB” Brennan Dowell and Grayson Early. Eighth Grade “A” Travis Gonzalez and Abigail Tate. “AB” Michelle Garrett, Jayden Grant, Trevor Orange, and Zachary Vance. Ninth Grade

“AB” Brittany Escalante, Aleshia Fort, and Trey Slaton. 10th Grade “A” Rebecca Samples. “AB” Nicki Browning, Audrey Byerly, Billy Cody, Lake Loyd, and Lexi Taylor 11th Grade

“AB” James Adams, Jermiaha Clark, Stephanie Garner, Jodie Gonzalez, and Ryan Perry. 12th Grade “A” Brittanie Vance. “AB” Mikshala Bolden Ashley Sanders.


Daingerfield-Lone Star ISD First Grade “A” Katelynn Barber, Alyssa Baxter, Chrishlyn Boyd, Meghan Burenheide, Kevin Carmona, David Carr, Jair Chavez, Taurean Drake, Makayla Foster, Lynzee Frazier, Hulon Fretwell, Lykevian Garrett, Jalynn Gilstrap, Meika Gordon, Angel Guerrero, Alyssa Hatten, Marlon Hayes, Tarajah Jackson, Stacy Lewis, Silver McEntire, Jamal Monday, Alyssa Rushing, Cristal Santiago Figueroa, Jordan Suastegui, Brian Taylor, Harmony Tunstle, Aaryana Wallace, Korban Waterhouse, Quinterrian Webb, Leilani White, and Diamond Williams. “AB” Roger Argueta, Luis Ballesteros, Bryson Belk, Catherine Brock, Paola De La Cruz, Shaniya Favors, Amare Garrett, Destiny Gholston, Miracle Harper, Dionisio Hendrix, Cayden Hortman, Rodrigo Ixmatlahua, Kiara Jackson, Daydrion Jimmerson, Jayda Jordan, Levi Langley, Thomas Lester, Angel Luna, Claysen Mabey, Fernando Ordonez, Cristian Paz, Rylee Rumbo, Dante Salazar, Landon Sears, Alex Simpson, Shiann Washington, and Mathew Watkins. Second Grade “A” William Barnwell, Lucy Bello, Miguel Bello, Marisol Bernon, Ty Byrd, Hailey Crews, Kami Driggers, Jykeelin Frazier, Terry Gholston, Kylah Haley, Emmanuel Ixmatlahua, La’Daysha Jimmerson,

Braylon Jones, Corey Long, Jerra Mabey, Karter Pollan, Harley Scholl, Tucker Strawn, Kade Strickland, Julian Taylor, Aliyah Thomas, Jonah Walker, Josselyn Walton, Alexis Williams, and De’Asia Williams. “AB” Oasis Brown-Irving, Torrie Bunton, Kayli Clark, Trevor Climer, Ja’Khyra Connor, Katlyne Copeland, Analiz De La Cruz, April Epps, Madison Greenlee, Madison Harvey, Adrian Hatcher, Rashad Lee, Jayden Lindsay, Cody Long, Kimberly Lopez, Ali McCoy, Audrie Mendoza, Diamond Morton, Enrique Ochoa, Iraly Ordonez, Regina Rainey, Jasmine Ramos, Gary Ribble, Keyshawna Roney, Briana Sanchez, Keshaun Singleton, Monnorea Soeung, Sayda Suastegui, Kamryn Taylor, Salvador Velasquez, Jayden Wallace, and DCorian Wright. Third Grade “A” Dylan Baxter, Jaxson Chapman, Julissa Chavez, Alejandro DeLaCruz, Jaylon Evans, Sanaa Fields, Jackson Hall, Sydney Key, Haley Lewis, Laura Mendez, Karmen Searcy, Austin Terry, and Kayla Watkins. “AB” Alayah Alexander, Levi Allen, Trinity Brantley, Ashlyn Bruce, Ava Burenheide, Anyha Ellison, Thaishun Evans, Journei Ferguson, Adylen Garcia, Chandler Garrett, Trevor Hargrave, Keydon Hill, Dakota Hughes, Ayden James, Jaden Kelly, Ar-

iana Lewis, Maira Lopez, James Mathis-Bazar, Kayleigh McCoy, Kyera Morgan, Karley Nix, DeAndre Pettey, Samuel Pollan, Caylin Rainey, José Ramos, Memphis Sanders, Jaci Simmons, Sonson Soeung, Hunter Staner, and Jasmine Werthern. Fourth Grade “A” Tanner Byrd, Denver Carpenter, Laura Carter, Ebony Chalk, Dazia Chapin, Jennifer Evans, Juan Llamas, Alivia Ragsdale, Riley Scholl, Gracey Smith, Shelby Wallace, and Sonny Wu. “AB” Jaycee Bailey, Aidan Barrett, Natalie Beasley, Neve Beasley, Kavon Bolden, Mandi Burenheide, Kelbi Byrd, Brea Crain, Anthony Fomby, Heaven Gilliam, Jesse Gillispie, Adrianna Guerrero, Destiny Guerrero, Rozlynn Hall, DeKevion Hargett, Michael Jimenez, Braxton Jimmerson, Adisen Key, Cesar Lopez, Kaleb Morgan, Michael Nelson, Angelina Ochoa, Maribel Quintana-DeLaRosa, Jesse Ribble, Michael Ribble, Bryce Ridenour, Iran Rodriguez, Colby Sanders, Megan Sears, DrCosangsin Soeung, Jett Stockinger, Mariela Vanegas, Makenzie Watkins, Kyasia Williams, and Coby Wright. Fifth Grade “A” Hailey Byrd and Jamie Nix. “AB” Madison Driggers, Yojan Garcia, Victor Gonzalez, Ryan Lewis, and Kiara

Robinson. Sixth Grade “A” Lemerica Alexander, Justin Bailey, Marisol Barrera Kennedy, Jennifer Gonzalez, Treshawnti Howard, Jansen Laney, Ashlynn Sanders, Joshua Sutton, Jaidyn Thompson, Hannah Welch, Jakauri Woods, and Kodi Young. “AB” Leslie Argueta, Trinity Blythe, Alexandra Carrillo, Nicholas Chapin, Miguel De La Cruz, Jaqualine Evans, Nickolas Ferguson, Allan Gamez, Zachary Gilmore, Abigale Hargrave, Tyler Harper, Destiny Holt, Destiny Hurndon, Zikeya Lawton, Savannah Lockler,Jakala Neal, Judson Pollan, Derik Rawls, Makayla Robinson, Sidney Royal, Agustin Samano, Makayla Watkins, Tieryunna Williams, and Travis Wilson. Seventh Grade “A” Melinda Driggers “AB” Mya Cheatum, Rebecca Collins, Luci Costello, Denibria Hall, Jakob Hill, Jasmine House, Kahleyia Johnson, Layla Johnston, Kaylee Joslin, Tylor Lester, Takorrianne Linwood, Claudia Lopez, Lorena Netro, Demarkia Palmer, Daniel Pilgrim, Mikal Reeves, Kathrine Smith, and Gage Stockinger. Eighth Grade “A” Camryn Byrd, Dalton Morgan, Graci Runk, Julisa Velasquez, and Baylee Welch.

“AB” Amanda Aleman, Aiana Alexander, My’Asha Buford, Zalestial Carter, Caitlin Cox, Madison Cox, Meagan Cox, Zoey Crites, Diamond Gholston, Blake Hughes, Carla Lockeby, Shelby Lockler, Courtney Makepeace, Denver Mims, Mia Nelson, Kevin Rudd, Stormie Sampson, Jazmin Solis, Jordan Whelchel, Alexius Williams, Jasmine Woods, and Warren Wu. Ninth Grade “A” Alton Alexander, Cross Allen, Chelsea Chalk, Karter Ford, Colton Garrett, and Cassidy Watkins. “AB” Eric Alexander, Leslie Bailey, Shametriece Black, Stormey Brummell, De’Andre Daniel, Jordan Freeman, Briana Llamas, Cinthia Olguin, Maribel Ortiz, Alexis Porter, Anjelica Reyes, Adriana Rivas, Derek Strickland, Bayley Sullivan, Kallye Sullivan, and Sabryn Thompson. 10th Grade “A” Monica Monroy. “AB” Jessie Biles, Terah Blythe, Jettia Bradley, Shakiria Brown, Lester Browning, Jamia Edwards, Madison Forshee, Cruz Gallegos, Desirae Henderson, Summer Hoover, Shenia Jackson, Markayla Johnson, Emmanuel Mendez, Madison Prine, Matthew White, Akia Williams, and Laura Young. 11th Grade “A” Sam Fowler, Luquarius Frazier, Cedarion

Hopkins, Bobbie McRae, Cassidy Shaver, Janzelle Smith, Austin Swain, and Steven Vaught. “AB” Spencer Alexander, Lacey Bean, Tachrissa Boyd, Tyrek Boyd, Amara Chism, Courtney Davis, Amber Gholston, Adrianna Hill, Keaten Key, Alekza Kirkham, Nathan Knight, and Lazarius Luster. Cameron Precise, Gloria Rodriguez, Delaney Smith, Teasia Stern, Trovarious Stuard, Takara Thomas, Ashley Wallace, Milagro Washington, and Peyton Watkins. 12th Grade “A” Samantha Bryan, Zach Ferris, Holly Hartgrove, Jessie Hegler, Laken Livingston, Jessica Netro, Samantha Rowe, Jasper Smith, and Sha’kia Williams. “AB” Tyler Austin, Lakeithdra Bryson, Devin Camp, Cha’Chasity Davis, Sterling Frazier, Pedro Gonzalez, Ahkeiah Gray, Miranda Hall, Braccus Hannah, Deaundre Hill, Kenyada Hooks, Ivan Huerta, Ashley Hughes, Markevion Hurndon, Ptreshia Hurndon, Samantha Kimberley, Carlos Macias, Jassica McMillon, Juan Mendez, Ruben Mims, Randi Monds, Elisha Moore, Janet Nava, John Oddo, Carletta Peters, Nicole Phillips, Shunterika Ray-Linwood, Keyondra Robinson, Kristen Robinson, Joshua Terry, Preston Watkins, and Tava Williams.

and Kirbie Young. Eighth Grade “A” Celeste O’Dell. “AB” Alisha Barnard, Julia Beers, Kali Calcote, Dustee Clark, Aimee Cockerham, Alexis Dilbeck, Trey Edwards, Paige Elia, Haley Epps, Shelby Fann, Artavis Fludd, Andrea Franklin, Briana Jones, JaRaylon Jones, Tony Kemp, Brooke Kirkpatrick, Mykayla Lindsey, Mattie Morehead, Carson Moreland, Courtney Nix, Jacy Pittman, Ciara Pitzer, Christine Pruitt, D’Asia Purifoy, Susan Reynolds, Luis Rodriquez, Breonna Simmons, Shay Slussler, Ashlee Smith, Orion Stafford, and Ebony Walker. Ninth Grade “A” Juna Dorantes, Tashalyn Johnson, Nestor Molina, Jake Moore, Chelsea Taylor, Macy O’dell, CJ Pruitt, Ashlea Taylor, Cody Williams, and Savannah Wright. “AB” Hunter Alcorn, Autumn Allen, Justin Battensby, Breanna Casillas, Charli Clark, Colton Crawley, Shelby Golden, Zane Hanks, Margo Helms, Drake Hill, Elizabeth Johnson, Jaren Jones, Logan Skipper, Ryan Lindsey, Noah Palmertree, Yulina Ramirez, Alonna Shaddix, Blake Smith, Amelia Smoak, and John Willis. 10th Grade “A” Paul Calderon, Breanna Crowder, Lauren Jones, Kaitlyn Morris, and Blake Walker. “AB” Lyndsey Anton, Sheyenne Baker, Kortne Craig, Scarlett Day-Aleman, Jacori Denmark, Trent Duke, Asa Gaul, Kevin

Gibson, Lauren Gunn, Dana Hampton, Denver Kidwell, Alissa McClain, Cody Pilgrim, Sabranna Sloan, Hunter Smith, Chelsea Taylor, Raegan Taylor, and Jade VanHuss. 11th Grade “A” Anna Applin, Jordan Debord, Jessica Modisette, Dylan Morre, Michelle Terry, and Dylain Tippett. “AB” Kaitlin Brantley, Austin Calcote, Kassity Connor, Dillon Dewitt, Brady Edmiston, Alsiha Fields, Chloe Hall, Michael Harris, Kera Huggins, Uryia Kemp, Kaitlyn Lindsey, Chad McKinney, KJ Murphy, Andy Nolan, Jesus Noriega, Halie Pippin, Kendal Sands, Shelby Simpson, Melissa Skaggs, Dakota Skinner, Christian Smith, Kaliegh Stoermer, Jacob Taylor, Reilly Tilley, Kayla Watkins, Caitlyn Wertz, Kaycee Willis, Kaylee Willis, and Logan Wilson. 12th Grade “A” Eric Berryhill, Gage Bridwell, Chase Cooper, Shane Finney, Trenton Shelton, and Austin Hoskinson. “AB” Destiny Alexander, Justin Bailey, Lauren Barnes, Zach Bassham, Anthony Childers, Katelin Cooper, Marisol Cruz, Jose Dorantes, Chelsey Hall, Chantz Hall, Christa Hargett, Darrick Horn, Lane Skipper, Makayla Mashaw, Jennifer Morgan, Trevor Perry, Brandon Pitzer, Sha Sha Ransom, Juna Rios, Amber Sampson, Austin Sandefur, Naomi Simmons, and Maranda Sloan, Brittany Smith, Laura Stewart, Kadarian Taylor, Trent Williams, Nicole Willis, Allie Wilson, Haylee Wommack, and Jeffrey Woodyard.

Hughes Springs ISD First Grade “A” Luis Aguilar, Lily Barnard, Jaylee Billings, Griffyn Carter, Destiny Clendenen, Sydney Dennis, Jackson Graham, Chloe Huffman, Ely Hull, Nathon Jones, Cambria Martinez, Marshall McElmurry, Katie McGregor, Isabella McKinney, Maggie Pate, Aubrey Pilgrim, Briseida Rivera, Lynda Scallion, Nicholas Sherman, Quinton Singletary, Mason Tucker, and Christopher Waller. “AB” Lindsey Ballesteros, Jose Barajas, Braxton Brown, Bryce Brown, Caleigh Cate, Alexus Chisolm, Taylor Craig, Michael Deruisseau, Michelle Dodson, Shelbi Duck, Jaxon Gammill, Destiny Gist, Mason Higgins, Bralei Hill, Hailey Howell, Kaylee Jackson, Jacob Jeffries, Andrea McDaniel, Jaxon Neal, Josalynn Patterson, Zoey Reinhardt, Eli Rios, Brody Rogers, Jaycee Shaddix, Laney Smith, Zachary Vaile, Miguel Velazquez, and Rocky Wright. Second Grade “A” Emma Ables, Dalys Alexander, Jose Arellano, Maddison Barnard, Jacob Boyd, Cameron Broyles, Lanee Buckley, Kairi Cabrera, Riley Carter, Laynee Crocker, Dawson Dannelley, , Garrison Duck, Trey Duck, Catherine DuPlanti, Cole Edwards, Garrett Evans, Autumn Everett, Trapper Golden, C’Krete Hartfield, Madison Heller, Parker Jenkins, Keziah Knight, Scott Lanier, Riley Lowery, Emma McKinney, Jamie Otis, Mason Page, Payge Patterson, Janie Reid, Hunter Smith, Sienna Smith, Cooper Wal-

lace, Michele Watson, and McKinley Westmoreland. “AB” Jose Aguilar, Aidan Alexander, Hemi Bearden, Kadance Blythe, Layne Byrd, Hanna Conner, Treton Davidson, Lance Denevan, Sadie Dennis,, Brayden Eppes, Tyler Fahrney, Alyssa Foster, Karsin Furlow, Jacob Hall, Logan Hardy, Erik Haynes, Shelbi Hegler, Braxton Higgins, Audrey Holliday, Shyonnia Huseby, Jayden Johnson, Rebekah Jones, Jackson Kerr, Jaaron LewisKelsey Manning, Andrew Martin, Alaina Mathis, Stephanie Molina, Junior Novella, Alyssa Peters, Ja’Kevion Rodgers, Stone Sampson, Dillion Sims, Sydney Stafford, Randall Stovall, Kaylie Vaughan, Mason Wellborn, and Madison White. Third Grade “A” Nevaeh Bardwell, Patrick Boyd, Alexander Casillas, Michaela Golden, Pauline Good, Kodi Howell, Skylar Johns, Kevin Ngov, Scott O’Dell, Grace Pippin, Oscar Rodriguez, Jacee Short, Briley Stewart, Carlos Velazquez, and Sammantha Waller. “AB” Eric Dennis, Kylie Dickerson, Issac Espinoza, Lindey Farmer, James Fisher, Calissa Freeman, Brianna Harris, Eli Henderson, Brianna Jones, Texan Lancaster, Carter Landers, Michael Lanier, Braden Moore, Maxwell Moreno, Gabriel Owens, Antonio Peters, Uriel Reyes, Trevor Rhea, Presley Richardson, Austin Rorex, Christopher Sandefur, Avery Stewart, Denton Sumners, Alexis Tucker, Gracelyn Turner, Ryan Vaughan, Mia Wallace, Brooklynn Wilkinson, and Caylin Williams.

Fourth Grade “A” Hannah Baldwin, Caden Edwards, Ryan Gammill, Clayton Holliday, Jadynn Howell, Corey Johns, Jaylen Johns, Cambree Kerr, Kylie McMillon, Shea Nelson, Trinity Smith, Skyler Strickland, Noah West, and Kyleigh Wilson. “AB” Aaron Ables, Logan Amox, Alicen Bean, Dalton Brock, Morgan Campbell, Collin Carpenter, Jacquline Castro, Tyson Daigle, Rachel Dyess, Kharlen Graham, Zachary Hardy, Haley Justice, Kolby Kirk, Yesina Lopez, Colton Lowery, Tonjia McElmurry, Madeline McKinney, Graci Page, Colton Tippit, Piper Van Huss, Victor Wakefield, James Walker, and Braydon Williams. Fifth Grade “A” Mally Crawley, Malayah Everett, , Kathryn Hull, Timothy Lockhart, Lucas Pope, Jace Ratley, and Kimberly Vaughan. “AB” Jaycee Alexander, Noah Bernard, Zachary Blackwell, Hudson Brabham, Andrew Byrd, Jessica Chapman, Landon Dannelley, Kayden Deaver, David Efurd, Caitlynn Golden, Dakota Goodwin, Gracie Green, Bryce Guest, Hallie Hall, Amya Henderson, Kourtni Ivory, Cameron Johns, Laney McKinney, Ara Naples, Ana Pearson, Cooper Perry, James Porter, Christopher Sims, Haley Smith, Ty Waller, and Jayden Williams. Sixth Grade “A” Juana Arellano, Philip Campbell, Shelbie Fickling, Brady McEntire, Abbye McKinney, Sarah

Morris, Riley Navarette, Brianna Page, Cameron Priddy, Chandler Priddy, Noah Ragsdale, Bailey Sampson, Callie Stewart, and Dylan Williams. “AB” Cristina Beles, Heven Brock, Krystin Byler, Cristina Calderon, Emily Coleman, Kassye Crane, Rustin Crocker, Jaxson Croley, Victoria Croley, Erin Desruisseau, Karlye Fahrney, Jerrica Finney, Devin Flournoy, Andrea Folsom, Maegan Ford, Shelby Freeman, Brayden Harris, Triston Hickey, Jedidiah Jones, Morgan Jones, Sydney Kennington, Zaida Lanier, Zoe Lanier, Angelina Martinez, Chloe McCord, Melissa McMichael, Kristen Meade, Charles Miller, Nele Morrison, Brianna Morrow, Trevor Noey, Pearl Perry, Karen Rodriguez, Mydian Rowe, CJ Sandefur, Keyshawn Simmons, Sakiyah Simmons, Camden Skinner, Shelbi Smith, Brynnin Taylor, and Connor Walker. Seventh Grade “A” Jaden Alexander, Peyton Blythe, Justin Hall, Dedrick Hill, Kennedi Northam, Charlie Mae Reeves, and Cypress Wright. “AB” Troy Beam, Jose Benavides, Hunter Brabham, Mckinzi Brewster, Noah Childress, Syble Dean, Samantha Dennis, Mykaila Fahrney, Kailey Farmer, Megan Horn, Refugio Lopez, Bowen McEntire, Charles Mitchell, Justin Myrick, Harrison Reagan, Shelby Shaddix, Daughton Singletary, Ayla Sprague, Braylee Taylor, Treston Taylor, Nathan Tippit, Jaley Wallace, Rhagen Watkins, Kayla White, Hunter Williams, Haylee Wilson, Hailey Woodyard,

6 Sports

6 • The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Steel Country Bee Thursday, March 28, 2013

Daingerfield Tigers lose to District 16-2A leaders The Daingerfield Tiger baseball team had a tough week losing to Hughes Springs and Queen City, the top two teams in District 16 2A. In the first game of the week Daingerfield took it on the chin to the #1-ranked team in Class 2A, Hughes Springs in a 12-2 loss. The Tigers could never rebound from the Mustangs’ big 7-run second inning. Malik Higgins suffered the loss for the Tigers, going two innings and giving up 6 earned runs on six hits, with five walks. Josh Terry pitched three innings and gave up 1 earned run on one hit, with two strikeouts and two walks. Stone Kelley pitched the final inning for Daingerfield giving up 1 earned run on one hit, with two walks.

The leading hitter for Daingerfield was Kelley with a home run and a double. Shawn Hooks, Colton Gibbs and Terry all contributed one hit each. The Tigers only trailed Queen City 4-3 in the fifth inning but a 7-run sixth inning and multiple errors proved costly for Daingerfield in a 12-6 loss to the Bulldogs. Terry took the loss for Daingerfield, and Cameron Precise came in to finish out the game for the Tigers. The leading hitters for Daingerfield were Ruben Mims who was 2-for-4 with a triple, 2 runs scored and 1 RBI. Terry was 2-for-4 with a run scored. Precise had a double and 1 run scored, and Hooks  added a single to round out the hitting for Daingerfield. The Tigers hosted their cross county rival the

Photo by: Tim Emmons, Citizens Journal

Troy Stuard swings at a pitch. The Tigers face the Hornets at 2 Friday afternoon. Paul Pewitt Brahmas on Tuesday and will travel to Hooks to square off

against the Hornets on Friday afternoon with game time at 2 p.m.

The Daingerfield Tigers are currently 1-4 in District 16AA play.

School Menus Daingerfield Elementary Breakfast April 1: Cinnamon roll, or cereal, or yogurt, toast, juice. April 2: Scrambled eggs or yogurt,or cereal, toast, fresh fruit. April 3: French toast or yogurt parfait or cereal, toast, juice. April 4: Pancake on stick, or cereal, toast, diced pears. April 5: Breakfast burrito or cereal, toast, juice. Daingerfield Elementary Lunch April 1: Pizza sticks, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli, sliced peaches, marinara sauce, ranch dressing. April 2: Chicken fajitas, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, pineapple chunks, salsa. April 3: Chicken rings, mashed potato, sweet peas, mixed fruit, wheat roll, gravy. April 4: Meat sauce & spaghetti, green beans, green salad, fresh fruit, crackers, ranch dressing. April 5: Barbecue rib sandwich, slaw, baked beans, cherry tomato, sliced cucumber with ranch dressing, fresh oranges. Daingerfield Junior High and High School Breakfast April 1: Cinnamon roll, or cereal, or yogurt, toast, juice. April 2: Scrambled eggs or yogurt,or cereal, toast, fresh fruit.

Teammates Zac Ferris and Braccus Hannah met in the Consolation Championship Match of the March 8 tourney. Josh Anton makes a play at first base, when the Hughes Springs Mustangs took on the Daingerfield Tigers last week. The Mustangs won the game 12-2.

Mustangs live up to #1 ranking, with 15-0 start to the season By Steven Campbell

Once again the Hughes Springs varsity baseball team has emerged as the class of the district, and perhaps the entire state this far into the 2013 season. Head coach Kent Craig’s team has gotten off to an impressive undefeated 15-0 start, including winning out in the Elysian Fields, Jefferson, and Hughes Springs tournaments, as well as their  first three District games. The Mustangs are currently ranked #1 in the poll, and #2 in the poll. “As far as what separates Hughes Springs from other schools, it’s the community support for all sports and kids,” Coach Craig said. “We never hurt for support for our kids or our programs.” With the support of an entire community behind them, and an ace pitching squad in Trent Shelton, Zach Basham, and Dylan Moore, the Mustangs have smothered the opposition.  This week the Mustangs’ schedule had them taking a trip to New Boston to take on the Lions on March 26. Playing on the road has been a challenge that the Mustangs have met with great success this far into the season. “When it comes to travel I really think our kids look forward to the challenge of playing behind enemy lines. They are always looking to be challenged and there is no better way than to play on the road,” Coach Craig said. On Friday, the Mustangs return to the friendly confines of their

home field to take on District rival Linden Kildare before getting ready to take on perhaps their biggest rival on the road in Queen City on April 2. The Mustangs have become the measuring stick to which all teams try to test themselves against. When asked about which games Coach Craig has circled on his schedule, he said that Hughes Springs will be the team circled on each and every one of their opponents’ schedules. “All the games are big and I know that sounds like a usual coaching cliché, but we are everybody’s Super Bowl or World Series,” he said. “So our team has to be prepared every time we play.  Obviously the Queen City games are big from a District championship perspective and from a local rivalry.”   The Hughes Springs


Mustangs will continue to march their way through what will perhaps shape up to be their finest in school history as they look to bring home the Texas State Championship in 2013. The team takes the field with an incredible focus and technical efficiency that few teams can match. “Good pitching and defense are what we preach daily,” Coach Craig said. “As an athletic program we really stress fundamentals. Every practice, no matter the sport, starts with  the fundamentals. Our kids understand and accept that philosophy.” 



Daingerfield athletes participate in Booster Club Tennis Tournament The Daingerfield tennis team participated in the Hughes Springs Athletic Booster Club Tennis Tournament on March 8. After battling all day, seniors Zac Ferris and Braccus Hannah met in the Consolation Championship Match.  Ferris started the day with a hard fought 5–8 loss to Jack McDowell of Prairiland, followed by three straight wins (Josh Adams of Avinger 8–2, John Harris of Redwater 8–4, Chris Fuller of Linden-Kildare 8-7) before meeting teammate Hannah in the finale.  Hannah’s day went much like his teammate’s, starting with a 4–8 loss to older brother Gary McDowell of Prairiland and then a bye, followed by two 8–0 wins against


Steve Roberts (Avery) and Seth Bennett (Redwater). The stage was set for an all Daingerfield finale, with Ferris coming out on top 8–3. “It was great to see Zac and Braccus have success after getting off to a little bit of a slow start,” Coach Jana McGoldrick said. “It was a long day that started at 8 a.m., and then the final did not even start until about 10 p.m. It was worth the long hours to see these two nice young men battle it out in the finale.” Other players participating in the tournament were Randi Monds and Sam Rowe in girls’ singles, Akia Williams and Anjelica Reyes in girls’ doubles, and Kimmie Brown and Chris Rios in mixed doubles.




$ 50


Fri.Fri, Sat. Sun 6:20 & 8:50 Fri.Fri, 6:10 Sat. 8:50 6:40 Fri, SatSun. & Sun Sun6:30 6:30 Sat, & Sun 6:30 & 8:50 Sat, & 6:50&& &8:50 8:50 Mon. thru 7:30 only Mon. Mon thruThurs. Thurs 7:30 ONLY thru 7:30 only Mon thruThurs. Thurs 7:30 ONLY Mon thru Thurs 7:30 ONLY

Hwy 271 South • Mt. Pleasant 75455 Phone# (903) 572-6321

WEDNESDAY NIGHT PREMIERE - 7 P.M. G.I. JOE: RETALIATION 3D (PG-13) Thurs, March 28: G.I. JOE: RETALIATION (PG-13) 2D Thurs 9:00 · 3D Thurs 4:00, 6:30

STARTS Friday, March 29 thru Thurs April 4


2D Fri - Sun 1:30, 9:00 · 2D Mon - Thurs 9:00 3D Fri - Thurs 4:00, 6:30

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN (R) Fri - Sun 1:00, 3:40, 6:20, 9:05 Mon - Thurs 3:40, 6:20, 9:05


2D Fri - Sun 1:15, 8:35 · 2D Mon - Thurs 8:35 3D Fri - Thurs 3:35, 6:10

TYLER PERRY’S TEMPTATION (PG-13) Fri - Sun 1:40, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 Mon - Thurs 4:15, 6:45, 9:15


Fri - Sun 12:50, 3:35, 6:20, 9:05 Mon - Thurs 3:35, 6:20, 9:05

OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (PG) 2D Fri - Sun 3:30 · 2D Mon - Thurs 5:35 3D Fri - Sun 12:45, 6:20, 9:10 3D Mon - Thurs 2:45, 8:30



Hughes Springs Elementary and Hughes Springs Head Start Fall Registration for 3 and 4 year olds and Pre-K will be April 8 thru April 12, 2013 from 8:30 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. at the Hughes Springs Elementary, 809 Russell St., Hughes Springs. (903) 639-3881. Children are selected based on income, ESL, age, and individual and family needs. At the time of registration documents that are needed:

Verification of income Birth certificate Immunization/shot records Social Security card (parent & child) Insurance (Medicaid card, CHIPS, etc.) Proof of residence (utility bill with physical address)

No child may be discriminated against because of race, sex, creed, ethnic origin, religion or disability.

April 3: French toast or yogurt parfait or cereal, toast, juice. April 4: Pancake on stick, or cereal,or yogurt, toast, diced pears. April 5: Breakfast burrito or cereal, or yogurt, toast, juice. Daingerfield Junior High Lunch April 1: Pizza sticks, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli, sliced peaches, marinara sauce 1oz, ranch dressing. April 2: Chicken fajitas, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, pineapple chunks, salsa. April 3: Chicken rings, mashed potato, sweet peas, mixed fruit, wheat roll, gravy. April 4: Meat sauce & spaghetti, green beans, green salad, fresh fruit, crackers, ranch dressing. April 5: Barbecue chopped pork sandwich, slaw, baked beans, cherry tomato, sliced cucumber with ranch dressing, fresh oranges. Daingerfield High School Lunch April 1: Alpha pizza, or bean burrito, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli, pepper baked fries, sliced peaches, ranch dressing. April 2: Chicken fajitas, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, pineapple chunks, salsa. April 3: Chicken rings, mashed potato, sweet peas, mixed fruit, wheat roll, gravy. April 4: Meat sauce & spaghetti, green beans, green salad, fresh fruit, garlic bread, ranch dressing. April 5: Chopped barbecue sandwich, or fish, slaw, baked beans, tots, cherry tomato, sliced cucumber with ranch dressing, fresh oranges.

7 • The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013 • 7

Check out the classifieds online at

Classifieds Deadline Fridays at 4 p.m. • Call 903-645-3948 to place an ad.


Help Wanted




Transet Co., as Construction Manager at Risk for Daingerfield-Lone Star ISD School District, Phase 2, will receive sub-contractor and supplier bids for the 2013 High School Science Lab remodel and Jr. High School Renovations. Bid packages will include but are not limited to: termite control, concrete work, metal fabrications, rough carpentry, architectural woodwork, plastic laminate millwork, lab casework, waterproofing & dampproofing, insulation, foam insulation, sheet metal flashing and trim, firestop systems, joint sealers, steel doors, & frames, wood doors, builders hardware, glass & glazing gypsum drywall, tile, acoustical ceilings, wood flooring, resilient flooring, acoustical treatment, painting, miscellaneous specialties, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, & electrical as designed by Ted Estep, AIA.

North East Texas Credit Union is accepting applications for a Full Time Teller at our Lone Star branch.



Hughes Springs Independent School District (HSISD) is seeking Competitive Sealed Proposals for construction services for the following project: Additions and Alterations to Hughes Springs Junior High School Project includes a four-classroom building addition and minor interior renovations to the existing building. Competitive Sealed Proposals will be received until 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 23, 2013, in the Board Room of the HSISD Administration Building, located at 871 Taylor Street, Hughes Springs, Texas 75656. At that time, proposals will be opened and read aloud pursuant to the price criteria only. The remaining criteria will be evaluated at a later time. Any proposal received after 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 will be rejected and returned unopened as non-responsive. As allowable under Texas law, HSISD will utilize the Competitive Sealed Proposal method using defined criteria to evaluate the best value for HSISD, as indicated in the Bid Documents. Bid Documents will be available for review and procurement on March 23, 2013. Copies of Bid Documents may be examined without charge at the office of the Architect, The BDA Design Group, Inc., 210 North State Line Avenue, Suite 201, Texarkana, AR 71854, telephone no. (870) 773-1193. Qualified prime contractors may obtain one set of printed Bid Documents plus one PDF version of the Bid Documents on CD for a deposit of $125.00, refundable only if the printed set of Bid Documents is returned in good condition within 14 days after the opening of proposals. Prime contractors procuring Bid Documents who do not submit a qualified proposal will forfeit their deposit. Printed refundable Bid Documents will not be issued directly to subcontractors, suppliers, or others. Prime contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and others may purchase a set of Bid Documents on CD for a non-refundable purchase price of $25.00 per CD, if desired. Copies of Bid Documents will be sent to Dodge Plan Room, Irving, Texas, AGC Plan Room, Shreveport, Louisiana and Reed Construction Data. A Bid Bond by a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Texas and made payable to HSISD shall accompany each proposal in an amount not less than five percent of the proposal amount. If awarded the contract, Proposer shall promptly enter into a contract and execute such insurance and bonds as may be required, including a Performance and Payment Bond in the amount of 100% of the Contract Price. No substitutes will be accepted in lieu of the Performance and Bond. No proposal may be withdrawn for a period of 30 days subsequent to the opening of proposals without consent of HSISD. In case of ambiguity or lack of clarity, HSISD reserves the right to adopt the most advantageous interpretation thereof. HSISD reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any formalities. Proposals shall be prepared and submitted in compliance with Federal, State and Local laws pertaining to construction of K-12 schools. Each Proposer must present satisfactory evidence to HSISD that he is duly licensed when required and in compliance with said laws and qualified to perform the work. Rick Ogden Superintendent Hughes Springs Independent School District Hughes Springs, Texas

JANKO’S EXTRA CLOSET STORAGE, 303 WATSON BLVD. makes notice that the contents of the following units will be sold to the highest bidder at the corner of US 259 and FM 130, Daingerfield, TX at 2 p.m. on April 7, 2013. #20 - Grover Roney #8 - Tami Burgess

Vendors Looking for vendors and customers for Hughes Springs Trade Days. Grand opening on April 5th, 6th, and 7th. Space rental $10 per day. Location 2210 FM 250 N. 2½ mile N of Hughes Springs on the right. Call 903-639-2384 cell 903-946-3769

Lost Dog LAST SEEN AROUND Walton Trailer Park HWY 11 about 3 weeks ago, 8-12 inches tall Black Male Chihuahua named Roscoe. Has some white hairs on right shoulder. 903-960-0665 LOST DOG Last seen on 3/5 from corner of Ochiltree and Coffey Street. German Shepard/Lab mix. Black over Tan. Answers to puppy (15 yrs old) Approximately 75 lbs. Call 903-285-8438. Reward offered. Call 903-645-3948 to place a classified ad

“INVITATION FOR BIDS NOTICE is hereby given that the City of Daingerfield is now calling for bids for the 2013 Street Program. All bids must be clearly marked “Sealed Bids – Street Improvement Program” and returned to the City Manager’s Office, 108 Coffey Street, Daingerfield, Texas 75638, no later than 4:00 p.m. Friday, May 10, 2013. The bids will be publicly opened and read aloud during a Regular City Council Meeting, Monday, May 13, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. The City of Daingerfield reserves the right to reject any and all bids received. Contract documents, including procedures and specifications, must be procured from the City Manager at the above address. All inquiries should be directed in writing to Carl Teel, City Manager, 108 Coffey Street, Daingerfield, Texas 75638 (903) 645-3906. The City of Daingerfield reserves the right to waive all formalities and to award the bid most advantageous to the City of Daingerfield. The City of Daingerfield also reserves the right to omit or modify the proposed sections to be sealed.”

Transet Co., will receive proposals from interested subcontractors until 2:00 PM on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at the offices of Transet Co., 400 American Legion Blvd., Longview, Texas 75601, 903-753-3086 (Tel), 903-753-3147 (Fax), mtucker@ (e-mail). A pre-bid walk thru will be held at the school on March 28, 3:30 p.m. at the Daingerfield Lone Star Administration Building. Drawings and Specifications will be available March 20, 2013 for review, and may be obtained with a $200.00 deposit at the office of Transet Co., or online at, Bobbie Spriggs (iSqFt) Tyler, Texas , 903-593-9993(Tel), 866-570-8187(Fax), (e-mail) Prevailing wage rates in conformance with Texas Law will be paid on this project. All proposals shall remain valid for thirty (30) days. Successful participants may be required to furnish Performance and Payment Bonds, each in the amount of 100% of the contract price. Bonds shall be on forms acceptable to the Construction Manager. All bids shall remain valid for thirty (30) days and all bids over $50,000 must be accompanied by Bid Security in the amount of 5% of the greatest amount bid by the provider. Security shall be in the form of a Bid Bond or Cashier’s Check. Successful bidders may be required to furnish Performance and Payment Bonds, each in the amount of 100% of the contract price for bids over $100,000. Bonds shall be on forms acceptable to the Construction Manager. The Owner, CM @ Risk and Architect reserve the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any informalities and irregularities in the proposal process, and to make the awards in the best interest of the school district. By submitting a proposal, each bidder agrees to waive any claim it has or may have against the Owner, the CM @ Risk, the Architect/Engineer, and their respective employees arising out of or in connection with administration, evaluation, or recommendation of any proposal; waiver of any requirements under the Proposal Documents, or the Contract Documents; acceptance or rejection of any proposals; and award of a Contract.

Applicants must have a HS diploma/GED. Bilingual is preferred but not required. NETCU offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits including health, dental, vision and 401k. Applications can be completed on our website at www.thenetcu. com and/or submitted to NETCU is an EOE.

Help Wanted


Class-A CDL Drivers

Lawn Service

Mountain View Hauling needs Class-A CDL drivers to haul live chickens in the Mount Pleasant area. Company offers benefits and drivers are home daily. Competitive pay and new trucks. Must have good MVR and 2 years verifiable exp. Please call Janna 804-784-6166 or email jasakowitz@

Apply in person at The Pittsburg Gazette, 112 Quitman Street, Pittsburg, TX 75686

Mobile Homes BRAND NEW

2/2 only $23,900. 3/2 $28,900. Doublewide $39,999.


3/2 with fireplace only $12,900. 2/2 only $5,000. REPOS available single and doublewides.


Now accepting applications for the following positions: March 22, 2013 Pittsburg: •RN ED (PRN) •RN (Med/Sgy) PRN •Scrub Tech (PRN) •Mid Level Practitioner (GI experience) (FT) •Mid Level Practitioner (FT) •Staff Accountant (FT) •Pharmacy Tech (FT) •Pharmacy Tech (FT) Resumes may be faxed to 903-946-5271 or emailed to

ETMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Help Wanted: Avon customers and people interested in selling call 903-645-7082 or cell 903946-6769. Shirley ISR

CMA full-time Windsor Place Nursing Center 903-645-3915

Help Wanted Full time position is currently open for a office clerk, with extensive background in Excel spreadsheets. Must have experience in Microsoft office. Call to set up an appointment with Dale Guemsey at 903-639-2551 ext. 10306

Real Estate


ERRY Real Estate

No credit needed. BRAND NEW HOMES instant approvals. RBI 36579

For Rent

Se Habla espanol


New Lower Rates

1 or 2 Bedroom Apts all located in Hughes Springs

We accept housing Contact Janie Holder 903-856-7928 903-452-6452

Now accepting applications • Multi-Family Affordable Housing • 2, 3, & 4 Bedroom Apartments • CH/A • Patio • Appliances • W/D connections • On-Site Laundry • Community Room • Social Services • Office Open 8-5 Weekdays Equal Housing Opportunity


Walker Creek Village 22 PR 54607 Pittsburg, TX 75686 903-855-0311

Handicap Accessible

All pull through spaces with large yard. All bills paid including internet and satellite. Shower house, laundry mat, and propane station in park. Permanent renters welcomed. Next to town. 903-573-2677 or 903-371-1701

Land 22 Acres South of Cason Big Timber, Spring Creek It fronts CR 1200 Tom Ramsay Real Estate 903-537-4711

Real Estate

For Sale TEXAS & AMERICAN FLAGS 3’ X 5’. 903-639-7705 LOUIS L’AMOUR BOOKS for sale, 85 plus 10, $100 call 903-639-7705

3 bedrooms/1 bath on Bernice St. in Naples. Nice shade trees, fenced in back yard w/above ground pool. Recently updated w/new roof, central heat & air, and a hot water heater. *Reduced to sell $45,900 TLC Realty (903) 577-0400 Great for living the good life in the country, this 3bedroom/2.5bath/2 car garage w/2-2 car carport sits on 6 acres with a 2 acre pond, covered dock and pole barn, south of Naples. $174,000 TLC Realty (903) 577-0400

Real Estate (903) 639-7525 TOLL FREE (800) 382-4905

Office Hours: 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. MONDAY - FRIDAY WWW.TERRYREALESTATEAGENCY.COM Weekends by Appointment

512 East First Street • Hughes Springs


bedroom, 1 bath completely modern and updated country cottage on 31+ acres in excellent secluded location in Hughes Springs, there is a gas log fireplace, pole barn, two wells along with community water, small stocked pond, gardening area, perfect for a individual, couple, or as a weekend get-a-way! - $110,000

Immediate opening for graphics/sales position ·Must have Indesign experience or some design program ·Must have excellent communication skills ·Must be organized and a self-starter ·Good grammar and spelling are a plus ·Will train

Honest, Reliable, and Fairly Priced 903-656-3705

Looking for land? We have hunting, pasture, timber, & homesite land available for sale!

List with us - we’ll sell for you!

We are members of the MLS (multiple listing service ) We advertise your property nationally through

After Byron Terry, Jr., Broker Hours: Jennifer Proctor, Broker

See our listings online at any of the following: Check us out on Facebook

903-639-3336 or 903-563-2288 903-720-7188

8 • The Steel Country Bee, Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lady Mustangs shut out the Lady Tigers The Hughes Springs Lady Mustangs finished the Lady Mustang Classic 2-3, placing third. The Lady Mustangs had wins over Pittsburg and Daingerfield in the Classic on March 7 through 9. Ashlin Roach hit .647 for the tournament, going 11-17 at the plate with five doubles, a triple. She stole three bases and had 10 RBIs. Kaitlyn Morris hit .583, going 7-12 with five doubles, a triple, 6 RBIs, and she went 2 and 2 in the circle for the Lady Mustangs. The Lady Mustangs rolled to a 20-0 District 16-

2A win over the Daingerfield Lady Tigers. Breanne Gunn homered, doubled and drove in 5 runs to pace a 14-hit Hughes Springs attack. Roach also homered for Hughes Springs, which led 3-0 after one inning, scored 7 in the second and then put 5 on the board in both the fourth and fifth frames. Destiny Gonzales, Siera Baird and Halie Pippin all drove in 2 runs for the Lady Mustangs. Morris earned the pitching win, striking out six and allowing one hit in five innings.

Daingerfield High School theater members, from left, on the front row, are Samantha Kimberley, LaKeithdra Bryson, Madison Forshee, and Hannah Gardner. Pictured on the back row are LuQuarius Frazier, Anjelica Reyes, Sheila Newman, Bailey Young, Keondrya Roberson, Terah Blythe, Natejea Epps, Abreighya Evans, Markevion Hurndon, and Maria Bello.

Daingerfield’s theatre department competes at District The Daingerfield High School Theatre department advanced to District contest on March 19. They competed once again on March 26 in Pleasant Grove. The students are directed by Sheila Newman and performed ‘Steel Magnolias’

by Robert Harling. The cast consists of Hannah Gardner as Truvy, Lakeithdra Bryson as Clairee, Bailey Young as Shelby, Samantha Kimberley as M’Lynn, and Madison Forshee as Quiser. The technical crew is made up of LuQuarius

Frazier and Abreighya Evans, along with the backstage crew Markevion Hurndon and Keyondra Robinson. The cast took rave reviews bringing home a Best Actress Award, Samantha Kimberley, and three All Star Cast awards

Porter plays for Baylor University An East Texas baseball player made a good start of Baylor University’s Division One baseball season. Grayson Porter, a graduate of McLeod High School, is a junior at Baylor. Porter grew up playing Dixie League and Little League baseball in East Texas. His goal was to play Division One in baseball. He hit his first home runs of the year on March 9 and March 15 in Houston, playing the University of New Orleans. He was 4 of 5 in the first game and in the Saturday double header; he played left fielder and designated hitter. He has started the five games. Porter is the son of Denese Banker and the grandson of H.B. and Frances Pitchford of Avinger.

from LaKeithdra Bryson, Bailey Young, and Hannah Gardner. LuQuarius Frazier received the Technical  Award for the performance. The students will perform this production for the public.  Dates have not yet been determined.


The Steel e Country Be to advertise! 8 903-645-394

Grayson Porter

Avinger · Hughes Springs · Linden

s l i a r T r e w li dflo


Last full weekend of April

Call The Steel Country Bee at 903-645-3948 to advertise!

Bee march 28 2013