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Michael Andrews ENC 1102 Joseph Cottle 14 April 2013 KATE UPTON The video that I have chosen to discuss is a video actually banned after it was original played during the Super Bowl. This video comes from the food chain known as Hardees. They are known to have more sexual videos than most other companies. This one is no different in that matter. They use sexual themes as well as some humor in order to sell more of their product. So this is how Hardees sexy commercial demonstrates the point that these types of commercials can show both a positive and negative aspects of both male and female’s sexuality. The video takes place at a 1950s drive-in movie theater on a summer’s night. Kate Upton is all dolled up in her polka dotted dress with a pink furry jacket. Then she pulls out the perfectly made burger and then begins going to town on it. But the burger is a Southwest Patty Melt which consists of jalapenos and spicy sauce and once Kate starts eating this burger she starts to get really “hot”. Right in front of your eyes she begins to get more comfortable, taking off her jacket which reveals some very nice cleavage, and she lets her hair down.

Then we see

her move to the back of her car to have more room where the audience gets a close up of her skin which is starting to sweat from the “super hot” burger and then after she continues to enjoy the burger in a very sexy way. A funny part of this commercial would be that while she is doing pretty much a strip tease, a man is at the drive-in with his wife looks over and can not turn away. Then Kate Upton’s shadow appears on the movie screen. From this, the entire audience can she

what she is doing and the guy is still looking at her and once the shadow goes on the screen the wife still looking at the screen pushes the man’s head back to forwards. What is interesting about this commercial is the way that it starts to how it ends. It takes place at a 1950s type drive in theater and Kate looks very conservative in her appearance. Since back in the 1950s most women were very conservative in their appearance not showing too much skin and being the “good girl.” But as the commercial progresses we see more of a modern view when she starts taking her clothes off and brings in more of the modern version of women where they are “free spirited” yet sexualized. Why do they have a very attractive girl strip teasing at a movie theater eating a burger you may ask? Well the answer is that in recent years it has been shown that sex sells. When a man is watching this commercial and see Kate Upton eating this burger, it makes him want to go out and get one himself. Yes, that what the target audience of these sorts of commercials are, lower teens to middle age men. Hardees does a good job with these commercials and keeping them normally about sexual topics. Hardees knows that men are the more likely going eat their products due to the modern trend for women to be health conscious. Men are the main target of this advertisement. “Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist at Florida State University, found that men reported more spontaneous sexual arousal and had more frequent and varied fantasies” (Sine). So when a man is watching this he not only is looking at the burger and thinking how scrumptious it looks. But, then looks at the girl holding the burger and then thinks “hey, maybe if I have that burger, some gorgeous girl will like me.” When men see an advertisement for something like this they tend to have the ““Buy this, get this formula.” If you buy our product: (1) You will be more sexually attractive, (2) have more or better sex, or

(3) just feel sexier for your own sake� (Reichert) Men believe that with the product, they will be more attractive and will have a better chance of getting with a fantasy girl, like Kate Upton. A negative for men that comes with this commercial would be that it depicts a stereotypical view of masculinity. Not only does this commercial make it seems as though men only find women as objects used for our viewing purposes which makes it seem as though all men are pigs who only care about sex. When really most men are not like this at all and these men take offense to women and other who judge them for this. But it also makes it seems as all men are the same in that Kate Upton is perfect and every man finds her to be the perfect women. The problem is that some men do not find her to be as good looking as some others do and those men can be seen as an outsider in that they are not following the norm of thinking that one girl is perfect.

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