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Blog 1 Movies are a big part of American culture and mean different things to different people. Five movies that I really enjoy are Gladiator, Gran Torino, Anchorman, She’s Out of My League, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Russell Crowe is a bad ass and this is very evident when you watch Gladiator. The man gets stabbed in the stomach in the final scene so that the emperor can defeat him easily when they fight each other, but instead Russell or Maximus (Bad ass) still ends up killing the emperor and becoming a hero of Rome. Growing up with my grandfather made me appreciate Gran Torino as much as I did. My grandfather fought in the Korean War just like Walt (Clint Eastwood) did in the movie. From this I found it very entertaining from all of Walt’s stereotypes against all of his Asian neighbors since my grandfather used most of those stereotypes as well. What can I say about Anchorman, it’s just plain hilarious. In my opinion it is Will Ferrell best role and also Steve Carell makes this movie. The funniest part to me is when all the news stations are fighting and they all just pull of random weapons out of their suits such as Brick (Steve Carell) pulls out a grenade and a trident. Not too many people like She’s Out of My League like I do. I think it could possibly be that it was filmed in Pittsburgh and I was born there so I have been to the places where they had filmed or the fact that all the characters are super funny. But I can watch that movie any time and not get bored with it. Oh and having Alice Eve in the movie doesn’t hurt either. Lastly Raiders of the Lost Ark is just one of those classic movies that I was raised on. Although I know it’s very unrealistic, I find it amazing that a guy with nothing more than a revolver and a whip can pretty much take down the Nazi

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