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Shower them with love (and moisturise, bathe, protect, clean & soothe too.)

NEW! Everyday Essential Elly organic skincare range • Pitta Patta is a family run business; · All Pitta Patta products contain Sisters Alex and Harriet run the gem essences, which support Australian and UK operations the emotional aspect of children. respectively. They are both • Organic Soil Association approval. mothers and qualified, • Pitta Patta do not use parabens, registered Naturopaths. sulphates, artificial fragrances or • At Pitta Patta we are passionate harsh detergents. about nurturing and healing • Each product brings a new children naturally. dimension to bath time, · Pitta Patta products contain encouraging children to work unique herbal and essential oil with their senses; smell, touch blends to soothe and nourish and sight. young skin, while creating • Pitta Patta products can be used wonderful aromas. everyday from birth onwards. • The range works fantastically on young skin and also on a variety • Germ resistant packaging is of skin conditions such as eczema, used throughout the Everyday Essential Elly range. psoriasis, and dry irritated skin.

Endorsed by Midwives, ‘As a midwife I have come across numerous products for babies. When it came to having my own child, I chose Pitta Patta’s Everyday Elly Range, because they really work and they are natural. It’s a fantastic range that I am very proud to endorse.’ Debbie Rhodes, Registered Midwife BSc(Hons).

Loved by the whole family! ‘My daughter Chloe has had very bad eczema since birth and we’ve tried so many different things on her skin, none of which really worked. But the Barrier Cream I bought has been fantastic, it’s really helped to calm it down, I am really very pleased.” Sienna Carter, Mother of three

Organic Natural Skincare for children made with love and a lit tle magic

Everyday Essential Elly products No Animal Testing

Recyclable Packaging

squeaky clean shampoo/bodywash

bubbles & cuddles bubble bath

happy hands liquid soap

· For delicate skin and hair. · Aloe Vera is used for its ability to soothe, cleanse and moisturise. · Chamomile essential oil is soothing yet antiseptic. It is very beneficial to sensitive and allergic skin types. · Can be used as a Shampoo and/or Body wash – two in one. · The essential oil and gem essence blend helps children feel the sunshine within.

• Cleans children’s bodies while they play with the bubbles. · Lavender essential oil soothes and restores the skin. · Aloe Vera contains wound healing properties that help reduce inflammation. · Bergamot is a light, uplifting essential oil that brings cheer and happiness via our sense of smell. · The essential oil and gem essence blend calms and soothes the mind, which creates space for imaginary play to occur.

· A gentle wash that doesn’t dry the skin. · Able to clean very dirty little hands! · Easy to use flip cap helps encourage children to wash their hands independently. · Mandarin essential oil has a sweet floral aroma, that helps to calm the mind, great for overactive kids. · The essential oil and gem essence blend encourages self-confidence in children.

RRP $13.95 inc GST Available in 200ml/6.7 fl oz white plastic bottle

RRP $13.95 inc GST Available in 200ml/6.7 fl oz white plastic bottle

RRP $13.95 inc GST Available in 200ml/6.7 fl oz white plastic bottle

organic chamomile & aloe vera

organic lavender

organic mandarin

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o use yt

o me

cheeky baby barrier cream

calm & content moisturising lotion

· Soothes and protects against nappy rash. • Soothes some types of eczema and psoriasis. · Soothes and protects skin exposed to wind, hot and cold weather conditions. · Soothes itching that is often associated with pregnancy. · Contains Mango Butter, which has exceptional wound healing properties. · Bespoke herbal blend; Calendula, Comfrey and Marshmallow. Gentle soothing herbs that have the ability to repair skin tissue. · The gem essence blend helps to balance the emotional body of children.

· Helps with Cradle Cap. · Soothes some types of eczema and psoriasis. · Can be used as a massage lotion. · Can be used as an everyday moisturiser and is great for young or old skin alike. · Great to use after swimming. · Shea Butter is intensively moisturising and soothing for hypersensitive skin. · The synergistic blend of Chamomile and Lavender soothe and calm the skin. · The essential oil and gem essence blend encourages honest communication in children.

· A solid Stick that rolls on the upper chest and back of a baby and child to ease the symptoms of colds. · Revolutionary NO MESS design means that your hands stay clean. · Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the most valuable oils for treating the respiratory system with decongestant germicidal and antibacterial qualities, to help loosen phlegm and improve lung function. · The gem essence blend help to soothe children who are feeling unsettled.

RRP $15.95 inc GST Available in 150ml/5.1 fl oz white plastic tube

RRP $15.95 inc GST Available in 200ml/6.7fl oz white plastic bottle

RRP $15.95 inc GST Available in 50g/1.8oz white plastic tube

soothing calendula & mango butter

organic chamomile & shea nut butter

chest stick

for sniffly little ones

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Pitta Patta's Everday Essential Range  

Pitta Patta offer a range of certified organic skin care products, check out our Elly Organic Skin Care Range.