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What is The first and only brand learning centre that is completely online.

6 branding modules. Each takes 30 minutes max. Every module written by branding experts.

Brand Naming in just 30 minutes •What you need to come up with a memorable, original name. •How to brief an agency to create one. •The tools, the techniques, the checklist.

Brand Positioning in just 30 minutes •What position does your brand or product have in the minds of your customer? •How to come up with unique positions that help your brand stand out. •The theories, the tools, the workshop.

Touch Point Mapping in just 30 minutes •Where to place your communications message. •Get the most out of your brand’s communications. •The technique, the workshop, the application.

Brand Equity in just 30 minutes • Find out just how strong your brand is. • What is your brand worth? • The theories, the formulas, the templates.

Customer Profiling in just 30 minutes •Find out who exactly your customer is. •Everything you need to know about them. •How to use this information to plan a marketing strategy. •The tools, the application, the workshop.

Creative briefing in just 30 minutes •Compile a winning brief that inspires the best creative work from your agency. •The best process, the questions, the template.

Who is for? • Brand Managers • Brand Owners • Marketing Directors • Entrepeneurs

Update your branding knowledge: •Instantly apply expert theory and techniques to your brands. •Great preparation before presentations and meetings.

What do tools contain? Interactive exercises

Tests to evaluate what you’ve learnt

Knowledge games

Downloads with every module What you will take away with you?

•Summaries of advanced theory. •Tools to apply to your brand. •Downloadable worksheets to share with your colleagues. • diploma.

Learn from experts Kyle Talbot and Annelies Nagel have 20 years experience advising brand owners. Their agency Tan Brand Communications Consultants continues to support clients to build market leading brands across Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

“We’ve condensed the most useful branding theory, and some of our most effective tools into these courses. They are for marketing professionals who want to get things done.” See what we can do for your brand brain at For more information email us at

Brand Management Tools is the first online branding learning centre for marketing professionals who need quick branding knowledge refreshers.