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Newsletter No 64 Fforest Uchaf Farm. Maindy Road, (Maendy) Penycoedcae, Pontypridd. R.C.T, Wales. UK. CF37 1PS Tel; 01443 480327 Open to visitors; May/Oct=Sunday 11am – 4pm. Weekdays 10am – Closed Saturdays Nov/April= by appointment,


Adults £4:00 OAP/Children £2:00 or £10:00 per car. Groups/Schools/Clubs by appointment. Special needs visitors please telephone to discuss your needs.

NB All visitors it is always advisable to telephone 01443 480327 or 07798584735 before you visit.


Winston pictured here came to the Centre in December.

He was found abandoned in Cardiff the animal warden brought him to us. He is a 10 year old (ish) very nice natured, PTO

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15 hands Horse. When found he was a full stallion. However he has since been gelded. He has made friends with most of the residents. However Spike sees him as a competitor and has a real problem with him. Winston has made friends with several small ponies and spends a lot of time with them. He seems to have no idea of where to go or what to do with the herd. Perhaps he has been stabled all his previous life and never allowed to run free. He is certainly enjoying his freedom at the Centre. It has taken him a while to learn about gates and fences especially the electric fences. Some of the littlies have learned to go through the electric fence. They grit their teeth and poke their head between the two conductors and charge through. Poor old Winston has been following them but he is so big he has got some shocks and totally destroyed the fences. We have had to dismantle them all this winter and rebuild every stake to accommodate 3 conductors closer together. They are all done now and seem to be doing the job. However the two worst littlies have already smashed their way through twice so they have been banned from the big fields and are shut in a smaller paddock on the bank. They are both prone to Laminitis so must be kept off good grass. One of the volunteers helping the ponies Patricia has gently sat on Winston and he is quiet and unbothered by having her on his back. Oh we wish they could talk to us and tell us their history and life experiences. Hopefully we can get him going and find a nice home for him.

The Wild Bunch has also been spending time with Patricia & Rosie.

They are coming on very well and all come up to us now when we go in their field to see what we have for them. Patricia has been spending a lot of time with them. Rosie comes when her University course allows. Pictured left cheeky “Gypsy” (the one with the damaged eye that seems to have healed fine and left a blemish) is pinching tit bits from the feed shed whilst “Caramac” watches. Pictured below is “The Chocolaty One” who allows herself to be bullied by most of the others. They all went out recently with the big boys and “Chocy” got her-self all confused. She stopped to say hello to the naughty pair and whilst she was distracted all her friends ran on into the field where the herd was grazing. Then poor little “Chocy” was lost. She called and called for ages and didn’t seem to have any idea how to sort it out. It was a bitter and very windy day so difficult for her to sense where they had all gone. We think it’s all a bit new to her and she has very little self-confidence and once separated from the herd just didn’t know what to do. They are all doing very well and would all like to thank you personally for this chance at life you have given them.

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Written by; Lesley Willott Adelaide, Australia.

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Here is a naughty boy caught in the act, taking advantage of a friend!

He is a student who came for a bit of work. Here I have caught him on film taking advantage of and sitting on a friendly Foal He had seen Rosie working with “Brenn” and been asked to help a little. Next he took it upon himself to take advantage of a little Foal. Apart for the Health & Safety considerations she is only a baby just coming 2 years old. We explained she and any equine should not be started to work until they are four. I guess you can imagine the row he got? He is from Africa’s Eritrea region and he says in his country anything goes. They breed Donkeys to use for work and do what they like with them! Or so he says. Perhaps his parents would tell a different story? In the lower picture you can see little Arnie watching and wondering what is happening to his best friend. He is also packing up early to go home. He has been told but is still at it. He may no longer be with us by the time you read this. Hopefully he will take the knowledge we freely give him back home to Africa. You will doubtless recall the Dartmoor Mare & Foal that came to us in January 2012 taken off the moor having just been handled a bit in a yard. Pictured right Volunteer Patricia is getting Jessie

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started as a riding pony. This picture has been taken just as Patricia got on and it is Jessie’s first time ever under saddle. This picture and its story is testament to Angela teaching and the girl’s skills with the ponies, that there is no upset or fear for Jessie just a gentle process with her new two legged friend to go out together. Left is a picture of the Dartmoor’s in the holding yard on the edge of the moor, having just been brought in wild off the moor. Angela, Patricia & Rosie are all volunteers and give their time and skills to the centre freely just to help the ponies move on in their little lives! It is lovely to see the ponies coming on. We hope you are equally pleased. The most recent Lorry load of Hay cost £1200:00. It’s a frightening price. Last year’s wet summer has pushed prices up & up. It probably won’t go down to a sensible price again. We just have to tighten our belts & fundraise harder to cope with such changes. Pictured left Dylan & Jake get stuck in as new Hay arrives on the lorry. Meals on wheels? Recycle4charity take our donated Inkjet/Laser cartridges. They also take Mobile phones. If you have the internet go to you can find the value of your empties, mobiles etc. Last year we raised £117.40. Hopefully we can raise £200:00 this year. If you do not have access to the internet or even know someone who can help you get access, please don’t give up. Carry on collecting them and send them to us and we will do the rest. Please remember they must be original parts (not previously recycled) and also Epsom and some other printers where the print head is a separate item are not cartridges just Ink tanks and of no value. A Pit Pony Sanctuary, C/o , Units 1-2, Marlborough House, 28 Chartwell Road, West Sussex, BN15 8TU.

Waitrose & Asda have community and Charity schemes.

Perhaps you could nominate the Ponies when you next visit? If you need a little poster or Flyer to help tell people who/what we are just ask and we would be pleased to send you or the Store one.

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A Big Thank You Dear Friends, We would like to say a special thank you for helping us in our fundraising efforts by helping us collect as many stamps as possible. ANY amount, large or small, is much appreciated. I can assure you that every stamp you send will help raise badly needed money for The Ponies. Stamps cut out can now be sent directly to our buyer at: The Pit Pony Sanctuary, Fords Farm, HORSEY, Norfolk, NR29 4EP Please could you ask your family and other contacts to save their stamps for us and please remind them that they should be cut or torn with approximately ¼ to ½ inch, 0.5 to 1cm of envelope surrounding the stamp to prevent damage, Please note that if stamps have too much excess paper our agent will not buy our stamps. The stamps do not need to be sorted into individual countries or prices etc. PLEASE DO NOT remove the stamps off the envelope as they are damaged easily if they are. We raised an amazing £481.15 in the last year sending in all the stamps you have previously sent to us. We would love to reach a target of at least £1,000 by the end of 2013. We are desperate for more contacts to send us their stamps, so please spread the word of our appeal to anyone and everyone. We cannot supply our services to the Ponies in need without your support. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more stamp appeal posters or small leaflets for sending out with your post etc. about our stamp appeal!

Give a Car is still going strong and we raised £547:50 from people disposing of their unwanted old cars, motorbikes, even Boats & Caravans through their system. If you have an old banger or broken down car in the way or maybe know someone who has. Just ask the registered keeper to ring Give a car on 020 0011 1664 to find out how they can help.

Manmoel Common is a very bleak and exposed mountain top this time of the year. We were called recently to see if we could help. There are approximately 100 ponies living there. Many are unwanted and obviously unloved. Sadly several have already died. Hay and other feed are now being provided and several groups are monitoring the situation. Unfortunately this is a situation repeated in many places in the UK. Winter is not over yet and it will be well into April we suspect before the grass will help such herds of feral Ponies trying to survive in such places.

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Gunner & Lukie grooming. Dylan far behind.

Ponies surviving on Gell Gaer Common.

Spike right, Arnie left, Iggy far behind.

Our Ponies in Springtime no more surviving!

Dylan & Beauty on top of their world.

Letters from Friends

Roll on Springtime!

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Mrs Marshall from Brecon wrote; Please find enclosed my donation for Winter feed for all your lovely animals. It is a wonderful Charity. I love them. As a little girl in the North East I used to watch the Pit Ponies run about in the field opposite my home on their holidays. It used to make me cry. I am nearly 85 and still remember so clearly. Good wishes to you all. Ivy wrote; Some of the last Newsletter was so sad especially the live pony carousel in Germany. I remember the Germans in the last War, they don’t change do they? It’s so good you all care and take care of all the Ponies. Where is your OBE from the Queen? We find the Ponies are all the reward we need, and your lovely comments always perk us up. The Ponies can’t eat an OBE and would rather have some more Hay. £1200.00 for the last lorry load! I think that’s a record.

Donations have recently been received in memory of; Mr Frank Wallace, Lilian Ada Hill, Madeline Coffin MBE, Charles Tootill

oO-0-Oo The Lawrence Family’s “Sooty”, The Fox Family’s Monty & Theo We also received a generous donation from across the pond recently from The Seattle Welsh Women’s Club. Thank you girls! We hope the USA appreciates you. Mr Paul Evans sent a cheque as final settlement on an estate he was the executor of. ***& had left us a legacy in their will and asked Mr Evans to see to it all for them. What a nice man. Mr Mark Hewitt who won second prize in our Grand Bonfire Night Prize Draw kindly returned ½ the prize for the Ponies. Many thanks. Miss M Brady from Liverpool sent a wonderful donation for the “Meat Ponies” saying she has taken two in herself. Well done! Please find your Grand Spring Holiday Prize Draw tickets enclosed. If you need more books to sell just ask.

Remember. The World Needs More People Like You.

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News letter 64 spring 2013  

News views & thank you's from the Pit Pony Sanctuary & Fforest Uchaf Horse & Pony Centre.