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Keo's lapse

One day LucĂ­a was at school looking out through the window. She saw many planes flying across the sky and she was wondering if someday she could fly across the sky of Madrid touching the clouds like those aircrafts do. She loves how they fly between the falling snowflakes.

Lucía was 7 years old. Christmas was her favorite time of the year. The school was closed for 2 weeks and she had plenty of time to play, sing, to have fun and rest with her family. But this Christmas was going to be special. Her parents had a surprise for her… They were traveling to another continent!!! When her Mom told her, she asked: Which continent are we travelling to… Asia? Africa? Oceania? Antarctica? America? Are we going by plane?

I can´t tell you our destination yet, I´m only telling you that Keo would love this land and that the only ways to go there are by ship or by plane… but we are flying…

She was so excited‌ she was going to fly!!! She was going to travel by plane!! Lucía ran to her bedroom held Keo and shouted: We are going on a journey!!!!!

Keo was her favorite teddy. Ivan, her big brother gave it to her. Keo was a smooth stuffed koala, grey and white, with a big nose and big ears, two small eyes and a little pink mouth.


Their destination was Sidney, one of the most important cities in Australia, in the continent of Oceania. There was her brother Ivan living, while finishing his studies. Christmas was the perfect moment to go and visit him, so they could spend the two weeks all the family together.

They were leaving the next day, so Lucía started to pack her things with her Mom. She was putting all the things that her Mom had selected for her in the suitcase. She put two pair of pants, tshirts, skirts, a hut, two pairs of shoes and a swimsuit …. - Do you thing I´m going to wear my swimsuit Mom? It is winter, isn´t it?? …- Lucía asked - You are right, Lucía it´s winter. It´s not summer yet, but you will see…you will need it in Sindney. In Madrid the winter is very cold, it rains and sometimes it snows… But in Australia December, January and February are the warmest months of the year, even though sometimes it rains. That for Lucía decided to take with her a swimsuit and a raincoat.

When everything was packed, she asked her father how they were going to get to the airport. They could go by car, by train, by the Metro, they could also take a cab… there were so many possibilities. - We could drive and leave the car at the parking of the airport, but better we take the Metro, which leaves us just at the door and it´s more environmental friendly. Before we leave we should take a look at Aena´s website and see if our flight is on time and from which terminal are we flying. Lucía didn´t know what Aena was, but her father explained her that it is the name of the company that runs the Spanish airports. The people working for that company make everything in the airport works. They take care of the passengers, who are the people taking a plane to go to somewhere else and also the people landing at the airport from other places, and their things: the luggage.

Then LucĂ­a asked: - Dad, what is a Terminal? - A Terminal is like a bus station, but bigger, it is the place where planes arrive and also where you take the plane. But you should ask all these things to Ivan. He is studying engineer so he will be able to work at an airport and he knows how airports work better than I do.

After dinner, Lucía went to her bed with Keo. She dreamt with the journey the entire night. While she was sleeping her Mom printed the tickets. Everything was ready for the special day when she woke up in the morning. They checked the schedule and the Terminal and took the suitcases, the passports, the tickets and Keo, and they walked to the Metro station. In 20 minutes they had arrived to the airport. There Lucía´s Dad took a trolley and put all the bags on it. They walked into the Terminal and found out where they had to go to do the check-in.

When they got to the stand a well dressed boy attended them. He asked them for the tickets and the passports, checked the weight of the suitcases and put a code on them, and gave them their boarding passes. He asked also if they were traveling carrying hand luggage. So he identified Keo with a bright yellow sticker as if it was a bracelet. Keo liked it. Suddenly their bags began to move, they were going away. She was scared, they were losing their suitcases, but her Mom told her not to worry because with the code they put on each bag they know in which plane they have to put the bags. - You will see we will collect our luggage in Sidney from a similar platform- Said her mom..

Finally the man of the stand told them how to go to the security control and to the boarding gate. And also that due to the length of the flight, the plane will make a stop in Frankfurt, Germany. - Do we have to collect our luggage in Germany, Dad? - asked Lucía. - No, we don´t need to collect it in Frankfurt. Some flights make a stop in a different airport before they land in the final destination and there you have to change the plane. There are some people that take the bags and change them form one plane to another. We will collect our bags in Sindney as Mom has said before.

They left the stand and walked to the security control. There were some men and women wearing uniforms. They looked like police officers, but they weren´t. They asked them to put all the liquids and metal objects the carry on a tray, and also their coats and hand bags, even they had to take their shoes off. Lucía had to put Keo on a tray and the officers check all the objects with a scanner machine.

After passing the security control, they made some shopping and went to a subway station again. - Are we going back home? – Asked Lucía. Her parents told her that they were not going home but to the Terminal 4. Where was their boarding gate. They took the subway and in less than five minutes they arrived at the terminal 4. Lucía was amazed about how fast the train was. They left the train, all of them but Keo. When Lucía realized that Keo was not with her it was too late. The doors were closed!! The train continued its way with Keo inside.

Luckily, a guard checked the wagons and indicated clueless passengers, as Keo, where to leave the train. He saw the bear in the seat with the luggage tag, he phoned the Center for Airport Management – CAM, a very large room that's in a secret place at the airport, where many people watch everything that happens, and coordinates the workers to fix failures to help the aircraft and passengers. Lucia, seeing that the doors were closing and Keo was inside, began to mourn and told his parents about what was happening, they came to an Information Point where some workers in a green jacket attended them. Her dad told them that Keo was trapped in a car. They called the CAM to explain what happened, and then they realized they were talking about the same koala, Keo was safe and sound! The plane which they had to board in was on the platform and ready to open its doors, it had been cleaned, fueled, and reviewed by the mechanics

... suddenly announced over the loudspeakers, passengers of the flight IB7774 with final destination Sydney, please, board on U68 door. - That's our flight, we have to ship - said Lucia’s father. Lucia didn’t want to board in without Keo, but her mother took her up and convinced her. Meanwhile the staff was opening the doors with a card passed by a special reader on the way to the luggage trucks storage. Inside the airport are lots of offices and workers, you never would imagine how many people work at the airport to make it function! There were maintenance personnel, operating, infrastructure, commercial, cleaning, and security staff...

After the walk through the airport and secret labyrinths they arrived to the room where all the luggage is placed, waiting to be organized and distributed for the airplanes. There the guard who found Keo asked the baggage handler to take the lost Keo back to their owners. While the luggage was being loaded in the hold, Keo was carried into the cabin and handed to a flight attendant, she asked: - Has anyone lost a koala bear? Lucia was really surprised she tried to jump to catch Keo but she couldn’t, she had her seat belt fastened, so her mom unblocked it. She ran directly to the flight attendant that was carrying Keo and at the same time saying: - I lost it! It’s mine! My favorite koala bear!

Lucia and Keo were merged into a hug, how was the little koala going to miss a trip with her and also a visit to his country! The girl kissed and thanked the flight attendant, then she returned to her seat, fastened the seat belt and in a few seconds she was asleep, she had lived very intense feelings, fear, sorrow and joy that had run out her energy so she could not even see the signalman that waved his arms to guide the plane. When the pilot received the order from the control tower, he started the taking off procedure, and their adventure to Sidney began. Lucia did not wake up slightly before starting to land at the airport in Sydney, She was asleep even when they changed planes in Germany. They landed, passed through the passport control, collected their bags and looked for the exit. Doors opened and her brother was there waiting for them.

- What a joy to see you again! - Said the parents while giving him a hug. - Tete, Tete, you will not believe what happened ... Lucia said with an interesting look. When I grow up I will study as much as you, I want to be a pilot! They took a bus and went to eat at a restaurant besides a park. It was hot, 25 째 C temperature. The park was full of eucalyptus trees, the trees leafs preferred by Keo. As the family ate, Keo was eating at full the rich delicacy eucalyptus. An unforgettable trip for the sweet Lucia and clueless Keo.

The End! :)

Keo's Lapse  
Keo's Lapse  

an adventure on the airport