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and presents them in the simplest and clearest form possible where so many delicate chemical and technical proces.ies are involved. Further, be it noted, I have exercised my editorial privilege liberally, taking prodigious liberties with Mr. Wein's monograph where this seemed necessary or desirable in the reader's interest. If it should seem to the reader that there is not, after all, much that is new about the "new" developers, let the gentle reader comfort and content himself with the assurance, here frankly given, that his surmise is correct. That much, with some other pertinent facts, I discovered路 in the personal investigation to which I have referred. At first I was puzzled by the evident reluctance of the makers of the "new" developers to give any definite, commonsense information about the actual composition of their products. It seemed to be impossible to get behind the fanciful trade names and ascertain the chemical composition of the products offered as subsitute developers. This strange abuse of the art of camouflage is, I am glad to say, being abandoned, and the "new" developers are being sold under their true and rightful names. As one result of this, it is now seen that our American and British chemists are not inventing or evolving new chemical compounds to replace those so long imported from Germany, but are simply doing their best to reproduce them commercially -a new sort of Declaration of Independence. -EDITOR.

What do we mean when we speak of a In general usage the term indicates the chemical solution used to bring out-" develop" or make visiblethe latent but invisible picture image which we know results from the action of light on a dry plate, film, or development or bromide paper, exposed behind the lens in a camera, or behind a negative in a printing frame or enlarger. In these pages, however, the word developer primarily means the active chemical compound, or developing agent proper, which forms the base of the developing solution, and which gives it its developing power or capacity. A E:~:r' photographic developer?

Modern Photographic Developers  
Modern Photographic Developers  

A Practical Handbook to the New Developers Telling What They Are and How to Use Them with Reliable Formulae by The Photo Miniature, January...