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~bt ~boto ~jjfltnfaturt .A Magazine of Photographic Information EDITED Volume XIV




Number 1117

Jjmobtm ~botograpbit ~tbtloptr~ The disappearance of so many of the photographic developers with whose names and characteristics we have long been familiar, and the appearance of so many "new" developers of unknown origin and composition, under strange and uncouth names, naturally brings forward the questions: What are these new developers made of? Where do they come from? How do they compare in capacity and use with the developers they replace? and the like. These questions have burdened my correspondence for many months past, and some of them have been difficult to answer in a letter of reasonable length. Facing this situation, I d&termined to devote a whole number of THE PHOTO-M:INIATURE to the subject, hoping thus to provide, as Maimonides did so long ago, a "Guide to the Perplexed" and, at the same time, ease my own troubles. Thereupon I first sought the aid of a chemist with experience in this special branch of chemistry, and second, I set out upon an investigation of the American developer industry for whatever that adventure might bring forth. The resuit will be found in the monograph following, which gathers together all the information at present gettable about modern photographic developers. Mr. Wein, well equipped for his task, has marshaled the available facts concerning his subjects in an interesting way,

Modern Photographic Developers  

A Practical Handbook to the New Developers Telling What They Are and How to Use Them with Reliable Formulae by The Photo Miniature, January...