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CHEMICALS Our Motto: "THE BEST" coupled with reasonable prices

Monomethylparamidophenol Sulphate Guaranteed the same chemically and equal in results to the best German Metol. 1-lb. bottle, $38.00. 1-oz. bottle, $2.75.

Paramet (Methylated Paramidophenol) Somewhat slower in action than Metol. An exceptional developer for paper or films. Recommended for tank-development. l-Ib. bottle, $12.00. 1-oz. bottle, $1.00.

Paramidophenol Hydrochloride, Pure An excellent rapid developer for plates, films or paper. l-Ib. bottle, $10.00. 1-oz. bottle, 75c.

Paramidophenol Sulphate, Pure l-Ib. bottle, $7.50. 1-oz. bottle, 60c.

Paranol Concentrated solution of Paramidophenol similar to the developer formerly sold under the trade-name "Rodinal." 3-oz. bottle, 60c. 8-oz. bottle, $1.00. 16-oz. bottle, $2.00.

Gennert's "Gold Label" Hydrokinone A new Hydrokinone of a quality distinctly superior. 1-lb. carton, $3.00. 1-oz. carton, 25c.

Diamidophenol A rapid developer used without alkali. l-Ib. bottle, $10.00. 1-oz. bottle, 75c, Gennert's Pyro Crystals (Pure unadulterated)

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Pyro Resublimed Photo Pure Sodium Carbonate Photo Pure Sodium Sulphite Potassium Carbonate (Imported) Potassium Red Prussiate (Imported) Potassium Metabisulphite j

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