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Per Copy, 25 cents (1/.) Per Year. Post free. $2.50 (t0/61

s a monthly magazine of photographic information, edited >Y John A. Tennant, for the man who wants the plain facts Lbout one thing at a time .. It is unique among photogra>hic journals in the following vital points. t]! Each 1umber is a complete book in itself. Each number deals Nith a different subject and tells all worth knowing about ts subject. t]! Its information is fresh and original, ;imply written, without waste of words or space, by )ractical workers from actual experience. Always clear ind to the point, comprehensive, not long-winded. fJ It .s carefully edited, well printed and linen-stitched so that .t opens flat like a book for easy reading. Its pages are :ompactly filled, giving as much information as the average :iollar book, in flexible form, fitting the coat-pocket. I]J A complete set of the magazine forms the most comprerlensive library of photographic information in the English language. Apply to American publishers for quotation on :omplete sets. A 路list of the numbers in print is given on the following page, Many numbers are going out of print. Get what you want now, before it is too late. Many of the earlier (out of print) numbers are now selling at from 50 cents to $1.00 each. All the numbers in print can be :>btained from dealers in photographic supplies, or book路 sellers and news-agents in all parts of the world.

PUBLISHED BY TENNANT AND WARD AT 103 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK Chicago 路wholesale Agents: Burke and James, Inc. Agents for Great Britain: Houghton's, Ltd., London Agents for Australasia: Kodak (Australasia) Ltd., Sydney Kindly mention THE PHOTO-MI NIATURE

Modern Photographic Developers  
Modern Photographic Developers  

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