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We have now reached the end of this brief survey of the photographic developers available or in use today. Some of them might have been dealt with at great length with profit, but my space did not permit of this. Two or three American-made developers have been intentionally passed over without mention, simply because their makers persistently ignored my requests for information, and I have been unable to obtain the products from dealers. Oblivion best befits suchmakers and products. There remain only the mechanical Bitol mixtures, or ready-prepared-for-use developers, of which Hitol, Rytol and Kalogen are prominent examples. Of these Hitol only claims special mention, because of its really remarkable lasting power, or capacity for repeated use before exhaustion. This will be referred to in detail in the February issue of THE PHOTO-MINIATURE, which will deal with the modern methods of developmentappropriately following this discussion of the developers themselves. SAMUEL WEIN, B.Sc. 0[b~dto

Modern Photographic Developers  

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