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The practical purpose of Hauff's and Cramer's investigation was, of course, to improve hydroquinone by the elimination of its well-known disadvantages. This they accomplished. In its developing power Adurol stands between hydroquinone and metol, and it is equally useful for negative, lantern slide and print development. It has better keeping quality in solution than hydroquinone, and is hardly influenced at all by changes in temperature. It gives greater density than hydroquinone, even without caustic alkalies, and is less inclined to harsh contrasts or hardness. Its solutions do not discolor, hence the Adurol developer is stainless as to plates, films, papers, and fingers. In development, as compared with hydroquinone, Adurol is more energetic in action, yields softer negatives, and can be used repeatedly. It gives a blue-black image and is therefore very suitable for the development of development and bromide papers. La of With all these improvements over Appr!~iation, ye~ified by authority and expenence, It IS not easy to understand why Adurol has not long ago displaced hydroquinone in photographic practice. The fact remains that it has not interfered, to any degree worth mentioning, with the steadily increasing popularity and use of hydroquinone and metol. Typical formulas are given as follows: Formulas For plates and films, Two-Solution Developer: No.I-Water, IO ounces; sodium sulphite (cryst.), IX' ounces; Adurol, 85 grains. No. 2--Water, IO ounces; potassium carbonate (cryst.), I~ or 2 ounces. For normal outdoor exposures take equal parts Nos. I and 2; for known overexposure take I part each Nos. I and 2 and I part water; for portraiture take 3 parts No. 1 and 2 parts No. 2. As a concentrated single solution developer, the following is advised: Water, 10 ounces; sodium sulphite (cryst.), 4 ounces; potassium carbonate, 3 ounces. Dissolve thoroughly by heat, allow to cool, and add Adurol, U ounce. For portraits or subjects with detail, take I part of this to 3 parts of water. Adurol is very sensiCompared with Hydroquinone

Modern Photographic Developers  
Modern Photographic Developers  

A Practical Handbook to the New Developers Telling What They Are and How to Use Them with Reliable Formulae by The Photo Miniature, January...