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4. Operation Instructions Connection of the fuel injector to the VPUD test unit: Fit fuel injector into the valve holder. Block injector holes not in use, using the supplied covers. Note that MAN Diesel injectors must have leak hole facing forward and some are to be tightened with MAN Diesel spring-houses fitted. The fuel injector is connected to the pump unit through the stud marked “FUEL OUTLET” (10) found on the left side of the cabinet. The fuel injector is connected to the test unit by means of a flexible high-pressure-hose. The test unit is now ready for use. Before executing Program A-E, move the high-pressure valve (4) to position OPEN (4B) and leave it here. This valve is only operated in the program “Manual Operation” (Program F). Program A: Prefill (MAN Diesel 2-stroke injectors only) Before performing any tests, all MAN Diesel slide-valve fuel injector must be completely filled with test-oil: • • • •

Before executing Program A-E, move the high-pressure valve (4) to position OPEN (4B) Switch knob (5) to “PREFILL” – position A. Close Pressure Relief Valve (2) Turn Pressure Control Valve (3) clockwise, until the CURENT OUTPUT PRESSURE display (7) shows a pressure between 1 and 10 bar. If a higher pressure is reached, wait while the pressure slowly drops back below 10 bar.

The valve is now filled with oil and the pressure is fluctuating while doing so. When clear oil without airbubbles tickles from the venting hole through the breathing-pipe, the valve is full

• •

Turn Pressure Control Valve (3) counter-clockwise to switch off air supply Open Pressure Relief Valve (2) – turn it counter-clockwise

In case air-supply is blocked during pre-fill (program stops), make sure that you keep pressure low as described above. To re-execute the program, press the RESET button. Program B: Opening Pressure Test • Switch knob (5) to “OPENING PRESSURE TEST” – position B. • Close Pressure Relief Valve (2) • Adjust pressure by means of Pressure Control Valve (3) until fuel injector opens* • The opening pressure is locked as the “Measured Pressure” on display (7) The pump stops automatically* • Close Pressure Control Valve (3) – turn it counter-clockwise • Open Pressure Relief Valve (2) – turn it counter-clockwise To re-execute the test, press the RESET button. * Note: If the IOP SafeTest Technology is activated before opening takes place, this may be due to high leakage through injector leak hole. Repeat the test (press the RESET button), and then press the Full Stroke Button (1) before reaching

200 bar and continue immediately after to increase the pressure until an opening takes place. IOP Marine A/S • Engager 7 • DK-2605 Brondby, Denmark, Tel: +45 4498 3833 • Fax: +45 4498 1125 • E-mail: • Homepage:

obel vpud-1100-sv  

obel vpud-1100-sv

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