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Total water management Water and wastewater treatment systems for ships and offshore

Wat e r t e c h n o l o g i e s „ M a d e i n G e r m a ny “

Best backing Long Experience

The company is part of Veolia Water Solutions &

RWO – Marine Water Technology is one of the

design and build company and a specialised provider

leading suppliers for water and wastewater treatment

of technological solutions in water treatment.

systems on board ships and offshore installations.

With over 9,658 employees in 57 countries,

For more than 35 years RWO’s experts develop,

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies posted

design, manufacture and service forward-looking

revenue of € 2.15 billion in 2010.

Technologies, subsidiary of Veolia Water, a leading

and cost-efficient technologies for any kind of water treatment, whether on board ships or offshore installations, for new builds as well as retrofitting.

Still close-by RWO’s network of more than 40 qualified sales/ service stations established throughout the world, ensure customer benefit from short communication links and rapid response times. Thus, our wide ranging know-how and products as well listening and catering to customers needs have established us as the reliable partner in the maritime economy.

Long Experience

RWO’s Product Portfolio Quality and performance meeting shipyard and shipowner requirements Oil-water separation

Ballast water treatment

> > > >

> Designed for and tested according to

Complying with 5 ppm standard Suction or pressure type Easy to handle by crew Type approved according to IMO Resolution MEPC 107(49) by USCG, SBG, MED, MRS, CCS > Standardised or tailor made

Reverse osmosis desalination > Complete packaged

systems > Perfect water quality > Fully automatic > Low maintenance and

operation costs

MBR membrane sewage treatment

> > > >

IMO, but also for real-life conditions Lowest power consumption Highest reduction of sediment load No increase in corrosion or material damage Modular design, focused applications 150 - 2,500 m³/hr

Biological sewage treatment > Excellent effluent results

and process stability > Suitable to treat black

and grey water, or black water only > Delivered as plug and play unit > Applicable for gravity and vacuum sewage drainage

> Excellent effluent quality > Compact, small footprint

design > Extremely low excess sludge production

Bilge water splitting and filtration > For difficult bilge water

Process unit for OWS upgrade > Emulsion splitting system with

15 ppm alarm device > Exceptionally high purity levels > Safe during Port State Control > Class notations ‘Clean Design’ and Alaska Rules conformity

compositions > Avoids operational problems in downstream oily water separator > Emulsion splitting and particle removal in three consecutive steps > Saves consumables


Standardised and customised made water and wastewater treatment systems for ships and offshore installations Softeners & Demineralisation > Reliable and operation-safe

equipment > Chemical saving processes > Skid-mounted units > Electronic controls for automatic ‘hands-off’


Mineralisation and de-acidification > Drinking water becomes

potable and more healthy > Considerable improvement of taste and odour > Ship equipment is protected against corrosion and subsequent damages

Water/seawater filtration > Enables and secures a

good net water production with deep filtration > Designed for high sediment loads > Continuous filtrate flow without flow interruption > Very low flushwater demand

Legionella prevention > Prevention of Legionella-related

health issues > Compact and reliable design > Easy to operate and maintain

Chemical dosing systems > Alkalinity reduction and scale


Grease traps > Guarantee for high process stability

and excellent effluent results > Two chambers for separation and storage of sludge and grease > Most compact design > Delivered as plug and play unit, ready for operation


> Coagulation of suspended solids > Avoidance of scale deposits on

reverse osmosis membranes > Shock treatment to avoid bacterial

growth in pipes and storage tanks > pH adjustment to neutralise

dissolved free carbon dioxide

UV disinfection > Additional safety disinfection of drinking

water, e.g. after the hydrophor > No chemicals required > No effect on taste or odour > No corrosion problems

ONE provider for all issues in water and wastewater treatment

Your Key Benefits Services > > > > >

Worldwide network and support Commissioning Retrofits Spare parts, consumables Training courses

> Worldwide availability and support > Long time experience and references > Added value for package solutions - One direct contact - Faster way of communications - Reduced logistic, transport, commissioning and training costs - One service point and technical problem solver

Water and Wastewater Treatment > > > > > > > > > >

Automatic backwash filters Ballast water treatment Biological sewage treatment Chlorination and ozonisation De-chlorination Dosing units Grease traps Grey water treatment Hydrophor units Membrane Bio Reactor sewage treatment > Mineralisation and neutralisation

> > > > > > > > > >

Multimedia filters Oil content meters Oily water separators Protection filters Re-hardening Reverse osmosis desalination Sand filters Softeners UV sterilisation Vacuum generating units


Visit us: Sales > Spare Parts > Service > Marketing > marketing.rwo

RWO GmbH MARINE WATER TECHNOLOGY Thalenhorststrasse 15 A 28307 Bremen 路 Germany Phone: +49 421 537050 Fax: +49 421 53705440 A company of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

Total water  

Total water

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