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FEBRUARY 18, 2011

Songs, Spells, Singers, and Service



This issue has the latest and greatest in entertainment. Check out the status of the feud between Nikki Minaj and Lil Kim, and get ready to pre-order the most anticipated new albums of 2011. Also, prepare to jump on the nearest broomstick and check the mail for an owl with an invitation to the newest attraction in Orlando, Florida: Harry Potter World. Additionally, check out what some of Marietta’s students are doing over February Break.


“At a time when some doubt the benefits of cooperation between the United States and China, this visit is also a chance to demonstrate a simple truth. We have an enormous stake in each other’s success. In an interconnected world, in a global economy, nations -- including our own -- will be more prosperous and more secure when we work together.” – President Obama, January 19, 2011 see entertainment related articles on pages 8-9

One of the most controversial issues in today’s society is that of education law. Topics like the No Child Left Behind Act, federal funding for charter schools, and graduation and dropout rates are all topics of discussion among educators, students, and parents. Pitchfork has graded the educational system on both a local and a national level. Be sure to check out what made the grade. see Report Card 2011 on page 6

see Country Spotlight; China on page 16

Violence in Schools Most students at Marietta High feel safe on a day to day basis; however, teen violence is a reality most have witnessed or experienced. Pitchfork shares the opinions from administrators and students about violence at MHS. Fortunately, Marietta has never had to deal with a nationally publicized act of violence. The truly shocking events of violence from the last decade have happened all over the nation, and the statistics show who they affect the most.


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see teen violence on page 7

valentine spirit week


1-Monday: On Pajama Day, students got comfy in their PJ’s, bringing back a favorite spirit day of elementary school past. 2-Tuesday: On Throwback Day, these ladies brought back classic 80’s styles. 3-Wednesday: On Sports Day, these students represented their favorite teams: high school, college and national teams. 4-Thursday: On Twin Day, many had to do a double-take at the students who dressed as twins. 5-Friday: On Valentine’s Spirit Day, students were able to represent the holiday of love with its signature colors: pink and red.

Inside Pitchfork

Doing the Impossible

Hoop Dreams

Love Polaroid film? Check out the Check out how the Blue Devils are Impossible Project to find out how to save doing this basketball season. the disappearing art.

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Countdown til College

See where MHS seniors plan to spend the next four years and find some unique colleges that could please even the pickiest student.

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Marietta Reads!

Ben Marie efits tta Re ads!

Escorted Motorcycle Ride March 26, 2011 10 a.m. Rain Date: April 2

What: The Marietta Reads! “Revved Up For Reading” Escorted Motorcycle Ride takes place on Saturday, March 26, 2011. (Rain Date is April 2, 2011). One adult passenger is permitted or one child under the age of 18 (if the driver is the child’s parent or legal guardian). Location: The event kicks-off at WOW Motorcycles located at 508 Cobb Parkway North in Marietta, GA. T-Shirt: Each registered motorcycle driver will receive a quality cotton t-shirt bearing the Marietta Reads! “Revved Up For Reading” logo. Registration and Fees: Early-Bird Registration is $20 (plus $10 for passenger) by mail or in-person at Marietta City Schools Central Office before March 15, 2011. After March 15 registration is $25 (plus $10 for passenger). A portion of your registration fee is tax deductible. All proceeds benefit Marietta Reads! Check-in and Packet Pickup: Final registrations, packet and t-shirt pick-up begin at 9 a.m. on March 26 at WOW Motorcycles. The ride begins at 10 a.m. Questions? Contact Cheryl Hood at 770/422-3500 extension 268. Or visit or

Entry Form


Please Print (One Entry Form Per Driver) Driver Name Address City




Driver Signature DRIVER’s Shirt Size:

Date (Adult)



Passenger Name (if applicable; please print)



Entry Fees: Before March 15: $20 (+ $10 for passenger) After March 15: $25 (+ $10 for passenger)

Amount Enclosed: $ ___________

I understand that motorcycling can be a dangerous activity and I understand that I accept all risk for myself and my participating child. I agree that all participants must abide by all rules of the road and all laws regarding the operation of the motorcycle. I understand that all children participating are to be supervised by their parent/guardian or designee at all times. On behalf of myself and my child, I agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the Marietta City School System (System), its Board of Education, and its employees, agents, or assignees (“System Indemnitees”) from and forever promise not to sue them on any and all claims, demands, rights, causes of action, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), whether known or unknown, that I or my child may have or may allege to have against the System Indemnitees or which may be brought against the System Indemnitees arising out of or in any manner relating to my or my child’s participation in this event, including, but not limited to, injury or the rendering of emergency services or treatment. I further state that I am in proper physical condition to undertake this activity and agree to allow Marietta City Schools and WOW Motorcycles to use ride photos in publicity. Mail Check and Entry Form to: Marietta City Schools, Attn: Marietta Reads!, 250 Howard Street, Marietta GA 30060

The Harry Potter series inspired me to read. It got me into a whole different world where my problems went away.

I was thinking the other day when I began to wonder how many books I’ve ever read. The number is quite possibly upwards of a thousand. I don’t think it’s any secret that I love reading. I read everything assigned for class. I’m never without a book (or three). And yes, I am a proud member of the Reading Bowl Team. Unfortunately, a grandiose amount of my schoolmates are notably less enthusiastic about this activity. I’ll throw it out there- reading is fun. It’s comparable to watching television or playing video games. However, unlike the aforementioned time-sucks, books are almost unendingly accessible. They require no electricity and reading can be done just about anywhere, save for in the dark. It’s a little bit like a secret, unknown, and then it begins to unfold. Entire worlds can be held between the front and back covers. Reading can do a lot of things. Firstly, and probably most importantly, books will make you smarter. Want to get a better score on your SAT? Crack open a book. Reading can do any number of things for you, from teaching you to play guitar to making you skinnier. There are books on everything. I think reading gets a bad rap

just because we are forced to do it in school. But I don’t buy the “I don’t like reading” bit. If someone says that, I’m fairly certain they have made little to no effort to read anything of even mild decency. I suppose if one were completely bored with the world and had no interests to speak of, I might be able to believe that, but otherwise, I just think you’re lazy. It’s gross that in this day and time, being intelligent isn’t valued all that much. We rely on our technology to be intelligent for us. Right now it’s about being skinny, sexy, and social. The “s” that manages to evade us, however, is smart. Knowledge will last and beauty will not. There’s a reason that people are still talking about Tolstoy, Austen and Poe. Great literature is timeless. By now, I’m sure you can tell that I read a lot. Actually, I spend entirely too much time reading. I do it in class and instead of my homework. As a kid, I pulled the under the covers with a flashlight cliché. For me, reading is every bit as entertaining (possibly more) as watching tv or playing Xbox 360. My mom actually gets mad at me if I’m reading instead of “contributing”. There are books that have made me think and some have truly changed me. Reading allows you to experience things you otherwise could not. Give it a try. I dare you.

My mom used to read to me every night before bed when I was a kid. I remember her reading the Bearenstein Bears to me.

Efrem Egede (11)

Kamaria Stokes (10)


of the issue: What inspired your love of reading?

My mother inspired me to read. She always read me the Harry Potter books when I was little.

My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Swartz introduced me to my favorite book, Esperanza Rising. I loved the book because it was a story about a girl who came here from another country and struggled but overcame her problems. It was the same story that happened to me. Carolina Esparza (12)

FebruarY 18, 2011

Harriet Haisty (10)

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Crawford is the reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year. The Hawks may not be a championship team, but we no longer have to reminisce on the grim past, the future is bright for what used to be the laughing stock of the NBA. On to the team that seems to have the most imminent success; I am talking, of course, about my beloved Dirty Birds. Before the 2009 season, the Atlanta Falcons had never experienced back-toback winning seasons, but things are looking up. The combination of the young yet dangerous Matt Ryan and the punishing thighs of Michael Turner can only mean one thing for Falcon fans: championships. Misfortune has always struck the Falcons, whether it was trading Brett Farve before anyone knew his name, the arrest of Michael Vick, or the hiring of Bobby Petrino; the Falcons just can’t get it all figured out. Those days are over, Atlanta, it is now time for that long-deserved Super Bowl victory. In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “WE WILL RISE UP.” Despite my cynicism I still remain undyingly loyal to Atlanta franchises. A day may come when the courage of Atlanta fails, an hour of Phillies and Saints when the age of Atlanta comes crashing down. Players will come and go, coaches will come and go, and owners will come and go, but us fans wont ever leave the ATL. FILA. Take it sleazy Marietta.

There is a moment in the book Fight Club, when Tyler Durden is motivating his space monkeys to do his Mayhem Projects and says, “You are not a perfect, unique snowflake.” This quote haunts me because, growing up in a generation where every little thing that people do earns them an award and the strive for individuality is prime, I feel that a key characteristic of people these days is that they do what ever they can to be different from everyone else. This is an absurd thought, considering that the number of original opinions that can be held is essentially limited. No matter what it is, it can almost be guaranteed that someone else in the population of the world- if not living, then in the thousands of years of human history, that holds the same opinion. Therefore, the only thing that can make us original, besides our physical appearance, is our combination of previously conceived opinions. But what interests me is the tendency of some to reject things they seem to like when they are in a large group, but praise it in small company. It appears to me that people who do this are trying

to make themselves unique by claiming characteristics that may not be common in their general environment. These people often discuss things that aren’t commonly known and put down things that are. This strive for uniqueness, which can not essentially be achieved, can get in the way of these individuals bonding with others through shared ideas because they constantly change what they think to separate them from the company they hold. Some may even go so far as to claim they have characteristics that alienate them from the entire human race, which can make those who do this seem insecure to the point where they feel they have to be different in order to be accepted. The moral is this: Every thought that can be thought has been thought before, and who we are comes from our combination of these previously conceived opinions. Someone else in the world holds the beliefs that may seem so unique to you, so don’t worry about how unique you are, just accept that no matter how unique one tries to make themselves appear through the eyes of everyone else, their opinions are not just their own.


In my lifetime only one championship from Atlanta profesThe cool-side sional sports of the pillow teams has been Robert Schoonover won. In 1995 the Atlanta Braves, led by the pitching of John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, and Tom Glavine, captured the World Series. I was 2, so I have zero memory of that moment. So really, in my lifetime as an Atlanta sports fan, I have seen nothing. Sure, the Braves managed to win 14 straight division titles. But only one World Series. That being said, the Braves are home to three of the best pitchers baseball has ever seen, the best manager, the most impressive team streak in baseball, and home of the real homerun king Hank Aaron. Moving on to the Hawks, who in recent years have made strides, but they aren’t quite “there.” Since LeBrone James decided to take his talents to South Beach, the Hawks are stuck in a stage of mediocrity, typical Atlanta. All of the fans remember the 2004 draft when the Hawks made the decision of drafting Marvin Williams over Chris Paul. Marvin Williams is at best a decent forward, while Chris Paul is one of the top players in the NBA. That being said, the Hawks have also nabbed some good players off the board and from free agency. Al Horford has superstar potential, Joe Johnson has the game changer ability every team needs, and Jamal

Notre Dame; Paris, France

Beach, riding the London Eye, traveling to the top of the Eiffel Tower, viewing the Mona Lisa on a tour of The Louvre, staying with a host family in Frankfurt, and sampling a true and tasty Belgian waffle. Although all these activities were fantastic and joyful, the two that particularly touched me were Anne Frank’s hideout and Normandy. Obviously, I’ve read about The Holocaust and World War II in a text book, but actually standing in the same room in which the Frank family was entrapped for two years or walking the ground on which thousands of soldiers sacrificed themselves for peace, was incredibly astounding. I had tears in my eyes realizing I was standing in a freeze-frame of history. I don’t know that I’ll ever experience something so profound again, but I surely would love the opportunity. This trip changed my perspective on life. I made lasting friends, sampled bits and pieces of various cultures, and simply had the time of my life. I will never forget the experience.

Eiffel Tower; Paris, France

Swiss Alps; Scuol, Switzerland

Last summer, I was given the amazing Gimme Gimme chance to travel across Europe More Brittany Roth as a People to People Student Ambassador, so I snatched the opportunity right up. I explored various cities, places, and events in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, and England, and had the time of my life. While in Europe, I traveled to The Palace of Versailles in Paris, The Swiss Alps in Switzerland, Normandy Cemetery and Omaha Beach in France, The Cuckoo Clock Factory near the Black Forest in Germany, a chocolate and lace factory in Belgium, Anne Frank’s house in The Netherlands, and The Tower of London in England. My rewarding activities included everything from rafting on theglacier-fed Inn River in the middle of the Swiss Alps (the water was so clean that we could drink it), raising the flags in a rare ceremony with the mayor of Normandy and collecting sand from Omaha


Around Marietta High school, Johnny on there is althe spot ways a lot Johnell Gipsonof buzz and speculation about clothing. I see lots of different styles and brands worn by students and faculty. As of late, I’ve noticed a lot of heavy criticism and judgment about U.S.P.A. brand clothing (in my opinion, rightfully so). I often see people in serious arguments about the clothing, in relation to the more popular and expensive “Polo Ralph Lauren” clothing brand. I have also seen people verbally and physically harassed because of their decision to have multiple men riding horses on their clothing. I have even heard (and taken part in) “U-S-P-A” being chanted to opposing student sections at basketball games, our students very audibly voicing their displeasure with the attire of the other school’s students. Mary Kate Nelson (11) can even vouch personally on the experience, saying “I once wore a fresh pair of plaid U.S.P.A. shoes until Michael Weldon, Jordan Little, and Jaylen Reid ridiculed me. I never wore them again. I threw them away.” When asked how he feels about U.S.P.A., Jaylen Reid (12) says “I don’t like it. I’m immediately repulsed on sight. Whenever I see it, I need to Twitpic it.

(For those who may not know, ‘Twitpicing’ refers to taking a picture of something and posting it on your twitter account for others to see and comment on). Along with all of the U.S.P.A. seen, there is also an overload of Polo in school. Everywhere I go, I see complete Polo outfits; hat, shirt, shoes, and all. Literally everyone is wearing it now, and it’s coming to a point of overkill. It becomes comical to me as well when I see people bragging to each other about how much Polo they have on, even going so far as to say they are “horsing around” or having “a stable”. There are many different types too, from the shirts with the numbers on the back, the giant horses on the front, to the ones with atrocious tie-dye coloring. In a sense, I believe that there is too much emphasis put on designer clothes. Some people are even unwilling to wear a collared shirt to school for fear of being ridiculed about what brand it is. There seems to be a little too much importance based on a brand name, especially when it affects people who really don’t care what they wear. I personally think it’s funny how much of a necessity Polo has become, but because of the state that fashion is currently in, make sure you choose wisely before you take your next collared shirt off of the rack in the department store.

School newS. 4

Johnell Gipson

It is a humid August day in Calhoun, Georgia. The year is 1969 and students of Calhoun High School begin to flood from the halls and into the classrooms. Among the teens is a 15 year old freshman, Scott Pritchard, preparing to enter his history class. There he meets two loves: A girl he would soon call his wife, art teacher Mrs. Pritchard, and a subject he would explore for the rest of his life, history. After graduating from Calhoun High School in 1973, he went on to major in history at the University of West Georgia. He then attended graduate school. There a professor saw a job opening at a private school in Carrollton and he felt Pritchard would be the perfect fit. “I applied, got the job, and loved it,” Pritchard said. Pritchard admits he really had no direction leading him to be a teacher. “I wouldn’t have actually done it on my own if it wasn’t for someone pushing me in this direction; otherwise, I’d probably be working in a museum or something like that.” After teaching in Carrollton, Pritchard and his family made a transition to England. He said, “I taught in Europe at the International University in England, a high school and college campus. It is an incredible school. In fact, filmmakers used to make movies there.” He taught foreign policy there. As the economy endured a recession, Pritchard was looking for a move when he got a job offer in Trist, Italy. “In Italy I taught International Baccalaureate (IB). I like IB there because it allows great detail in the subject area.” After teaching in Europe for five years, Pritchard was ready to return to the United States. With little job openings in his hometown of Dalton, Georgia, he got a position at Marietta High School. “This year is my 30th year of teaching and my 20th year at Marietta, I can’t believe it.” Pritchard currently teaches world history and world area studies. In the past he has taught everything from psychology to economics to Asian history. Whatever topic he is covering, Pritchard loves to teach. “The beauty of it is being able to talk to bright eager folks everyday. How many jobs give you a chance to do that?”

FebruarY 18, 2011

Lauren Mayo Business Manager For six months, a collection of students prepare for the big day. This big day is formally known as the Model United Nations Mock Session. Model United Nations (Model UN) is a program that allows students to act as ambassadors from UN member states to discuss current issues on the organization’s agenda. “Model United Nations is a big role play activity in which students become delegates of committees in a two day mock session,” advisor Scott Pritchard said. Students work from October to March to prepare for the mock session by devising draft resolutions and researching their assigned issues. The mock session takes place March 8th, 2011 and March 9th,2011 at Kennesaw State University. This year Marietta High School’s Model UN team will represent Japan, Ireland, Denmark, and Ghana. The students assume the roles of UN delegates and form teams for various committees such as the General Assemblies, The World Health Organization, and The Security Council. Students must write and submit two position papers stating their stance on an issue, debate, and vote. “We compete against schools from Cobb County, the Metro Area schools, and even Florida,” three year veteran Lexie Savic (12) said. Along with educating students, building public speaking skills, and promoting leadership, Model UN serves as an exercise in empathy. “Students must fill the shoes of delegates and empathize with the country as, for example, an Irish delegate would,” said advisor Scott Pritchard. Students seem to enjoy the program. Often, diplomacy becomes purely social. Many students have even gotten prom dates out of the mock sessions. In past years, Marietta delegates have received more than phone numbers. “We have done well. We have won several individual delegate and country awards but never overall,” said Patrick Dickerson (12) and Caleb Negash (12). “This year we hope to bring home a win,” said advisor cott Pritchard. It is too late to join the team for this school year, but all students are welcome to join in October 2011.

Model UN delegates gathering and working at a meeting.

Staff Writer

When the semester begins to wind down, seniors have to decide on where they will go to pursue further education. When choosing a college, it is important to find one that fits a person not only in terms of what it has to offer academically, but also socially and visually. No two students are the same, and it is always interesting to find out where a student will go to college. It says a lot about the type of person you are. Several students were interviewed for insight about the college they chose, and why.

kay matsuyamaS.c.a.d Location: Savannah, GA Private Establis hed: 1978 College of Art Total Enrollment: 8,742 Tuition: $31,000 “SCAD interested me because it is a gateway to my career goal. It attracted me because of its major, its location, and the scholarship it offered me. I plan on studying sound design there. My other options were SOKA University (California) and Georgia State.”

patrick dickersonfairleigh dickinson university

Location: Madison, New Jersey Private Institution Established: 1942 Total Enrollment: 2,480 Tuition: $33,410 “The school interested me because it has a very good international relations program, and it attracted me because it is in the northeast, and isn’t too large. It is right next to New York as well. I plan on studying international relations there so I can become a diplomat. I also applied to NYU, Penn, City University of NY, Georgia Tech, and Georgia Southern.”

laurance basshoward university

Location: Washington, D.C. Private Institution Established: 1867 Total Enrollment: 7,029 Tuition: $18,121 “I was interested in Howard because after doing research, I noticed that it was something like a black version of Harvard. It attracts me most because of its wide variety of classes, and its diversity. I plan on studying pre-law there. My other options were NYU, Florida Atlantic University, and LSU.”

john matechaknaval academy

Location: Annapolis, MD Public Military Institution Established: 1845 Total Enrollment: 4,552 No tuition (Paid by U.S. Government) “I’ve always had a strong interest in the Navy. I wanted to do something interesting that challenges me, and makes me a better rounded person. The IB program did well preparing me for it, and I like how the Navy created leaders for the world. I plan to major in Chemistry.”

jessica monahanjacksonville state Location: Jacksonville, AL Public Institution Established: 1883 Total Enrollment: 7,884 Tuition: $13,560 “I was originally contacted by Jacksonville State after a soccer tournament in Florida. and it caught my interest. I really like the team members, and the coach is very inviting. The school is very pretty, and it feels right. They also have my major; I plan on studying exercise science and becoming a physical therapist. I also applied to Georgia Southern and Auburn.”’

School featureS.5

If You Really Knew Me: Photo by Robert Schoonover

Couples Edition Robert Schoonover Communications Editor

I have procrastinated on this long enough. Stressing and worrying over what to say was a waste of time. Seriously. Thing is though…I still don’t know what to say, so here we go If you really knew me, you’d know that I’m friendly, a good listener, and a hard working individual. I have good grades (never gotten a C) and am often called a “goody goody”. I also get the dumb blonde stereotypes, but I’m actually pretty smart. I’ve had people tell me that before the knew me they thought I was the popular stuck up girl, which is funny because I’m not that popular and I’m not stuck up. I am completely down to Earth. My friends and family are a priority in my life. I

love them dearly, and at the end of the day they are the people I can come to and feel comfortable with at the end of the day. But if you really knew me, you’d know that I am living my life for my Lord, Jesus Christ. He is my everything. I believe that I was put on this Earth for a reason, and I’m still trying to figure out why I’m here. But what I do know is that I’m here to serve. If you really knew me, you’d know that I want to be a missionary. Or a photographer. Either one! Photography is one of my passions. I love finding the little imperfections in life and making them beautiful. These are just a few things you’d know if you really knew me.

Dietz and Cain may only be freshmen but they definitely have a Valentine: each other.

I don’t really know what to write for this, by the time I printed this out at 10:00 Sunday night I was being told to got to bed and “get some sleep” ha ha ha, yeah right. This had to be perfect, it couldn’t be one of those creepy ones that you read and are really strange but it could not be totally pointless. I stressed over this for days. But I digress; if you really knew me you would know that I love to talk. I could sit and chat for hours on end. Making new friends and meeting new people is also one thing I love to do. To me, meeting new people is gaining a totally

Rachel Dietz (9)

new viewpoint and a totally new perspective on life. I also really love my church, First Presbyterian Church of Marietta, I basically live there and having that family to lean on has helped me during hard times. But it’s not just the people of FPC, it’s God. Having someone to go to and tell them everything without fear of it being found out or being judged or looked down upon because of it is amazing and the fact that he sacrificed so much for us is just unbelievable. So thanks for reading this and I hope you learned something new about me.

Bo Cain (9)

Leigh Borkowski


Don’t cross her path-Wagner is a third-degree black belt!

Ready, aim, fire! Wagner is the current state champion in cowboy mounted shooting.


A real life cowgirl, Wagner got her start in barrel racing before moving to cowboy mounted shooting.

ed shooting, where someone rides a horse around barrels while shooting a gun at mounted balloons. Two years ago, after Wagner had been riding horses for five years, her riding instructors recommended that she try cowboy mounted shooting. Wagner had already shown her potential at barrel racing, after winning first place in a competition. She shoots with blanks with her Colt 45 replica. These blanks only go 15 feet. So far, she has become a State Champion at shooting. She earned the most points out of all her competitions in Level One (Beginner) Ladies for 2010. Additionally, Wagner won third place out of all the competitors, on every level. She was the top lady at the competition. Additionally, Wagner has another interesting tid-bit about her: at her graduation, she will only be 16, after skipping fourth grade in elementary school. Though she is one of the youngest students in her grade, she is also one of the most dedicated to her two sports. “I will continue with taekwondo,” said Wagner, “And, I hope to ride horses forever.”

Photos by Karla Wagner

At first glance, Karla Wagner (11) looks like just about every other Marietta High School student. She carries an all-too heavy backpack, dreads the extra-hour weeks, and focuses on how many days are left until summer. However, Wagner participates in two activities that the majority of the student body may never have tried and might not know too much about. First, Wagner participates in taekwondo, a type of martial arts that comes from South Korea. For the past nine years, she has learned about the martial art that focuses on discipline and self-control. And her hard work has paid off. Wagner is currently a 3rd degree black belt, which is the highest color belt a taekwondo student can achieve, and only six degrees from the highest degree attainable. Wagner was even the Georgia State Champion for sparring (fighting with gear) in 2005. Though she does not compete any more, she still takes time during the week to teach children who are also interested in taekwondo. Additionally, Wagner participates in what is called cowboy mount-

NewS. 6

Leigh Borkowski



Andrew Judd



AYP. Those three little letters stand for Adequate Yearly Progress, which is quite possibly the most-well known part of No Child Left behind, especially in Marietta. For the 2009-2010 school year, the Marietta City School district was one out of only two school districts in metro Atlanta to have all their schools make AYP. AYP essentially measures student achievement on state-given assessments, such as the CRCT in elementary and middle school and EOCTs in high school. The Georgia Department of Education has taken the initiative to meet AYP by placing graduation coaches into each high school and including technology in schools throughout the state.

As many may know, Marietta City Schools (MCS) is a charter school district. The goal of MCS is to increase the high school graduation rate to 95% by the school year of 2012-2013. MCS implements such ideas as smaller learning communities, webbased learning and assessments, and internships. In fact, when MCS became a charter school district in 2008, it was one of the first charter systems in the state of Georgia. Additionally, a new group called the School Governance Team, which was a result of the new charter system. This team provides their input, recommendations, and decisions regarding different aspects of instructional and operational activities.


Marietta City Schools’ graduation rate in 2010 was substantially better than Georgia’s and made AYP, but it fell short of that of several comparable schools in the area that didn’t make AYP. At 80.3%, according to the Georgia Department of Education, it was enough to meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), the key goal under federal education law, namely NCLB. But the trick is this does not mean that 19.7% of the school’s students dropped out. “There are several factors that take away from the graduation rate,” said Phil Hynninen, Marietta’s graduation coach. “Students who just quit coming to school and don’t complete a formal transfer or dropout process count against our graduation rates.” Also, “the state doesn’t count Special Ed diplomas as legitimate,” Principal Leigh Colburn said in a recent meeting with the junior class. Alternative diplomas such as the General Educational Development (GED) are also not included in the calculation of the rate. Marietta’s graduation rate in 2010 dropped 3.4 percentage points from 2009. Because graduation rates are only the system’s second indicator of Adequate Yearly Progress and because the first, the school’s Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) scores in 2010 set a record for the system at an 85.7% pass rate, this drop had no effect on the system’s AYP status. Still, Cobb County Schools, whose 2010 graduation rate was 7 points higher than Marietta City’s, did not make AYP. Neither did Paulding County Schools, which performed on the test only 1 point lower than Marietta and had a graduation rate less than 2 points lower. With AYP standards, by definition, on the rise — school systems must show that their graduation rate increases every year, and the State Department of Education looks to Marietta High to determine that figure for the system — pressures to prevent dropouts and boost the rate are higher. So what is the school doing to alleviate these pressures? Mr. Hynninen said that the school is more focused on the welfare of its students than on making the AYP cut. “We try to consider what is realistic and good for individual students,” he said. In order to keep its credentials high while simultaneously offering all the support to its students that it can, the school has put in place programs like the Credit Recovery Program, which allows students who have failed classes that they need in order to graduate to make up for their lost credits. According to Hynninen, the school has these programs to thank for its relative success in the last several years.

FebruarY 18, 2011


Staff Writer

United States


Enacted in 2002 by President Bush, this legislature supports the idea of standards-based education reform. This type of reform comes from the theory that setting high standards and measurable goals will help to improve outcomes of individuals. More recently, President Obama has called for an overhaul of the old No Child Left Behind legislation, pushing for the nation to embrace new education standards that would allow U.S. schools to become global leaders.


Across the nation, school districts have made the switch to become a charter school district. As of 2009, 41 states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that help to guide charter school districts. Charter schools operate with more freedom about federal regulations than apply to traditional public schools. A “charter” is essentially a contract that the school district makes that includes the goals, school mission, ways to assess students, and how to measure success. These charters generally last anywhere from three to five years before a school district must renew their charter.


The U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics defines the dropout rate as “the percentage of 16- through 24-year-olds who are not enrolled in school and have not earned a high school credential.” As it is in Marietta, this is not the opposite of the graduation rate, and since there is no way to calculate the national graduation rate as it is calculated by individual schools and school districts, it is the only graduation statistic that the Department releases. Contrary to Marietta, however, the GED is considered a “high school credential,” which skews the comparison between national and local rates. Still, the national dropout rate has been on a steady decline since 2004, and it has decreased overall in every racial demographic since that year.

High School Graduation Rates 80.5 80


79.5 79 78.5

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77.5 77 76.5

1 Marietta High School

Georgia 2

Lauren Mayo

Staff Writer

The Pitchfork staff asked several students and teachers if they had ever felt threatened by violence while on campus at Marietta High. Here are some responses:

Staff Writer

-Ricky Fields (11)

-Dr. Tim Brown “No. The teachers are everywhere.”


Individual Factors:

Attention deficits/hyperactivity Antisocial beliefs and attitudes History of early aggressive behavior Involvement with drugs, alcohol, or tobacco Low IQ Poor behavioral control

In a nationwide survey, 17% of students reported carrying a weapon to school on one or more days. Among students nationwide, 33% reported being in a physical fight one or more times in Exposure to violence and family conflict the last 12 months. Lack of involvement in the child’s life Juveniles accounted for 16% of Low emotional attachment to parents or all violent crime arrests. caregivers Among 10 to 24 year-olds, hoLow parental education and income micide is the leading cause of death for African Americans Parental substance abuse and criminality Poor family functioning and the second leading cause Poor monitoring and supervision of children of death for Hispanics. Homicide was the 2nd leading cause of death for young peoIndividual Protective Factors: ple ages 10 to 24 years old. Intolerant attitude toward deviance Among 10 to 24 year-olds, 87% High IQ (5,159) of homicide victims Positive social orientation were male and 13% (799) were Peer/School Protective Factors: female. Commitment to school Among homicide victims ages Involvement in social activities 10 to 24 years-old, 84% were killed with a firearm.

Family Factors:

• •

-Quincey Bowers (10) • “No. I don’t hang around people who do that kind of stuff.”

16 year old male student was shot three times in the back of the head, neck, and back while walking home from the bus stop. Police believe that it was a gang shooting.



30 out of 50 Marietta High School students surveyed said they know a friend who died due to teen violence. 50 out of the 50 students who were asked said that they have stood by and watched a fight take place without helping to prevent the violence. According to the administrators, many believe that white on black fights are the biggest issue here at MHS, when in all reality it is the black on black fights. There was only one white on black fight in the last 6 years, and it was over a female. According to Principal Leigh Colburn, “Black on black fights has been Marietta’s biggest issue.” The 12th grade administrator Ron Brookins added that “75-80% of those fights, verbal and physical, started from the internet, predominantly ‘Facebook.’” Another interesting observation Colburn makes is that almost all of the arrests made on campus have been females. Mr. Brookins said, “Social networking makes it harder to resolve a disagreement and much easier for students to be disrespectful.” Principal Colburn said, “We are not here to be referees in a boxing ring, we are here to learn, I want everyone to feel safe. Teachers can not teach and students can not learn if they do not feel safe.” She strongly believes that if a person makes an example of one’s misbehavior, it will stop the next act from happening. The real question is why? Why do teens feel the need to commit such violent acts? Many say peer pressure and others say to get attention, so then the question is how? How and when will these acts of violence stop?

“The school is safe because it has a lot of police officers monitoring the school.”

“We’re very fortunate to be in the area where we live because we have a great community and a great police department who is proactive rather than reactive.”

Business Manager

Kaitlin Pressley

Protective Factors:

-Nandi Kelly (9) youthviolence/

99: ing 9 1 t 20, Shoo l i Apr umbine Col

e iddl M 0: rida 0 0 o 2 6, in Fl 2 May oting Sho

Six students were injured after a shooting at Heritage High School in Atlanta exactly a month after the Columbine Shooting. After the scene, the student shot himself in the mouth. There were said to be no motives for the shooting, but the killer was indentified as sophomore who used a .22caliber rifle.

ool h c S

In Florida, a 13 year old honor student shot her teacher in the face, killing him. It was said that the student was sent home as a result of throwing water balloons and later returned with her grandfather’s gun.

ia irgin V : 007 2 6, il 1 a mpage r p A h R Tec

Cho Seung-Hui, a 23 year old Virginia Tech student, killed two students while standing in their dorm room, then killed 30 more students only two hours later. His suicide brought the death toll to a total of 33, making the shooting rampage the most deadly in U.S. history. Fifteen others were wounded.

d Re acre : s 005 a Mas 2 t 21, neso h c n Mar e, Mi Lakold Jeff Weise began his 16 year mission by first shooting his grandfather and his grandfather’s girlfriend. He then went to his high school in Red Lake, Minnesota where he killed a security guard, a teacher, and five students, wounded seven others, and then killed himself.

By e riv D ll 04: Randa 0 2 7, g in and May otin aryl M o Sh wn, o Fourstteenagers were severe-

ly wounded by a drive-by shooting while leaving a charity basketball game at their high school. Among the suspects was a 17 year old boy, who had an incident with a girl prior to the shooting.

igh cide H ui : 03 nd S 0 , 2 er a 4 2 urd il M r p A ool h Sc

14-year old James Sheets shot and killed his middle school principal Eugene Segro in a crowded school cafeteria in Red Lion Pennsylvania and then killed himself.

: 001 2 5, igh h c H Mar tana urder San ool M Sch

15 year old Charles Wilson was charged with murder of two classmates and wounding 13 other people at his high school. He received a 50 year to life sentence.


In Littleton, Colorado, two high school seniors planned an assault in the middle of the day at Columbine High School. With guns, knives, and bombs, the two boys walked the hallways and killed 12 students and one teacher. Following the massacre, the boys both killed themselves.

e itag r e : H acre 9 9 19 Mass , 0 2 ool May Sch h Hig


Amir Woods

Teen Violence

Se Gan ptemb g S er 2 hoo 5, tin 20 09 g In Tulsa, Oklahoma, :a

Eddie Harper


Staff Writer

Working t he Winter Kaitlin Pressley

Staff Writer

After a game of soccer, the girls awarded the children with a variety of old donated jerseys.

Need somet hing to do over t he break? Severa l serv ice act iv i t ies can be comp leted loca lly and be equa lly as effect ive, if not more in some cases. See w hat can be done around t he communi ty, and make t he g if t of a break wort h w hile.

The February break may seem random, but one thing is for sure: it is greatly appreciated by the Marietta High School student body. This mid-winter break is a great time for everything. Whether students want to catch up on sleep and homework, or take a complete break from school to do something fun and worth while, the choice is theirs. A few Marietta students have service activities in mind, and plan to reach out to people outside of the community.


mainly be working at a Catholic P a r i s h , founded by an American Missionary, Father Jack. “He has shown us first hand what kind of Leming and Raines made life - long friends with the effect we can kids in Peru. truly have in the world,” said “We only expected about 100 the girls. The parish includes an “T he g ir ls were people to show up; however, elementary school, library, gym, exci ted to work we were very surprised when and rehab center for young wi t h p eop le of 400 people came.” The girls addicts. The group will most were excited to work with likely do cosmetic work on the a ll ages and had people of all ages and had the facilities while deepening their t he extraor dinary extraordinary opportunity of relationship with the community. opp ortuni ty of meeting so many wonderful The girls admit that this meet ing so many people. “We have so many new will be a great opportunity for friends, not only that we can them to get to know each other wonder ful p eop le.” encourage but are constantly better, as well as all of the people Starting last year over the encouraged by”, said Leming. encountered in Chimbote. Leming and Raines say that They plan to have a great time, February break, two Marietta High School students, Melissa over February break, they will getting more accomplished now Leming (12) and Morgan Raines than ever. Recently Atombo (11), went with Marietta First Cutts (12) initiated an interest United Methodist Church to in joining the girls during their Peru for a mission trip. While mission trip. He says that it is there, the girls encountered a great opportunity to help several different people in the out people at a place in need, small town of Chimbote. On the while also visiting a place day of arrival, the group wanted foreign to him. The three to warm up to the unaccustomed Marietta students are now the culture. “Over the summer, we only youth going on the trip, hosted a soccer tournament and plan to make the most in attempt of bringing out of it despite their decline in The mission team worked in Chimbote, the youth and connecting assistance. a small town in Peru. with them,” said Leming. Photos by Melissa Leming

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M CY ILE RU Y S Photo from


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for over six months now. Both have argued back and forth at each other in press conferences as well as in the music itself. Minaj’s album Pink Friday contains the track “Roman Revenge” which is a insult directed to Lil Kim. In the track Minaj accuses Kim of being a “has been” and that she should just stop and “hang it up.” This is just one of the tracks that have been specifically intended for her rival, Lil Kim. Lil Kim has responded on more than one occasion. After Minaj released her debut album Lil Kim happened to release a track called Black Friday a few weeks later. She has also said that she intends to turn Minaj’s Pink

Friday into Friday the 13th, which has been talked about recently in the press. She has referred to Nicki as a “Lil Kim wannabe” and as a “swagger jacker”, referring to how Minaj has taken her charisma and style. The feud continues and has escalated with time. Both Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim have essentially evolved the music industry. They have shown people that women can be just as successful if not more successful than men in hip-hip. Lil Kim started off the trend and now Minaj is now expanding it even more. Both have helped out each other in a sense. When the stars figure this out the battle will come to an end and the media attention will also come to an end. But until then, the feud between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim continues.

Photo from

Nicki Minaj is one of the most recognizable names in the music industry today. She is apart of the group Young Money, which includes popular rappers like Lil Wayne and Drake. Her newest album, Pink Friday, sold over 350,000 copies in the first week alone. Her unique style and attitude has set her apart from the rest of the women and even men in the hip hop industry. Minaj has been in a battle for months with the other “Barbie icon,” Lil Kim. Lil Kim has said on multiple occasions to the press that Minaj has taken her style and her persona. She also admits that she does not feel like she has been given the necessary respect. Minaj believes that this is her time and that Lil Kim needs to give up the spotlight. The confrontation has been going on

Elizabeth Biron Staff Writer

The Music Scene Maggie Adams

Managing Editor

The Avalanches To Be Announced

Harry Potter. What more is to be said? The biggest series of a generation has spawned multi-million dollar movies and now, its own theme park. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, located at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, has drawn crowds from all over the globe. Fans eager to capture the magic of the series first step into the cobblestone streets of Hogsmeade, a village nestled beneath the wizarding school of Hogwarts. The streets are lined with carefully detailed shops and restaurants taken from the series, and even the most fastidious of Potter fans could find few faults, if any. Past the village, a recreation of the Hogwarts castle looms into view, fantastically large and ominous, and the spires and turrets can even be seen from miles away. Though certainly aesthetically pleasing, the sights are not all this park has to offer.



This album, though without an official release date, is predicted to be released within the year. It’s shrouded in mystery and has been in the works for a decade since the release of The Avalanches’ last album, Since I Left You. The band, of which genre is generally referred to as sampling, claims to bring both a more hip-hop feel and surprises.


To Be Announced


The park on opening night, June 18, 2010

Buckbeak’s Wild Ride – For those with milder stomachs and inclinations toward safety, this ride is more geared towards children than thrillseekers.


Kanye West and Jay-Z

Dragon Challenge – For the aforementioned thrillseekers who wish to take on a pair of dueling dragons, and choose to ride either the tamer Chinese Fireball or the more vicious Hungarian Horntail.

Tha Carter 4

What fans hoped would hit shelves upon Weezy’s release from prison will actually debut in April. The artist started the album with a clean slate, rather than continuing the project where he left it upon his incarceration. He has opted to keep the features under wraps.

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi Rome

Lady Gaga Born This Way

Mother Monster’s third studio album is scheduled to be released May 23. She claims that this is her best work yet. The lyrics to the song, “Born This Way,” were released on January 27 after an overwhelming response on twitter from her “little monsters”, as she so refers to her fans.

To Be Announced

Need a wand? Stop by Ollivander’s and have a chance to be one of the lucky ones picked from the crowd to have the “wand choose you” in an interactive experience. But don’t panic, there are plenty of wands in Ollivander’s shop available for purchase.

Honeydukes is the place to be when a sweet tooth strikes, where the air is warm and sugary and the treats range from Chocolate Frogs to Acid Pops, Exploding Bonbons to Cauldron Cakes, and, for those who feel particularly daring, Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans.

Got a penchant for pranks? Visit Zonko’s Joke Shop for novelty gifts and souvenirs. Wreak havoc on friends with items like Fanged Frisbees, Extendable Ears and Boxing Telescopes.

If one has an appetite to rival Ron Weasley’s, head to The Three Broomsticks for lunch or the adjoining Hog’s Head Pub for drinks, where one can buy a butterbeer and enjoy the magical, laid-back atmosphere.

“It’s incredible! You see it in the movies, but when you’re there, everything you’ve visualized is literally all around you.” - Kristen Guckian (12) “It was just so real! The only thing that could have made it better was if all the people visiting were dressed up and acted liked the characters. I did! I made a wand!” - Taylor Harris (12)


My Morning Jacket

The Forbidden Journey – It’s one of most wellreceived ride in the park, and for good reason. Travel through the meticulously detailed halls of Hogwarts and into the Great Hall to begin the ride then follow Harry, Ron and Hermione throughout the grounds of Hogwarts and a dementor and spider infested Forbidden Forest.


Lil Wayne

Victor Perez (12) got involved with wrestling by chance during his sophomore year, “At lunch, I saw this wrestling video and signed up. At the first practice, I liked it and I found that it was going to be tough, but I still wanted to be in it,” said Perez. Sportsmanship, to Perez, means that the wrestler is aggressive, but not too angry. “They go out there and wrestle well. ‘Don’t be too Perez dominates the opponent. dirty,’ my coach says,” said Perez. Perez often gets nerright with your right hand to the vous before matches, which some- right and you put your left hand times helps him, but at other times over their shoulder into their arm it becomes a Then you “SPORTSMANSHIP , pit. disadvantage. take shot and H o w e v e r , TO PEREZ, MEANS THAT use your fight before each hand to push THE WRESTLER IS match, Perez the opponent’s AGGRESSIVE, BUT NOT legs to the mat performs his w a r m - u p s TOO ANGRY ‘THEY GO with their body. on the sideI always keep lines. “The OUT THERE AND WRES- their arm tight” team says it said Perez. TLE WELL’” looks like I am Perez is indancing,” said spired by the Perez as he explained his team’s quote, “If do right, no can defend,” reaction to his warm-up routine. Perez is inspired by Austin Burris His favorite move is the Fireman’s (12) because “he just goes out there Carry: “You pull their head to the and wrestles,” says Perez.

FebruarY 18, 2011

Photos by Andrea Lyons

For 22 years, Coach Tommy Carthers has been involved with wrestling. It’s a sport in which he believes wit can outplay strength; his favorite move is the cradle, which is a pinning combination.The most important thing that he strives to teach his athletes is that “hard work and determination pay off in all aspect of life. An ideal wrestler,” said Carthers, “always expects to win, so they always work for it and whether they win or loose, they do it with class.” Carthers is proud of the strong team bonding that is occur- Carthers preps his team before a match. ring this year, especially with ronym for Training, Not Trying. the younger wrestlers, which he We believe the trying is attemptsays makes the future seem bright ing to succeed, while training is for the team. The team does not preparing for suchave any su- “HARD WORK AND cess. We train,” perstitions beDETERMINIATION PAY said Carthers. cause Carthers CongratulaOFF IN ALL doesn’t betions to the Wreslieve in them, ASPECTS OF LIFE,” tling team for winbut the team ning the Region SAYS CARTHERS always prays 5AAAAA Chambefore each pionship! Also, match, asking God to let them congratulations to Akia Miles (12), perform to the best of their abili- Ardon Smith (12), Austin Burris ties and come out of the match (12), Victor Perez (12), Shomari injury free. They also shout their Holmes (10), Davin Melton (11), team motto “TNT,” “It has a Lawton Ward (9), John Matechak double meaning because we train (12), Asi Wilson (11), and Kardell to be explosive on the mat. The Gaines for qualifying for the Secdeeper meaning is that it’s an ac- tionals!

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Hyde

Website Editor

Photo Courtesy of Mike Masters

Sports newS.10

Jana French

The Blue Devils and Lady Devils get their heads in the game.

After a very successful fall league for the boys’ basketball team, hopes were very high and expectations were even higher. However, this season has not gone as well as planned. Dansby Swanson (11), starting shooting guard, said, “I predicted this season to go very well. We are a very talented team but the record just doesn’t show it.” Brandon Martin, the outstanding undersized center who leads the team in rebounding, also thought the season would go a little better. Martin (11) says, “From fall league, I was thinking that we were going to be a great team. We’re starting to come along at the right time though.” The Blue Devils are 6-6 in the region, and region play begins on Wednesday, February 16th. With a win, there will be games this weekend. The tough part about this season has been that all the games lost have been very winnable or came down to the fourth quarter or overtime. Jay Ellis (12), future college prospect and also referred to as one of the teams most exciting player to watch, said, “Our team is very underrated by our peers and other teams. And when a lot of big time teams come to play us, they find that out.” Our peers try and hop on the bandwagon, but we would rather keep the people who have been with us from the beginning.” The Devils have lost over six games by seven points or less which shows that the team can play with anyone. Two of the wins have come over two top ranked teams in the state. They defeated number five ranked South Gwinnet and number four ranked Campbell. Despite these wins, the team has a lot to improve on according to the head coach. Lyons said, “We need to find some sort of consistency. We have not played a complete game yet. If we do play a full four quarters we are able to compete with anyone.” Despite the record the team has remained committed and persistent. James Henderson, another future college prospect (12) says, “We always know how to fight back from a deficit.” Fighting back has been the challenge throughout the season. Lyons said, “The team is undersized and not as talented individually as some other teams. When the team plays together as a unit they are much more competitive.” Rob Greer (12) said, “We need to start playing more as a team, with less arguing.” Many of the players believe that the team does not play together all the time but when they do, they are successful. Collis Clark (12) said, “If we played well together every game, we would have a much better record than we have now.” There is still a lot more basketball to be played though, with a regional playoff championship and state tournament being the goal. The Marietta Daily Journal said that Blue Devils were a “dangerous team” to keep an eye on during the postseason. In order to be successful this postseason, the players need to improve on a plethora of things. Lee Moore (10) said, “We need to improve on rebounding and transition defense in order to be more successful.” If the team works well on these things as well as working better as a team and playing more consistently the playoffs could go very well. Martin (11) said, “Marietta be ready. We are going to do our best to bring this thing home.”

Sports featureS.11

Going into the season, Staff Writer Coach Sprague, the Lady Devil’s head coach believed New Coaching crew he had another solid team on his hands. Sprague said, Varstiy Assistant - Coach Marchese “If we worked hard and From: Upstate New York near Albany gelled as a team, we would After high school: Served in the military, compete for the region received a BA in physical education and a championship.” The region Master’s in Education from Walen University Experience: Baseball, Basketball and Football- championship is nothing new for the girls’ basketball three years at Meadowcreek, six years at team, who have been to the Campbell, and last year at Osborne state playoffs eight years in a row and made it to at least JV Assistant - Coach crisp the sweet sixteen the past From: Marietta, GA six years. They are one of After high school: A degree in math and only two teams in AAAAA business from Samford University to accomplish that feat. With Experience: Baseball and Basketball at his the playoffs coming up soon, alma mater, The Walker School the Lady Devils are prime to make another run at the region 9th Grade Assistant - Coach Selman and state championship. They From: Rome, GA have to win this Tuesday for After high school: A degree in Sports Admin weekend play in the region from Reinhardt College where he played playoffs. basketball The Lady Devils currently Experience: Played for two local teams, the hold a 9-3 record in region play Rome Gladiators & Rome Rage with a 11-13 record overall. The record does not indicate how good the team really is. They have played an extremely aggressive schedule, at one point playing twelve games against top ten teams in the state. They have also played two other teams that are nationally ranked. According to the coach, with the schedule not being too favorable, the team needs to play better at Coach Selman, Coach Lyons, Coach Crisp, and Coach every aspect of the game in Marchese after a Senior Night victory over Hillgrove. order to be as successful as

Staff Writer

Canada is America’s redhead stepchild, kept in the attic a good majority of the year. The dust is only shaken off either during the Winter Olympics or the wondrous, magical time known as the Stanley Cup finals. In Canada, hockey is life. America, the blonde, more loved child residing beneath the attic, has never had much love for hockey, and it has always been second rate to the homegrown, All-American sports of football and baseball. Understandably because of the climate, hockey is much more popular in the northern states than in the South. In the South, hockey is, at best, a passable, well-liked sport with a small, loyal following. In Atlanta, where the Thrashers share the Philips Arena with the Atlanta Hawks, hockey is getting more and more popular. Many of those who have attended a Thrashers’ game often remark about how they can’t wait to go back. Hockey games, especially those in Atlanta, are special and, more importantly, indescribable to those who haven’t ever been to one. The atmosphere teems with excitement, and fans emit the feeling that one is among friends, no matter if it’s their first time to a game or their hundredth. The best part about hockey games? “Probably…the fights,” says Katy Atkinson (12) “Everyone gets up and cheers and it’s like their inner lion comes out.” Hockey fights are often as inevitable and as hoped for as a winning goal. Although some see them as an excuse for unnecessary violence, hockey fights are ingrained into the sport. The fights make hockey unique because they aren’t as noticeably present in any other competitive sport, save for boxing.

they can be. The biggest thing that the team needs to improve on is cohesion. Sprague said, “We need to work together as a team and try to do all the fundamentals right: setting screens, rotating on defense, making the right pass.” If they can perfect these tasks, the postseason should be a very bright one. Basketball is much more than just the physical game itself. In order to win close games, the team also needs to have mental toughness as well as physical toughness. Sprague said, “I believe if we worked harder mentally, as well as physically, we could have closed out games we eventually lost.” With this being said the team has done plenty right, which is why

they have been a top team in Georgia for the past eight years. The team, anchored by Wake Forest commit Lauryn Webster (12), plays defense very well. Another contributing factor for their constant competitiveness is their ability to play well together. With the season nearing the end, hopes are high for the Lady Devils. In clutch situations, the team has many players who can make a big shot. Courtney Sprague (11) is one of those players who can hit a big three or knock down clutch free throws. The playoffs should go very well for the team, who are playing unselfish basketball right now. Another exciting deep run in the playoffs is expected for the Lady Blue Devils.

Aleksandr Burmistrov (8) handles the puck

Fans cheering on in Blueland

Ondrej Pavelec (31) stops a slapshot

Celebrities such as Atlanta Braves players Brian McCann and Jason Heyward, rapper Lil John, Evander Holyfield, former Hawks player Dominque Wilkins, pop star Justin Bieber and R.E.M. member Mike Mills have shown up to cheer on the Thrashers. There aren’t many games left in the season, so don’t miss a chance to cheer on the Thrashers!


TIME 7:30 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 2:00 PM 7:30 PM 3:00 PM

Lil John, a Thraher’s fan, taking the Stanley Cup to breakfast.


Dustin Byfuglien (33) checks Francois Beauchemin of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Lady Blue Devils prepare to receive their fanfare at the pep rally.

Elizabeth Biron

Photos by Andrea Lyons

Eddie Harper


Joshua’s Law

The Marietta/Cobb Driver’s Education Program is a joint program of the Marietta and Cobb County School Systems and provides driver’s education courses during the summer and the school year. It is licensed by the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services and includes 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

Joshua’s Law became effective on January 1, 2007, and states that to get a license at age 16, you must complete a driver’s education course approved by the state and have driven a total of 40 hours (6 hours at night) under supervision. If not, you cannot receive your license until age 17.

This program also meets the requirements for the Teen Driver’s Education insurance discount. Classes are taught year round at Marietta High School.

you may register online, by fax, or by mailing a check payable to marietta Community school with a Completed registration form. fee is $350. For information, Course Schedules, and registration Forms,

Visit us online at Delta Community Credit Union supports Marietta HS! I love Delta Community’s new Mobile Banking. The iPhone App is awesome! Who we are: The credit union for you! Locations: Marietta 2627 Dallas Hwy Marietta 1205 Johnson Ferry Rd

FebruarY 18, 2011

Vinings 3250 Riverwoord Pkwy

Definitely! I can check my Savings Account balance and find FREE ATMs from anywhere

My Checking Account with FREE Online Banking really helps me keep track of my family’s finances. I’m enrolled in the FREE Rewards Program and earn points on all of my Delta Community Visa Credit and Check Card purchases.

reinvent film compatible with the cameras of yesteryear. With this method of trial and error, they have created two types



he Polaroid Instant Camera is of the most romantic inventions of all time. It was revolutionary upon its release in 1948, because prior to this, film needed to be developed in a darkroom. Instant film took and produced an image in less than a minute. This method has been hailed inventive, yet also inefficient and impractical. The concept, however, is undeniably charming. The ability to both capture a moment and render it tangible almost instantly with a unique image, unable to be duplicated, is nothing to scorn. Unfortunately, Polaroid announced that they would cease production of instant film in 2008. Enthusiasts were greatly upset by this, but the decline in sales was undeniably conclusive. As of now, only two companies currently market instant film. Fujifilm produces it for their Instax line of cameras. The Impossible Project, a campaign for instant film production, has created film compatible with some of the classic Polaroid Cameras. The Impossible Project saved the last Polaroid plant from destruction in 2008 which is located in Enschede, Nether-

lands. Because the dyes that Polaroid used for their film are no longer available, the Impossible Project has had to conduct a multitude of experiments to

of film: Silvershade and color. They have a variety of other films in the works, including an 8 by 10 inch color film. The Impossible Project has partnered with Urban Outfitters. The popular clothing company currently sells cameras, film, and the book by the campaign. This has both raised awareness and gained popularity for the organization. The book, Everything is Possible, is filled with brilliant shots and celebrates the revival of instant film. The Decemberists, a rock band from Oregon, have also done their part for the campaign. They have released a deluxe box edition of their album, The King is Dead. Only 2,500 were released. Each featured a unique image by photographer, Autumn de Wilde, taken with Impossible Film. It is certain that though the era of instant film may have passed, photography fiends refuse to accept its demise. Even in this age of technology, some still appreciate nostalgia, a sense of connection with decades past. The Impossible Project is keeping the sweet impracticality of instant film alive.


The Fight to Save Polaroids Maggie Adams

Managing Editor

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purpose is to shed light on issues like sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence, Brittany Roth is working with various Staff Writer sources to try to end the Can you describe what happened? Did you get a good look?What did backlog in the U.S. Mariska he look like? These are the hounding questions asked when one is sexually Hargitay of NBC’s Law and assaulted. There’s no time to process, just questions. And then there’s the Order: Special Victims Unit examination or S.A.E. (Sexual Assault Evidence) collection. This is a long (SVU), founder of JHF, process in which evidence is collected directly from the crime scene. But testified in front of the U.S. House of Representatives Mariska Hargitay in this case, the victim is the crime scene. Viewers see things like this every Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security to day on television, but many of don’t realize that this really happens. try to make a stand. This was the first time the House has ever held a Every year, tens of thousands of people are sexually assaulted in the hearing specifically about this issue. Hargitay said, “These kits represent U.S. In 2009, there were 88,097 reported rapes in the U.S., nearly double human beings who have suffered greatly. Testing their rape kits sends the number in South Africa, where the second highest number of rapes victims the fundamental and crucial message that they and their cases occurs annually. Some frightening statistics: one in six women will be matter. Not testing them sends the opposite message.” Although not sexually assaulted in their lifetime; every two minutes, someone in the much was done by the House due to chaos with other bills such as health U.S. is sexually assaulted; only an estimated 6% care and taxes, Hargitay, Neal Baer (Executive of rapist ever spend a day in prison; rape has a Producer, SVU), NBC, RAINN, Human Rights 24% arrest rate, on average. Fortunately, victims Watch, state coalitions against sexual assault, are able to undergo an S.A.E. examination in Family Violence Prevention, and various order to identify and prosecute their attacker, experts have joined to end the rape kit backlog that is, if their evidence is tested. and are hoping to make some changes this During an S.A.E. examination, commonly year. referred to as a “rape kit,” the victim is stuck in a JHF Director of Advocacy and Strategic room with the examiner for approximately four Partnerships, Sarah Tofte, said there’s no way to six hours. During this time, to collect possible to really know the exact number of untested DNA evidence, the examiner swabs the victim rape kits in the U.S. because the only state There are between 180,000 and 400,000 and scrapes under the fingernails, pulls hairs required to track the number is Illinois, but and fibers, collects the victim’s clothes, collects untested rape kits in police crime labs in the U.S. most major jurisdictions have tens of thousands blood and urine samples, and takes pictures of backlogged. She said it’s also difficult to estimate the total number of any visible wounds. Often times this process is emotionally difficult for rapes that occur every year because the FBI is the only organization in the victim to endure, but he/she gets through it because he/she knows it charge of tracking them, and they have a very narrow definition of what could possibly help law enforcement make a conviction. The only problem qualifies something as “rape.” Throughout this movement, JHF and its is that a large proportion of these rape kits are never tested. partners have provided advocacy on state and federal levels to attain Currently in the U.S., there are an estimated 180,000 to 400,000 untested comprehensive rape kit reform and are working with the city of Detroit rape kits sitting on the shelves of police evidence labs across the country, to end the backlog there. Tofte also said, “Rape kit testing can have such forgotten. In other words, those four to six hours the victims endured a big impact and move a case forward and it sends a message to the was for nothing. In most states, there is a statute of limitations for rape, perpetrator that they can’t get away with it.” With all the effort being put meaning there’s only a certain time frame in which someone can be forth toward this issue, within the next year or two, there will hopefully brought to trial for a specific crime. If a rape kit is not processed in that be substantial progress and the problem will come to an end. allotted time frame, the evidence is useless. The rape kit backlog, as it is commonly known, is an epidemic in our country and needs to end. For more information, visit or The Joyful Heart Foundation (JHF), a non-profit organization whose


Ana Vianei Co-Editor-in-Chief

Eco College: College of the Atlantic College of the Atlantic was the first college in the country to pledge and successfully reduce their institution’s greenhouse gas emissions to zero. The small alternative liberal arts school has an uncanny dedication to environmental responsibility and social justice. The difference at College of the Atlantic is that they don’t just preach sustainability, as much of the “green revolution” has gained a reputation for doing. If emitting no greenhouse gases isn’t impressive enough, COA is completely powered by low-flow renewable hydropower. In terms of academics, College of the Atlantic has a unique interdisciplinary learning program, where there are no departments and students design their own majors.

The Simon’s Rock College of Bard Fisher Science Building

Better known as Hard Work U., College of the Ozarks offers a work program to full-time students resulting in happy, debt-free graduates. The student work program demands each student to work 15 hours a week on an on-campus facility as well as two 40-hour weeks during breaks. The demanding work schedule, however, is coupled with a small rewarding university environment of 1500 students and a studentto-faculty ratio of approximately 13:1. But don’t be deceived by the size and price tag, or lack thereof, of College of the Ozarks. The school offers 40 academic majors and 36 minors as well as 10 pre-professional programs. U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Guide 2010 ranked Hard Work U. the number one “Great School for Great Price” and number one for “Least Debt.”

The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks

Free College: College of the Ozarks

Prep College: Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Founder’s Hall at Soka University


Not So Average Colleges

College Building at College of the Atlantic

Senioritis no more. Simon’s Rock College of Bard is here to rescue those in their junior year of high school, kids as young as fifteen, to put their previously bored intellect to work. This college offers a two-year preparatory college degree that replaces a high school diploma but many students do complete the regular four-year bachelor program as well. This extremely selective higher education institution is strictly for smart young people who aren’t stimulated by the normal high school experience and disenchanted with the social life of the American adolescent and ready to face college-level work.

Religiously- Affiliated College: Soka University The presence of hundreds of Christian colleges in the United States suggests that there are plenty of American individuals that seek a spiritually-reviving college experience versus the frat party atmosphere that many American higher education institutes are known for. But for those that want something in between, neither sacred nor vulgar, Soka University might be a well-balanced haven. The school’s mission is to “foster a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life” rooted in their Buddhist principles of peace, culture, and education. Every student is required to spend a semester studying abroad and the costs of that are included in their tuition. The most impressive aspect of the university is perhaps its demographics; half of the student body is from outside of the country. If the worldly environment isn’t convincing enough, Soka University is located in Southern California, a mere mile from the beach. This principled liberal arts college also has a great financial-aid program.

recipes ‘round the rotunda

Robert Schoonover

Communications Editor

Maple Oatmeal Scones

FebruarY 18, 2011

From the kitchen of: Jessica Gamble (12) Ingredients: 3 ½ c. of all purpose flour 1 c. whole-wheat flour 1 c. quick-cooling oats, plus additional for sprinkling 2 tbsp. of baking powder 2 tbsp. granulated sugar 2 tbsp. salt 1 pound cold unsalted butter, diced ½ c. cold buttermilk ½ c. pure maple syrup 4 extra-large eggs, lightly beaten 1 egg beaten with 1 tablespoons milk or water, for egg wash Glaze: 1 ¼ cups confectioners’ sugar ½ cup pure maple syrup 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Directions: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine the flours, baking powder, sugar, and salt. Blend the cold butter in at the lowest speed and mix until the butter is in pea-sized pieces. Combine the buttermilk, maple syrup, and eggs and add quickly to the flour-and-butter mixture. Mix until just blended. The dough may be sticky. Dump the dough out onto a well-floured surface and be sure it is combined. Flour your hands and a rolling pin and roll the dough ¾ to 1 inch thick. You should see lumps of butter in the dough. Cut into 3-inch rounds with a plain or fluted cutter and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Brush the tops with egg wash. Back for 20-25 minutes until tops are crisp and the insides are done. To make the glaze, combine confectioners sugar, maple syrup, and vanilla. When the scones are done, cool for 5 minutes, and drizzle each scone with 1 tablespoon of glaze. To add a little garnish, sprinkle uncooked oats on the top. The warmer the scones are when they are ready to be glazed, the thinner the glaze.

Pecan drops

Directions: Beat egg whites and salt until stiff. Gradually beat in mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Fold in nuts. Drop by tsp. On a well greased cookie sheet Cook 30-45 minutes at 250 degrees

best ever Banana nut bread

Directions: Mix all ingredients together saving mashed bananas and nuts for last. Bake for 50-60 minutes at 325 degrees or until toothpick comes out clean. If doubled use 5 eggs.

From the Kitchen of: MHS culinary Ingredients: 2 egg whites Dash salt ½ c. sugar 2 tsp. cinnamon ¼ tsp. nutmeg ¼ tsp. cloves 1 c. of chopped pecans

From the kitchen of: Dorris Matthews (substitute teacher) Ingredients: 1 c. of sugar 2 eggs 1 ¾ c. of flower ¾ c. of shortening (oil) 1 tsp baking soda ½ tsp baking powder 1 c. chopped walnuts

Apocalyptic Movies and Books:

Apocalyptic theories have had a great impact in the media world, some are listed below: Left Behind The Core

The Day After Tomorrow The Happening

War of the Worlds

The Day The Earth Stood Still 2012

I Am Legend Carriers


Stephen King’s The Stand Earth Abides Swan Song

I Am Legend

The Day of the Triffids

Bangs and Whimpers: Stories about the End of the World A Canticle for Leibowitz

Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse Eternity Road

Lucifer’s Hammer The Road

On September 24, 2010 a tropical storm approached Florida; only three days later Los Angeles was experiencing a broiling heat wave where the temperatures reached three digits. On October 11, 2010 New York was hit with a massive hail storm, depositing thousands of hail pellets through out the city, some reportedly as big as quarters. The most shocking occurrence of them all happened on January 4, 2011 when thousands of black birds suddenly began to fall out of the sky in Beebe, Arkansas. Many people assumed it was the aftermath of New Years fireworks. Assuming that this accusation is possibly true, then what would be the explanation of the thousands of fish and crab that supposedly washed up on the Arkansas River shore dead just hours after the black bird incident. Scientist say that these massive die offs happen all the time. Even though it sounds bizarre to many, scientists continue to say it is one of many ways birds die in the U.S. Regardless of these theories, many conclude it to be the cause of a disease, oil pollution, fireworks or even the apocalypse. According to Christianity, the beginning of the end will start with all who are righteous being “raptured,” meaning that they would be lifted directly out of their clothes and cars and straight into heaven. Then everyone left here on Earth will experience 1,000 years of tribulation, which is clearly stated in Matthew 24:36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of Heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” The rapture is then followed by the rise

Amir Woods Staff Writer

of the antichrist and finally the appearance of Jesus. The Jewish religion trusts that the exiles will be gathered in Israel, the dead will be resurrected and all of humanity will be delivered. In Judaism, instead of the concept of hell, the belief is of an eternal sense of guilt. The Hindu religion is certain that the world will be cleansed by destruction of an all mighty flood. Buddhists are convinced that the teachings of Buddha will disappear from the Earth, only so it can be reinstated by an all new Buddha. But the first prediction of the end came from the Mayan civilization. With their calendar, the Mayans predicted that there will be a “great change” in year 2012. The Mayans, an ancient culture, developed a sophisticated and complicated calendar. The Mayan religion didn’t even believe in an assumption to how the world would end, they simply placed confidence in the cycle of life. Over time people have come up with the assumption that the “great change” the Mayans spoke about would mean the end of the world, creating the “apocalypse.” The worst expected might not be as far away as the Mayans thought, another prediction was recently made for May 21, 2011. Sources say that on this day Jesus will arrive and all will be judged; this day as Judgment Day and October 21, 2011 will be the end of all life. However, predictions of the end have been numerous throughout the ages. In the year 1,000 many predictions were made that had convinced many believers from different backgrounds. So again: is the apocalypse happening or is it just a false alarm?


Is the apocalypse happening or is it just another false alarm?

Matthew 24:36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of Heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.”

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