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YOUR BEST MAY EVER: Dear all! As Izaskun and I told you several times during the 2nd TERM, we are extremely exited by the work you have been doing so far, and NOW is time to finish having the best May ever! joining project development, creative approach to design, the highest intellectual ambition and OF COURSE, enjoyment!

A. ABOUT THE GENERAL RECCOMENDATIONS OF THIS TERM. In order to define the context of our future work, we have stablish 4 statements. STATEMENT 1]3rd TERM IS NOT A MAKING UP PERIOD, IT IS A DESING TERM. TO EVERY STUDENT. May is a month in which two efforts should be combined:  – The effort of keeping designing so that not only your proposals are correctly developed but they achieve excellence in some contains. – The effort of choosing effective formats allowing your work to be meaningful for others. We want EVERY STUDENT to keep this in mind. In May any of those efforts is quite inefficient without the other. Donft  think is just a question of doing beautiful images from a project that is already done. Donft  think is just a question of taking private decisions in private diagrams or drawings. May is the month in which your architecture begins to be not only yours. Therefore formats allowing appropriation are important. Therefore achieving substantial discoveries is necessary. Those who have the temptation of thinking they should not introduce novelties because then they should change everything please get rid of this though. It is much more important to achieve excellence in some points than to make sections and plans being amazingly coherent. SPECIAL NOTE FOR YEAR 4. There is a difference between portfolio and DR. In many cases students simplify their own intentions and hypothesis from first term to ensure they complete the report. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU ALL REFLECT ON YOUR OWN SIMPLIFICATIONS AND INCREASE NOW AMBITION AND INNOVATION. May is not to complete DR is a month to achieve a view of the future: of how you could deeply improve reality with a personal architecture. SPECIAL NOTE FOR YEAR 5. Be very careful when interpreting May as a month for presentation. All your proposals need a further development to achieve excellence in certain points. What is essential is to find points in which this relevance and uniqueness can be achieved, and doing it actually. STATEMENT 2]3rd TERM DEFINING SUMMER SHOW CONTAINT. The final results (projects and documents) of every UNIT22 members will summarize the accomplished design skills, will give the last push our portfolios require to be consistent, and as well will conform the content of the Summer Show Exhibition. Being conscious about the economical impact the production of this high quality documents might represent, the different kind of media will be sponsored by UNIT22 (see STATEMENT 4). This year, we have done a big effort to obtain the proper funding you all deserve regarding the Summer Show. We have learnt form last year experience that this event is, among many other issues, a WINDOW TO THE WORLD of all the students' work, an opportunity that cannot be waisted. This opportunity is at the

same time a gorgeous chance, a challenge, and a responsibility. The success of this new (and never the last) adventure depends not only in our individual performance, but as well in the cohesion of UNIT22 members as a group. As always, general decisions will be discussed democratically, and will be accomplished without fears. One novelty! We would like to invite the ETSAM students that took part of the COSY  PARAMETRICSh  workshop to join the SUMMER SHOW WORKING TEAM. But it is now our turn to return the hospitality received in Madrid.... Is there any volunteer to host them during one long week? STATEMENT 3]UNIT22 SUMMER SHOW will mutate into DARE TO CARE EXHIBITION. As you all know, the SUMMER SHOW is not our only exhibition! The work is going to be exhibit in a very important Gallery in London. This time will be a UNIT22 show that will be very positive for your CV and professional career. STATEMENT 4]YOUR BEST MAY EVER IS AN ACHIEVABLE CHALLENGE. After this introduction paragraphs we can go to the point! Izaskun and I have analysed your goals and expectations for the month of May. And we have discovered that most of you have recurrent interest in a series of documents/design media. It is our intention (and duty) to encourage you all to maintain the highest level of intellectual ambition, and to consider this last TERM not just as a mere visual  effect explosion, but as the most intense and intentional design period of the Academic year, and the documents and graphic media you will use as efficient design tools (see STATEMENT 1-3rd TERM IS NOT A MAKING UP PERIOD, IT IS A DESING TERM). DARE TO CARE brief is aiming to empower society preserving vulnerable realities through design. Therefore, our documents must express this goal. . All documents must be self explanatory. . All documents must test the new piece of world you are designing following a declared set of hypothesis. . All documents must describe the context of the proposal. . All documents must describe the role the users have in the designed environment, the choreographed performance they develop in their everyday life.

B. LIST OF RECOMMENDATIONS TO KEEP DESINING TILL THE VERY END. CLAIRE. - Embroidery facade was a delicate and subtle suggestion that has not really been developed. May  could be the month for exploring its cultural relevance (arab and eastern motives), its implementation process and its perceptive effect. - The proposal in the DR was giving more priority to communication spaces and structure than to  living spaces. Geometry should change to allow theatres, gyms and gardens to appear. It use to be more complex than the final result. - The contact between new and existing architecture is not containing real information of the  existing families, textures and material state. You should develop further those spaces as being full of exceptions, programs and not only following a general rule. MEGAN T. - Seeing your previous portfolio we really think it is a pity not to propose a kinetic roof including  cloth, gas, shadow, light,water cexpanding  its influence to the production circles. May is the perfect moment. - If the market is so different buying and selling should be quite innovative activities. As you are  proposing in your gBEST  MAY EVERh a whole description of market post and of the commercial and productive protocols is totally necessary. MEGAN S. - The relationship between animals/humans and architecture has to be develop in an explicit way.  You have to ensure life qualities for animals. - Your material proposal is totally out of the DR since the type of drawings chosen do not allow you  developing the different material process. 3D file is totally under used. - The real proposal is a treatment for two streets, it is important to recover urban dimension.  AKMAL. - The types of programs in the inside of each unit are totally different. These particularities are not  generating real and explicit architectural changes. - The effect of different units in human body has to be explored carefully and described in explicit  way. Keep researching insomnia and its treatment: design beds, curtains, wholes for air movements. Accuracy would support the scientific dimension of the work. - Flexible configuration of the general layout should be referred to natural cycles and to the therapy.  - The proposed architecture might not be dealing properly with weather and other local  circumstances. A set of gre]designed   solutions due to local conditionsh would be really valuable. CLARISSA. - You were proposing a radical change in everyday habits of consumption. Radical innovations in  those groomsh  of a house in which consumption take place should be achieved. These radical innovations should also take quality into account. The ultimate bathroom, the ultimate bedroom, the ultimate kitchen and the ultimate access and stair should be design. They might give importance to perception and quality (we sacrify comfort and gain beauty?, naturality?, freedom?....?). This new set of rooms might contradict the previous general scheme. It does not matter. - General systems such as water, heat, electricity, transport, goods logistics should be develop in a  natural way. They must be close cycles, they must be innovative, they must use gravity, they must incorporate a gdo  it yourself logich.  They might require a non so integrated vision facilitating their use in other architectures. - Architecture has come to practical in a wayccould we let the dream go a little bit further now?. 

KAOWEN. - A certain playfulness of the first term proposal has been sacrificed for DR. Is time for allowing those  entering in your building belly to really spy the queen in a more provocative way. - Visual connections between your architecture and Buckingham Palace are coming from a predigital  era. It is time to discover wood mirrors exist (see point C. LIST OF PROPOSE FORMATS TO ENSURE EASIER SIGNIFICANCE OF YOUR WORK FOR OTHERS) and to incorporate a research on digital interactive visions. - Your audience is coming to a theatre-garden.   This situation has not been designed in a explicit way and can be developed further showing it is a typology you can improve. MICHELLE. - The space surrounding the glass box, in the last configuration, is now not only artificial but  composed with techniques coming from the eighties!!!. It does not make a lot of structural sense since quarries, as you have learnt, do have their own geometry for a reason. You can separate circulations in circular ramps but please, donft  give up with the natural aspect of the quarry space. - The dynamic nature of your building (different positions of the public, different reproduced  environments) cannot be developed in a static document such as drawing. We aim you to really design all the effects and happenings for a specific show. WILLIAM. - Best may ever is a efficient guide. Please take into account that gdrawing   set to eath should not forget about keeping designing small scale issues to complete a 12hours of working office offer. Your ability in that scale is outstanding and we think you should complete the set of designs from first term including new ones and developing them as far as possible. If you succeed in doing so, The cooking Instructionsh will contain general plan and sections but the drawings to eat will ensure you take advantage of the smaller scale. - Please concentrate in portfolio in May and we will complete zoetrope and think into the show in  June. NEGUIN. - Very efficient Best May Ever containing a good set of design task. Follow it. We simply agree.  JULIAN. - Very efficient best   may ever,follow it. If you design 20-30  chimneys you have a good set of designs to do. Remember they should include explicit treatments. - A bigger welcoming centre in which samples of chimneys are recombined and transformed during,  for example the seasons could also be a good design to do. This would allow visitors to be familiar with available treatments and be able to recognize them. PAUL. - The proposal of instrument models you have included in the best May ever allow us to have at least  4 design to do. We encourage you to design a set of particular design allowing you show the difference and innovation you propose from a supermarket. Whatfs  the difference when you entry?, whatfs  the difference on how you take the food?, Do you pay?. The set of designs should complete a whole explanation of the functioning and non only isolated examples. - To make sure public space available when the building shrinks is useful, we need a set of designs to  encourage its use. - As you are proposing in your best may ever different locations would require transformations and  explicit adaptation to particular circumstances. SINAN. - A “peeling protocol”  could be described, explaining how existing architecture could be partially dismantle and how materials coming from that process should be cleaned, cut and storage to make reuse easy. - General systems such as water, electricity, telecommunications, logistics, heatcshould be design in  a highly ecological way by architects or other technicians. In our opinion they should not be totally integrated with the structural frame provided by the existing architecture but be slightly isolated so

that it could be introduce in another place. - Different examples of seft-built   houses (existing or not) could be adapt to your case showing a final result. RACHEL. - You need to design 7 holes with the programs you already have.  - You need to design rules for locating these holes in the existing landscape.  - This have to be done in 15 days and then have a new conversation.  LIWEI. - COUNCIL: The general lay out should include individual platforms to access the train, different  type of streets should join train platforms with general common facilities and landscape stripes parallel to river should guarantee environment quality. - COMPANY: A set of common facilities are to be design and to take a strategic location ensuring  relationship with existing neighbourhoods. General frameworks to ensure logistics in the houses should be provided. - INHABITANTS: Different types of houses should illustrate different types of workshop dealing with  different types of materials.

C. LIST OF PROPOSE FORMATS TO ENSURE EASIER SIGNIFICANCE OF YOUR WORK FOR OTHERS. This is the list we have distilled from your comments. A-Graphic Documents. As described before we have to take advantage of the laws of a useful document: self explanatory result, to test designs, to contextualize them and to describe roles and performances of between the users and the designs. Here we attach some very useful references done by some of the students that joined us at the COSY PARAMETRIC WORKSHOP. REFERENCES: Isabel Gutierrez, Carlos Sánchez and Laura Flor. Please, study carefully this collection of outstanding projects! and the personal approach they have develop to describe the how the architecture is answering users needs (attached through ISSUU). Isabel, Carlos and Laura, CONGRATULATIONS! LAURA FLOR PFC (2012) [gigya src="" type="application/xshockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" menu="false" style="width:420px;height:594px" flashvars="mode=embed&viewMode=presentation& %2Flight%2Flayout.xml&showFlipBtn=true&documentId=1205031725400c1b5c6935a740eaa95120e705add323&docName=lauraflorpfc2&username=piss2mil&loadingInf oText=LAURA%20FLOR%20PFC&et=1337621317625&er=89"] ISABEL GUTIERREZ PFC (2012) [gigya src="" type="application/xshockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" menu="false" style="width:420px;height:595px" flashvars="mode=embed&viewMode=presentation& %2Flight%2Flayout.xml&showFlipBtn=true&documentId=120503164530d66d58bf27114f4cb488fc6563d76fa2&docName=p6_componentes_del_sistema&username=piss2mil &loadingInfoText=ISABEL%20GUTIERREZ%20PFC&et=1337533587978&er=54"] CARLOS SÁNCHEZ PFC (2012) [gigya src="" type="application/xshockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" menu="false" style="width:420px;height:297px" flashvars="mode=embed&viewMode=presentation& %2Flight%2Flayout.xml&showFlipBtn=true&documentId=1205031603413921d75079e347e8890be02d84a34be6&docName=carlossanchezpfcetsam2012&username=piss2mil &loadingInfoText=CARLOS%20S%C3%81NCHEZ%20PFC&et=1337443654876&er=4"] B- Model. From the drawing to the model. This time we should explore more consciously and deeply the interest of developing a model as a design tool: self explanatory result, to test designs, to contextualize them and to describe roles and performances of between the users and the designs. A model can pop up form a flat drawing, can enrich the informational qualities thought collaging and overlapping references, can describe atmospheres very accurately, not only with materials, but including the use of natural/artificial light...... REFERENCES: “Otra vuelta de tuerca” workshop, Centro de convenciones GROUP (2010) [gigya src="" type="application/xshockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" menu="false" style="width:420px;height:297px" flashvars="mode=embed&viewMode=presentation& %2Flight%2Flayout.xml&showFlipBtn=true&documentId=1004042150043c3208d8b2c0489ca4de885136f5d9cd&docName=geptaller&username=smellycat&loadingInfoTe xt=Fichas%20Taller%20GEP&et=1337441640525&er=19"] “orgía mecánica” workshop, Torre flexible GROUP (2009): “orgía mecánica” workshop, Papel plegado GROUP(2009): Petronella Oortman (1686-1710) Inspired in Petronella Oortman: Paper Theatre: q=paper+theatre&hl=es&rlz=1C1ASUT_esES459ES459&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X& ei=pC6ZT8TwBtSHhQf--tTzBQ&sqi=2&ved=0CB8QsAQ&biw=1366&bih=653 Laura Cooperman: Tomas Hillier Tomas Hillier C- Zoetrope: There are no many new things to say about ZOETROPES, the only important difference from our previous experience is that after having tested multiple ideas, now we can be even more intentional in the evolution of the designs through testing the performance of the users in the proposed spaces, and the decision making process linked to the ZOETROPE development. D- Mini-Zoetropes: Some of you might be quiet reticent to develop a whole new ZOETROPE, but due to the success of the media regarding design development, we would like to propose you a new ZOETROPE scale that will be perfect for describing the inhabitable scale. This time, we will encourage you to develop a series of medium scale spaces and to include inside the user experience with a mini-ZOETROPE device. NO 15 ITERATIONS OF 200 PIECES, only one fix space per Mini-ZOETROPE ( for example, the fix model will be 20-30 cm of diameter) + the turning set of people and dynamic elements relevant in the performance. This means you can develop 5-7 mini-ZOETROPES in a less time consuming task. E- Kinetic-Interactive Model. Due to the generous funding we have for this year, we count with certain resources are usually unimaginable in normal conditions. We could use mini digital frames to insert stop-motion sequences, we can include little engines that can spray steam in the required places, we can make dynamic the market rooftops, walls....etc, the conveyor belts can work effectively, a crane can lift and dispose modular components of our houses, crops can be watered and grow... and so on, summarize in a sentence! OUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!! Let's enjoy! Let's go beyond! REFERENCES: - Kinetic models: -The Way Things Go (German: Der Lauf der Dinge) is a 1987 art film by the Swiss artist duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss. It documents a long causal chain assembled of everyday objects: - Jean Tinguely (1960): - Fluxus, the killing machine (2017), - Melvin, the mini-machine, by HEYHEYHEY, HEYHEYHEY is a design studio with a special interest in whatever comes to our attention. We are not limited by any visual style or medium. We create exclusive communicative ideas for each specific client, project, medium and/or moment: <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> F- Video/Stop-Motion Video: Video is, as the Zoetrope, a powerful tool to develop designs from the user perspective. We can text how the building is reacting according to different user's needs, day time, environmental conditions....etc to increase the efficiency in next design iterations. The references that we have included are trying to broader the scope of just a mere video, describing accurately performances of our everyday activities and/or testing designs. REFERENCES:

Describing performances: Lucia Ortiz de Galisteo, to clean your teeth (2009): Lucia Ortiz de Galisteo, to prepare and consume coffee (2009): Cindy Sherman, Doll Clothes (1975): Jorge Valiente, To prepare a shelter for a fish (2009): This is it, Don't Hug me, I'm scared (2011): <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> Tell no One, Seweed <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> The Eames, “powers of 10” (1977): Testing designs: Lucia Ortiz de Galisteo, to do the laundry and to hang out the washing (2009): Eduardo Camarena, new parking concept (2009): Guillermo Ramirez, Experimentos caseros (Home made experiments, 2009): <iframe src="" width="500" height="338" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> “orgía mecánica” workshop, Torre flexible GROUP (2009): “orgía mecánica” workshop, Papel plegado GROUP(2009): THESE ARE OUR REDOMENTATIONS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IN AN OPTIMIZE MEDIA.



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