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People’s Republic of Bolzano or how digital artifacts can be adversarial to misinformation Maurizio Teli Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute

Matteo Moretti Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

Antonella De Angeli Association University of Lincoln and University of Trento

Design for Next 12th EAD Conference Sapienza University of Rome 12-14 April 2017

theoretical fundations methodology the dominant narrative the agonistic narrative conclusions

theoretical fundations

adversarial design (Carl di Salvo)

matter of concern (Bruno Latour)

ISOTYPE (Otto Neurath)

Viktor Papanek


data journalism visual storytelling

visual journalism

Visual Journalism Data / Facts information



Social sciences

What data can’t tell Personal stories

Visualisation User engagement

Trans-disciplinary team Designer Journalist Anthropologist Photographer Computer Scientist

tell the complex and multifaceted phenomenon of social integration from dierent point of view

returning the complexity in a more engaging way

Make public open data more approachable to a wider audience

let emerge a dierent narrative to contrast the dominant one

the dominant narrative

222 titles (2011 - 2014) ———————————— 80 Invasion 62 Crime 41 Competition 22 Chinese stereotyping 09 Social cohesion 08 South Tyrolean

We have 150 Chinese Bar, The Chinatown is in Claudia Augusta street.

The first Chinese megastore challenges the local shops.

“Chen” is one of the most diffused surnames in Bolzano.

The agonistic narrative

Chinese of Bolzano 633/105.713 
 (astat 2014)


storie personali

Su 261 ristoranti, solo 32 sono cinesi, l’11.8% del totale. (Camera di Commercio Bolzano 2014)

Which Invasion: the Chineses are only the 0,6%.


谢谢, Grazie, Danke, Thank you!

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