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Green Building Courses 2014-2015 Ongoing

Pishwanton Wood Contact No. 01620 810931

For further information please contact: The Administrator, The Life Science Trust, Quince Cottage, 4 Baxtersyke, Gifford, East Lothian, EH41 4PL, Scotland. Tel/Fax: + 44 (0)1620 810 259

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The Life Science Trust is a Registered Scottish Charity SC020705

Once doors and windows are fitted this takes the chalet construction to wind and watertight stage. The “Green Building Course” is (a practical project course) designed around constructing the Life Science Trust’s first residential chalet. The chalets will be used by future students on courses in Pishwanton Wood ( and were identified as a way to enhance the learning atmosphere of Pishwanton’s environmental education programmes.

Interior - Insulation of floor, walls and roofing. Interior cladding of walls and ceiling will be carried out. Lay timber flooring Interior finishing including painting.

Students will learn how to construct a simple ‘chalet’ from the ground up using local and all natural materials. Construction of foundation pads using local stone and lime mortar in pre-dug holes in the forest. Tuition will be given in mixing lime mortar using natural lime and stone wall building to create the pads. Laying out the suspended floor bearers which in turn are bolted to short support posts on top of the stone work. Tuition will be given in several joint methods and fixing materials as well as layout according to construction drawings. Corner posts will be fitted at wall angles onto the bearers. Stids will be placed between the corner posts. Wall construction, consisting of herring bone style studs will be made on-site and then fitted. Window and door openings will be accommodated at the same time. Exterior larch cladding will complete the outer wall construction. Roof Construction - rafters are a similar herring-bone construction to the walls, will be made on-site and fitted to form a diaphragm roof. The roof will then be decked with timber. A green roof construction on top consists of a breathable membrane, a water-proof layer and turf from Pishwanton.

With Malcolm Lemmon - well known master craftsman in green building. This is a This is a fully participative educational opportunity to learn from a master carpenter with over 30 years of experience in the techniques of green building.

Dates: 2014-2015 Ongoing Tuition will be given continuously for all aspects of the wall construction. On the job training can be flexible to suit needs and commitments. Fees negotiable from £30 - £60 per day Accommodation and meals available if required Contact details on the back for booking and more info.

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