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“Beholding the Heart of Nature” Aries

19 - 21 April 2013


24 - 26 May


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Goethean Science and Art

22 - 24 November


20 - 22 December


24 - 26 January 2014


21 - 23 February 2014


21 - 23 March 2014

This course is open to the public for one, three or all 12 week-ends. In addition are several courses for people in professional practice who want to learn or deepen their relationship to plants through Goethean Science: “Goetheanism for herbal practitioners & other healers” - come closer to the plant you use with hands-on experiential study to elucidate the meaning / healing property of plants from the plants themselves. (Margaret Colquhoun & Keith Robertson)

For further information please contact: The Administrator, The Life Science Trust, Quince Cottage, 4 Baxtersyke, Gifford, East Lothian, EH41 4PL, Scotland. Tel/Fax: + 44 (0)1620 810 259 Email:

“Discover the Language of Plants”


(Matthew Wood)

(Details & costs in leaflet on Herbs and Herbalism)

The Life Science Trust is a Registered Scottish Charity SC020705

Courses for 2013 - 2014 PISHWANTON



Goethean Science is an inner path of self development based on outer encounters with nature. Thereby the activity of doing science becomes intrinsically self-transformational and deeply creative allowing the scientist to develop a renewed sense of responsibility for work in the world—the Art of practice. Pishwanton is the only place in the English speaking world where you can undertake a (2 year) training in the practice of Goetheanism. This programme is part of the European training in Goethean/ Anthroposophical Science and is open to people in full-time work. For more details apply to address on the reverse or check

Students undertaking this course in Pishwanton each have an own research project which is carried out in their own time. We meet on Thursdays to share project progress to do studies in nature together and discuss the Goethean Methodology.

Current Research projects are:

Starting in April 2013 will be a monthly

This research will inquire into the emergence of social forms through the Goethean methodology. The research will explore the potential of applying the Goethean method of scientific inquiry in the study of social phenomena. Having applied the fundamental method of Goethean Science with groups of social/environmental development practitioners over the past 3 years, I wish to explore more deeply how the archetype is expressed through the interactions of individual humans and in its coming-into-being as social processes. In particular I would like to better understand how to translate the idea that every phenomena requires its own method of inquiry, when applied to social inquiries. I would like to see how this research might be applied to communities and organisations engaged with social work and to the development of novel working practices within these. Roland Playle

taught course to take the practice of this

A study at Pishwanton Wood, looking at the most suitable hedging species to support the beings living and working at Pishwanton. This would be approached by combining Biodynamic Agriculture/Horticulture and possibly members of the Prunus (Rose) family as suitable hedging species, with an added dimension of the possibility of establishing a nursery for certain hedging and tree species if the land indicates suitability for this. Catriona Mordaunt I will research Pishwanton wood as a place of healing. I will focus on up to three discrete contrasting areas in the wood. One (or more) key plants from each area will be chosen after an initial ecological survey. The metamorphosis of these plants will be studied through the year using Goethean methodology to investigate how best to discover their healing properties. Katherine Buchanan

methodology further in all four kingdoms of nature. The course 'Beholding the Heart of Nature’ is a schooling path based on Goethe’s work, developed by Rudolf Steiner, and carried forward in Dornach, Switzerland (in the Natural Science Section) and all over the world.

The course follows the year at Pishwanton through the cycle of the zodiac, through plant observation, landscape study, animal observation, art, movement, music and physical activity appropriate to the time of year. In this way we learn to listen to what the year of the earth as a great living being has to tell us, leading to a deeper understanding of nature and, through this, of the self.

Goethean Science and Art Courses  

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