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Pisgah Presbyterian Church Woodford County, Kentucky October 2011

The Pisgah Post

Don’t Blink! The first question of the Westminster Catechism is “What is the chief end of man?” The answer is “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” Seems simple enough, right? Fall is my favorite time of year. Fall is the season of sweatshirts and jeans, football games, campfires, and S’mores. But, here’s the problem with fall: Don’t blink! One strong wind, and all those beautiful leaves are gone. One cold spell, and winter will be upon us before we know it. So, don’t blink! Fall seems to be a fleeting experience. In order to glorify and enjoy God, we need to do so with intentionality. Open your eyes to the beauty of the trees this fall. Open your ears to the sounds of children and laughter in our midst. Open your will to the movement of the Spirit. We are busy here at Pisgah, and it is a good kind of busy. But, don’t miss the presence of God in the middle of the hustle and bustle. My prayer for us all this October is that we will be over-whelmed by the beauty of this place, that we will feel the Spirit move, and that we won’t ignore the blessings. We will start October with World Communion Sunday, celebrating and praying for the unity of the Body of Christ. Then, we will end October with All Saints’ Day, celebrating and remembering all those that have gone before us. October is filled with opportunities to be moved by the Holy Spirit….but don’t blink! Pete

In the Apostles’ Creed, we affirm that we believe in the Communion of Saints. But, what does that mean? Well, it means that we believe in heaven. It also means that we believe in something known as the cloud of witnesses (see Hebrews 12). In a church like Pisgah, we are certainly aware of those who have gone before us in the faith, who have paved the way for us. So, on Sunday, October 30 th, we will gather together in worship and remember those people. Here’s what we’re requesting of you: Send us names, via e-mail if possible, or a written note in the offering plate. That’s all, just names. These people

Worship God, study the Scriptures, practice the Teachings of Jesus as Lord and Savior

might have personally touched your life in some way, or simply from stories you have heard. They may have passed away recently, or long ago in a far away place. Regardless, we will honor them all in worship. We are aware that this list will be in no way exhaustive, for it never could be. But, we hope that as names are read, we will be inspired by their stories, by their examples, and be reminded to honor them daily through our actions. Of course, we will light a special candle for each of the saints that we have lost here at Pisgah in the last year, for we know that their light shines on in this place in so many ways.

Adult Sunday School to “Feast on the Word” The format for the adult Sunday School class this semester is similar to last year in that there is a different facilitator each month to lead us in studying the scripture. The teachers bring their individual gifts and talents to the table each week (pun intended) and we appreciate them so much! The curriculum we are following is called “Feasting on the Word”. If you have never attended Pisgah Sunday School, this is a great time to start! Each lesson offers suggested scripture verses on a "resource sheet" which is handed out to the class prior to each class (the materials are also available on a table just inside the Academy Building door for newcomers, guests, or for those who simply forget their sheets at home!) Each lesson asks four important questions:  WHAT is important to know  WHERE is God in these words  SO WHAT does this mean for our lives  NOW WHAT is God's word calling us to do? Intrigued? So am I. Please join us each Sunday from 9:45-10:45 a.m. in the Fireplace Room! Lisa Johnson Class Coordinator & Substitute Teacher ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL FACILITATOR LINE UP: September Pete Jones October Robbie Stilz November Hank Graddy December Amy Carpenter January Jud Davis February Anne Davis March Smith Mitchell April Louise Lagrew May Phil Bisbee


It Takes A Community: By now, everyone at Pisgah knows a little bit about the Mentors&Meals program. You’ve heard Lisa talk about it, you’ve heard Pete mention it from the pulpit, you’ve seen Pisgah Post articles, you may be involved with the program in some way or you may have talked with people who are volunteers. Read about the concept behind this outreach and then be prepared to reflect upon it. M&Ms started with a person who wanted to bring value to her community. She spoke with her pastor. He connected the dots by combining the question, “What are you passionate about” with some information he had just received about unmet needs in the community. Within 30 days an idea was born; to provide homework help and a hot meal to middle school students. Within 90 days, the pilot program began. Sounds easy, right? But how did one person with one little idea put their faith into action? Although Mentors&Meals is still in a formative stage, with changes occurring constantly in order for the program to grow and improve, what has made the program successful so far? It wasn’t just the effort of one person! Here are all the entities who have been involved:  Churches: Pisgah Presbyterian Church Mission and Evangelism Committee, with a goal to reach out to people beyond our walls, helped with initial funding. Pisgah Congregation, individuals stepped up to provide the first volunteer base. First Christian Church, heard about the program and offered the use of their Life Center Facility. God’s Pantry, with a mission to feed those in need, offered food materials at no cost. Woodford County Ministerial Association continues to provide paper products and encourages awareness among all of the Woodford County churches. Transylvania Presbytery provided substantial grant money for the continuation of the M&Ms program. 

Public Schools: Woodford County Middle School Principal heard about a free program to improve academic achievement to our students and said, “how soon can you start?” Woodford County High School, immediately embraced a program that helps their incoming student base and gives their high school students some community service and leadership opportunities. Woodford County School Superintendent had no problem approving bus transportation as long the location was on the regular bus route and students had parental permission. The Business Community: Falling Springs Center, committed to health and exercise, provides fitness professionals for recreation time. Life Adventure Center in Millville, has

offered to provide team building through their challenge course program. McDonalds, Dairy Queen and Little Caesars- donate food, coupons and gift cards for attendance and achievement incentives. Gattitown, which is owned by a Woodford County family, supports the Fun Friday Pizza night. 

Like-Minded Individuals: People who heard about the program and contributed money or supplies to help the program succeed.

County Cooperative Extension Office: Family and Consumer Sciences division offered to provide a community meal and educational program on eating locally grown foods.

State, Federal and Private Entities: Opportunities for funding abound in the private and public sector. With a 501c3 designation, a dedication to grant writing and creative fundraising, M&Ms can become a financially independent organization in the near future.

What is it that causes all these elements to come together to work toward a common goal? In this case, it is the fact that PEOPLE CARE ABOUT KIDS - not only their safety, but their ongoing health and well-being. There are churches, schools, businesses, state and federal institutions and private businesses with a vested interest in promoting the safety and health and well-being of our nation’s children. Now is the time for your reflectionHow can we extend this concept to other areas of Christian Mission to help make the world a better place? If being involved with an academic program isn’t your thing, what ARE you passionate about? What are you willing to dedicate your time, your talents and your resources toward that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world around you? As evidenced by the M&Ms program, you don’t have to do it alone. There are people and organizations and businesses who will help. As the marketing minds behind Nike have said, “Just Do It”. What are you going to Just Do? The M & E Committee

Meeting On Somalia Sunday October 9th

Directly after church, 12:15 p.m. Moving from explorative ideas into action. Please join us and learn how you can help. Questions: Joe Johnson: 321-6436 Hank Graddy: 229-4033


World Wide Communion October 2, 2011 Why is the first Sunday in October always designated as World Wide Communion Sunday? Some of you may know it was actually started by the Presbyterian Church USA in 1937 and began to rapidly spread through other denominations. It is intended that Christians everywhere join together on the same day of the year to remember we are all God’s people and that the table we join is God’s table, not ours. Pete reinforces this when he leads us in Communion each month. Our service this year will be outside, weather permitting, as a symbol of unity throughout the world community of Christians. We will be reminded to pray for other countries and other cultures, knowing that they too are gathered in grass huts, in store fronts, in grand church buildings, and even, at times, in secret services held in homes. The circle we sit in will further symbolize the unbroken circle of mankind. The actual communion will be by intinction. As the Elders come to each of us, we should take the bread (from several ethnic groups) and the cup and realize that millions of other Christians are also joining this sacrament in dedication to God who created us all. Although we pray often for other people in other lands, this is a special time for us to realize our unity and our relationship to other Christians who for 2000 years have followed Jesus and who believe in the same God, no matter where we live or worship. Wanda Rodgers Worship Committee

Sunday school class had an outstanding 19 in attendance. Let’s keep up the good work and continue to learn about what God has to tell us. Linda Scott

A New Approach to Teaching This year in the Jr./Sr. High Sunday school class we are trying a different approach to teaching. Pete has picked some stories from the Bible for us to study. Each week a student will be in charge of leading the discussion of the particular story. Most of the stories are familiar to us from our childhood lessons in Sunday school. Students will take turns reading the story from the Bible and then we will have a discussion about that story, what it says and if as young adults there is any new meaning to the story. We started with Genesis 1 and 2. I must commend Pete on the choice of what part of the Bible to start with. Ha, Ha!!! That must have been a nobrainer. The following is a list of the future stories and who is taking on the teaching position: 

Sept. 25 – The Fall and Cain and Able – taught by Nicole Lake.  Oct. 2 – The Flood – taught by Kelly Lake  Oct. 9 – The Tower of Babel – taught by Albert Chandler  Oct. 16 – Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Isaac, Ishmael – taught by Andrew Johnson  Oct. 23 – Jacob and Essau – taught by Branham Chandler  Oct. 30 – Joseph and His Brothers – taught by Madison Cissell We are looking forward to revisiting Bible stories from childhood with a more grown up view. Linda Scott

Dear Book FriendsPlease join us Monday, October 17th at 6:30 p.m. in the Fireplace Room to discuss the format and focus of a Pisgah Book Club. Many of us have been passing around titles and authors or running into each other at the library. Let's gather together and enjoy good reading! Stephanie Mobley and Bobbi Sweeney

Pisgah Scholarships The Board of Trustees distributed $5,175 in scholarships this year. After reviewing applications and essays as well as verifying membership status, the following students received a scholarship of $575: Frank Lake Rebekah Davis Clara (Katie) Graham Robbie Craycraft Field Broadbent Patrick Hayes Melanie Burrier Allison Howard Hannah Kindred

Sunday School Kick Off I hope everyone has gotten into the new fall routine at Pisgah. Sunday, September 18 was our first official day of regular Sunday school. Pre-school with Donna Lawrence and Ligia Jones had three students. Janet Lake and Taylor Preston who teach the K-5th Grade class had four students. The combined Jr. High/Sr. High School class had two adults and five students and the Adult

A Note from the Administration and Finance Committee As of the September 15, 2011 Treasurer’s Report, we are 71% of the way through this fiscal year and our total income is at 63% of budget. Pledged income is at 62% of budget and unpledged income, also known as

4 the lose-plate offering is at 71% of budget. The expense side of the ledger continues to be positive and once again this month, total expenses are below budget. Our expenses are at 59% of the budgeted amount which is 12% below budget year-to-date. The Administration and Finance Committee continues to reviews at each monthly meeting, the status of income and the overall expenses. Our committee has been working on the 2012 Asking Budget and presented the budget for approval at the Session’s September 27, 2011 meeting. The Asking Budget is created from the input of all committees, the Deacons, and the Pastor. To create this budget, the Administration and Finance Committee requested that each committee prepare their individual 2012 Asking Budget and submit them by mid-September. After that, the Administration and Finance Committee worked to balance the income and expenses, in order to finalize a balanced budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Pisgah’s 2012 Asking Budget will be included in each pledge packet which will be distributed on Stewardship Sunday. Mary Hinton

Grace Revealed The Adult Bible Study group that met for the 201011 year examined the Acts of the Apostles, and one study passage referenced how the early church often relied on drama to communicate Christian concepts. "Here's a question," I posed one spring Sunday when Tavner and I tag-teamed facilitation of the group. "We still see dramatization today with The Nativity and the Easter Story. If we were going to choose another Bible story or belief, what would it be, and how would we go about it?" I asked, then noticed blank looks. Not that I blamed anyone. I didn't have an answer, either. We moved on to the next topic, but not before I lamented that dramatist-in-residence Jim Rodgers was rehearsing with the choir and nowhere near Bible Study when we needed him. As we tidied up afterward, I asked Adult Sunday School Coordinator Lisa Johnson what she would choose, thinking literally of well-known biblical drama, everything from earthquakes to whales to fire and brimstone. "I think it would be a definition of Grace, but I don't know how I'd show it," Lisa said. "It stumped us when Joe and I talked with Cortland and Kendall about it when they were little. It's hard to explain." I agreed that choosing Grace would be a doozy. I mean how do we explain something so abstract? I'd thought off and on about this over the summer, long after, perhaps, Lisa had forgotten our conversation. Then, on Aug. 19, everything I'd thought I knew about the world changed. My husband, Tavner, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Follicular Center Diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma.

I did what everyone in our congregation does in a similar situation. I reached out to the Rev. Pete Jones, our minister. I knew that Pete, in the pulpit for not quite a year, was already well-versed in Pisgah's communication network. As my husband's late aunt, Sally Dunlap, was fond of saying, "You can't so much as get a hangnail without everyone at Pisgah knowing by noon." Hers was a nod to the care shown by responsive group of which the minister is the hub. The next thing we knew, outreach was coming from every direction. There were offers for us to call or text, day or night. There were offers to bring food, to ferry Tavner to medical visits, to wash our dogs, to clean the house (don't tempt us!), to pray for us, to walk in Tavner's honor at a Leukemia and Lymphoma 5k fundraiser, to donate bone marrow -- whatever we might need, we were told, all we need to do is ask. I'll bet I went through a half-box of Kleenex that day. This journey is one Tavner and I never wanted to take, and while we don't have any say about our participation, now that we are on this path, I've been thinking again about that chat with Lisa. I have now seen how Grace unfolds, of how it can be made manifest. I see, too, how it might be staged in a way that an audience might understand. And while I can't answer the question of "Why Tavner," I feel I'm closer to answers to certain other questions I've long been asking. Thanks and love to you all. Susan Dunlap

Dear Pisgah friends, Once again, my Pisgah family of friends has offered incredible help and support to me in a time of need. Thanks to all for your thoughtfulness and caring. Gifts of food, cards, calls, and prayers have helped me to thrive during this healing process. In God's love, Linda Kuder Dear Congregation, Thank you so much for my scholarship. I really appreciate it, and can assure you all that it will help pay for my education. I just got back from Washington, D.C. interning for Congressman Chandler. While I was in Washington, I was blessed by being a member of Pisgah. The Kirtleys took me out to dinner while in D.C., and on the last day when my flight got canceled, Mr. Lawrence took me under his arm and helped me get on another flight. I am so happy to be a part of Pisgah. Field Broadbent


Youth Academy Day!

Stewardship Fair Save the date: Sunday, November 6th, immediately following church Where in Woodford County on Sunday, November 6th, would you be encouraged to wear jeans and a sweater for church? PISGAH! Plan to join in the festivities for Stewardship Sunday. The fair will include a chili and cake bake off, hot dogs, etc. Maybe even a hayride and bonfire! Join us in celebration of all that God has given us. Stewardship & Planning Committee

Yummy Advanced Warning! Pisgah Cooks & Bakers for the Stewardship Fair‌get out your chili and cake recipes for the annual chili cook off and cake competition. You have until Sunday, November 6th to perfect your recipe and bring it to church for the lunch time enjoyment of all. Stewardship & Planning Committee :)

That's right, why let the adults have all the fun? The Christian Education Committee will be holding an event for youth on December 17th, from 10am-1pm! Save the date! This event is going to be incredible, and will include our friends from Troy Pres, Versailles Pres, and Midway Pres. Now, as a former youth leader, I know that there is no way to make something "mandatory", but this is as close as it gets:) More details to come... Pete

BURNAMWOOD FALL RETREAT DATES Camp Burnamwood is all ready for the fall retreats! Make sure you are too! October 7-9 Middle School Retreat Directed by Amy Carpenter October 28-30 High School Retreat Directed by Emily Warren and Garrett Moore Remember that Pisgah generously pays half of the tuition for all retreats! Registration forms are available on the youth bulletin board in the academy building. You can mail forms into the Transylvania Presbytery office at: PO Box 23580 Lexington, Kentucky 40523

Campfire and Starlight Gala A Benefit for Burnamwood Burnamwood is hosting its 2 nd annual Campfire and Starlight Gala on Saturday, November 19 at The Thoroughbred Center in Lexington, Kentucky. This is a great way to join together with your friends from the Transylvania Presbytery to celebrate and support the important ministry of Burnamwood! Tickets are on sale now! Tickets are $55 with couple and young professional discounts available. To purchase tickets please contact Amy Carpenter at 859-381-7870 or

October Youth Group There is so much happening this month that you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of it! Get involved and get excited! 2: Movie Night 7-9: Middle School Burnamwood 9: High School Mission Night 16: Topic Night + Carving Pumpkins 23: Corn Maze 28-30: High School Burnamwood 30: Middle School Halloween Youth Group


Pisgah’s Talent Show On a dark and rainy night, creativity overflowed at the Talent Show, and there were lights, action, video! Who were those talented people performing at the Pisgah Community Club/Stewardship and Planning Talent show? We applause the following members and hope they plan for an encore in 2012! All participants of the Men's Precision Drill Team, Gracey Jones, Pisgah Choir, Rachel Baston, Linda Jones, Bella Mancuso, Kendall Johnson, Katie Jones, Martha Jones, Jim Rodgers, John James, Leslie James, Melanie Burrier, Albert Chandler, Brooke Cissell, Madison Cissell, & the Youth Group! We thank talent scout Lindsey McHatton and Master of Ceremony, Hal Kirtley and their committee for the presentation. And always, John Baston for lighting and video and over all stage management.


Happy Birthday to You in October 2 Libby Jones 3 Wendell Harris, Sara Thauburn Welch 4 Abigail Baston 5 Jennifer Chandler, Marlin Yawn, Steven Hayes 6 Todd Cassidy 7 Sandi Bromagen 8 Stuart Brown, Ruth Miller 10 Aimeé Baston, Amanda Rose Holt, Laura Mancuso 12 Jeff Davis, Larry Jones 14 Pam Stilz, Bobbi Sweeney 15 Barbara Orr, Garrett Shropshire 19 Garrett Shropshire, Jr., Tavner Dunlap 21 Johnnie McClanahan 22 Ward Crowe, Ann Hayes, Jimmy Van Meter 23 Mary Dan Raider 24 Hunter Baker 26 Sarah Howard, Jack Pryor 28 Tony Raider 29 Levon Kadamyan 31 Dale Wolfram And in early November… 1 Mary Louise Quisenberry 8 Sandy Marting, Annie Stilz 9 Pam Stokes Please help us keep this list up to date!

JUNE 3 through JUNE 7, 2012 SET IN STONE (that is your first clue!)

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