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Pisgah Presbyterian Church Woodford County, Kentucky September 2011

The Pisgah Post

The Breaking Forth of Dawn “Then your light shall break forth like the dawn…” (Isaiah 58:8) I love new beginnings, and that‟s a good thing because new beginnings seem to be all around us, at all times. Take this month, for instance. You should be receiving this on the anniversary of my first day at work here. Can you believe it‟s already been a year? Or, maybe you were thinking, can you believe it‟s only been a year? It depends on your perspective. This is my 1year anniversary here at Pisgah, and that means that this is the beginning of my 2nd year: a new year, with new possibilities, new projects, and certainly new challenges. This is a new year that is pregnant with possibilities breaking forth like the dawn. On September 11th, of course, we will also commemorate the anniversary of that dreadful September day. Can you believe it‟s already been 10 years? Or, maybe you were thinking, Can you believe it‟s only been 10 years? It depends on your perspective. This will be the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, and that means that this is the beginning of the 2 nd decade as a post-9/11 America: a new decade, with new possibilities, new projects, and certainly new challenges. This is a new year that is pregnant with possibilities breaking forth like the dawn. Also on September 11th, we will kick-off our calendar year here at Pisgah with a Sunday School celebration at 9:45 and worship 11:00. That means that this is the beginning of a brand new year here at Pisgah, a year full of new possibilities, new projects, and certainly new challenges. This is a new year that is pregnant with possibilities breaking forth like the dawn. I know, I‟m repeating myself. But, you see, each new beginning, just like each new dawn, is just that: new. It is fresh, not forgetting the past, but rather open to the future in new and exciting ways. I love a new beginning, because it reminds me to be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit. It reminds me to open my ears that I might once again hear those fateful words, “Follow me.” This September, everything seems new to me. Come, see what the dawn brings. Pete

New Kerygma Study “That They May Believe”- The Gospel of John September begins a new Kerygma study for us here at PPC! This summer, we have taken a break from set curriculum, and studied different articles each week.

Worship God, study the Scriptures, practice the Teachings of Jesus as Lord and Savior

But, we are ready to dig back into an extended study and see where the Gospel of John will take us. The Kerygma Class has become one of the most fun and thoughtprovoking exercises many of us engage in each week. Why? Come find out on Thursday mornings at 10am, beginning on September 8th. Books are $20.00 each and available in Pete’s office.

Pisgah Talent ShowMonday Sept. 5th The Stewardship & Planning Committee invites you to come to the Pisgah Talent Show on Monday, September 5th. Everyone is invited to bring a potluck dish and participate in the Community Club picnic at 6:30 P.M. The talent show will begin at 7:30 P.M. and it will last around 1 hour. We have some great acts signed up. We‟ve got classical music! We‟ve got country! We‟ve got rock „n roll! Hope to see YOU there! Lindsey McHatton Talent Agent


New Members Class Curious about Pisgah? Wondering what it means to be a Presbyterian? Considering church membership? Come join Pete after worship on Sunday, September 11th, for a question and answer period. No pressure to join, simply informational! All are welcome!

Natural Bridge Trip Saturday, September 17 Fall is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and so on September 17, the youth group will be taking time to do just that. At 9:00, we will meet at Pisgah to leave for Natural Bridge. We will arrive at the site about 10:30 and begin our hike. On our return to Versailles, we will stop at Miguel’s Pizza for lunch and will return at Pisgah around 2:00. Youth will need money for lunch, which will not be more than $10. If you plan on going, please let Amy Carpenter know by Monday, September 12.

You Wanted to Know… Several of you have asked, “Who gave our chandelier its new shine?” Warley Harper was our “man on point” for the chandelier and after asking around, he received a reference from The Saltbox in Chevy Chase for Bluegrass Metal Finishing, 6l6 W. Third St., Lexington, (859-421-0838). They are the ones who put the sparkle back in our light!

Youth Group Activities! PICNIC WITH MAXWELL STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH--SEPTEMBER 4 For youth group on September 4, we will have a fellowship night with the youth group of Maxwell Street Presbyterian. We will meet at Shillito Park in Lexington for dinner and games. To make this a delicious dinner it would be great if everyone could bring something with them: guys: chips, girls: drinks. If you need any help with transportation, please call Amy Carpenter!

FALL LOCK-IN SEPTEMBER 9-10 (Friday and Saturday) are the dates of our Fall lock-in and our friends from Midway Presbyterian Church will be joining us! Meet at the church at 7:00 p.m. and once everyone arrives, we’ll go bowling! Plan on returning to the church around 10:00 p.m. for movies and games. On Saturday morning, we will depart at 8:00 a.m. Make sure you bring money for bowling and everything that you will need for spending the night at the church!

MISSION NIGHT: CROP WALK September 25 at Second Presbyterian in Lexington The Crop Walk is an annual fundraiser to help abolish hunger. Their mission to bring together all sorts of people around the concern that hunger and poverty is a moral issue. 2011 will mark the 23rd year the walk has occurred in Lexington. This year, the Pisgah youth group will be participating, but I hope that others from the church will feel the need to get involved as well! You can sponsor a youth with a monetary donation that will go to feed hungry people, you can donate nonperishable food items that we will bring to the event to donate to God‟s Pantry, or you can walk with us! We will meet at Second Presbyterian at 3:00 and leave whenever we finish our 3-mile awareness walk. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Carpenter at or 859.381.7870.

A Change of Address Linda Scott has a new address: 8239 McCowans Ferry Road Versailles, KY 40383 879-6046 Please make a note of this change in your Pisgah Directory!


The Men of Pisgah begins its fall weekly gatherings Saturday, September 24 8:00 a.m. Samuel, Saul, & David We‟ll start this season with a brief overview of the Old Testament, and then focus in on a detailed study of 1st and 2nd Samuel. We‟ll discuss the question: “What important lessons can we learn from studying the lives, times, and behavior of three of the Old Testament’s major leaders: Samuel— Israel’s last Judge, and first prophet; Saul—Israel’s first and failed King, and David—a man after God’s own heart? From their stories, what messages does God have for us, today? Please join us for stimulating discussions and fellowship. For questions and further details, contact Jim Rodgers @ 873-9411 or

Mentors & Meals By:

Lisa Johnson

As you read this, mentors are being recruited at the high school, adult volunteers are slowly but surely pledging their support and signing up for kitchen crew or the “front line”. The first invitations will go out to the 7th grade M&Ms Alumni and to the 6th graders this week. Our attendance goal is to provide mentoring and meals to 60 Middle School students this year. Our educational goal is to enhance academic achievement. More specifically, we hope to help each student in the program improve by 1.0 or to achieve one letter grade higher than where they were when they came in to the program. That is a steep goal, but we aim high! Here are a few slots we have yet to fill:  Arts&Entertainment Coordinator: This person would line up a speaker each week to address the M&Ms group from 4:30-5:00 on THURSDAYS. The Coordinator need not be present every week. The “guest speaker” could be a high school student(s) or someone in our community. For example: a brass quartet could play a few songs and then each student could showcase their instrument and how it sounds. In the area of Fine Arts, a guest

artist could instruct the students in a simple 30 minute craft project. There are only 12 Thursday slots to fill between now and Christmas break. If anyone has “connections” or is interested in helping with this, please call me.  Kitchen Crew: The Tuesday Crew (so far) consists of Head Chef- Dave Schmidt, supported by Emma Mitchell, and Dottie Schmidt with Thursday Head Chef, David Carpenter, arriving at 4:30 to prep the main course for Thursday‟s meal. The Thursday crew consists of Sandi Bromagen, Ann Hayes, Sue Fosson and Jackie Prewitt. We could use an extra hand on Tuesday and/or someone who is willing to come and learn the ropes so that they may fill in for kitchen crew members who may have to miss due to travel or illness. This is looking like a fun bunch…Anyone want to join them?  Administration: This position is for someone who would rather deal with a computer rather than a preteen. This person would help maintain the spreadsheets that track the mentor and adult service hours, student attendance and some other administrative functions. Many thanks to Scott Upton, M&Ms Finance Manager, who continues to work “behind the scenes” to get the 501(c)3 status in shape, Linda Kuder, our armchair Community/Career/Life Lessons Coordinator, and Bobbi Sweeney who is helping to find Fitness instructors to work with the kids on Movement Monday. Pray for each of the adults and children who are involved in M&Ms and listen for God‟s word. He may be asking you to put your faith into action. Join us!

Baptismal Font In the early spring I was asked by the Worship Committee to design and build a Baptismal Font for Pisgah. This was to serve two purposes. One was to provide the minister with a facility to hold the container from which the Holy Water was sprinkled on the head of those being baptized. The second was to complete the set of reminders of the Sacraments; the first being the Communion Table. I chose black cherry wood to match the species used in the Communion Table. The next step was to determine the configuration of the font. To accomplish this I looked at pictures and at fonts in other Presbyterian churches. Having chosen a style it was then a matter of visualization and construction. As stated earlier, the first purpose of the structure was to support and hold a receptacle in which the Holy Water was contained. Lynn found a silver bowl in the archives which has been awarded to the Pisgah Community Club for excellence in service to the church which seemed to be a natural for this purpose. It was

4 then a simple matter to fashion a hole in the top of the structure in which the bowl rests. Building a simple cover for the bowl completed the Font. It was a distinct honor to be asked to attempt the challenge of this project on which I ask God‟s blessing it its‟ use. Smith Mitchell

Snippets A Note from the Administration Committee As of the August 15, 2011 Treasurer‟s Report, we are 62.5% of the way through this fiscal year and our total income is at 58% of budget. Pledged income is also at 58% of budget and unpledged income, also known as the lose-plate offering is at 61% of budget. Although the total income is slightly behind the budget at this time in the fiscal year, the Administration and Finance Committee‟s at each monthly meeting, always reviews the status of income and the overall expenses. The expense side of the ledger continues to be positive and once again this month, total expenses are below budget. Our expenses are at 49% of the budgeted amount which is 13.5% below budget year-to-date. However, some of our larger expenses are yet to come in the months still remaining in 2011. One such expense that comes to mind is the cost of filling the tanks of fuels needed to heat all of our building this winter. For the past several months, the Administration Committee has been working to develop a structured Pastor Evaluation Process. The overall process and the document that will be used to guide the annual evaluation of the Pastor have now been approved by the Session. The process provides that each year a committee composed of two Session members and one member appointed by the Session as the at-large representative will have the responsibility for the evaluation process. The annual evaluation period will be from September through August of the following year. The first Pastor Evaluation Committee has been appointed and is composed of Session members Bobbi Sweeney and Tony Raider, with Rhonda Fister as the atlarge member. Rhonda has agreed to serve as Chairman. The role of the Administration and Finance Committee is that of adviser to the Pastor Evaluation Committee during this upcoming year. In September the Committee will be preparing the 2012 Asking Budget to be presented to the Session for approval at the September Session meeting. The project of developing a Pisgah Policies and Procedures Manual is still on-going. Mary Hinton The Pisgah Post is published monthly by the Pisgah Presbyterian Church, 710 Pisgah Pike, Versailles, KY 40383. The deadline for the October 2011 issue of the newsletter is September 22. Please submit signed articles to the church office or email them to

o Johnny Mac and Lucy Smith have exciting news! Their son, John Campbell, married Hannah Elizabeth King on May 6, 2011. The happily wedded couple recently stopped in Kentucky for a visit on their way to Ft. Benning, GA where Hannah will report for duty. John will be with her for the month of August, preparing for flight school in TX, then he will report to Sheppard AFB on September 1st. We are always on the lookout for more “Snippets.” Help us keep this column going by sending in any interesting little tidbits you hear!

Happy Birthday to You in September 1 Joe Lagrew, Becky Prater, Bob Washer 2 Glenn Fister 3 Miriam Cox 11 Rhonda Fister 12 Ben Chandler, Peggy Graddy, Lindsey Torres 13 Rob Lake 15 Bruce Howard 17 Vic Priebe, Maggie Howard, Marlene Walker, Will Shropshire, David Graham 18 Debra Garrett, Melissa Scott 21 Matthew Fister 23 Janet Sparks 27 Jim Botkin, Katie Burrier, Joan Crowe, Wes Stokes 28 Melanie Burrier, Daniel Straub 29 Hank Graddy 30 Lynn Davis, Lucy Hart Graddy And in early October… 2 Libby Jones 3 Wendell Harris, Sara Thauburn Welch 4 Abigail Baston 5 Jennifer Chandler, Marlin Yawn, Steven Hayes 6 Todd Cassidy 7 Sandi Bromagen 8 Stuart Brown, Ruth Miller Please help us keep this list up to date!


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