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Shahzad Pirzada Is Highly Committed To Providing Top Quality Products And Services

Shahzad Pirzada who is an utmost professional with over 14 years of experience in developing and bringing to the market a great number of respiratory products, is the President and founder of Genadyne Biotechnologies. This is an American company which successfully develops and manufactures medical innovations such as both powered and nonpowered pressure relieving surfaces, negative pressure wound therapy systems, wired and wireless weight scale systems, and wireless telemedicine solutions. The establishment works to increase wound healing, reduce wound recurrence and keep the independence, dignity, comfort, and pain control of the wound care patient with the help of their products. This international company has its distributors all around Europe and North America.

Their MNS 600 Alternating Pressure Relief System treats Stage I through Stage IV ulcers. This system is very simple to use and offers most advanced therapeutic performance for a long-term relief. Shahzad Pirzada has joined the best of his Genuine Air Loss System technology with Accuturn technology in a top class medical treatment mattress. At Genadyne Biotechnologies Inc., he ensures that customers are offered with the finest quality in terms of the manufacturing and development of their products and services. The company was able to develop some of the less expensive therapeutic tools in order to meet the healthcare needs and demands of the community through its R & D (Research and Development).

Shahzad Pirzada who an experienced professional, holds 11 patents and multiple-pending on air flotation surfaces, wireless weight scale systems, non-powered air surfaces, and blood circulation devices. His company fully markets products throughout the country and in over 20 countries world wide and rapidly growing. All their products are abide by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. He makes sure that his company continues to make advances in technologies considering it their objective to offer their technology to Mexico and the whole of Latin America. He has received training for being a pilot from The College of Aeronautics in New York. For more details about him or to know about the products and services of Genadyne Biotechnologies, please browse through the website

Thank You Shahzad Pirzada

Shahzad Pirzada Is Highly Committed To Providing Top Quality Products And Services