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Coco Island Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America. It is a very privileged country since it possesses an invaluable treasure of natural resources. One example is the Coco Island. This island contains sceneries of great natural beauty where we can see different marine and land species. Due to its ecological characteristics, it has become one of the favorite sites for tourism, both foreign and national. One of the activities that the tourists can carry out to see its marvels is diving. It is important to highlight that thanks to its biological diversity and conservation status, this island was declared Patrimony of Mankind.

Coco Island is recognized worldwide as an important reservoir of natural biodiversity, unique to that place. It can be said that it is a place blessed by God. It possesses sunsets of extraordinary beauty. Besides its always green forests that offer a great variety of vegetal species, it has some animal and vegetal species that were inserted by men. Some of the animals that live on the island are, for example, birds, insects, WhiteTailed deer, wild pig and other. Also, its forests are bordered by rivers and beautiful waterfalls that flow into the sea. Another characteristic is that the coast is irregular since it has undersea caves. Also, the color of the sea is turquoise blue and its water is transparent.


In its clear waters, Coco Island possesses an undersea world of astonishing natural beauty. It is important to mention that this island is the habitat of many migratory species that are threatened by overfishing. Besides, it serves as place of passing for cleaning and resting for open sea animals, such as sharks, turtles, stingrays, dolphins and whales. Also, the spectacle performed by dolphins and humpback whales during their mating season every year is really impressive. Other marine animals that we can find in this island are small fish, sailfish, starfish, crabs, octopuses, and others. Another characteristic of this island`s undersea world is the presence of vast coralline reefs and mollusks that embellish this beautiful place.

The main touristic activity carried out in Coco Island is diving. It is important to mention that diving must be performed only in the places established thus guaranteeing safety. Besides, the diver must respect an adequate distance between him (her) and the marine species since his (her) safety and the integrity of the animal might be threatened. When the animals feel threatened they run away and the diver must not go after them because they can attack him (her). The diver must be responsible of preserving this marvelous undersea world and not destroying the habitat of many marine animals. The cost of this activity will depend on the depth at which he (she) will dive and it will be accessible for the tourist. This island is regularly visited by three boats that offer all that is necessary to dive safely and to enjoy comfort during the stay.

From the previous reasoning, we can conclude that the Coco Island is a paradisiac place and that you can enjoy its marvels. Nevertheless, the island is not exempt of problems, for instance, illegal fishing and shark finning. This is one of the main problems that this island faces resulting in the extinction of the species and water pollution with the sharks´ remains that drift nearby. It is our compromise to care for our natural resources that produce great beauty to our country and make it more attractive for the tourist who visits us. Finally, the


Coco Island belongs to each Costa Rican and so we all must contribute to its maintenance and conservation. Besides we must think of the future generations and the beautiful natural legacy that they will enjoy the same way as we do today.

Heilyn Viales Marchena

Why do you need to come to Costa Rica? 4

Nowadays, our country is visited by many tourists. This occurs because of three different reasons. The first reason is the diversity of flora and fauna that our country has. The second reason why our country is visited is because of our culture. And the third reason is the beauty and number of beaches that we have in the country. For these reasons everyone who visited the country fell in love with our land and very difficult for them to return to their country of origin. Our country has a great variety of flora and fauna because the climate of our country is temperate. The fauna of our country has a large variety of species that catch the attention of the visitors; for example, the capuchin monkey, the manigordo and others. The flora of our country also has a lot variety because our country is divided into three types of tropics: dry, rainy and humid. The flora has also species that catch the attention of the visitors; these are: the higuer贸n, the purple orchid and many others species. Therefore, the flora and fauna together make up an excellent paradise that attracts tourists. The second reason that our country is visited is because of our culture. The culture of Costa Rica is varied the variety of consanguinity that we have with other countries. Some of these ancestors are indigenous, European, and after that Asian and Afro-Caribbean. And the other reason is because we citizens are very happy and we make foreigners feel welcome because of the gastronomic variety that the country has. That is the reason why the people of others countries love to visit our country.


And the third reason why Costa Rica is popular among tourists is because of the beauty and number of beaches that we have in the country. This large number of beaches that we have in the country is due to the fact that our country is limited in the east by the Caribbean Sea and in the west its border is the Pacific Ocean. For this reason our country is careful and keeps these beaches clean. Also, we are one of the first countries in Central America that has a lot of blue flags. Some of these beaches are used for surfing and others for diving and vacation. Therefore, the people who visit these beaches recommend to others to visit the beaches of our country since they are very clean and beautiful, and they are also surrounded by a lot of flora and fauna. In conclusion, it is for these reasons that our country is visited by people from other countries. Our country is an excellent place to relax and forget about problems. When people who have visited Costa Rica are asked to talk about their experiences, they say it is a country blessed by God because we have a wide variety of nature, including the beaches. For this reason we should take care of the flora and fauna of our country, and we should cherish our culture and customs. If we keep all these things, Costa Rica will continue to be visited by people of other countries and they will tell their relatives and friends that Costa Rica is “PURA VIDA� and that it is a wonderful place where you can spend your vacation.

Noelia Moreno Ramirez


Make a change How can we make a change? Poverty is something that has always been the major concern to all the countries and it will be very difficult to eradicate. But there is always something we can do to make a change. A good way to start is in ourselves and our point of view and by doing this we can see a big difference. Our second step will be to invest in rural areas and giving more opportunities for new jobs and a better education; this will be a great improvement in our country. Last but not least, the huge government inefficiency makes this dream every day harder to achieve so we must take actions and create strategies to make everything work better. The power in doing a change in our life is in our mentality. Our way of thinking is our biggest obstacle preventing prosperity, so what can we do? First we should identify these emotions and do not allow them to control our lives. Then we need to think positive and create a possible action plan to change the situation. Also we need to stop following our family role by thinking different and by believing in ourselves. If we could follow all of these advices we could be in another situation and we will find the light we are seeking for, it is hard but is not impossible. The poverty should be the government main goal. It’s the institution that has the biggest influence on the whole nation and if the government concentrates all of its power, we will see a big change in the nation’s economy. One of the biggest gaps that we are facing is the political corruption, because it generates distortions in the public sector by taking out the money of costaricans society. Also, another problem is the international trade, because we are not supporting the national agriculture, which is the key in reducing poverty, by supporting our farmers we can generate more jobs opportunities by selling our own products,


and that will help to reduce our external debt. Another factor to mention is overpopulation which impacts in a big way families economy because they are not able to cover their expenses such as education, food and health. This is just a few factors the government should consider to start reducing the poverty in our nation. The last factor we should consider is just an action plan. Our government should invest in rural areas by making more schools and giving better education; doing this our kids will have a better future. Also, if the government promotes more national companies, we will have more job opportunities. Another idea is to help poor families get their own house because we all know that they will never be candidates to get a mortgage. Also, we need more institutions to help small business to grow by giving loans and by giving counseling to reduce failures. The only way we can make this possible is if we get some help from the government because it is impossible for the nation. We are the voice but it looks like no one is hearing. We need some actions. In conclusion we need to make a change in our life, in the way we think and the way we act, because that is the key to a new start. We need to raise our voice, let everyone hear our ideas and our point of view maybe that will help millions of families that are in a huge social risk. This action plan is a good idea but we must start working on it, there are a lot of companies that should give their support and time to help this sad reality, something that we see on our daily basis. So what are we waiting for let everyone know about this problem and start helping each other. It is your turn to make a change.

Sofia Jimenez Espeleta


WHY COSTA RICA IS VISITED BY MANY TOURISTS AROUND THE WORLD? Nowadays Costa Rica is a place with a lot of vegetation and incredible view at the top of mountains. There is a lot of tourist attractions e.g. when people take a tour to volcanoes lodge like Arenal Volcano that is located in San Carlos and there is one of volcano lodge that is in the country. There are some famous rivers to visit for kayaking and the beaches that Costa Ricans have like in the north side of the country when almost every artist, singers or famous people arrive each day there. In Guanacaste and pacific area like Puntarenas. All Costa Ricans are very friendly with others. In Costa Rica there are a lot of green areas to get a relaxing moment as many people visit every place around cities and also in the center of the city that is called San José. In Downtown there is a hi percent of people been there looking around at some store of the local area or just keep walking. Costa Rica is one of the best countries visited by many tourists for our beaches, park attractions, flora and fauna. The whole country have it delicious meals as known typical food as “Gallo Pinto” that it is made with rice and beans mixed with some cooked vegetables and a glass of “Horchata” as it partner that it is made with whole grane and milk.And a lot of meals are the favorites for everybody for the recipes are made it. The very common dish like it is “Rice and beans” made with Coconut by Caribbean people and in San JoséDowntown it is a kind of dishes as known as “Picadillo” made from potatoes with meat, chicken or pork and those they put in a tortilla made from corn. As many other countries Costa Rica is also one of Latin American when lower class of people are increased in last years and there are also an 90% percent of them are robbers, too. So, for that the reason Costa Rican are unsecured for thieves but ournative mood and always been happy. There are many places to visit in Costa Rica. There are


also many tourist’s center as zoo’s places called Bolivar Park that it is open of the oldest zoo in downtown but nowadays there is another zoo is named ZooAve and it is located near to Atenas, Alajuela province. There are many butterflies garden around San José attracted by tourism.Near to San Carlos there are some fun as bungee jumping, canopy, kayaking, surfing, and peacefully water gardens and those attrations are really important all person around the world as Costa Rican to have our visitors as tourists to enjoy our country.

Many places around the world have a lot of touristic places but Latin America have one of best places and it is Costa Rica. With it attraction parks, traditional and typical food and people can choose because of their living. The type of different food and Costa Rican’s personality that this country has.And it is known as the country of peace and opportunities because has that good habit to work, share ideas to each other, and been friendly to everybody and that makes an exception because it has their laws.Government is very accessible to the town. Every four years people there choose our mandatory man or woman who is selected by secret voting. And Costa Rica is a country which nowadays is very accessible for employers to get a job as opportunity. I recommend to people of other countries to come and join to Costa Rica to know how is living there. The peacefully earth is called Costa Rica. Fabricio Chaves Rojas




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