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MBA Programme

Finland • Capital city: Helsinki - Currency: Euro - Government: Parlamentary Republic • The surface area of 338, 424 sq km, 5.3 million inhabitants, 15.7 inhabitants per sq km • Exactly 187 888 lakes • One of the leading countries in internet and mobile phone use • The home of sauna, Nokia, Angry Birds, Linux, Marimekko, Moomin and Alvar Aalto • Globally recognised education system

Oulu – The Capital of Northern Scandinavia • Up north where the sea freezes: 600 km i.e. a 60-minute flight from Helsinki, easy access! • Comfortable size, 142 000 inhabitants, the youngest population in Finland, tranquil surroundings and Scandinavian ambience • Located on the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia, along the Oulu River, founded in 1605 by King Carl IX of Sweden

The University of Oulu and Oulu Business School • Internationally acknowledged University, rank globally 262 • Second largest university in Finland with 16 000 students • Multidisciplinary: Business, Technology, Science, Medicine, Humanities and Education • Business School with 1400 students and staff of 100 • Well established and acknowledged degree and management training programmes • Solid network of international university partners • Growing faculty with strong connections to high-tech industry Although Finland is situated in the North, the climate is moderate, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Finland offers four distinctive seasons and both nightless summer nights as well as dayless winter days.

International Full-time MBA Treat yourself with a one-year study-break and get an MBA in the Capital of Northern Scandinavia! Oulu Business School offers solid MBA content and structure that cannot be found elsewhere in Finland, Sweden or Norway. Expose yourself to new dimensions, ways of thinking & perspectives and develop your managerial skills to become a better executive. Build yourself a new life-long network with fellow MBA students coming from a wide variety of countries. Interact with business executives during regular coursework in integrated courses with our Executive MBA programme, and extra-curricular activities such as Mobile Monday or Socializing Friday. Expand your network even further through MBA mentoring programme with executive-level mentors. Enhance your skills and career into new heights by practicing and testing your newly acquired skills through MBA project work and assignments for real-life technology-driven businesses. Get inspired with us! The only 1-year full-time MBA programme in Finland, Sweden and Norway Minimum of 80 ECTS • Also part-time study is possible • Prerequisites: Bachelor´s degree, three years of relevant work experience, English language skills • Tuition fee EUR 17 100 • Possibility for scholarships

Contact us Antti Kauppila Programme Director Tel: +358 294 487 355 E-mail: antti.kauppila[at] Pia Heikkinen Programme Coordinator Tel: +358 294 487 778 E-mail: pia.heikkinen[at]

MBA Programme Oulu Business School  

Oulu Business School´s (Finland) MBA Programme leaflet.