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Corporate Immigration and Relocation Services in: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, The Netherlands/Benelux, Ukraine Founding Partner of ACE network: In the Baltics, Denmark, Finland and Sweden Solid partner EURA network: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, India, China, Brazil, USA, Japan, Korea, South Africa ‌.and strategic partners around the world

Partners in Relocation Group (PIRGROUP) was established in 1997 in the Netherlands as the first European office of America’s largest relocation company “Dwellworks LLC”.

PIRGROUP is a privately owned and managed Immigration & Relocation company with Headquarters in the Netherlands and Full Service Administration Center in Riga, Latvia.

PIRGROUP has been growing in size. We have increased:  Our corporate client base  Our services  The number of locations we cover.

Using our own qualified and local staff, we offer our services in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, The Netherlands/Benelux and Ukraine.

Networking EuRA PIRGROUP is a full member of EuRA. OUR consultants have obtained EARP qualifications and management has been awarded level III Fellowship. PIRGROUP has been certified with the Quality Seal. ACE Mobility Alliance PIRGROUP together with some of the best proven Mobility Service Providers from Sweden, Finland and Denmark have come together to form ACE Mobility Alliance. We are ready to offer you the very best mobility solutions in the region!

Way of Working Our Services:  Competitive fees and flexible approach;  Quick and flexible decision making;  Clear invoicing;  Our staff are highly educated, local and multilingual; Training and motivation:  Regular online training , local visits and field training;  ERC and EuRA conferences for Management and Country Managers;  Yearly evaluation; Quality Control and Compliance

IMMIGRATION Services The Immigration procedure takes approximately one-to-three-months depending on the country. The procedure involves:  Work Permit;  Visa;  Residence Permit;  Registration;  Preparation of templates if needed.

CLASSIC RELOCATION Services  Area Orientation Tour  Home Finding  Settling-in Services  School and Kindergarten Search  Tenancy Management  Culture Workshops  Departure Services

COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES The Netherlands  HRM Consulting  Move Management  Social Security  30% Tax Ruling and Tax Assistance  Partner Career Support  Language support, including translations  Business Location Search

COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES The Netherlands  We handle recruitment (if needed)  We handle immigration  We handle payroll services and tax assistance  We prepare all contracts needed for employee and company  We handle the transfer of the international professional from our payroll to the client`s payroll  We are Q&A and sounding board for HR, Immigration and Tax issues in the Netherlands  We handle de-registration and clean departure from the Netherlands

PIRGROUP in Numbers Experience:  More than 10 RMCs  More than 15 years in the market  Senior consultants with PIRGROUP since 2007 Time:  Response time: 2 – 4 hours  Decision making: 4 - 8 hours  Invoicing: 10 countries = 1 currency  Satisfaction rate: 90% positive evaluations from clients  Retention rate: direct clients stay with PIRGROUP for more than 10 years  Success rate immigration services: 100%

Our people are our asset, and you benefit from it! The following country managers have been with PIRGROUP since: 2007 Lilit, Armenia Khalil, Azerbaijan Gergana, Bulgaria Malgorzata, Poland Elena, Romania 2008 Vaida, Lithuania 2009 Svetlana, Ukraine

Thank you! We look forward to welcoming your clients to our destinations!

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Brochure pirgroup