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Pispala Schottische Dance Mania Š Kari Savolainen


Musiikkia! Ruovesi Chamber Music Festival 12, 25–29 June 2014 Ruovesi

The 9th Musiikkia! Ruovesi Chamber Music Festival will be conducted by Okko Kamu. Prepare for a high-quality concert experience in the churches of Ruovesi and Virrat and the stable-turned-concert hall of Pekkala Manor. The festival features Osmo Vänskä, Marjukka Tepponen, Jan Michiels and Anna Aminoff, among others. The programme includes both old and new music, including a commissioned composition by Olli Virtaperkko based on J.L. Runeberg’s poem “Lähteellä” (“At the Spring”).

Sastamala Gregoriana – Early Music Festival 19–26 July 2014 Sastamala

Sastamala Gregoriana is a charming early music festival filling Sastamala with the tones of Medieval, Baroque and Renaissance music for the 19th time. This year’s theme is “Forgotten Treasures”. First-class musicians from Finland and abroad meet their audience in Medieval stone churches in the cultural landscapes of Lake Rautavesi. Come and experience this unique festival!

Mänttä Music Festival 6–10 August 2014 Mänttä

Finland’s only annual international piano festival draws the top names of the piano world, Finnish greats and young talents to Mänttä. In addition to piano concerts, the programme features a children’s concert, an entertaining club evening with surprise performers and free events. The main concert venue of the festival is the new museum building of the Gösta Museum in Joenniemi, which has won architectural awards.

Musiikkia! Ruovesi Chamber Music Festival Š Kaapo Kamu


Tammerkosken Sillalla


The nine-day city festival Tammerkosken Sillalla will be held in Tampere in late June and early July. The festival tent in the Central Square and clubs around the city centre offer more than 30 events, most of which are free of charge. The programme features concerts for children and young people, events for seniors, performances by choirs and dance groups, popular music and rock evenings and entertaining sing-alongs.

Blockfest is being organised for the 7th time this year, and has been sold out every year. The urban festival is held in Ratinanniemi in Tampere city centre. The outdoor event attracted 30,000 visitors in summer 2013 and has quickly become one of Finland’s most popular urban music festivals. In addition to stars of the Finnish music scene, the Blockfest stage has also seen American legends like Wu-Tang Clan and Ice Cube.

27 June–5 July 2014, 26 June–4 July 2015 Tampere

1–2 August 2014 Tampere


16–19 July 2014, 15–18 July 2015 Tampere The 20th Tammerfest fills the streets, clubs, restaurants and other venues of Tampere in the middle of the most glorious summer. The fourday festival offers the highlights of Finnish music, stand-up comedians and the most interesting up-and-coming performers. Tammerfest can be heard both indoors as well as out. It will bring over 200 shows to over 15 clubs of various sizes, as well as the Ratina Stadium – with the festival atmosphere reaching the skies. Tammerfest – four days of fun and play. Come and join us!


Tammerfest Š Kari Savolainen


Tapsan Tahdit

Lost In Music

The Finnish popular music festival Tapsan Tahdit is held in Nokia in August as a three-day event. The Iskelmä Finlandia popular music award, which has been awarded since 2001, is also part of the festival. The festival tent in Pirkkalaistori Square will host Finnish stars, not to mention local talents. In addition to the swinging evening programme, the festival also includes plenty of free daytime events.

Lost In Music is an annual urban festival held in downtown Tampere, where over 100 artists perform for an audience of up to 15,000 in the central venues of Tampere. The festival showcases new and current music across genres ranging from pop to world music and from hiphop to metal. The venues are the best and most central of Tampere, all within a walking distance from the city centre. Come and see the stars of today and tomorrow!

8–10 August 2014, 7–9 August 2015 Nokia

15–18 October 2014 Tampere

Monsters of Pop

11–13 September 2014 Tampere Monsters of Pop is a club festival that has been organised since 2006. MOP features electronic music, indie pop, buzzing guitars and art music. The festival strives to be the first to present the freshest and most interesting Finnish indie groups in Tampere. Over the years, many international performers have also graced the MOP stage, the biggest names being Alan Braxe (FRA), Martin Rev (US) and Familjen (SWE).

y Event Imaginable r e ! Ev 5th International Tampere Beatles Happening 28.-29.3.2014 |

Monsters of Pop Š Sakari Karipuro


Tampere Biennale

Sata-Häme Soi International Accordion Festival

Tampere Biennale introduces the most essential phenomena of contemporary Finnish music as well as the most current composers and latest compositions. For five days, curious ears may be taken by surprise and captured by previously unheard premieres. In addition to concerts and club nights, the festival offers art exhibitions, discussions about music and events for families. The preliminary event “Biennale soi Metsossa” (“Biennale plays at Metso library”) will take place on 24–26 March 2014.

The Sata-Häme Soi International Accordion Festival is characterised by the summer, accordion and lake scenery. The accordion shows its many faces by filling the festival with hop, pop, jazz, rock, classical, modern and world music. The weeklong festival features stunning concerts, competitions, dancing and togetherness. Accordions do it all!

9–13 April 2014 Tampere

1–6 July 2014, 30 June–5 July 2015 Ikaalinen

Tampere Guitar Festival

Workers’ Music Festival

Tampere Guitar Festival is an annual festival held in early June. Its special focus is promoting the diversity of acoustic guitar music. Free OFFclubs, the Tampere Region guitar tour and concerts at Tampere Hall offer music for many tastes in six municipalities. In 2014, the festival celebrates its 10th anniversary with nearly 50 events.

The Workers’ Music Festival is a festival with long traditions, taking place in the unique milieu of UPM’s Tervasaari mill area and the Myllysaari museum. Organised for the 43th time this year, the four-day event held in late July offers current hits, rhythms, politics and substance for the whole family – without forgetting the best of workers’ music. The festival is organised by the non-profit association Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma.

31 May–8 June 2014, 30 May–7 June 2015 Tampere Region

24–27 July 2014 Valkeakoski

World of Tango Š Kari Savolainen


Tampere Jazz Happening

Tampere Vocal Music Festival

The international programme of Tampere Jazz Happening brings together the top names and future trend-setters of modern jazz. The festival is known for its warm atmosphere and open-minded approach to modern jazz. The most current Finnish performers and international top artists play in the festival’s concert halls and intimate club sessions into the small hours of the night.

The largest Finnish festival for choirs and vocal ensembles celebrates its 40th anniversary with the theme “Jean Sibelius 150 years”. The programme of this international event includes a multitude of concerts, an extensive chorus review and a spectacular contest for vocal ensembles. Explore the wonderful world of making music at our high-quality courses. The series of free concerts titled “Feel the Festival!” takes performances from the stage and brings them to the streets and market places.

30 October–2 November 2014, 29 October–1 November 2015 Tampere

3–7 June 2015 Tampere

Andy Warhol, Skull, 1976, museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien, Vienna © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Inc, by SIAE 2014 © museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien, Leihgabe der Österreichischen Ludwig Stiftung

8.3. – 28.5.2014

The Young Artist of the Year

Janne Nabb Maria Teeri 10.5.–17.8.2014

Sara Hildénin taidemuseo Laiturikatu 13

Tampereen taidemuseo Puutarhakatu 34

Aphrodite’s Empire Beauty, Love and Passion in Antiquity 21.3.–19.10.2014 Alaverstaanraitti 5 puh. 03 5656 6966

Tampere Jazz HappeningŠ Kari Savolainen


Tampere Dance Current Contemporary Dance Festival 20–25 May 2014 Tampere

Tampere Flamenco Festival

Tampere Dance Current Contemporary Dance Festival brings the most captivating performers and productions of Finnish contemporary dance to town. The programme of the six-day annual festival held in the spring features powerful Finnish contemporary dance productions by both young talents and experienced choreographers, dance videos, audience discussions and club nights. The festival, which has been organised since 1997, is produced by Dance Theatre MD.

Tampere Flamenco Festival is the largest and oldest flamenco festival in the Nordic countries. It is internationally acknowledged and well regarded in the homeland of flamenco, Spain. The event has also established its position outside the world of flamenco, among the summer cultural events of both Tampere and Finland. Most of the brightest stars of the world flamenco scene have performed here, as have important Finnish flamenco artists.


Pispala Schottische Dance Mania

SottiisiMoves is the largest dance event in the Nordic countries. It unites the Pispala Schottische International Folklore Festival and the national Nuori Kulttuuri Moves dance review. Approximately 3,500 dancers will participate in the festival, which anticipates around 40,000 visitors. The event is open to all forms of dance ranging from street dance to ballet and from show dance to folk dance. SottiisiMoves combines not just dance, but also living tradition and cultural youth work.

Magical Mania! The troupers of folk dance meet the young talents in Dance Mania held in Tampere. The Mania presents the most interesting pieces of folk dance with performers arriving from Finland and all over the Nordic Countries. Dance theatre professionals and amateur groups alike take the stage. Dance Mania’s discussion forum “Tanhujalostamo” delves into dance evaluation and choreographers have their own competition.

11–15 June 2014 Tampere

21–26 July 2014 Tampere

September–October 2015 Tampere

Tampere Dance Current Contemporary Dance Festival / Regular Guests (Virva Talonen) © Raisa Kilpeläinen


Tomatoes!Tomatoes! Stand-up Comedy Festival

Tampere Theatre Festival

Tomatoes!Tomatoes! Stand-up Comedy Festival is being held in Tampere for the 6th time. The venues include Hullu Poro, Ilves Bar & Night, Teerenpeli, YO-talo, Kulttuuriravintola Kivi, TTT-Klubi and the Tampere Hall’s Sorsapuistosali. The performers are some of Finland’s top comedians, such as Ismo Leikola, Riku Suokas, Jacke Björklund, Ilari Johansson and Mika Eirtovaara.

The annual Tampere Theatre Festival is a major European theatre event known for its fresh and thought-provoking programme. The focus of this festival is Finnish and international 20th century drama, renewed classics, dance theatre, contemporary circus and street theatre. The festival features the Main Programme, the Programme Tent, Restaurant Festival Encorebaana, OFF Tampere, and a special event night called the Nocturnal Happening, along with numerous theatre discussions, workshops and meetings.

13–15 March 2014, 12–14 March 2015 Tampere

4–10 August 2014, 3–9 August 2015 Tampere

Mukamas 2014 – International Puppet Theatre Festival 12–17 May 2014 Tampere

Mukamas Theatre will host the 9th International Puppet Theatre Festival in Tampere in May. During the festival week, puppetry takes over the stages of Tampere, offering performances for all ages: children, the young and the young at heart. In addition to national highlights, the festival showcases interesting guests from Central Europe and the other Nordic countries, for example.

Youth Theatre Festival MURROS

21–23 November 2014, 20–22 November 2015 Tampere MURROS is a high-quality theatre festival that is open to all, with both national and international youth productions. The performances at the event are mainly by young people aged 13–20. The aim is to offer the audience interesting and high-quality experiences, give young theatre artists the opportunity to showcase their skills, organise targeted training and promote the international exchange of performances, directors and trainers.

Tampere Theatre Festival /KOM-theatre, Three Sisters Š Noora Geagea


Mänttä Art Festival

Triennial of Pirkanmaa

Curator Minna Joenniemi seizes the moment. Artists observe moments, immortalise and create them. Next summer’s Mänttä Art Festival will explore the present, sharing and hospitality. Mänttä will host an exhibition that seizes the moment with all the senses, with the methods of several art forms and a combination of critical analysis and appreciation of joie de vivre. Come and join us, and bring someone to join you in wonderment. Shared experiences are stronger.

The Triennial of Pirkanmaa is a showcase of contemporary art in the Tampere Region, held every three years. The 6th Triennial will take place in 2015. Its theme, dates and curator will be announced at the end of 2014.

15 June–31 August 2014, 14 June–31 August 2015 Mänttä

spring–summer 2015 Tampere Region

Backlight Photo Festival

5 September–9 November 2014 Tampere The theme of Backlight ’14 explores the tensions between individuals, communities and societies and the forces that both unite and separate us: trust, love, fear, addiction, hope, suspicion, values, isolation, religion, poverty, shared history, self-indulgence, sense of safety, money, desperation... The core of the exploration holds the seen and created forms of the forces that move us in contemporary photography.

Evergreen designs Arts and Crafts Center V E R K A R A N TA Verkatehtaankatu 2, Tampere Mon-Fri 10-18 Sat-Sun 11-16 03 225 1409 entrance 4/3 €

Mänttä Art Festival / Erno Enkenberg: White Noise (paper, foamboard, plastic) © Kari Savolainen


Tampere Film Festival

Reikäreuna Film Festival

The oldest and grandest short-film festival of Northern Europe was established in 1969, but still offers something new annually in Tampere. Both international and domestic competitions present the latest crème de la crème of short films, and special programmes screen the highlights of all genres. The festival screenings, seminars, exhibitions and clubs bring together friends of film for five memorable days in March.

Reikäreuna Film Festival is held at the old Orivesi Railway Station in September. This is a festival where you can watch short films while sitting in a hot tub or go to an art exhibition in just a towel. The festival also features films with live music, discussion events for the visitors, master classes, music performances, a film competition, performance art and surprising stunts. You cannot avoid culture at Orivesi Station! Reikäreuna is part of Orivesi Summer Festivals.

5–9 March 2014, 4–8 March 2015 Tampere

3–7 September 2014 Orivesi

Tampere is a city of events. Bold. Alluring. Different. Modern. Known both as pleasant host city for events and a reliable partner. Both small and large events benefit from Tampere's high quality settings and services. Tampere is accessible. It is uncomplicated place to be and move around in and to feel with all the senses. We aim to inspire experimental events and experiences which creatively utilize urban space. Tampere is yours. How may we help you? kuva: Emil Bobyrev

Free admission

Reikäreuna Film Festival © Annika Miettinen


Tampere Kuplii Comics Festival

The Days of Old Literature

Tampere Kuplii Comics Festival is a five-day comics event in central Tampere full of good spirit, bringing together comic makers and enthusiasts from around Finland. The festival features exhibitions, sales tables, comics magazines, talk shows, a Cosplay competition and comics signings. Every year, Tampere Kuplii awards the Comic Finlandia prize to a distinguished domestic comic album. The festival is free of charge.

This national, free-of-charge literature event draws nearly 20,000 visitors each year. The foundation of the event is second-hand book sales. New books and literature news can be found in the booths of publishers and organisations. The programme also features seminars built around an annual theme, a book auction, exhibitions, a concert and children’s book event. The unique atmosphere is not to be missed!

Annikki Poetry Festival

Pentinkulma Literature Festival

Annikki Poetry Festival, which will be held in a lovely wooden milieu on 7 June 2014, has become one of Finland’s foremost poetry events. The festival’s focus is still on poetry, although it has expanded to include prose, music and the visual arts. In addition to Finnish performers, the festival also features important foreign poets. The off programme Annikki OFF, which has grown around the festival, sprawls over the city on 4–6 June 2014. The theme for the 2014 festival is “Play”.

The traditional national literature festival explores thrill, madness and unusual frames of mind with the theme “Thrill of the text, landscapes of the mind”. Urjala, the birthplace of Väinö Linna, will once again host a colourful collection of writers, academics and literature enthusiasts to enjoy and explore literature and its phenomena. Come and experience the thrill!

26–30 March 2014, 25–29 March 2015 Tampere

7 June 2014, 6 June 2015 Tampere

27–28 June 2014, 26–27 June 2015 Sastamala

27 July–3 August 2014, July–August 2015 Urjala

Tampere Theatre Festival / Silence Š Monica Pormale


Art Festivo

Tampere Floral Festival

Art Festivo is a diverse music and culture festival held in Parkano and Kihniö in April. The festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with a strong local theme. The four-day event offers culture lovers a feast of culture in various art forms. Come and experience the twentyyear-old Art Festivo!

Have fun at the Floral Festival! Eight days of glorious flowers and free events in Tampere city centre. The festival is ideal for families and has something for everyone. Frenckell Wine Village, samba carnival, ferris wheel, floral terrace, market café, music and fun performances, and much more. You can also rise high above the crowd to experience culinary delights with an unforgettable Dinner in the Sky. Join the fun – why not wear your favourite floral dress!

3–6 April 2014 Parkano and Kihniö

26 July–2 August 2014 Tampere

Orivesi Summer Festivals

10 May–13 September 2014, 9 May–12 September 2015 Orivesi Orivesi Summer Festivals comprise several events. There are concerts, art and literature events at Orivesi College of Arts, Purnu Art Exhibition, SuviDesign and Rönni Open Air Theatre, not to mention regular open-air dances from May to September at the Rönni Entertainment Centre and the Reikäreuna Film Festival in early September.

SuviDesign / Anne Meskanen-Barman: Greenhouse Š Kari Savolainen


Chilifest Finland

World of Tango

Finland’s hottest festival Chilifest Finland is held annually in midAugust on Tampere Central Square. As the name says, the focus of the festival is on chili pepper and chili derivatives, but the event also features barbecue and other strong flavours, such as garlic. The event is free of charge and suitable for families.

World of Tango festival is an international cross-artistic event held in Tampere in September. At the heart of the event is the art of tango and sustaining it. The concerts present top-quality domestic and international artists. The programme also offers art exhibitions, dance courses, film screenings, lectures… Pre-programme is 12–18 September, Art Exhibitions 1–30 September, and Wine and Beer Fiesta 12–21 September, 2014.

15–17 August 2014, August 2015 Tampere

Main programme 19–21 September 2014, 18–20 September 2015 Tampere

Moninkertainen Vuoden Olutravintola. Ruokaa, viinejä...! \•[ ”Beer Restaurant of the year” for several times! \•[ Многократно титулованный ”Пивной Ресторан Года” Центрально-европейская кухня

Hämeenpuisto 23, 33210 Tampere puh. (03) 2141 553

Moderni ta pasbaari, re nnolla otte Modern Ta ella tyylikk p a äästi s B a r, relaxed & Модерн Та stylish пас-бар, Р асслабляю щая стиль обстановк ная а

Pellavatehtaankatu 19, 33100 Tampere puh. (03) 225 5331 |

World of Tango Š Kari Savolainen


Good reason No 135 to Come to a Sokos Hotel

Refreshing holiday

FULL OF CULTURE Prices for Original Sokos Hotel Villa from


100 € / pp/ night / in a double room


The price is a leisure price for S Group co-op members; others must pay an additional charge of 9 €/room/night. The price depends on the date and the hotel. A limited number of rooms at this price are available.

1. TAMPERE • • • • • • •







Ruovesi Ylöjärvi




9 3

Tampere Hämeenkyrö

8 7


1 Kangasala Pirkkala





Vesilahti Valkeakoski

Theatre Mukamas © Patrick/Grass





• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Annikin Poetry Festival Backlight Photo Festival Blockfest Chilifest Finland Lost In Music Monsters of Pop MUKAMAS 2014 – International Puppet Festival Pispala Scottische Dance Mania SottiisiMoves Tammerfest Tammerkosken Sillalla Tampere Biennale Tampere Dance Current Contemporary Festival Tampere Film Festival Tampere Flamenco Festival Tampere Floral Festival Tampere Guitar Festival Tampere Jazz Happening Tampere Kuplii Comics Festival Tampere Theatre Festival Tampere Vocal Music Festival Tomatoes!Tomatoes! Stand up-comedy Festival Triennal of Pirkanmaa Tampere Guitar Festival Youth Theatre Festival MURROS World of Tango


4. MÄNTTÄ-VILPPULA • Mänttä Art Festival • Mänttä Music Festival

5. VALKEAKOSKI • Workers’ Music Festival

6. URJALA • Pentinkulma Literature Festival

7. SASTAMALA • the Days of Old Literature • Sastamala Gregoriana – Early Music Festival


• Tapsan Tahdit


• Sata-Häme Soi International Accordion Music Festival

10. PARKANO AND KIHNIÖ • Art Festivo

! u o Y r o f s l a v Festi ere Region, Tamp Finland

• Musiikkia! Ruovesi Chamber Music Festival


• Orivesi Summer Festivals

Tampere Region Festivals 2014  

Festivals for You! Tampere Region, Finland

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