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Isaac Leung Collected Photographic Works

Part I

Fashion Portfolio

A vintage look with owing fabrics, bold colours and paîˆĽerns, hints of corsetry and old world glamour. The classics never die. Stylist/Design: Natalie Cheung HMUA: Jane @ The PhotoJaneic Model: Jessica Wodzga

Country Elegance

I knew your heart I couldn't win Cause the season's change was a conduit And we'd leîˆŻ our love in our summer skin HMUA: Jane @ ThePhotoJaneic Models: Serena @ Garence & Florian Houbre

A Promise of Summer

With musing step I pace the silent isle, Each moss-grown nook, each tangled path explore, While the breeze whistles through the shaîˆĽer'd pile, Or wave light-dashing murmurs on the shore. Model: Victoria @ The Teal Maiden

The Aristocrat

City skyline under a menacing sky Urban chic in black, a sharp silhoueîˆĽe DeďŹ es the metropolitan lines and the storm Stylist: Judy S Lee @ JLEESTYLE HMUA: Lisa Fulginiti Model: Valentina @ Elite Model Management

LBD Remixed

The soîˆŻest of light from a season of endings Caresses, wraps, whispers Of promises of spring and the delights of summer Model: Alana Hehalana

Autumnal Florals

Cherry lips and punk leather Spikes render the delectable inedible Red and black and silver, woven with shadow Stylist/Designer/HMUA: Atelier M Models: Ita, Straw, Alana Hehalana

Fruits Fetish

Worn weatherboards. Bricks and mean machines. Sharp suits to bow ties to casual T-shirts. We spent an aîˆŻernoon with the sun, the boys and the zombies. Design: Siete Clothing Co Stylist: Briana Catherine Wall Models: Adam Sami, Dennis Dee Theodorou

Siete Clothing Co

Part II

Concepts and Fantasies

Inspired by the masters of street photography We set out on a journey to discover The true colour of the sky. Stylist/HMUA/Model: Jane @ The PhotoJaneic

Camera Girl

A girl who lives in the forest Spends the sunlit day amongst dappled trees And ďŹ nds companionship with squirrels and blossoms. Model: Alana Hehalana

Mori (Forest)

Within her sleep, the dreamer ďŹ nds Herself her greatest nightmare And light, both deceptive and revealing. Model, MUA: Alana Hehalana

The Black

In a slumber enchanted by your image I dreamt of happiness, passionate mirage, Your eyes were soer, your voice pure and resonant, You shone like a sky lit up by the dawn; You called me and I le the earth To run away with you towards the light, e skies opened their clouds for us, Unknown splendours, divine flashes glimpsed, Alas! Alas! sad awakening from dreams I call you, O night, give me back your lies, Return, return radiant, Return, O mysterious night!

Après un rêve

Isaac Leung: Portfolio  

Photographic portfolio spanning 2012 and 2013, fashion works by Isaac Leung.

Isaac Leung: Portfolio  

Photographic portfolio spanning 2012 and 2013, fashion works by Isaac Leung.