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BIENVENIDOS! WELCOME! O´HIGGINS 160 VALDIVIA- Región de los Ríos Phone: 0056-63-225467 0056-9-77372511




Spanish Forts by BoatValdivia Description: Pick up at the hotel to walk or drive to the River Market, next to the Schuster dock. There we get on board for our navigation through the Valdivia river towards the Bay of Corral. Lunch on board. In the bay of Corral, we visit part of the 16th and 17th Century fort defense system of Valdivia, also know as 'the Key to the Southern Seas'. First we visit the Castillo de San Sebastian de la Cruz in Corral, then we navigate to the Mancera Island to visit the Castillo de San Pedro de Alcántara. Return to the Schuster dock. Afternoon tea on board. End of our services.

Our services include: •Boat Trip •Entry fees forts •Guide •Lunch •Afternoon Tea

Spanish Forts by Boat Duration Excursion: 6 hours

Includes Lunch and Afternoon Tea


Mehuin Mapuche Lafkenche- Valdivia Description: Pick up at the hotel. Leaving Valdivia in direction north, we arrive in the small town of San José de la Mariquina. From there we take the road towards the Pacific Ocean. At about 10km out of San Jose, we visit the original Mapuche Lafkenque ('People from the Sea') Ruka of Mr. Guillermo Tripailaf. In this authentic place we will get to know all about the culture and customs of the original inhabitants of the South of Chile. We continue our excursion towards the coast, where we have lunch in Mehuin, a small fishermen's town, where we take a walk on the beach. From here on we follow the coast in northern direction in order to visit the fishermen's bay in Queule. Lunch in Queule. After lunch, we spend some free time on the nearby beach. Return to Valdivia. End of our services.

Our services include: •Visit Ruka Mapuche •Guide •Lunch •Transport

Mehuin Mapuche Lafk enche Duration excursion: 8 hours

Difficulty: Low

Valdivia- Niebla Cultural- Valdivia Description: Pick-up at the hotel for a walk or drive to the River Market, a well known sales point of sea food, vegetables, fruit and local arts & crafts. From there on, we take the car and visit some interesting samples of the 1960 earthquake and of the architecture product of the Spanish and German colonization. We cross the center of the city in order the visit the typical highlights and the main market, Plaza de la República. Lunch in Valdivia. After lunch, we cross the river and visit the Historical and Colonial Museum, Museo Maurice Van der Maele, which offers a good collection starting from the Mapuche, the original inhabitants of this area, up to the German colonization. Afterwards, we drive to the coast in order to visit the Fort of Niebla (Castillo de la Limpia Concepción de Monfort de Lemus). Return to Valdivia with options to visit the Arboretum or the Botanical Gardens. (U.A.CH) End of our services.

Our services include: •Entry Fee for Museums •Guide •Lunch

Valdivia-Niebla Cultural Duration Excursión: 6 hours

Includes Lunch

City Tour PremiumValdivia Description:

Pick-up at the hotel for a walk or drive to the River Market, a well known sales point of sea food, vegetables, fruit and local arts & crafts. There we get on board for our boat trip through part of the river network of Valdivia, in order to take a historical, economical and social look at the city. Back at the Schuster dock, we visit some interesting samples of the 1960 earthquake and of the architecture product of the Spanish and German colonization. We cross the center of the city in order the visit the typical highlights and the main market, Plaza de la República. Lunch in Valdivia. End of our services.

Our services include: • Guide • Navigation • Lunch

City Tour Premium Duration Excursion: Half day

Includes Lunch

Península San RamónValdivia Description: Pick up at the hotel to walk or drive to the River Market, next to the Schuster dock. There we get on board for our navigation through the Valdivia, Guacamayo and Angachilla Rivers, towards the San Ramon Peninsula, where we enjoy the exquisite southern gastronomy. After lunch you have free time for activities or walks in the park, where you will get to know species of the Valdivian Rainforest that are more than 100 years old. Return by boat to the Schuster dock. End of our services.

Our services include: •Boat Trip •Guide •Lunch •Afternoon Tea

Península San Ramón Duration Excursion: 8 hours

Includes Lunch and Afternoon Tea


Pacific Ocean and Chaihuin- Valdivia Description: We leave Valdivia in the direction of Niebla, where we cross the bay of Corral by transborder towards Corral. In Corral we continue by car to Chaihuin. The drive along the coastal road offers us spectacular views on the Pacific Ocean and the according vegetation. In Chaihuin we visit the walking trail ‘Sendero de los Colmillos’ that leads us through the Valdivian Rainforest to gorgeous sandy beaches. Afterwards, we visit the Mapuche- Lafkenche (‘People of the Coast’) community, where they show us their typical gastronomy and arts& carfts. Lunch at the authentic Ruka. After lunch, we visit an observation point where we see a huge colony of sea lions in their natural habit. Return to Valdivia by transborder. End of our services.

Our services include: • • • • •

Guide Transport by vehicle Transborder Entry Fee in Observation Point Lunch

Pacific Ocean and Chaihuin Duration Excursion: 6 hours

Includes Lunch


Canopy Fundo ChollincoLago Ranco Description: Get to know the Valdivian Rainforest for a different angle: enjoy the Canopy in Fundo Chollinco, Llifén. A total of 8 lines cover 1.200m, with a level difference of 200m, passing on top of the Valdivian Rainforest and the river Calcurrupe. The instructors offer a demostration in the activities' center and then take the clients through the walking trail up to the first platform. The walking trail shows us an exquisite sample of the Valdivian Rainforest, where several species are identified. Then the emotion starts, with lines of different heigths and lengths, to end up in the Activities' Center. Fundo Chollinco offers additional activities, such a horseback riding, trekking and fishing. Or you can just enjoy a drink or lunch at the club house, with excellent views on the Calcurrupe river or the mountain ranges.

Our services include: •Specialized guides •Materials and Outfit •Entrance fee

Canopy Fundo Chollinco Duration Excursion: 1 hour

Difficulty: Low


Volcanic Park PuyehueLago Ranco Description: Departing from Puelcura at 8.30 am. taking a 4x4 wheel drive transport towards Ojos de Huishue passing by the Green Lagoon and the view point of Nilahue waterfalls. We continue until the view point of Pocura lagoon (a maar kind crater), at the point of Los Venados bridge, where Nilahue river meets Los Venados river. From there, a wonderful trekking of 6.46 miles through the Puyehue-Caulle volcanic complex where it is possible to see amazing rock formations, lagoons, wild vegetation of the kind Valdivian Rainforest, and several volcanoes (among them the Carran volcano, a recent volcano that has started to grow just 40 years ago). The trekking ends up in Rupameica Alto, where the impressive Ojos del Huishue waterfalls are located. After having a very well deserved lunch and rest, we will visit Ojos de Huishue and the places nearby. The way back on a 4X4 transportation on the other side of the river, a short visit to La Mula bridge. You can also choose to do the whole tour by car.

Our services include: •Transport •Beverages (water and soft drinks) and snacks. •Lunch •Tour Guide •Entrance Fee for Ojos de Huishue waterfalls

Volcanic Park PuyehueCaulle Distance Trekking:

10 km

Duration Excursion

8 hours




Lunch and Snack


Photo Safari Ríver Calcurrupe- Lago Ranco Description:

Departure from Puelcura, transport towards the Los Llolles port on the Maihue Lake. There we board our MacKenzie boat that will take us down on the Calcurrupe river to the Ranco lake. The trip takes us to beautiful landscapes and views, and we will enjoy the fauna&flora from the Valdivian Rainforest. Halfway we stop to have a picknick, in the middle of this impressive surroundings. Arrival at the lake and transport to Puelcura. End of our services.

Our services include: • • • •

Transport by vehicle Navigation Guide Picknick

Photo Safari Ríver Calcurrupe Duration Excursion: 6 hours

Includes Picknick


Photo Safari Lake Maihue- Lago Ranco Description: Departure from Puelcura by vehicule, towards the northern shore of the Maihue lake, passing by the Sichahue hill, the Rio Blanco and Curriñe. We stop over in Maihue town, then take the road that follows the lake shore. From the heights, deep turquoise waters and white sands beaches can be seen and photographed. We enjoy a picknick and visit the waterfalls at the end of the road. Return to Puelcura. End of our services.

Our services include: •Land transportation •Beverages (water and soft drinks), snack. •Picnic •Guide

Photo Safari Maihue Duration Excursion: 8 hours

Difficulty: Low


Trekking Auquinco HillLago Ranco Description: Self-guided trekking, starting from Puelcura.Walk on the T665 road bound to Ranco lake, after 0,75 mi cross the bridge over Calcurrupe river and turn left on a nonasphalted road by the river. Beautiful landscapes can be seen to Ranco lake and small lagoons in the skirts of Auquinco hills.

Possibility of a guided walk: Our Services include: • Guide • Sof Drinks and Snack • Picknick

Trekking Auquinco Hill Distance: 16 km

Duration Excursion: 5 hours

Difficulty: Low


Seven Lakes RoutePanguipulli Description: Day 1: Lagoon Pullinque, Lake Calafquen, Lake Pellaifa, Lake Neltume, Lake Pirehueico and Lake Panguipulli, with views on 4 volcanoes (Villarrica, Quetrupillán, Lanín and Mocho Choshuenco) Day 2: Lake Panguipulli and Lake Riñihue

Our services include: • • • • •

Transport Guide Lunch Afternoon Tea Accommodation is NOT included in the price, please consult.

Seven Lakes Route Duration Excursion: 2 days

Difficulty: Low

Includes Lunch and Afternoon Tea


B. Accommodation


Cabañas del AbueloValdivia Description: Located in a heavenly nook of more than 7 acres overlooking the Los Enamorados beach in Niebla, just 20 kilometers away from Valdivia and having a spectacular sight of Corral bay, are 5 wide and comfortable 2 bedrooms cottages belonging to El Abuelo ecotourism complex. The cottages are surrounded by the Valdivian Rainforest native vegetation, and have direct entrance to the beach. The place is particularly good for trekking, sea side fishing and fauna and flora watching. To sum up: the best medicine against daily stress!

Personal attention by the ‘Abuelo’ (Grandfather), who really enjoys being your host! Facilities: •Private Bathroom •Laundry •TV cable/sat •Parking •Breakfast included •Heating

Cabañas del Abuelo 6 Bungalows for 36 people


Tourist Activities


Cabañas PuelcuraLago Ranco Description: Few kilometers away from Llifen marina, Llifen hot spring waters, and Calcurrupe river. Imagine enjoying a sunset reflected in the lake, while sitting on the balcony of your full equipped bungalow, surrounded by the beauty of the Valdivian Rainforest. Our bungalows for 2 people are the perfect oasis for a romantic weekend or for connecting with the natural attractions of the Ranco lake and its surroundings. We also have 2-bedrooms bungalows. That and much more is what we offer you, besides a personalized attention by the owners, opening the “quincho” (BBQ place) for a big breakfast (don’t miss the “Puelcura eggs”), a delicious lunch, a traditional barbecue, or even special celebrations.

We provide a wide variety of boat tours and trekkings (PuyehueCaulle volcanic park, Maihue, Auquinco, Traun Kalin, etc.) photo safaris, Calcurrupe rafting, river-side fishing, trolling, cultural tours to Huapi island, ask for further information.

Cabañas Puelcura 6 Bungalows for 2-6 people

Barbecue Aera Available

Tourist Activities


Cabañas RaitueValdivia Description:

Cabañas Raitue is located in a quiet neighbourhood in Valdivia city, at only a few blocks away from the city center, where you will find restaurants and places to have a drink or dance. We have 19 cottages of 430,56 ft², fully equipped kitchenette and comfortable bedrooms. Either business or pleasure, in our comfortable cottages you will find the best environment for you and your family.

Facilities: •Private parking •Night guard •Maid service •Internet WI-FI •Cable T.V. •Breakfast included •Central heating

Cabañas Raitue 19 Bungalows


Tourist Activities


Fundo Chollinco Lodge- Lago Ranco Description: Where you will find warm and comfortable native wooden cottages with beautiful landscapes steering over the mountain range and the river, they also have central heating and maid service. The perfect starting point is the club house, which offers lunch service, bar and studio. It is attended by the owners guaranteeing a personalized care and service. Everything is decorated with a delightful selection of wood, handcrafts and wool clothing from the area. In summer you can enjoy the swimming pool in the center of the big main garden placed into a big volcanic rock; and there are lots of different activities for our guests such as trekking, horse back riding, fishing, canopy or simply relaxing in our private beach or in the club house’s balcony, everything in just one place!

Fundo Chollinco Lodge has a private landing strip for small planes, both for getting to or going from the place and going on air tours. Wide gardens and parks with endemic flora and fauna will catch the nature lovers.

Fundo Chollinco Lodge 3 Bungalows, 18 beds

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Facilities

Tourist Activitiess


Hotel Di TorlaschiValdivia Description: Your home in the Los Rios region! Three star hotel certified by NCH 2912 and by ISO 9001:2008, offers you 16 bedrooms and 16 fully equipped apartments, besides two conference rooms for 40 people. We are located at two blocks from the main square. A full breakfast buffet is included. Furthermore, hiring meals service is available under request. At the front desk you will be informed about the Valdivian gastronomy and the activities in town.

Facilities: •Private bathroom •Internet Wi-Fi •Laundry service •Cable/sat TV •Heating

Credit card PC ‘s in shared area English spoken Parking lot 2 Conference rooms

Hotel Di Torlaschi 15 Rooms, 16 Bungalows

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Facilities


Hostal Donde Marcelo- Valdivia Description: Located at very short distance from the bus station, in front of the river Calle-Calle, in a quiet area of the city, with the city center at only a couple of minutes away. Here you will find all comfort, facilities, and services, such as cable T.V., private bathroom, heating, wide parking lot, and some other facilities as laundry service and cafeteria, which ensures you having a pleasant stay. Warm and personalized attention from the owners will help you to discover the secrets and magic of Valdivia.

For those who like the beauty of Valdivian Rainforest, we offer tours around the most precious nooks of the south of Chile. English and German spoken.

Hostel Donde Marcelo 8 Rooms


Tourist Activities


Hotel El CastilloValdivia Description: From an ancient residence from 1920, with strong traces of German colonization, a beautiful and unique hotel has being built, just steering at the sea, surrounded by gorgeous endemic gardens, decorated with antique furniture nonetheless equipped with all modern facilities to spend a wonderful staying. We offer 11 bedrooms and 6 new fully equipped apartments. 3 stars, certified according to CH 2912 standards. Facilities: •Parking lot •Phoning DDN y DDI •Internet •Swimming pool •Luggage custody •24 hour Reception

Safe box Central heating Quincho for 20 people (BBQ room) Laundry service Fax Cafeteria

Hotel Del Castillo 11 Rooms & 6 Tourist Apartments

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Hotel MelillancaValdivia Description: Hotel Melillanca (4 stars) is located in the center of the beautiful city Valdivia, only three blocks away from the Main Square and the city waterfront. We offer 71 nicely furnished rooms, all of them with central heating, and a private parking, and sauna and gym. We will be happy to receive you in our International Bar Los Avellanos, with capacity for 40 people, and in our restaurant Los Alerces, decorated in colonial style and with capacity for 120 people, both of them ideal spaces to host private and professional events.

Furthermore, 9 fully equipped conference halls are also available, with a capacity of up to 250 people. Melillanca has its own emergency power supply, which guarantees the continuity of all the services in the hotel, making it the perfect alternative for hosting conferences, events and meetings.

Hotel Melillanca 71 Rooms

Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Facilities

Tourist Activities


Hotel Ri単imapuPanguipulli Description: A charming and warm place located just where San Pedro River takes its waters from Ri単ihue Lake. The hotel is located in a beautiful park of over 50 acres: the richness of natural environment within the Valdivian Rainforest enhances activities as trekking, fishing, tennis, bike riding, horse back riding, fauna and flora watching, or just relaxing and enjoying the view at the Mocho-Choshuenco Volcano. Ri単imapu Hotel has superb facilities and services, 14 double rooms and 3 suites with gorgeous views, room service, an international restaurant, bar, several conference rooms and studios, all decorated with an exquisite selection of woods, wool crafts and fireplaces.

To sum up: the perfect place to spend your holidays in the south of the world!

Hotel Ri単imapu 17 Rooms

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Tourist Activities


O´HIGGINS 160 VALDIVIA Phone: 0056-63-225467 0056-9-77372511


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