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By Alfred Argyle -

We have witnessed the rise of various social networking platforms such as Facebook in the recent years. As per some estimates, around 2 billion people around the world use internet for various purposes. Further, millions of people access various social networking websites. Thus, these sites such as Facebook provide a big advertising opportunity to the advertisers. In fact Facebook marketing has become very popular among the advertisers around the world. What Is Pirater Un Compte Facebook History of Facebook: It was set up in the year 2004 and since then, it has seen a meteoric rise in its popularity. As per official figures, its global revenues had crossed over 300 Million USD in the year 2008 and it is expected that these figures would certainly move northwards in the coming times. Its popularity is mainly due to the numerous exciting applications provided by it to both the individual users and advertisers alike.

This website was created by four Harvard University students namely Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin. The original purpose of setting up this website was to provide university students a platform to connect among themselves. It later expanded to various other universities nearby such as the Ivy League and Standford University. A popular website had reported in the year 2009 that Facebook was the most popular social networking site. Its popularity has risen mainly due to its elegant interface and variety of applications that are provided to the customers. There have been numerous attempts of buying Facebook by big organizations such as Yahoo but those attempts have not materialized till now.

Most big corporations are registered with Facebook and are using it as a platform to connect with their customers. There are numerous applications which have been used quite effectively by them to connect with their customers. Facebook allows creation of profile pages, discussion forums and polls etc which can be used by these organizations to gauge the feedback of the customers for their products. This feedback can be used to improve upon their policies, products and services.

Facebook has even started creation of customized advertisement campaigns for different organizations. Using this, audience is presented relative advertisement to their location, age, gender etc. This helps the individual users to get access of advertisement of such products which might be useful to them. For example a person living in a cold location such as Alaska would be shown advertisement of heating solutions. Further, the female members would be presented advertisement of prom dresses.

Such utilities have helped in the rapid popularity of Facebook. Millions of users access Facebook daily and efforts are being put to develop effective tools to tap the huge fan following for advertisements. The different advertisers can create groups and promote them among the users who have related interests.

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We have witnessed the rise of various social networking platforms such as Facebook in the recent years. As per some estimates, around 2 bill...

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