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2015 Fall Sports Guide

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Cover 1 Table of Contents/Board of Education/Superintendent 2 Welcome to Pattonville 3 Varsity Football 4 Junior Varsity/Freshman Football 5 Boys’ Varsity Soccer 6 Boys’ Junior Varsity/Freshman Soccer 7 Girls’ Varsity Volleyball 8 Girls’ Junior Varsity/Freshman Volleyball 9 Varsity Softball 10 Junior Varsity/Freshman Softball 11 Boys’ Cross Country 12

Girls’ Cross Country 13 Varsity Field Hockey 14 Junior Varsity Field Hockey 15 Boys’ Varsity Swimming 16 Girls’ Varsity Golf 17 Girls’ Varsity Tennis 18 Marching Band 19 Cheerleaders 20 Drill Team 21 Advertisements 22 Yearbook Order Form 23 Senior Ad Order Form 24

board of education

Ruth Petrov, President

Cindy Jeanne Candler, Schottmueller, Vice-president Secretary

Andrea Glenn, Treasurer

Ralph Stahlhut, Treasurer

Robert Dillon, Director

Mary Kay Campbell, Director

central office Dr. Michael Fulton, Superintendent

welcome to pattonville


Dr. Joe Dobrinic, Principal

Mr. Bob Hebrank, Activities Coordinator

Welcome Pirates fans to the 2015-2016 school year! It is that great time of the year again when spring sports begin. We enter a new season with high expectations and a committment to excellence, which is the tradition of Pattonville athletics. We are proud of our students and wish them every success this year. We take pride in our students and our community. Go Pirates! The 2015-2016 Pattonville High School Fall Sports Guide has been produced by the members of the Pirate Press newspaper staff and adviser Brian Heyman. Stories and coverage produced by Jordan Colquitt, Jeffrey Hart, Sarah Ponder, Ross Reynolds, Kyle Rhodes, Keondiss Smith, Camron Washington, Erykah White, Lauren Williams. The Pirate Press is the open forum newspaper of Pattonville High School. The opinions published are of the publication and are open to criticism. As the members of the 2015-2016 staff, we dedicate ourselves to the accurate and objective dissemination of information to all readers. We will protect and exercise our First Amendment rights. The viewpoints of all staff members are to be regarded as separate from those of our administration, faculty, peers and adviser.

Pattonville High School Address: 2497 Creve Coeur Mill Road Main Office Phone: (314) 213-8051 Sports Hotline: (314) 213-TEAM (8326) Athletic Website:

Mascot: Pirates Superintendent: Dr. Michael Fulton Principal: Dr. Joe Dobrinic Activities Coordinator: Mr. Bob Hebrank

boys’ varsity football


PVF opens season ranked No. 10 in area By Jeffrey Hart After having a breakout season last year, the improved varsity football team is aiming for an even better season this year. Last year, the team claimed a 7-4 record and its first playoff win since 2007. This year, the team plans to top that having received plenty of off-season attention. Two Pattonville defenders were ranked in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch High School Football “Super 30.” Senior inside linebacker Jordan Wilkes ranked No. 27 and senior outside linebacker Markail Williams ranked No. 21. Wilkes recorded 72 tackles last season, which included 10 tackles for losses. He also recorded 8 sacks, 2 interceptions, and 2 forced fumbles. “It feels good to know that my hard work is being noticed, but at the same time it pushes me to work harder because I feel that I should be ranked higher,” Wilkes said. Williams recorded 40 tackles last season, which includes 7 for losses. He also recorded 4 interceptions and 3 sacks. “It feels great but it also lets me know that I need to work on my craft,” Williams said, “because who likes settling for anything other than No. 1?” Sophomore starting quarterback Kaleb Eleby also received attention this off-season. He plans to improve this season coming off an excellent freshman year posting 2,239 passing yards with 18 passing touchdowns and just 7 interceptions. “This season I want to make sure that I’m giving 100 percent in everything I do on and off the field, lead the team and improve as a quarterback,” Eleby said. “The goal for this team is more than just winning, but the desire to become better men, build a brotherhood, improve from last year, and have fun.” Key returning players in 2015 will be Wilkes, Williams, Josh Jackson, Chris Poindexter, Rico Anthony, Eleby, Austin Huls, Robert Bailey, Anthony Green, Calvin Smith and Kelsey Williams. Important new players in 2015 are kicker Gavin Rodawald, offensive linemen Mario Rowland and Marquis Hayes, and defensive linemen Darion Clark and Jordan Vence. Head coach Steve Smith said the team needs the support of the fans to be successful on the road. “No one travels to road games like the Pirate fans,” Smith said. “We look forward to seeing all Pirates, young and old, coming to cheer on their Pirate Boys. We are Pattonville. We are #VilleMade.”

# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 28 30 32 33 34 35 38 39 40 41

2015 Roster NAME GRADE POS Williams, Kelsey 12 WR/DB Smith, Calvin 11 WR/DB Green, Anthony 12 WR/DB Washington, Camron 11 RB/LB Eleby, Kaleb 10 QB/DB Jones, Cyrus 12 OL/DL Shelton, Charles 10 WR/DB Davis, Isaiah 11 WR/DB Poindexter, Chris 12 RB/DB/KR Vence, Jordan 11 TE/DE Williams, Markail 12 WR/LB Perkins, Kameron 10 QB/DB Brown, Jesse 11 WR/DB Jordan, Lonnie 12 WR/DB Fisk, Cory 10 QB/ LB Payne, Darnell 12 WR/DB Boswell, Jimmy 10 P/WR Miles, Tyrell 10 WR/DB Brown, Orlando 11 WR/DB Djuraev, Azim 12 WR/DB Avery, Ahmad 11 RB/DB Wilkes, Jordan 12 RB/LB Jackson, Josh 12 WR/DB Jordan, Larenzo 11 RB/LB Perry, Jo’Mar 11 RB/DB Smith, Caronn 10 RB/DB Lowe, Anthony 12 RB/LB Anderson, Azonti 11 RB/LB Johnson, Devion 12 RB/LB Ellison, David 10 RB/DB Patterson, Devion 11 RB/DB Royal, Josh 10 WR/DB Beins, Brock 10 RB/LB Morris, Jamar 10 RB/LB Gleghorn, Chris 12 WR/DB

8/21 8/28 9/4 9/11 9/18

2015 Schedule @Seckman @Lindbergh Hazelwood West Ritenour @Webster Groves

7pm 7pm 7pm 7pm 7pm

42 Preston, Nick 12 TE/LB 43 Barnes, Robbie 12 RB/DL 44 Anthony, Rico 12 OL/LB 47 Trigg, Immanue 11 RB/LB 51 Bailey, Bobby 10 OL/DL 52 Johnson, Wesley 10 OL/DL 53 Austin, Cameron 11 OL/DL 54 Anthony, Aki-Lee 10 OL/DL 56 Clark, Darion 11 TE/DE 57 Carter, Asontay 12 OL/DL 58 Mann, Bryce 10 OL/DL 62 Streeter, Dakari 10 OL/DE 63 Dowles, Chauncey 11 OL/DL 64 Fleming, Jabriel 11 OL/DL 65 Collins, Freddie 12 OL/DL 66 James, DeAndre 9 OL/DL 70 Daoud, Omar 10 OL/DL 71 Coleman, Caron 10 OL/DL 72 Vaughn, Justin 12 OL/DL 73 Senter, Thomas 10 OL/DL 74 McFarland, Evan 11 OL/DL 76 Rowland, Mario 10 OL/DL 77 Huls, Austin 12 OL/DL/LS 78 Hayes, Marquis 11 OL/DL 79 Boji, Peyton 9 OL/DL/K/P 80 Pirrie, William 10 WR/DB 81 Wallis, Jack 12 WR/DB 85 Westmoreland, Phillip 11 WR/DB 88 Hulahan, Brendan 11 TE/LB 91 Sullivan, Molly 11 K/P 92 Rodawald, Gavin 12 K/P 99 Blankenship, Cody 12 K/P Head coach: Steve Smith Assistant coaches: Christian Brinser, Antonio Bryant, Ron Cobbs, Victor Fink, Travis Harris, Scott Hauser, Corey Lewis, Mike Oostendorp

9/25 *Parkway North (HC) 10/2 Rockwood Summit 10/9 @Kirkwood 10/16 @Mehlville *(HC) = Homecoming

7pm 7pm 7 pm 7 pm


boys’ junior varsity football #

2015 Schedule Seckman Lindbergh @Hazelwood West @Ritenour Webster Groves

8/24 8/31 9/8 9/14 9/21

6:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 6:30pm 6:15pm

9/28 @Parkway North 6:30pm 10/5 @Rockwood Summit 6:30pm 10/12 Kirkwood 6:15pm 10/19 Mehlville 6:15pm


2015 Roster


7 Shelton, Charles 10 WR/DB/H 12 Perkins, Kameron 10 QB/DB 14 Brown, Jesse 11 WR/DB 16 Fisk, Cory 10 QB/ LB 18 Boswell, Jimmy 10 P/ WR 19 Miles, Tyrell 10 WR/DB 20 Brown, Orlando 11 WR/DB 22 Avery, Ahmad 11 RB/DB 27 Perry, Jo’Mar 11 RB/DB 28 Smith, Caronn 10 RB/DB 32 Anderson, Azonti 11 RB/LB 34 Ellison, David 10 RB/DB 35 Royal, Josh 10 WR/DB 38 Patterson, Devion 11 RB/DB 39 Beins, Brock 10 RB/LB 40 Morris, Jamar 10 RB/LB 43 Pirrie, William 10 WR/DB 47 Trigg, Immanuel 11 RB/LB 52 Johnson, Wesley 10 OL/DL 53 Austin, Cameron 11 OL/DL 54 Anthony, Aki-Lee 10 OL/DL 56 Galarza, Alex 10 RB/LB 70 Daoud, Omar 10 OL/DL 58 Mann, Bryce 10 OL/DL 62 Streeter, Dakari 10 OL/DE 63 Dowles, Chauncey 11 OL/DL 66 James, DeAndre 9 OL/DL 71 Coleman, Caron 10 OL/DL 73 Senter, Thomas 10 OL/DL 79 Boji, Peyton 9 OL/DL/K/P 85 Westmoreland, Phillip 11 WR/DB 88 Hulahan, Brendan 11 TE/LB 91 Sullivan, Molly 11 K/P

boys’ freshman football

8/24 8/31 9/8 9/14

2015 Schedule Seckman @Lindbergh Hazelwood West @Ritenour

4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm

9/21 Webster Groves 4:15pm 9/28 @Parkway North 4:15pm 10/5 @Rockwood Summit4:15pm 10/12 Kirkwood 4:15pm 10/19 Mehlville 4:15pm

2015 Roster # Name Grade Position 1 Webb, Aaron 9 WR/DB 2 Webb, Andre 9 QB/DB 3 Lazear, Hayden 9 RB/LB 5 Oliphant, Reggie 9 WR/DB 6 Trigg, LaDon 9 RB/DB 9 York, Thomas 9 WR/DB 11 Mitchell, David 9 WR/DB 15 Smith, Steven 9 WR/LB 16 Smith, DJ 9 WR/LB 20 Yardley, Korddell 9 WR/LB 21 Hawthorne, Daylen 9 WR/DB 22 Ellioti, Anthony 9 WR/DB 30 Alicea, Blake 9 RB/LB 32 Tyler, Travis 9 RB/DB 35 Brooks, Shawn 9 RB/DB 38 Coles, Jonathan 9 RB/DB 40 Prott, Donovan 9 RB/LB 42 Whittinghill, Jacob 9 WR/LB 52 O’Connell, Nate 9 OL/DL 53 Alca, Kenny 9 OL/DL 54 Balch, Jimmy 9 OL/DL 60 Seibert, Steven 9 OL/DL 61 Tiepelman, Brandon 9 OL/DL 62 Robinson, Darrion 9 OL/DL 63 Nichols, Chris 9 OL/DL 64 Hamilton, Aric 9 OL/DL 65 Wilkes, Isaiah 9 OL/DL 70 Price, Brandon 9 OL/DL 71 Sisk, Dylan 9 OL/DL 74 McQuay, Dylan 9 OL/LB 75 Mann, Chandler 9 OL/DL 78 Meyer, Dylan 9 OL/DL 81 Jenner, Daniel 9 WR/DB 82 Heidemann, Kendall 9 WR/DB 84 Smith, Jeron 9 WR/DB 91 Cockrell, John 9 OL/DL

boys’ varsity soccer 2015 Roster # Name Grade Pos 00 Taylor Womack 10 G 1 Michael Hall 12 G 2 Cody Blankenship 12 F/MF 3 Sam Masters 11 MF 4 Emanuel Barcenas 11 D 5 Byron Reyes 10 D 7 Misael Barcenas 12 D 8 Zach Humphrey 12 MF 9 Joseph Coffman 10 MF 10 Eric Sanchez 12 F 11 Brian Sanchez 11 F 12 Dustin Schwarten 12 D 13 Dominic Masek 11 MF 15 Tanner Harris 11 MF 17 Matt Morlen 11 MF/D 19 Micah Evans 12 D 20 Corey Meyers 10 MF 21 Jeremy Fecthman 11 MF 22 Luciano Zarinelli 11 D Head coach: Marcus Christian Assistant coach: Dan Woehrmann 2015 Schedule 8/21-28 @Northwest Tourney TBA 9/2 Marquette 6pm 9/3 @Duchesne 6:15pm 9/9 Kirkwood 4:15pm 9/11 @Hazelwood West 4pm 9/14 @Timberland 4:15pm 9/16 @Webster Groves 5pm 9/19 Whitfield 12pm 9/21-25 @CYC Tourney TBA 9/29 @Westminster Ch. Ac. 4pm 10/1 Lindbergh 4pm 10/2 @Parkway West 4:15pm 10/5 Rockwood Summit 6pm 10/7 @Parkway North 6pm 10/9 McCluer North 4pm 10/12 Parkway South 6pm 10/14 Ritenour 4pm 10/20 @Lafayette 6pm 10/22 Ladue 4:15pm 10/26-30 @Districts TBA 11/3 @Sectionals TBA 11/7 @Quarterfinals TBA 11/13-14 @State TBA


Sanchez trains for season By Camron Washington Brian Sanchez is a junior at Pattonville High School and is a part of the varsity soccer team. He prepared his skills for the fall by going to training camps during the off-season. Sanchez was invited to the Nike soccer camp opener in Chicago. “I really enjoyed myself being there for the first time, and hope to return next year even better,” Sanchez said. Sanchez is hoping for the chance to play the game beyond the high school level and wants to get on the radar of college coaches in order to get that chance. “This year I just want to get some good looks from colleges so that during my senior year, the process is easier to find a school,” Sanchez said. He has been working a lot on his ball skills this year to become that stand-out soccer athlete he wants to be. “I have been going to soccer camps and putting in some extra conditioning and I plan on continuing this throughout my junior and senior year,” Sanchez said. Soccer is not an individual sport and Sanchez said the team is off to a rough start for the 2015 season. Sanchez hopes that with new coach Marcus Christian, the players are able turn it around very soon. “We just can’t seem to get anything going right now,” Sanchez said. “We have been practicing a lot lately and we are getting better.”


2015 Schedule 8/22-27 @Suburban S/E Trn 9/2 Marquette 9/3 @Duchesne 9/9 @Kirkwood 9/11 Hazelwood West 9/14 Timberland 9/16 Webster Groves 9/17 @Parkway West 9/19 Whitfield

8/27 8/31 9/1 9/3 9/9 9/14 9/18 9/21

2015 Schedule Ft. Zumwalt South Kirkwood Liberty Rockwood Summit Vianney Webster Groves @Wstmnstr Ch. Ac. @Hazelwood West

boys’ junior varsity soccer

TBA 4:15pm 4:30pm 4:15pm 4pm 4pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 10am

4pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:30pm 4pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4pm

2015 roster # Name Grade Pos 2 Hafiz Madani 10 MF 3 Rofoldo Gaona 11 MF/D 4 Tayler Horowitz 10 D 5 Logan Northrup 10 D 7 Eric Barcenas 10 MF 8J osue Hurtado 10 MF 10 Dilan Pinedo 11 MF/F 11 Nick Gualdoni 11 MF 12 Raphael Gakau 10 MF 14 Cesar Acosta 11 MF 15 Dustin Schwartz 12 D @Rockwood Summit 4:15pm 16 Andrew Risenhoover 12 MF @Ritenour 4pm Westminster Ch Ac 4pm 17 Chris Cortez 11 MF @Lindbergh 4pm 20 George Medley 11 D Parkway South 4:15pm 21 Daniel Masokano 10 D Parkway North 4:15pm 23 Aman Khurana 11 D @McCluer North 4:15pm 00 Jacob Smorada 12 G

9/21 9/24 9/29 10/1 10/5 10/7 10/9 10/12-16 @Suburban Tourney TBA 10/20 @Lafayette 4:15pm 10/22 @Ladue 4pm

Coach: Nathan Klosterman

boys’ freshman soccer

9/23 @Parkway South 9/24 @Wentzville Holt 9/28-10/2 PHS Tourney 10/5 @Parkway North 10/7 @MICDS 10/8 Parkway Central 10/12 @Clayton 10/13 @Parkway West 10/15 Ritenour

4pm 4:15pm TBA 4:15pm 4:15pm 4pm 4pm 4:15pm 4:15pm

# Name Position 2 Will Polster Mid 3 Rylee Alipala Mid 4 Cole Cwiklowski D 5 Trevor Vigus D/Mid 6 Damon Maciocia F 9 Chris Cofman D/F 10 Evan Pritchett F 11 Cole Tucker Mid 12 Matthew Keller F/Mid 13/0 Josh McKinley D/Goalie 16/00 Brandon Thorpe D/Goalie 17 Jacob Mathews D/Mid 23 Alexander Perez F/D 24 Jeffrey Lee Mid/F 26 Andrew Masters Mid Coach: Tomi Benney

girls’ varsity volleyball


2015 Roster # Name Grade Pos 1 Amanda Faust 11 OH 2 Rhiannon Williamson 11 DS/L 3 Cassie Callahan 12 MH 4 Erykah White 11 S/DS 5 Aloni Jordan 11 MH 6 Sammie Byrne 12 OH 7 Mackenzie Deutsch 11 OH/OPP 8 Becky Cook 12 OH 9 Megan Reese 9 S 10 Rachel Polster 12 OH 11 Sarah Ponder 11 DS/S Coach: Becky Middendorf 2015 Schedule 8/18 Green/White 8/21 Ladue 8/25 @Francis Howell North 8/26 @Hazelwood Central 8/28 @Branson Tournament 8/31 @Whitfield 9/2 @Ft. Zumwalt East 9/3 Parkway West 9/8 Parkway Central 9/10 @Incarnate Word 9/15 @Parkway North 9/16 Hazelwood West 9/22 Webster Groves 9/24 @McCluer North 9/29 Kirkwood 10/1 St. Charles West 10/3 Pirate Classic 10/6 @Ritenour 10/12 @Timberland 10/13 Rockwood Summit 10/16 St. Charles 10/19-22 @Districts

4pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm TBA 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm TBA 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:30pm 4:15pm TBA

Freshman set to start on varsity By Erykah White She’s too young, too inexperienced, too new to the high school to handle the rigors of varsity volleyball. But the coaches didn’t care about those thoughts. Freshman Megan Reese made the varsity squad as a setter for the team. This is Reese’s sixth year playing the sport and although she has been playing for six years, she has only been a setter for four of those years. She gained her skills by being on two select teams, one of which was coached by 2014 Pattonville graduate and former boys’ volleyball player Trent Oakes. “Being the youngest on the team is a little frightening but all the girls have been very welcoming,” Reese said. “All the girls are there for me and it has made my transition into high school a lot easier.” Being a setter has a lot of responsibility. The setter is the leader on the court and they have to tell the other players what they are going to do and help direct the play. With Reese being a freshman, she finds it very intimidating to tell the upperclassmen players what to do. “But then again, they are all very nice and understanding of everything,” she said. She is looking forward to playing many years on the varsity team and for her classmates to join her at the highest level of competition. “I am very excited for the upcoming seasons because I will be able to play with my friends and it will be such a great experience.”


girls’ junior varsity volleyball 2014 Roster

2015 Schedule 8/18 Green/White 4pm 8/21 Ladue 4:15pm 8/25 @Francis Howell N 4:15pm 8/26 @Hazelwood C 4:15pm 8/31 @Whitfield 4:15pm 9/2 @Ft. Zumwalt E 4:15pm 9/3 Parkway West 4:15pm 9/8 Parkway Cent 4:15pm 9/10 @Incarnate Word 4:15pm 9/15 @Parkway North 4:15pm

9/16 9/22 9/24 9/26 9/29 10/1 10/6 10/12 10/13 10/16

Hazelwood W 4:15pm Webster Groves 4:15pm @Mccluer North 4:15pm Webster Groves JV Trn TBA Kirkwood 4:15pm St. Charles West 4:15pm @Ritenour 4:15pm @Timberland 4:15pm Rckwd Summit 4:30pm St. Charles 4:15pm

# 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12

Name Grade Pos Abbey Himmelman 11 Set Kacie Baniak 10 Def Bella Stephens 10 Def Jalin Spears 11 MH Chrystian Vaughn-Taylor 10 Def Kelsey VanHook 10 OH Helen Nelson 9 MH/OH Essance Williams 10 MH Lily Schnitker 11 Def Kaytlyn Richmond 11 OH

Coach: Brian Schwendemann

girls’ freshman volleyball 2015 Roster

2015 Schedule 8/18 Green/White 4pm 8/21 Ladue 4:15pm 8/22 @Sub. S Div Trn TBA 8/25 @Francis Howll N 4:15pm 8/26 @Hazelwood C 4:15pm 8/31 @Whitfield 4:15pm 9/2 @Ft. Zumwalt E 4:15pm 9/3 Parkway West 4:15pm 9/8 Parkway Cent 4:15pm 9/10 @Incarnate Word 4:15pm 9/15 @Parkway N 4:15pm

9/16 9/22 9/24 9/29 10/1 10/6 10/12 10/13 10/16 10/17

Hazelwood W Webster Groves @McCluer North Kirkwood St. Charles W @Ritenour @Timberland Rckwd Summit St. Charles @Parkway Trn

4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:30pm 4:15pm TBA

# Name 1 Grace Metu 2 Rachel Williamson 3 Isabell Goryl 4 Lucy Mainquist 5 Trinity Wessler 6 Kya Davis 7 Marissa Frank 8 Taylor Monroe 9 Natalie Wildberger 10 Mia Vance 11 Kasey Yancey 12 Marisa Ruggiero

Coach: Terry Funderburk

girls’ varsity softball 2015 Roster # Name Grade 1 Bailey Schaefermeier 11 2 Katie Basta 10 3 Lindsay Fink 12 4 Sarah Cradick 12 5 Madison Blair 10 6 Abigail Schrumpf 11 7 Alyssa Eilermann 11 9 Payton Pfeiffer 10 12 Rachel Kerwin 12 17 Samantha Gockel 12 19 Kayla Berry 12 20 Olivia Kaercher 12 Bailey Baker 12


Many players return to team, coaches are the new faces

Head Coach: Doug McGhee Assistant Coach: Rob Simpson 2015 Schedule

8/21 @St. Charles 8/24-26 @Parkway Tourney 9/1-4 @Suburban Tourney 9/10 Webster Groves 9/11 Hazelwood West 9/14 @Parkway North 9/15 @Ladue 9/16 @Kirkwood 9/17 @Parkway Central 9/21 Ritenour 9/23 Rockwood Summit 9/24 Fox 9/25 McCluer North 9/28 Francis Howell North 9/30 @Lindbergh 10/2 Parkway West 10/10 @Districts 10/14 @Sectional 10/17 @Quarterfinal 10/24 @State


4:15pm TBA TBA 4pm 4pm 4pm 4:15pm 4pm 4pm 4pm 4pm 4:15pm 4pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4pm TBA TBA TBA TBA

By Keondiss Smith The varsity softball team has nine returning players back this season making Coach Doug McGhee prepared for a lot of experience in the game. “Just the fact we have a lot of experience returning should help us to be a better team,” McGhee said. Bailey Baker, Kayla Berry, Sarah Cradick, Lindsay Fink, Samantha Gockel, Olivia Kaercher, Rachel Kerwin, Peyton Pfeiffer and Bailey Schaefermeier are all returning players for the Pirates. McGhee said the schedule is tough this year but he is preparing the team for some hard key games. “I would like to finish better in our conference so I guess you could say our conference opponents are the games I am looking most forward to.” Coach Rob Simpson was moved up to be the new varsity assistant coach creating an opening at the JV level. History teacher Ms. Andrea Eagle takes the ball and leads the girls this season. “I’m excited to be the coach this year because I love the sport and it’s an extension of the classroom,” Eagle said. “It’s a different setting but I want to help them with leadership, work ethic and balancing extracurricular activities.” She is hoping to prepare the JV players for the varsity level. “I’m hoping to challenge the players to do their best and improve,” Eagle said. “I’m going to provide a setting where everyone is working as a team.”


2015 Schedule 8/21 St. Charles 4:15pm 8/24-26 @Parkway Tourney TBA 9/1 Oakville 4:15pm 9/2 @Nerinx Hall 4:30pm 9/4-5 @St. Charles W Trn TBA 9/8 McCluer North 4pm 9/10 @Webster Groves 4pm 9/11 @Hazelwood West 4pm

girls’ junior varsity softball

9/14 9/16 9/17 9/21 9/23 9/24 9/28 9/30 10/2

Parkway North 4pm Kirkwood 4pm Parkway Central 4pm @Ritenour 4pm @Rockwood Summit 4pm @Fox 4:15pm @Francis Hwell N 4:15pm Lindbergh 4pm @Parkway West 4pm

# 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 14 17 20 21 22 30

2015 Roster Name Alyssa Reedy Shannon Wetzel Faith Conrey Kamaryn Pliner Madison Blair Lindsay Hardy Courtney Faasen Abigail Schrumpf Moryah Eldridge Emily Bogener Amanda Leeper Cheyenne Smith Madison Pearia Maddie Yarnell Emilee Noll

Grade 10 9 9 10 10 9 9 11 11 11 11 11 9 10 9

Coach: Andrea Eagle

girls’ freshman softball

8/25 8/26 9/1 9/2 9/4 9/9

2015 Schedule @Seckman 4:15pm Francis Howell N 4:15pm Wentzville Holt 4:15pm Ritenour 4:15pm Francis Howell N 4:15pm Liberty 4pm

9/10 9/11 9/14 9/16 9/18 9/22 9/29

Seckman 4:15pm Wentzville Holt 4:15pm Francis Howell C 4pm Ft. Zumwalt N 4:15pm @Ft. Zumwalt W 4:15pm @Ritenour 4pm @Francis Howell C 4:15pm

# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 16 17 18 22 23 24 44

2015 Roster Name Grade N’Dia Robinson 9 Camryn Porzelt 9 Makaylah Geans 9 Madison Pearia 9 Emma Wigginton 9 Courtney Faasen 9 Charlee Sharpe 9 Faith Conrey 9 Lindsay Hardy 9 Kodi Pliner 9 Shannon Wetzel 9 Paris Price 9 Emilee Noll 9 Maggie Zumwalt 9 Madison Brown 9 Trinity Remstedt 9 Mariyah Geans 9

Coach: Melissa Sparkman

Position Outfield Catcher Outfield Infield Infield, Outfield Pitcher, Outfield Outfield Infield Infield, Outfield Infield Infield Outfield Infield Infield, Outfield Infield Infield Outfield

boys’ cross country


2015 Boys’ Roster

Name Grade Kendrick Bearpaw 9 Daniel Burns 12 Warren Daniels 10 Lucas Gibson 9 Robert Gibson 9 Patrick Hachmeister 10 Ryan Lee 10 James Lyeria 9 Sean Maynard 10 Jack McFarling 11 Taechin Mingvanish 12 Daniel Model 12 Lamico Smith 9 Micah Thompkins 11 Alex Urbina 9 Noah Wagner 10 Jacob Wilfong 9 Benjamin Williams 12 Matthew Zapata 9

2015 Schedule 8/19 at Green/White Creve Coeur Park 5 p.m. 8/26 at Fleet Feet Kickoff Varsity Quail Ridge 4 p.m. 8/29 at Intrasquad Time Trial Creve Coeur Park 9 a.m. 9/12 at Forest Park XC Festival Varsity Forest Park 9 a.m. 9/19 at Paul Enke Invitational Sioux Passage Park 9 a.m. 9/25 at Hazelwood West Invitational Koch Park 4 p.m. 10/3 at Parkway West Invitational Living Word Church 9 a.m. 10/17 at Conference Meet TBA 9 a.m. 10/19 at TRXC JV Invitational McNair Park 4 p.m. 10/24 at Districts TBA 10/31 at Sectionals TBA 11/7 at State Jefferson City

Thompkins prepares for season, works to help the new runners By Ross Reynolds For many of the boys on this year’s cross country team, junior Micah Thompkins recruited them. “I had the desire to build the team up so that we could produce a much better team this year, and an even better one next year.” Despite his interest in helping others to achieve their goals, he has been working hard all summer to achieve goals of his own. “This season, I have been running around 7 or 8 miles each day,” Thompkins said. “Each week, we have a mixture of simple runs and workouts that help with our progression.” This season, Thompkins will be the top runner and the varsity captain. He has already planned out what he would like to accomplish this season. “I would like to be named to the first team all-conference list to go along with the big goal of achieving state,” Thompkins believes that it will be vital to work to achieve his goals through working with his teammates. “Cross country, and any running sport, is more of a team sport than many people might think,” Thompkins said. “The overall team score is just as important as the individual scores.” Thompkins said that although the season is just beginning, he can already see a lot of potential from his new teammates. “I am ready to see what this team can do this season. I am already extremely excited,” Thompkins said. “I enjoy running, and I enjoy the fact that your result in this sport is based on what you put into it.”


girls’ cross country 2015 Girls’ Roster Name Grade Athenna Adams 9 Sydney Bampton 9 Maryah Dominick 10 Lillian Gardner (Captain) 12 Da’esha Heard 11 Katie Hutchison-DiBello 10 Marisa Loewenstein 11 Nadia Pulliam 10 Karen Rosales 9 Abby Stowers 10 Olivia Wedig (Asst. Captain) 11

Training techniques help runners reach personal bests By Ross Reynolds The roster for the girls’ cross country team might not be long, but it’s the ability of the runners that will make the team successful this season. There is only one senior on the roster, but it’s not the age of the runners that will determine the results of a race, it’s how much effort the athletes put into the sport. “We push ourselves hard in practice and in competitions,” Nadia Pulliam said. “If you feel tired, we tell each other to keep pushing farther.” Coach Kathy Huelsing has been preparing the team to be its best during practice. “We run 2 to 5 miles a day and we will do hill training and a lot of strength training,” Abby Stowers said. “We do training on the stadium stairs and we will run up and down the bleachers and even do bunny hops.” All of the training helps in meets like at Sioux Passage which has huge hills. “Another training technique we do is actually go out to the course and run it,” Stowers said. The results are being seen according to Pulliam. “We are doing well,” she said. “A lot of people are reaching personal records compared to their times last year and the gap between the slowest people on the team and the fastest people on the team is getting smaller because we are improving overall as a team.”

2015 Schedule 8/19 at Green/White Creve Coeur Park 5 p.m. 8/26 at Fleet Feet Kickoff Varsity Quail Ridge 4 p.m. 8/29 at Intrasquad Time Trial Creve Coeur Park 9 a.m. 9/12 at Forest Park XC Festival Varsity Forest Park 9 a.m. 9/19 at Paul Enke Invitational Sioux Passage Park 9 a.m. 9/25 at Hazelwood West Invitational Koch Park 4 p.m. 10/3 at Parkway West Invitational Living Word Church 9 a.m. 10/17 at Conference Meet TBA 9 a.m. 10/19 at TRXC JV Invitational McNair Park 4 p.m. 10/24 at Districts TBA 10/31 at Sectionals TBA 11/7 at State Jefferson City

varsity field hockey 2015 Roster # Name Grade Pos 4 Taylor Wooten 9 F 5 Kristin Barringhaus 12 M 6 Rachel Schamber 12 M 8 Alex Bodicky 12 D 11 Kassidy Pemberton 10 M 12 Tyra Clark 12 F 15 Emily Prueitt 12 D 17 Leeann Woods 10 D 22 Julie Halveland 12 D 27 Kendall Battle 9 M 30 Bianca Johnson 9 M 44 Molly Sullivan 11 D 99 Mikayla Bridges 9 G 00 Kourtney Faunteroy 10 G Coach: Jessica Dalton Assistant: Shelley Christian 2015 Schedule

8/25 @Eureka 4:15pm 8/27 @Notre Dame 4:15pm 8/31 @Parkway South 5:30pm 9/9 Westminster Christian Academy 6pm 9/10 Parkway West 4:15pm 9/12 @Barat Academy 10:30pm 9/14 Lutheran South 4:15pm 9/22 Brentwood 4:15pm 9/24 @Oakville 4:15pm 9/28 @Rosati-Kain 5:30pm 10/3 Marquette 10am 10/6 Notre Dame 4:15pm 10/9 @Brentwood 4:15pm 10/13 Clayton 4:15pm


Field hockey seniors reflect on building of the progam By Jordan Colquitt

Going into the 2015-16 season of field hockey, the feeling is a bit bittersweet. “I feel like what I imagine parents do when they realize their children are all grown up,” said head coach Jessica Dalton. This year there are seven seniors on the team. Each one of these seniors has played for Coach Dalton since freshman year when the team was established. “It’s sad knowing this is probably the last time I’ll play, but I’m still excited for this season,” said Julie Halveland. “I’m really proud of how much this team has grown and especially since we have a young team this year.” Tyra Clark said they started the field hockey program and knowing it’s their last season breaks her heart. “We’ve gone through lots of ups and downs but these past few years have really allowed us to get to know each other and grow together, both on and off the field.” Senior Rachel Schamber said the experience they have together helps with the team chemistry. “I think that all of us have definitely learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” Schamber said. “We know how each of us plays so we are usually very cohesive on the field.” Dalton is looking to the seniors to help lead the young team. “They will use their leadership skills to pass their wisdom on to the underclassmen,” Dalton said. Clark said it’s going to be really hard saying goodbye at the end of the season, “but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.” Halveland is looking toward the future and the possibilities for the team. “Since we have a young team this year, I can’t wait to see the program do well even after us seniors leave.”


junior varsity field hockey 2015 Roster

# Name Grade Pos 3 Victoria Lofland 9 F/M 7 Mikayla Obermoeller 10 F

8/25 8/27 8/31 9/3 9/9

2015 Schedule @Eureka Lindbergh @Parkway South @Parkway North Wstmnstr Ch Ac

4:15pm 5:30pm 4:15pm 4:30pm 6pm

9/10 9/14 9/24 9/28 10/6 10/13

Parkway West 4:15pm Lutheran South 4:15pm @Oakville 4:15pm @Rosati-Kain 5:30pm Lindbergh 5:30pm Clayton 4:15pm


Elieen Yosefyan



99 00

Mikayla Bridges Kortney Fautleroy

9 10


13 Lexi Lambros 19 Maiya Varner 21 Sam Reynolds 28 Andrea Ramon 29 Serena Taylor 31 Brianna Smith 33 Amna Saeed 34 Anderia Inman 40 Jasmine Carter

9 M 10 D 10 F 9 M 9 F 9 D 9 D 9 9 F

Coaches: Jessica Dalton, Shelley Christian

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boys’ varsity swimming


2015 Roster Name Grade Adams, Xan 11 Al-Gebory, Rethwaan 12 Boara, Mihir 11 Bodde, Henry 11 Brower, Austin 9 Browner, Malik 10 Carson, Orlando 12 Chien, David 9 Chien , Michael 9 Gwinn, Charlie 11 Hanford, Braden 10 Kasprzyk, Joseph 10 LaFollette, Daniel 11 Linhardt, Devon 10 Mansell, Cole 12 McClain, Nathan 11 McCormick, Jarred 9 Parker, Colin 12 Proctor, Brayden 9 Rauscher, Nick 11 Stricklin, Eric 9 Wilson, Elijah 11

Pirates qualify early for state By Lauren Williams

That didn’t take long. Team captain of the swimming and diving team Cole Mansell is 2015 Schedule 8/21 Green/White 3:30pm excited and relieved that he qualified for the state championships 8/25 Hazelwood C/Frncis Hwll 4pm for diving in just the first meet of the year. “It’s a weight off my shoulders,” Mansell said. “It allows me time 8/28 Timberland/Holt 4pm 9/1 @FZN/Liberty 4pm to work on harder dives and my personal goals.” Mansell will be joined at the state championship with Colin 9/4 @McCluer North Relays TBA 9/9 @Kirkwood 4pm Parker, both who are returning after competing in 2014. Mansell 9/11 @Hazelwood East 4pm finished 5th overall and Parker placed 10th. As far as preparation for state and meets, Mansell got plenty of 9/15 Parkway North 4pm 9/18 @Ritenour 12pm practice, and took many opportunities to improve his skills in his 9/22 Webster Groves 4pm diving. Such as working with swimming associations outside of 9/24 @Hazelwood West 4pm Pattonville. “My best preparation for state was diving outside of Pattonville 10/1 @Ft. Zumwalt East Relays TBA practice with the Clayton Diving Alliance.” 10/5 Rockwood Summit 4pm Mansell’s opinion on his swim team’s effort has changed from 10/10 PHS Dive Meet 8am the beginning of the year. He thinks that the team has potential to 10/12 @Clayton 4pm 10/15 FZE/FHN 4pm be greater than when they first began and the freshmen swimmers 10/21 DeSmet 4pm are improving greatly. “Freshmen are looking better from the beginning of the year,” 10/27-28 @Suburban 12 Conference TBA 11/6-7 @State TBA Mansell said. “One of the freshman swimmers came close to qualifying for state along with me and Colin Parker.” In addition to Parker and Mansell making state, swimmer Xan Adams qualified for the MSHSAA State Competition in the 100 fly event. State will be held Nov. 6-7 at the St. Peters Rec Plex.


girls’ varsity golf 2015 Roster Name Grade Abby Dermody 11 Bridget Dermody 9 Abigail Elmore 11 Maddi Gamache 12 Sarah Hasekamp 10 Taylor Hays 11 Alexis O’Neal 11 Olivia Pursley 10 Haley Raftery 12 Nile Trice 12 Megan Volz 11

New Coach, Same Attitude By Kyle Rhodes Pattonville girls’ golf is going through a transition stage this season with a lot of incoming players and a new head coach. Some of the new incoming players include Megan Volz, Taylor Hays and Bridget Dermody. Although the team looks to have a rebuilding season ahead, their schedule is still as tough as ever. Team captain and senior Maddi Gamache is excited for her senior season and the tough schedule and looks to follow up on her trip to Sectionals last season with a legitimate chance to go to State this season. She is embracing the coaching change and is enjoying her team captaincy, taking over for her friend Jessica Burgess, who graduated last year and is now attending Murray State University. “It’s definitely a big responsibility being a captain, but it’s nice to have teammates who look up to you,” Gamache said. “Coach David Gross is one fantastic coach who has made our team the best it can be. He has prepared us well and is very optimistic. He has changed our team for the better.” Gamache spent most of her summer preparing for this season, going to the range to work on chipping and putting and getting on the course playing as if she was in a real match. “I just wanted to be ready for the season,” Gamache said. “I wanted to build on my successful Sectional run last season. It was a lot of work and it was tedious at times but when you want something, you gotta go after it.”

Coaches: Davis Gross, Scott Hutson 2015 Schedule 8/26 8/28 9/3 9/4 9/8 9/9 9/10 9/15 9/16 9/17 9/21 9/22 9/24

Webster Groves at Springs 3:15pm @Webster Tourney 7:30am @Mehlville at Quail Creek 3pm @HW/IWA at Emerald Greens 3:30pm @Parkway West at Ballwin GC 3:30pm @Northwest Cedar Hill at Sugar Creek 3:30pm @Lindbergh Tourney at Dardenne 8am Parkway Central at Springs 3pm @Clayton at Highlands 3:45pm Rockwood Summit at Springs 3:45pm Parkway North at Springs 3pm Kirkwood 3:30pm @Conference Tourney TBA

girls’ tennis


2014 Roster Name Grade Aliza Ahmed 9 Ja’Maya Ball 9 Ariona Booker 11 Jackie Coronado 12 Melina Custer 12 Rania Daoud 12 Gaby Dominguez 11 Najee Glass 9 Lydia Goetz 11 Leann Graff 12 Daejah Harris 12 Nitori Henderson 11 Emma Hohenstein 10 Sarah Johnson 12 Katie Judson 12 Roma Khurana 9 Lindsey Lorsbach 10 Mallory Martin 12 Emily McDowell 9 Megan McGinty 12 Kali Meister 11 Sarah Murphy 12 Hannah Robinson 10 Maya Spears 10 Emily Ta 10 Jordan Tucker 12 Michelle Valladares-Marquez 12 Maria Vincent 10 Darby Waligorski 12 Olivia Wilfong 12 Lydia Young 10 Head coach: Jeff Grass Assistant Coach: Emily McDaniel 2015 Schedule 8/24 Francis Howell Central 8/26 @Ritenour 8/28 Timberland 8/31 @Ft. Zumwalt West 9/2 Parkway North 9/4 Rockwood Summit 9/9 @Francis Howell North 9/11 McCluer North 9/14 Hazelwood West 9/16 @Kirkwood 9/17 @St. Dominic High 9/18-19 @Suburban 12 Tourney 9/22 @Webster Groves 9/24 St. Charles West 9/25 @Ft. Zumwalt South TBA @Districts

Freshman stars on tennis team By Sarah Ponder

4pm 4pm 4pm 4pm 4pm 4pm 4pm 4pm 4pm 4pm 4pm TBA 4pm 4pm 4pm TBA

For freshman Roma Khurana, she didn’t know what to expect when trying out for the tennis team. Little did she know, she would become one of the major leaders on the varsity squad. “I first started playing tennis when I was in 6th grade. I had a great coach that taught me everything I know now,” Khurana said. “But before high school tennis, I had never played in a match before, so I was pretty nervous.” Khurana is now one of the key girls on the varsity tennis team and is the only freshman playing at the highest level of competition. She knows she is a major team leader and will set an example for a bunch of the girls in the program. “Being on varsity tennis is a great way to help others and create new ideas about things,” Khurana said. “Also motivating people is always a great thing to do.” When making the transition into high school, Khurana didn’t know what to expect from the tennis program. She didn’t know anything except that she was determined to play the best she could. “Honestly, being on varsity tennis was not what I expected at all,” Khurana said. “I thought that in 4 years I would work my way up to varsity, but I am proud and grateful for this chance.” Khurana was also a bit nervous with being able to fit in with the other girls, especially since they were all older than she was, but once she made the team, they made her feel right at home. “I love being on the varsity team. One of the things I love is being able to play and practice with girls with the same ability as me or even higher standards than me. It’s always fun to have a challenge.” Khurana is very excited for this season and can’t wait to play in matches against many different teams. She plans on expanding her tennis career through college and hopes on getting scholarships to many different schools.


Band debuts new uniforms during performance at event By Veronica Pointer The marching band walked onto the stage wearing new uniforms and performed for all teachers, staff members and support staff members during the district kickoff event on Tuesday, August 11. The band had the same marching uniforms for 20 years with the old ones dating back to 1995. Now, two decades later, the marching band pulls off a highly fashionable, yet classic attire, to accompany their music at their performaces. “I llike them better this year because they’re more professional” Holly Wurm said. For the past 3 years, the band has been wearing a different uniform each season to match the theme of their show. “We retired the old ones my freshman year, my sophomore year we wore those fancy tuxes, last year it was the baseball uniforms for the “Batter Up” halftimes and this year we got the new and improved marching band uniforms.” Taylor Hill likes the band uniforms this year because she thinks they look very professional and make the band look more presentable when they compete at contests. “When we go to competitions, I feel more comfortable because we will look more up-to-date with the color guard and the other bands that are there.”

marching band Ayers, Joseph Azwell, Amy Azwell, Leslie Azzarah, Jehnna Baker, Sarah Bamvakais, Shannon Barry, Chris Baugher, Christian Baugher, Natalie Behlmann, Henry Blaylock, Shane Bonner, Gianna Boyd, Makyla Brands, William Brown, Allison Brown, Jack Burns, Maria Buttry, Kaylee Clark, Aaron Copeland, Kelly Crowell, Brooke Czopek, Joshua Daniels, Annyssa Davis, Jasmine Decker, Hannah DeGalvez, Olivia DeKoster, Nichole Dermody, Abigail Dermody, Bridget Dickman, Marissa Dubo, Ervin Duello, Alex Dukes, Layla Dunsford, Cole Dwyer, Samuel Ellis, Edward Ellis, Lakaila Ensor, Julia Esteep, Samantha Ferguson, Rachel Fisbeck, Austin Fisbeck, Michael Folkerts, Anna Folkerts, Zachary Gallop, Mathew Greer, Olivia Hachmeister, Patrick Harder, Laura Harvey, Joshua Hasekamp, Sarah Hays, Jillienne Hill, Taylor Hughes, Caleb James, Tiaira

Johnson, Emily Johnson, Louis Jones, Chad Kaufman, Rebecca Kennedy, Carter Kobielusz, Kesley Lyerla, James Mamrenko, Dennis Mamrenko, Vadim Martinez, Jared Masters, Samuel Miller, Summer Newett, Alexander Niebling, Julianna Noble, Joesph O’Connell, Nathaniel Perrin, Michael Pfeiffer, Blake Pruett, Nicholas Reinecke, Mariah Rendon, Clarissa Rowland, Austin Rybarczyck, Alexa Santa-Maria, Andre Scherer, Joseph Schneider, Cooper Shull, Samuel Skelton, Nathaniel Stevens, Jordan Stevens, Katie Stubblefield, Emma Sturgeon, Quinton Taylor, Alexandria Trice, Nile Twyman, Abigail Vaughn, Morgan Vigus, Trevor Waldie, Allison Watson, Audrey Webber, Darci White, Kayla White, Seth Whitfield, Amber Widiger, Kelly Wilkerson, Tabitha Williams, Te’a Wilmas, Jared Wilson, Amanda Wooten, Savanna Wurm, Holly Wysocki, Alexis Wysocki, Joseph Yeshiwas, Kalekidan

varsity cheerleaders 2015 Roster Name Grade Mady Clark 11 Sallie Crosby 10 Kori Gibbons 10 Taylor Grant 12 Quincie Howard 9 Jordan Ihler 11 Megan Lashley 10 Stacy Manjarrez 12 Taylor Mayers 11 Destiny McKinney 12 Jordyn Nagelvoort 11 Lizzie Parsons 11 Veronica Pointer 12 Paula Routh 12 Shaylyn Scheer 10 Kennedy Stroker 10 Maddie Utley 11 Sponsors: Kalli Hunt and Kevin Gostling

junior varsity cheerleaders 2015 Roster Name Grade Mackenzie Baniak 11 Lexi Blount 9 Lucy Bodde 9 Makayla Harden 9 Destini Harvey 12 Kelsey Hendricks 9 Leiana Jackson 9 Kesley Kobielusz 9 Kayla Lawrence 9 Molly Morris 9 JaNiece Randolph 10 Alise Robinson 10 Claire Sunderman 9 Sponsor: Juli Kobielusz



varsity drill team 2015 Roster Name Grade Erin Bailey 10 Brittany Bell 10 Kyaira Dickerson 11 Madelyn Hunsaker 12 Kamilah Kirkwood 10 Katelynn Maierhoffer 12 Isabella Monahan 9 Courtney Penning 11 Emily Reyes 9 Jerica Robinson 12 Hannah Schamber 9 Natalie Siegel 12 Brianna Westmoreland 12 Samantha Yancey 12 Gabrielle Ziegler 9 Sponsors: Katie Funderburk, Grace Burgos

junior varsity drill team 2015 Roster Courtney Woods Allison Brown Elleni Yeshiwas Renee Neal Summer Parker Isabel DiSalvo Maria Serra Taityanna Beard Bianca Lee Sponsor: Kristin Wilson

9 9 10 9 9 10 10 10 10



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Fall sports guide 2015  

The 2015 Pattonville Sports Guide has your introduction to all of the fall sports and activities.