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Volume 1 Issue 4 December 2014

Editorial Team & Policies . . . 4 It’s GOOD to be a Pirate! . . . 6 Crazy Santa Pub Crawls . . . 14 Fort Taylor Pirate Invasion . . . 19 See YOU at Faire . . . 38 Working BlackPowder: Advertorial . . . 44 Working Thread: Advertorial . . . 48 Working Leather: Advertorial . . . 52 Layers of Living History . . . 56 Brotherhood of Steel . . . 60 Feugo!!! . . . 63 Being Charity; Pirate Performer . . . 68 Wicked Wenches, Pirates & Mermaids of the Month (Tall Ship Entries) . . . 80 RobZerrvations on Pirate Life . . . 87 A Good Time for a Good Cause . . . 90 All I want for Christmas . . . 96 We accept submissions for: Bombs Away: Free monthly photo bombs (must be in garb) Mirror Mirror: Images of YOU in Pirate Garb and other cosplay genres. Stories and articles : Editorial review required for publication. “Advertorials”: $100 4 page spread application required, restrictions apply Cover Photos: “subject” to cover contest and theme for the month

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We wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Our Holiday hours are : Closed Dec 24-28th, Dec 31 & Jan 1. We will re-open on Jan 2nd. Open M-F 10-5 & Sat 9-2

The Fun Photographic Works of Michael Lozich

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Gunmaker ’ s Lock.

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Pirate Nation Magazine, Issue 4 - December 2014  

Holiday Edition of Pirate Publication created by Pirates for Pirates and those who love them.

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