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Contents Hello readers! Well it’s Spring time and you know what that means? Festival season is just around the corner! With line-ups being announced daily it has been a busy few months but we have collected all the news about your favorite festivals and put it into one place just for you guys! We also thought it would be great to have a look back on last year and the successes and mishaps that happened in 2010 and to wet your appetite for what is to come at this years festivals. As well as that we have not one, but two exclusive interview’s for you. Firstly there is Jackknife Holiday a band that stormed festivals last year and have been making waves around the music industry ever since. Secondly we have one of the most sought after people at the moment Andy Copping, Download Festival’s band booker and promoter and we grilled him about this years controversial line-up choices. So whilst reading through this issue I hope it is informative and entertaining and we will see you in August for the post-festival round up! Happy festivaling!

Katie Editor

News - Pg. 4-5 Interview with Jacknife Holiday - Pg. 6 History of Donnington - Pg. 8-9 Look back on 2011: - Sonisphere - Pg. 11 - Download- Pg. 12-13 - Leeds - Pg. 14 - Reading - Pg. 15 - Graspop - Pg. 16 How 2011 is shaping up: - Download - Pg. 19 - Sonisphere - Pg. 20 - Hellfest - Pg. 21 - Leeds/Reading - Pg. 22 - Rock AM Ring - Pg. 23 Festival Fashion - Pg. 24 Festival Essentials - Pg. 26 Andy Copping- Pg. 27


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Andy Copping- Pg. 27 News - Pg. 4-5 History of Donnington - Pg. 8-9 Interview with Jacknife Holiday - Pg. 6 Festival Fashion - Pg. 24 Festiv...