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The Appropriate Amount Of Salt Required By Our Body ______________________________________________ By Eunice Montjoy -

If you're trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle, you don't have to forego salt in order to do it. What you should do is make sure you are eating the right salt in the right amounts. Even if you suffer from high blood pressure, you should have some quantities of salt in your diet. What Is Celtic Salt The body requires a certain amount of sodium to be healthy. The body can't manufacture sodium so you have to get it from an outside source.

Proponents of unrefined sea salt believe that most people are eating the wrong kind of salt. Users of sea salt say that salt gets a bad reputation because of table sale. The body doesn't benefit from eating table salt because it is hard to digest. Scientists base their studies on the effects of table salt on the body, according to sea salt users. Many of the best scientific studies on sea salt have been conducted in Germany, France and Portugal. Americans may not be aware of the outcome of these studies.

Unrefined sea salt is thought to be a boon to your immune system, increase energy, regulate blood pressure and more. You may want to consider switching from table salt to unrefined sea salt. You may find it more satisfying.

If you want to try unrefined sea salt, here are a few suggestions. Always read the label. It should say unrefined, unprocessed sea salt. Some of the better ones include Redmond's Sea Salt, Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Sea Salt. There are other brands out there. If you choose a different manufacturer make sure the brand say its unrefined and unprocessed for best quality.

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