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Why Should One Try to Avoid Watching Pirated Films? Watching pirated films should be avoided for a number of reasons. The ethical reasons for not watching pirated films have long been discussed. Is it illegal to watch pirated movies? There are scores of film makers all over the world who suffer heavily because of the audiences watching pirated films and they tend to lose out on their much deserved revenue. However, another reason to avoid watching pirated movies is because once one tries to download a movie from one of the many “torrent� and free movie sites from the internet, they risk entering a potentially unwanted potentially unwanted application world.

A new or naĂŻve user trying to enter one of these sites has no idea regarding the malware they would be downloading into their system and this can lead to a complete crash of their computers, also affecting important files and documents on their computers. In order to protect themselves from these malware, one should try to avoid downloading movie torrents and similar applications from unknown sites. Even anti- virus software does not help in most cases and this is why one should avoid downloading these pirated movies for security reasons alone. On top of that there is the question of why avoid film piracy and the answer is, it is a question of ethics. The problem is, that in modern times, the lines are blurred when it comes to watching them. If a friend decides to throw a party and screens the movie via a pirated DVD, does that mean that all those who are present there are complicit in piracy? They might not even know they are watching a pirated movie. That is a question that plagues many individuals and considering how pirated DVDs and packaged and sold these days, it is also quite difficult in most times to differentiate between real and pirated DVDs.

Those who had tried to download movies this way online before are of the opinion that they had to go through various installations in their computer and through various plug in installments before they could finally get to watch some movies. There are some users who go out of their way to even download new software for their computer and go through a systems overhaul if the movie format they have downloaded is not compatible with the system. Hence, it can be disappointing if the movie still does not play but that is not the end of it all. For one’s own security and for the larger system that brings such movies to us, it is time that one stops watching pirated movies altogether.

Why Should One Try to Avoid Watching Pirated Films?  
Why Should One Try to Avoid Watching Pirated Films?  

Film piracy leads a loss of revenue for the film industry all over the world and in spite of various campaigns, this has not stopped. And if...