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The Artist’s Manifesto An attitude toward oneself, one’s work and other artists.

As an artist, I promise to apply the following guidelines to my work.

Always remember that life is not a competition.

Never curse another artist’s talent through jealousy.

Never undermine the talent of another artist through spite.

Never discourage anyone else from making art.

Never be prejudice or close-minded of art before trying first to understand.

Never regret helping others, even if they go on to find greater success than yourself.

Never be complacent.

Never obsess over yourself.

Only obsess over your work.

Work hard and be humble.

Stop trying to be the best and instead do your own best.

Only ever compare yourself to your past self.

Never compromise your moral standing.

Use your work to express a moral standing.

Use your work to transmit feeling to the audience in its purest form.

Use your work to be understood.

Use your work to inspire others.

Work for positive effect, not for profit.

Never pinpoint one single use for art and media.

Prove every day to people that there are endless applications for art and media.

Always make work that is beautiful on the surface.

Always make work that is beautiful in concept.

Always take control of what you make.

Always take time to think. Art comes from within.

Abandon all preconceptions and instil trust in your own thoughts.

Always make what stirs your own emotions.

Manifesto (digital copy)  
Manifesto (digital copy)