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My Name: Paul Harper- Co-Chair Address: paul.harper

What people appreciate about me Honest, considerate, good listener, calm and constructive, precise, kind, caring, proficient, balanced, articulate

What is important to me  Getting jobs done and doing them as well as I can  To make a difference by representing families and co-producing change in Stockport  Spending time with my family and having our meals together  Spending time with friends at church  Keeping fit and healthy, doing the Bramhall parkrun on a Saturday morning and cycling when I can  Gardening most weekends growing vegetables, but mainly digging and sawing!

How to support me in my role  Let me know what you want me to do so I don’t have to guess  Be honest and tell me if you think we should do something another way  Don’t get frustrated if I don’t reply to emails, texts or phone calls immediately. I may be away on business or have another commitment in the evening that prevents me from responding straightaway. I’ll deal with it as quickly as I can.

Paul Harper - Co-Chair