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Pippin’s Appetite for Christmas Tree

By Amy R. Buckley Digital Art by Andrew and Amy Buckley

Pippin’s Appetite for Christmas Tree

By Amy R. Buckley Digital Art by Andrew and Amy Buckley

Twas the day before Christmas when under the tree Pippin dozed, dreaming of a tasty treat. The ornaments were hung on high branches with care, With hopes that the dog wouldn’t eat them this year.

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The children bundled up for a trip to the mall, Jingling the bells as they skipped through the hall. And mamma with her purse, and dad calling, “Let’s go!” Had just slipped on boots for a trip through the snow.

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“Bye, Pippin,” Dad waved, “We won’t be long!” Pippin watched the door, waiting to be sure they were gone. Sly as a hungry dog, tired of smelling Christmas dough, Pippin inched toward the tree and lifted his nose.

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Sunlight, shining off the new-fallen snow, Lit up the tree through a nearby window. When what to his wandering eyes should appear, But a yummy red ball and a scrumptious reindeer.

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Prancing on tiptoes, so lively and quick, Pippin ipped out his tongue for one little lick. Quicker than lightening his snout pointed high, Pippin barked and yelped and howled with delight!

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“So tasty! So yummy! Why should I eat kibble? So good in my stomach! I want one more nibble. To the top of the tree! Every sparkling ball! I’ll eat it all, eat it all! I’ll eat it all!”

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So up to the tree top the hungry dog climbed With a mouth full of tinsel and blinking red lights. And then, with a ash, he felt in his gut The churning and turning of all of the stuff.

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As he drew in his tongue, and was turning around, Down the Christmas tree crashed with a terrible sound. He was pressed to the oor from his head to his toes, And his fur was all covered with broken bread dough.

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A twig of pine needles stuck into his back. The room started spinning, then Pippin was spinning... His fur how it prickled, his tail felt funny, The room was still spinning, and spinning was scary.

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When lo to his wandering eyes did he see The door opening wide to his shocked family. A string of red lights hung half out of his teeth, And blinking and twinkling he glowed like a wreath.

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He had a sick face and a little fat belly That shook when he groaned, like a pot full of jelly. He was chunky and stout, a right sad little elf, And Dad laughed at the dog in spite of himself.

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A flash of mom’s eyes and a shake of her head, Soon let the dog know he had much to dread. He whimpered sad sounds, and his tail hung low, Dad pointed to the yard, “Away with you, go!”

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And stepping his paws outside the screen door, He went to the doghouse and curled on the oor. With his belly still bloated, Pippin made a vow, From here on out, I’ll stick to dog chow.

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Remembering the tree, his heart became sad. “Next Christmas,” he resolved, “I won’t be so bad.” Mom called from the porch, beneath starry light, “Happy Christmas, Pippin, stay warm tonight!”

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Real Life Pippin Our dog Pippin is a great dog! However, he has a hard time keeping his paws off the vegetable garden, the flower beds, the sprinkler system, the drywall, the molding, the laundry, the trash, the Christmas tree… and so much more. We love Pippin but sometimes he gets kicked out of the house. This teaches him lessons and saves our house. We keep trying to teach Pippin how to live in the house, and to be a good member of the family. He doesn’t always get things right, but, in the end, we always forgive Pippin and give him another chance. He is our beloved dog, the good, the bad and the awesome.

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Sequel Pippin’s Appetite for Christmas Presents is already underway (slated for Christmas 2013)… Stay tuned to hear more about Pippin’s run-in with Santa…

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Pippin's Appetite for Christmas Tree  
Pippin's Appetite for Christmas Tree  

Pippin can't keep his paws of the Christmas tree before he learns a new appreciation for following rules. Those who are theologically minded...