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The Creation of the Earth Kyle Clemens Chapter 1 – The Greater Life Stream: In the beginning there was silence. Empty space. The Greater Life Stream (GLS) had no souls. The GLS flew endlessly, until a star was hit. Through the gases from the star and the GLS, the Earth was born. The GLS targeted Earth. Upon entering the atmosphere, the GLS gained a soul. One soul. It would start. Woman was born. The Cry of the Stars began. Chapter 2 – The Cry of the Stars: The stars contain gases which create souls. Should the GLS contact these gases, monsters are born. The monsters gather. They form one big ball of gel. They release themselves into the GLS and spawn kin. The Woman witnessed the first Cry. God made many more men and women. The GLS is smart. It knows what bears what animal. Certain star gases make humans. It impregnates the females with their kind. Year 1 begins.

P01 - The Creation of Earth  

Part one of my Sci-Fi series. 1 - 3 is the prolouge. This episode explains how Earth was made in my series.

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