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The Beginning of Life by: Kyle Clemens

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Chapter 3: I'm Not A Killer! Fred crept along the halls of the almost abandoned bunker, reading each door sign as he passed it. “Gas Room, no. Main Power Facility? Nah. Main Security Bunker? Finally.” The door had a security code that was needed to enter. Before he bust through the door, Fred wanted to know if anyone was in there. “I suppose a spell is in order to see if anyone is in there. But how? I don't know any spell like that.” “I do,” said Evander, “and it seems no one is in there!” “Thanks. What would I do without you?” “Lots of things.” As Fred kicked through the door the security alarm was sprung. “Just one more thing on the list of stuff I have to do. Hey Evander! Can you turn that off for me? … Evander? Jeez, do I have to do everything around here?” “Oh, sorry I was asleep. 'Spose I should stop that,” said Evander. “Asleep? What kind of time is it to be asleep? Honestly? I could be killed and you're asleep? My God, what kind of pers-” “Listen, if you don't shut up we'll both die. Let's turn on max security so we can find and catch Kraig.” “Fine...” pouted Fred. As Fred was typing in commands, someone was approaching him from behind; ready to strike. “Just what do you think you're doing?” scolded Fred. “Well you're changing the controls and you're not supposed to be.” “I don't think so. Who are you supposed to be anyway. Some rank moppet in the army? Out! Go away!” “But... I'm supp-” “No one asked you! Leave!” shouted Fred. “Ah! Good you found him! Get him!” someone shouted in the distance. “We don't have much time. Hurry Fred!” edged Evander. Fred pressed the last few buttons just in time to teleport outside. “Where'd 'e go? Ah! 'At scoundrel! Get 'em. Go on. Shoo!” the army commander yelled. *** “Magic can be used to propel yourself.”

“Make yourself better at things?” “Yes.” *** “I'm getting the hang of this.” Fred thought out loud. “You two go right! You three! Come with me!” someone commanded from a distance. “Fred... Let's go.” said Evander. “Right!” *** “So his name is Fred? What kind of name is that?” whispered Kraig. “Well to be exact it seems to be an English spin off of th-” “Oh, shut up! Where is he? I heard that the Uteos army is after him.” “That's true,” said Kraig's companion.” “Shh! People are coming.” Kraig crouched down in the bushes he was in. Two army guards passed him and rounded the corner. “Let's make our move.” whispered Kraig. The two of them jumped over the tall building in front of them using a bit of magic. After the smooth landing they hid behind an open door as some guards turned around. “Who 'er you?” asked an army commander. “Why do you need to know?” inquired Fred. “You just jumped over this 'ere buildin'! I gots to know!” “You can't see me.” said Kraig as he cast a spell. “Let's head to the control room.” whispered Kraig's friend. “Right!” *** Evander told Fred that Kraig was near by. How close? They didn't know. They had to leave and fast. If not, they'd be doomed; more so than they already were. “If I had teleported farther away before pressing that key this wouldn't be a problem!” exclaimed Fred. “Well this is a problem. What'd I tell you? Focus on the future, not the past.” said Evander. “Shouldn't I focus on the present?”

“Let's just get out of here.� Near the exit Fred spotted Kraig. Kraig spotted Fred first. He lashed out and hit Fred hard with a burst of energy. As Fred was falling over he shot armor penetrating bolts through Kraig. The shock of them flying through him stunned him for just long enough for Fred to get away.

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