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Infection May 3, 2066 Sergeant John Ward is patrolling a small outpost codenamed “Jehrico”. At approximately 23:47 (11:47 PM) he reports seeing a small explosion in a distant shack. He goes to check it out and never reports back. April 28, 2069: 3 years later, a 24 year-old man reports flu-like symptoms to his doctor. He is given medicine and sent home. He later dies and appears to have a large bulge in his right biceps. May 1, 2069: “Jehrico” fails to report to home base. May 2, 2069: No contact from “Jehrico”. May 3, 2069: Search party sent to “Jehrico”. None return. More reports of flu-like symptoms in Chicago. Unconfirmed reports saying 5 dead in Chicago. May 4, 2069: Special Forces Unit #39 sent 5 miles away from “Jehrico”. No reports of life found in “Jehrico”. May 5, 2069: Chicago quarantined. May 6, 2069: 20 dead. Epidemic declared. SFU #39 reports small animals moving in the camp on “Jehrico”. No similar species. May 7, 2069: Lost contact with SFU #39. 37 dead in Chicago. May 9, 2069: SPART (Special Personnel Advanced Reconnaissance Team) called in. 46 dead in Chicago. May 9, 2069 SPART Base Meercat Joe McCormick: All right boys. Word is the government thinks this outbreak is coming from a base codenamed “Jehrico”. It's our job to gather samples, and most importantly, not die. We don't know what the hell's out there. Be prepared. Alright, go get ready. A helicopter flies in and drops off some men.

J. McCormick: New recruits. He walks over to where a new recruit is standing. Mark Thompson: Name's Mark Thompson, sir! I guess you're Captain McCormick? J. McCormick: Call me “Raven”. Also, drop the “sir” bullshit. Out here, there's no time for that. M. Thompson: Okay... What do you need me to do? J. McCormick: Run the practice course and get back here. M. Thompson: Right away. He walks away. ???: Yo, Raven! J. McCormick: Hrm? P. Allen: Hey, buddy! J. McCormick: Paul! Hey man! Nice to see you again. 2053 was brutal. How ya been? P. Allen: Better. Still sortin' stuff out. Sent here for Operation Jehrico. S'pose to help some SPART. J. McCormick: That's us. P. Allen: Great! So how far are we from Jehrico? Luke Mitchell: 'Bout 10 miles. J. McCormick: Hey, Luke! L. Mitchell: Paul, this is Joe McCormick. No need telling you though. It's been a long time since 2053. Anyway, we leave in 15 minutes. Get movin'. May 9, 2069 SPART Jehrico Gates J. McCormick: We enter slowly and silently. Clear? Good. Let's move. He opens the gate and stealthily walks in. The rest of the team follows. All is silent. 2 yards away, they find a body. There's a giant lump in his calf, pulsating. He appears dead, yet the lump on his leg begins to pulsate faster and faster. Then it stops. A short while later it splits, sending blood everywhere. Small creatures crawl out, screeching while they emerge.

J. McCormick: FIRE!!! The teams unleashes and kills all the creatures. Paul bags one for samples. M. Thompson: What the hell was that? J. McCormick: Merks. That's what SFU #39 called 'em. They supposedly spread the virus through the stinger. If we don't destroy this man now, he'll evolve into a creature that lives off of the virus, or a Ronke. L. Mitchell: Then let's do it. The teams destroys the body. P. Allen: Let's keep looking around. J. McCormick: Right, we'll move le-M. Thompson: Ahhhh!!!! A Ronke had jumped on Mark. Joe pulled out his knife and ripped it's head off. J. McCormick: Let's get out of here! May 10, 2069: 74 dead in Chicago. May 10, 2069 President The White House President: I want the head of SPART in my office, now! D.O.D.: Yes, sir! C.D.C.: The virus is spreading fast. And the spawn are starting to multiply. President: Right... Right... Get me the head of SPART like I asked! May 11, 2069 President The White House J. McCormick: Mr. President. It's an honor to see you. I understand you requested to see me. What service can I be? President: 3 years ago Captain, 3 years ago Sergeant John Ward was patrolling Jehrico. He saw an explosion and went to check it out. He never returned. His helmet cam showed something different, however. Ward had found the source of the explosion, and he had started

to look around. He saw Merks running everywhere. As he was looking around he stopped in front of a mirror. When he looked up, he saw the most horrifying creature he had ever seen behind him. A Ronke. It jumped on to his back and slit his face open. While John managed to kill it by repeatedly stabbing it, he suffered a large scar across his face. But what John didn't know is that he was immune the the Infection, which the Ronke obviously had. J. McCormick: So? President: Joe, I know who you are. John Ward went missing for 2 years, until you arrived, 1 year ago, with unexplainable talent. Same scar. You are John Ward. McCormick tenses. J. McCormick: What do you want? President: Your help. You are irreplaceable, immune to the Infection, a super warrior. With the one sample your team collected is enough to make suits that resist the Infection. I need you to go to Jehrico and gather all the surveillance and samples you can find. Do this, and we're the only people who know your secret. J. McCormick: Right. And you'll use these samples to create guns laced with a vaccine or something, to kill the Spawn? President: Yes, now go get your team and get moving. J. McCormick: Yes, sir! May 12, 2069 SPART Jehrico Gates J. McCormick: These suits will make us immune to the Infection. We're looking for samples and video surveillance. The main camera computer system is in the furthest back building in the base. Let's go. He opens the gate and everyone walks in. M. Thompson: Oh man, it's quiet. L. Mitchell: That's for sure. P. Allen: Shh! What's that? They all spot a Ronke. J. McCormick: Everyone aim for the head. Fire on my mark. 3... 2... 1... Mark! They all fire and kill the Ronke.

L. Mitchell: We're not a surprise now! J. McCormick: Paul, grab a sample. Rest of you, lookout. P. Allen: Got the sample. J. McCormick: Right. Everyone, move to cover. They all move to cover. M. Thompson: Look out! Wave of Spawn coming fast! J. McCormick: Steady! Aim! Fire!!! 30 minutes pass as they gun down the creatures of the Spawn. Finally, the last one falls. J. McCormick: Proceed with caution, guys. Don't be caught off guard by one hiding or playing dead. They moved forward and could see their objective building. P. Allen: There it is. What do we do, Captain? J. McCormick: We move in. L. Mitchell: Careful now. Be alert. M. Thompson: There's the door. J. McCormick: Hold up. See that red light? It's locked. We'll have to plant an explosive charge. Cover me. He moves to the door and places an explosive pack on the door. The pack explodes and a large winged creature flies out. J. McCormick: Cyl!!!! Take cover! Get in! Get in! They all run in the building and barricade the entrance. J. McCormick: Downstairs! Get moving! Go! P. Allen: All right, what now? We wait? L. Mitchell: Of course not, idiot. We find the tapes and get out. J. McCormick: 3rd basement floor. That's where they're supposed to be. Let's go look. M. Thompson: I think that's it.

J. McCormick: Guess so. Everyone guard the outside. Not you Thompson. Stay here. Everyone moved away except for McCormick and Thompson. J. McCormick: I'll grad the surveillance, you stay there. McCormick walks over to the console. Before he gets there, the ceiling cracks and a Smit falls on top of him. M. Thompson: Boss!!! Ahhhh! Utgh! Unf! Thompson attacks the Smit but is pushed off. McCormick throws the surveillance to Thompson. J. McCormick: Catch! M. Thompson: Got it! McCormick pulls the pin on a grenade. J. McCormick: Destroy the Spawn, Captain. McCormick pushes Thompson away and explodes, taking the Smit with him. May 15, 2069 D.O.D. The White House D.O.D.: We are proud to give all new Infection fighting rifles to the military. These were made possible by the brave efforts of the deceased Captain Joe McCormick and his team. We would like to thank them for their efforts and bravery.


Short story about a virus that spreads and mutates those who get it. It follows Captain Joe McCormick and his team, SPART.

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