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TRENDS IN THE MARKETPLACE Direct Mail vs. Email Depending on how you crunch the numbers, direct mail has a response rate of 10 to 30 times that of email. So says Yory Wurmser, director of marketing and media insights at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Looking at the playing field from a purely ROI point of view, however, email generally results in a higher return on investment. The DMA collected data through an April 2012 email survey (481 respondents) and an analysis of transactional data provided by Bizo and Epsilon. Altogether, DMA researchers analyzed more than 29 billion emails. According to the report, “For every 1,000 existing customers receiving a direct-mail piece, 34 will respond on average. For email, the average response rate—measured by taking the click-through rate and multiplying the conversion per click—is 0.12%.” In other words, only one customer out of 1,000 would follow the email solicitation through to sale.

Personally Speaking Email or direct mail? That can be a tough question. Depending on your business objectives, one or both may make sense. At Sir Speedy, we begin by helping you define a goal for your marketing program, such as to improve brand awareness or generate sales for a new product or service. We can then devise an email campaign by designing an email template that reflects your brand image, sending your emails at a scheduled time and monitoring the responses. Alternatively, if direct mail makes more sense, we can help you decide on the best format: a letter, postcard or brochure, or something more complex, like a multi-piece kit or package. Our direct mail services include: • • • • • • • •

As some media channels have evolved digitally, direct mail mail has maintained its effectiveness in helping to reach and gain potenial consumers. Email methods, however, have proven to be viable in helping brands to retain relationships with existing consumers.

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At PIP Printing, we’ll help you achieve your important business goals by combining the right medium with the right message, mailed— and/or emailed—at the right time.

Comparing the return-on-cost of direct mail with email, the report indicated that the cost is equivalent when used for acquiring a new customer. When it comes to getting a response from an existing customer, however, email is more efficient, with ROI that is four times higher than direct mail. According to Wurmser, “The continued effectiveness of direct mail has a lot to do with the quality of data and the ability to target mail more effectively.” As to why direct mail remains such a strong channel, Wurmser believes it is due to the “proliferation of emails and the onslaught of display ads everywhere…in a way, direct mail has become less cluttered.” Business 2 Business Update is a monthly newsletter published by PIP

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MARKETING IN REAL LIFE Data Helps Retail Jeweler Increase Sales 77% CHALLENGE

Harper Designs is a well-established retail jeweler. While they have a loyal top-tier customer base, they need to continually reach new prospects and stay top-of-mind with all customers. To achieve these objectives, they called on us to build a strategy around their annual anniversary sale.


Harper’s top-tier clientele provided the inspiration for a datadriven direct mail campaign. A weeklong “preview” sale was planned specifically for this group, complete with personalized invitations. To learn more about these 2,000 customers, an A/B test was conducted: half of the group received an invitation in the form of a letter, the other half received a formal invitation that looked like a wedding announcement. Next, the top-tier clientele was profiled to help the jeweler identify his ideal customer. The results were used to purchase a data list of 3,750 similar prospects, who would be most likely to respond to the direct mail campaign. An oversized postcard announcing the threeweek public sale was mailed to three lists: the top tier clientele, the new prospect data list, and the remaining 5,300 people in the jeweler’s database. One week before the sale ended, another postcard was sent, with graphics and copy that created a sense of urgency. All mailers contained a QR code that linked to the store’s website, along with an offer for the jeweler to pay the sales tax with presentation of the postcard at time of purchase.


Total sale revenues increased 77% over the same fourweek period the previous year. The most significant increase was the first week of the public sale, with revenues increasing 192% over the previous year. In the A/B test of the top-tier clients, the formal invitation outperformed the letter by eight to one, telling the jeweler what kind of communication is more effective for this group.

Fictional names were used. Based on actual case study.



Hot Off the Press Page

Designing Emails for Mobile

How often do you think about people reading your emails on their mobile phones? According to MarketingSherpa, three years ago, “64% of key decision makers were viewing your carefully crafted email on their BlackBerrys and other mobile devices. Since then, smartphone sales have grown worldwide and the number of people checking email on their mobile phones continues to increase rapidly.

One of the easiest and must-have steps in online PR is publishing your press releases and media coverage on a page of your website. An online press release can boost your credibility and search rankings, giving you more visibility. First, however, you will need to decide where your “press page” will reside and what to call it. Some organizations have these pages in their top-level navigation. Some add it as a dropdown under an “About” page. Choose a title for the press page that makes the most sense for your organization. Common names include “Press,” “News,” “Media,” “In the News.” Think about what you want on the page—and the purpose of it—to help you name it. Besides media coverage and press releases, there may be assets like videos or headshots that you want to include. Don’t forget to include a media contact on your press page. Deciding on your press page items will help you design it efficiently, saving both time and money. For more assistance creating your press page, contact the experts at Sir Speedy. Our team of copywriters, graphic designers, marketing and production professionals all work together to ensure that your new press page is aligned with your current website—and your PR needs.

If you’re not considering your mobile subscribers when you design your email campaigns, here are five ideas to get you started: 1. Keep it short. Subject lines are more important than ever. Keep them short and focused so they grab recipients’ attention. 2. Go light on images and HTML. Also, create a text-only translation of the email—and ensure that the links in the text version work. 3. Make sure landing pages are optimized for mobile. Recipients who click through on an email should be able to access additional information through their mobile devices as well. 4. Consider responsive design templates. More marketers are including snippets of code that detect the user’s device and adjust the email accordingly—for example, cutting it down to one column and resizing buttons. 5. Remember to include white space. Include extra space around buttons and links to account for “fat fingers.”

PIP Quiz: D. A Japanese immigrant named Makoto Hagiwara invented the fortune cookie in San Francisco.

Public relations isn’t just about showcasing your organization’s media accolades, it’s a way to educate target customers and the media about what’s going on at your organization. Lorrie Thomas Ross, a.k.a. The Marketing Therapist, insists that online public relations is something any company can add to its marketing mix.

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Be Clear

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Have you ever tried to read— let alone understand—a legal contract? Most are written in endless sentences using complex words, which make comprehension difficult. When marketers use complex language to describe their products or service, they often lose their audience. To get your message across, use simple language. The two main drivers of readability are word length and sentence length. For each complex English word, there’s usually a simpler word that can be substituted. For instance, “show” is simpler than “demonstrate”; “enough” is simpler than “sufficient.” When it comes to sentence length, shorter is better in terms of readability. According to a study by the American Press Institute, when sentences are upwards of 40 words, comprehension drops to 10%. On the other hand, 100% of Americans understand a sentence of eight words. And most billboards are seven words or less. At PIP Printing, we can help you make your marketing communications more readable. Give us a call for your next important campaign.

In honor of the Chinese New Year, which begins February 10, in what year was the fortune cookie invented? A. 1589 B. 1670 C. 1898 D. 1914

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