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Pip n Jay diary Jan 22 Today

10.30am Morning Worship with Crèche & Sunday Club. Preacher: Greg Downes 6.30pm

Evening Worship Preacher: Greg Downes

Monday Jan 23


Re:source—Discipleship course “The Beatitudes” in the extension

Tuesday Jan 24

12 noon Prayer for Bristol Workers in the lounge 8.00pm Small group leaders meeting in the extension

Wednesday 8.00pm Jan 25

Service leaders & musicians in the lounge



Small groups meet for Bible study, prayer and fellowship at different locations in Bristol

Thursday Jan 26

10.15am Central Housegroup 7.30pm


Next Sunday 10.30am Morning Worship Jan 29 with Crèche & Sunday Club. Preacher: Tim Silk


Evening Worship Preacher: Tim Silk

Contact us Revd. Tim Silk, church office: 0117 929 3386 Rosemarie Taylor, church office: The church office is closed on Fridays If you are new to Pip n Jay we are happy to see you! Please stay for coffee, tea or squash and help us get to know you after the service. You can also email @pipnjay

OUR PART IN GOD’S STORY This week at our central vision meeting, we looked at the story of God’s work at this location, where Pip n Jay’s building stands. A worshipping and missiondriven community of Benedictine monks first used the site from around 900 AD. The first recorded church name was “St Jacob in the Market” in 1193. The 19th century saw mission leading to churches planted from here across much of Bristol, and in the 1960s a group from one of those churches returned to plant today’s “Pip n Jay”.

We discussed the high and low points in our faith journeys during the time we have been here, and we would love to know more about yours. You can email with a story, thoughts or questions. Looking forwards, we also looked at our future vision. The word “missional” was very important, and it might not mean what you expect! If you missed Wednesday’s meeting, please could you ask someone who was there about what we mean by “missional” - it’s going to be a big part of the ongoing story.

URGENT PRAYER NEEDED Caroline Thomas faces large practical challenges in her work with orphaned children in Madagascar. Please could you pray for her this week, and ask God how he may be calling you to help with practical support? Let Sally Thomas know what you find, or email

COMING SOON: BRING AND SHARE LUNCH Do stay after the morning service on February 5 and enjoy fellowship over lunch. Please can you bring any kind of lasagne, salad, bread, dessert, cake or cold drinks. Please come and see if you can help clear up. We should only need you occasionally!!

WORKING PARTY Are you available 9 to 12.30 on Saturday February 4? Do come along and help with various jobs that need doing around the Church.

CHRISTMAS SURVEY Thank you to everyone who has responded so far. If you haven’t yet done so, please visit for a link to the survey site.

Pip n Jay Diary Jan 22  

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