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The ‘Pajama’ fever at PHS

• Daylight savings time – March 14 • Spring Break – March 15-19 • Blood Drive – March 26 • No School – April 2 (Good Friday)


• Tryouts for the Spring Stampede – March 11 • Student/ Faculty Dodgeball game – March 12 Check the next edition of The Pipeline for updated info on Project Grad and Prom!

The cast of “The Pajama Game” brought music and laughter to Pearland High School in January. The show ran for two weekends in front of sold-out audiences. photo by Cyndi Atkins Cheyenne Pike Reporter In January, the many talented faces of PHS joined together to perform in the annual musical. This year’s selection was The Pajama Game: a romantic comedy about the lives of workers in the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory in Iowa. In the musical, the new superintendent Sid Sorokin (senior Austin Armstrong) begins to fall for the head of the Grievance Committee, Babe Williams (senior Erin Dodson). Their love is tested when each is forced to choose sides in the employees’ fight for a $.7 1/2 raise. The workers’ strike leaves Babe and Sid pitted against each other; Babe with the employees fighting for what she believes in, and Sid with the company trying to keep his new job. The owner and boss of the factory Mr. Hassler (senior Robin Spidell) and Sid’s secretary Mabel (junior Madison Drexler) try to keep everything running smoothly. Hassler’s assistant, Gladys (junior Jessie Benoit); the President of the Union, Prez (senior Vander Breland); and supervisor Heines (senior Ben Foster) provided comic re-

lief and rounded out the list of main characters. The entire musical cast rehearsed from October to January, working toward perfecting the show for its 6 performances. Although the rehearsals were long and hard, many on weekends and holidays, most of the students would say that being in the musical was a positive experience. The cast members spent hundreds of hours together practicing, so not only did they gain many new friendships, but forged relationships that will last through high school and beyond. “I did the musical last year as a freshman and discovered that musical cast is a synonym for family,” said sophomore Brittany Porter. When the curtain closed on the final show, the cast members agreed that in the end, all the work they invested – giving up most of a holiday break, afternoons, evenings and weekends – truly did pay off. “When the audience gives you a standing ovation, that’s when you know it’s worth it,” said junior Ashley Akin.

“ [...] musical cast is a synonym for family.”

– Brittany Porter, 10

2News The end of jeans days?

Despite the students’ displeasure with Free dress days at Pearland High School, the decision, the new rule is here to stay, and otherwise known as there is no word on if or when it will change. Jeans days, have been officially ended. “Dress code is a rule of the district and the enforcement of the dress code is part Last month, students’ failure to comply with the rule of jeans with a dress-code of my job as PHS Principal,” said Mr. Berger. “Jeans Day or Free Dress is a approved shirt brought about “ ... when privilege and reward given to the unexpected end to jeans days. Mr. Berger granted three students do not the students. When students comply with do not comply with the dress jeans days during finals, in an effort to reward the students and the dress code code standards on a regular make them more comfortable. standards [...] I basis, when our campus and Prior to the jeans days, all cafeteria are left a mess, when students were informed of the see no reason to the halls are filled with lingering rules – jeans were permitted, continue to award students after the tardy bell, and when given a free dress but all shirts must be collared an unearned day and still push the limits of shirts or PHS spirit shirts. privilege ...” acceptable behavior I see no However, many students – Mr. Berger reason to continue to award arrived at school in free dress an unearned privilege. Until or completely out of dress code altogether, forcing the administration to PHS students earn the privilege they will not be given the privilege of a Jeans Day.” remove all future jeans days from the calendar. Whether students will earn back the “It is what is,” said sophomore Kiara privelege remains to be seen, but for now, Freeman. “Of course I’m not happy about any free dress anymore, but as long it’s nothing but good old slacks and solid colored polos to finish out the school year. as I graduate I’m okay with anything.” Eboni Berry Reporter

New kiosk open for ‘09-’10 Work experience for Marketing, Co-op

cos and wraps, school supplies, spirit shirts, sweats, and bags, and a new item here and there. Creative proThis year the Marketing and Co-op students at Pearmotion and advertising will be a major part of land High School have the unique the Kiosk to help opportunity of opspread the word. All the funds erating and managing a School Based coming in go to DECA’s travel exEnterprise (SBE) – penses; DECA The Stairwell Kiosk. The kiosk is a also partnered up with various other combined effort of approximately 300 school groups to help them with students. In the kitheir fundraising osk, students work in a variety of maras well. A portion of the funds will keting positions also go to senior including: sales, ca- Mrs. Von Ruff and Mr. Meeks set up the kiosk before the shiering, customer opening last semester. photo by Sarah Kim scholarships. This service, merchandisSBE will become ing, and manager on duty school from 6:30-7:00 a.m. nationally certified this spring and will offer certi(MOD). This experience may and during all three lunches. fications next school year. be some students first job, Products for sale include for others it will add to their coffee, cappuccino, juices, Currently, the Stairwell Kiosk is closed, resume giving them an edge waters, fresh baked cookthat others may not have. ies, bagels, muffins, Frito but is scheduled to reopen in a few weeks. “It’s a great way to make Lay products, breakfast taNick St John


money and earn experience,” said senior Bree Stevenson. “The Kiosk has become more popular than we expected.” The Kiosk is open before

Spring Break Safety Discussing dangers, myths Jessica Martinez Reporter

For most students, spring break is a time to relax, hang out with friends, and have a good time. But sometimes students can get carried away with the fun of spring break. Many teens will most likely go out and have a good time, which is not a bad thing. But when having a “good time” goes too far, there can be dangerous consequences. When going to a party, it is best to take a few friends that you can trust. One or more friends can keep you safe from taking any drink that could possibly be spiked with any amount of drugs or alcohol. If the police catch any minor with any amount of alcohol, they can automatically take them to jail. The fine for minor’s carrying alcohol can start at $500.00 and they can also have their licensed revoked for at least 30 days. There are also a few myths that people think are true about drinking: • Drinking coffee will help sober a person up. Answer: That is false. The only thing that will sober someone up is time. No amount of food or coffee will sober someone up. • Men and women can drink the same amount of alcohol. Answer: This is false. Men and women cannot drink the same amount, height and weight is a main factor. The taller and heavier the person is, the longer they can go without getting drunk. • If alcohol were less available there would be fewer alcoholics. Answer: This is false; there is no association between the availability of alcohol and alcoholism. Spring break dangers can occur anywhere, not just at a house party. In 2007 the United States made it official that all U.S citizens must have a valid passport if they are traveling to Mexico, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. It is still best to travel with a large group if going anywhere, especially to a country you have never been to. Anything could happen when going to a foreign place: robbery, kidnapping, and assault are just a few dangers that could occur. You should also remember to keep an emergency contact number in your cell phone. The idea of anything bad happening during spring break seems scary, but that does not mean that people should stay in there house and not leave for a week. Every student deserves a break, but with a little precaution, everyone can have a safe and fun spring break.



Eat This, Not That Five simple food changes to better your body and mind

• Instead of Doritos or your regular chip of choice at lunch, try some of the baked chips offered in the Cafeteria. Baked chips have significantly less fat value than your average fried chips, especially if they are whole-grain (like Sunchips) • Instead of a Honey Bun or donuts, try a bowl of cereal high in fiber (like shredded wheat or a Kashi whole-grain choice) or an Odwalla fruit smoothie. Consuming fiber in the morning fills your stomach up for a large part of the afternoon and discourages you from eating junk food between breakfast and lunch. It also helps the process of digestion in the morning. • Instead of snacking on candy throughout the day, try some trail mix or seasonal fruit (like strawberries, raspberries, or peaches). Nuts, like almonds and walnuts, contain significant protein content as well as omega-3s and phytochemicals (which promote heart health). • Instead of soda or a sugary sports drink, try water. Ocean Spray, Nestea, and Crystal Light all have their own line of mix-ins designed for those who find water boring. Your body needs water to regulate body temperature and to provide the means for nutrients to travel to all your organs. Water also transports oxygen to your cells, removes waste, and protects your joints and organs. • Instead of ice cream after dinner, try some vanilla yogurt topped with granola or fruit. Yogurt contains probiotics, which promote and regulate digestion an immune function.

The 2010 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo concert series includes country artist Keith Urban, pop star Justin Bieber and The Black Eyed Peas. These acts are just a sample of the star power that the HLSR draws.

Rodeo time in Houston Geting ready for the city’s biggest cowboy event

Every spring, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo brings family-friendly fun, music and good food to our city. Featuring a range of acts, with everyone from Kenny Chesney to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, there is a show for everyone in this year’s line-up. Take advantage of Spring Break, and check out your favorite performers:

March 2: Alan Jackson March 3: Dierks Bentley March 4: Kenny Chesney March 5: Mary J. Blige March 6: Jason Aldean March 7: The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato March 8: Tim McGraw March 9: Darius Rucker March 10: Rascal Flatts March 11: Brad Paisley March 12: Toby Keith March 13: Blake Shelton March 14: Pesado and El Trono De Mexico March 15: Lady Antebellum March 16: Keith Urban March 17: Gary Allan March 18: Black Eyed Peas March 19: Eli Young Band March 20: Brooks & Dunn (The Last Rodeo Tour) March 21: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

while you’re there ... top 10 rodeo foods! 1. Funnel Cake 2. Sausage On A Stick 3. Fried Oreos 4. Corn Dog 5. Fried Twinkie

6. Barbecue 7. Turkey Leg 8. Baked Potato 9. Nachos 10. Cheeseburger

4The Main Event

g n i r sp eak br 010


“If I could go anywhere for spring b would go to the Dominican Republic.”



10 Things to do in Pearland 1. Swimming 2. Movies 3. Bowling 4. Shop at the Town Center 5. Pitch, Putt and Play 6. Go to friends’ houses 7. Eat out 8. Work out 9. Pearwood Skating Rink 10. Sleep

top 5 dre Greece


The Main Event



r spring break, I epublic.”

“South Padre Island.” -Kimberly Lopez,10

“Arts and Crafts camp.” –Melvin, 12

–Meredith Hatz, 11 “I would go to Greece.”

–Jacob Dunning,12

“Go on a cruise with some friends to the Bahamas.” -Courtney Axline,12

“Cancun! Or Tijuana.” –Bryan Tran, 12

“A Mediterranean cruise.” –Rachel Bolter, 12

Musthaves As the semester draws near summer, the only thing that seems to be on the minds of PHS’s students is Spring Break. So here are the top ten things you need to make sure the week goes perfectly.

• • • • • • • • • •

Sunscreen Sunglasses Cellphone IPod Swimsuit Water Transportation Food Money Friends

dream destinations of 2010 I

at ly

n u c n a C

i i a w a H


6Just For Fun

Remember When:

The ice cream man made your day Taylor Harder Reporter

It was a hot day and everyone was playing outside or watching TV, when suddenly, in the distance, a familiar tune can be heard – Yankee Doodle. Then, the excitement began. Many kids would rush to find their parents to beg them for money, and then run out of their house onto their street looking around for the ice cream

truck, listening intensely to know which direction it was coming from. Some kids even ran toward the music, eager to get their little hands on sweet dripping goodness of vanilla, chocolate, and other various flavors. Once we had caught sight of the truck, even if it was a little way down the road, many of us would start trying to flag them down, waving our arms all over the place to get their attention so they won’t miss us. “I would even run out in front of the

ice cream truck and hope he wouldn’t hit me,” said sophomore Victoria Hurst. Most of the time kids with you would hold out their money for the ice cream man to see, with big eager smiles whenever the truck reached them. Then you and your friends would inspect the colorful pictures on the van, pointing and asking questions. “My favorite ice cream is the warhead one because it’s so sweet and sour and amazing. Plus it had a warhead for a mouth,” said sophomore Salome McAllen. After everyone had made up their minds, it was time for the best part – eating it as fast as possible, so it wouldn’t melt everywhere. After it was gone, there was still some fun left – some of the ice cream flavors had jokes on the wooden stick, although most of them were pretty corny. “I remember I would just stare at it for a couple of seconds and laugh, eat more ice cream and laugh some more because they’re awful just like laffy taffy jokes,” said junior Victoria Terrasas. Whenever we were younger and loved ice cream as our favorite sweet treat, we can remember who we shared it with and other memories of childhood along with it. After playing with our friends and becoming tired and hot, cold ice cream from the neighborhood’s most beloved truck was always a good treat to eat. And it still is, no matter how old we get.


Fill the grid with digits in such a manner that every row, every column and every 3x3 box accomodates the digits 1-9, without repeating any. (Just don’t do it during class!)



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8Picture This:


“Softball is a game of making great pitches at the right time being opportunistic by getting a run at the the right time and playing good defense,” said senior Jessica Bowden photo by Cyndi Atkins

“I think this year is going to end in great success. We are going to win one more game than last year,” said senior Megan Marcet. Photo by Cyndi Atkins

“This year is looking good so far, we have come a long way and still have more to accomplish but I think this team will finish what last years team started,” said senior Megan Coronado. Photo by Cyndi Atkins

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