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questions call at 585-1889

Choice of 3 foot Italian or American hero

Three salads : potato, macaroni, coleslaw

Half tray of Chicken Marsala or Chicken Francoise

Half tray of Baked Ziti or Penne a ’la Vodka

Bowl of Tossed Salad

Dinner Rolls

Cookie Tray

Choice of 3 foot Italian or American hero with potato, macaroni, coleslaw salads and

Cookie Tray

$ 44.99

Please Visit us at :

1 foot serves 4 to 5 people

$ 149.99

Selection of BOAR’S HEAD

Assortment of Ham, Roast Beef,

Turkeys, Ham, Roast Beef, Italian and

Grilled Chicken, Tuna and

Grilled Chicken sandwiches made

Cicken salad, Grilled

on assorted Baguettes, and Hero breads with

Cookie Tray

Small $ 64.99 Medium Large

$ 84.99

8-12 Guests 12-16 Guests

$ 104.99 16-20 Guests

Vegetable decorated with grapes and

Cookie Tray

Sm. $ 69.99

8-12 Guests

Med. $ 89.99

12-16 Guests

Lg. $ 109.99

16-20 Guests

Christmas and New Year Catering