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Vol. 1 NO. 2

Camp Rafael C. Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City

October 22 - 26 2012

PRO 13 and RCLO Caraga Lead Decent Burial of CT’s Victims


amp Rafael C Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City - Police Regional Office 13 and Regional Crime Laboratory 13 led the decent interment of skeletal remains at Chinese Cemetery, Butuan City on the 22nd day October 22, 2012 at 8:00AM to properly bury the victims of mass killing of CNN decades ago. The skeletal remains were exhumed from the town of Nasipit, Agusan del Norte on June 15, 2006. Other victims were also unearthed at Brgy. Taligaman, Brgy. Pinamanculan and Brgy. Libertad of Butuan City on June 21, 2006, February 12, 2012 and August 30, 2012 respectively. On April 3, 2012, skeletal remains of an unidentified person were recovered inside a cave of Brgy. Poblacion, Bacuag, Surigao del Norte. The remnants of Sonny Boy Plaza (15 years old) and Olong Mantilogco (38 years old) were identified through forensic anthropological examinations of RCLO 13 and were claimed by their respective families. Plaza and Mantilogco were charged and sentenced to death by the Kangaroo Court of the CNN without due process. Operation “Zombie” was launched by the CNN leading to the prosecution of all its members who were allegedly linked with the government. Rebels, who witnessed the NPA’s brutality and

feared they would suffer same fate, surrendered and revealed to the authorities the locations of these mass graves. PRO 13 Director, PCSUPT Carmelo E. Valmoria said the mass killing of the CNN is a clear manifestation of the rebels’ cruelty not only towards the civilian populace but also against its own armed members. “These crimes must be condemned by all peace-loving Filipinos for these are blatant disregard of human rights and chilling testaments of disgusting

violence they are capable of,” PCSUPT Valmoria added. Pretending to be the opium of the society, the rebels have surreptitiously spread the lies they are the protectors of the human rights and soldiers of the masses. Hence, the community shall

withstand and respond appropriately to their machinations and deceptions. With this decent burial, the helpless victims of ruthless and oppressive ideology may now rest in peace but their cry for justice will forever hunt the conscience of everyone who had deprived them the right to live.

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Camp Rafael C. Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City

October 22 - 26 2012

Contradection, Denial & Inconsistency in the CNN Ideology


have known the revolutionary character and communist ideologies of the CNN. Ever since, its strength and endurance have been rooted merely from unlawful extortion and destructive atrocities. Its goal of seizing political power has brought chaos and social disorder in some areas of the country including Caraga region. The mass grave of the CNN in an attempt to cleanse its ranks of suspected agents is a clear manifestation of the rebels’ cruelty not only towards the civilian populace but also against its own armed members. These crimes must be condemned by all peace-loving Filipinos for these are other chilling testaments of their disgusting violence and the evil acts that they are capable of doing. While the families and relatives of

the victims cry for justice, this is dampened by the mounting lies surreptitiously spread by the very same people who boisterously claim to be the protectors of human rights. They accuse our government of anything that their hands can lay on, yet, they are doing nothing to denounce and condemn the transgressions of their comrades. It is disheartening to note that despite the continued atrocities, harassments, extortions, and skillful manipulations of the hearts and minds of our fellow countrymen by the CPP-NPA-NDF, few of us consider them as a serious threat against our freedom and democratic life. Lamentable is the fact that many have completely ignored the issue and concern because they incessantly refuse to accept the prevailing reality. Complacency would be the very bullet that would obstruct our freedoms and altogether drive us into the dimly pit of uncertainty under the communists. Nonchalance shall have no place in our own corridors. This should not happen considering the fact that we are con-

stantly badgered by the forces of a Godless, violent, and ruthless ideology. With the same fervor and seal of protecting our freedoms and democratic institutions, the PNP humbly shares with you the important facets of our worst enemy, with the view that we shall not fall into the deep and dark lairs of deprivation and inhumanity of the CNN. Hence, there is need for us to withstand and respond appropriately to their machinations and subtle prevarications. Pretending to be the opium of the society, they have to face not only their own individual conscience but also our Almighty, country and Filipino people. Differences in ideology and faith, problems of underdevelopment and poverty, and social dissatisfactions are some of the main issues that have given rise to insurrections. But nevertheless, respect for human rights and unity for common good remain the best weapons to stand and face together the adversaries of life.( by: Camelo E. Valmoria)

On the Persistent Operations of the PNP 8 Carnapped Vehicles now under RHPU 13

E 13:

ight carnapped vehicles were properly turned over to the custody of the Regional Highway Patrol Unit 13 in Butuan City after a series of successful operations of the police stations in Surigao del Sur. On the 20th day of October 2012 at 10:00 AM, the following vehicles were handed over to PSUPT Michael Reyes, Chief of RHPU

a. Black Mitsubishi Lancer (KFE 882) with engine no. 4G18CG8213 and chassis no. CS2A0501385; b. Grayish brown Toyota Hilux (XHY-871); c. Black Isuzu DMAX (YBD 588) with chassis no. 4JHI73505; d. Grayish black Mitsubishi Montero Sports (LGL 133) with chassis no. MMBGRKH41PF11386; e. Black Toyota Hilux (FW 618); f. Black Toyota Fortuner (KEC 234); g. Black Honda Jazz (KDS 302); and h. Black Ford Ranger (TIA 674). A macro-itching will be conducted to verify the factual engine and chassis numbers of the vehicles while thorough investigation is still going on to unmask the identity and whereabouts of the perpetrators. Police Regional Office 13 has intensified its anti-carnapping operations in the pursuit to recover and account all carnapped vehicles in the region. On the other hand, the community is encouraged to be more vigilant on their properties to preempt the unlawful motives of the perpetrators and to report to the nearest police station any vehicle that is left abandoned.

October 22 - 26 2012

Camp Rafael C. Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City

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Armas Nailog sa Atong Kasundaluhan Gikan sa mga Armadong Grupo Camp Rafael C Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City - Laing kalamposan na usab ang nasakmit sa atong kasundaluhan ug kapulisan luyo sa ilang pag paningkamot sa pagmintenar sa kahapsay ug kalinaw hilabina sa kabukirang bahin ning atong rehiyon. Malampusong napakgang sa mga kasundaluhan ang laing hiwing binuhatan sa mga walhong grupo nga nagpadayong nagalihok sa kabukiran. Nagpaila lamang kini nga ang kasundaluhan ug kapulisan responsabling mihimo sa ilang trabaho ug andam kini nga mo alagad sa mga katawhan. Nailog sa mga kasundaluhan ang usa sa mga armas sa rebelding npa nga giilang miyembro sa GF 30 NEMRC ug kining pag baton ug armas nga dili

awtorisado nakalapas kini sa atong batakang balaud sumala sa artikulo (8294) or violation of firearms and ammunition. Natigayon ang maong pagkuha sa armas sa dihang nagpahigayon ang mga kasundaluhan sa pagpatrolya ug diin nahitabo ang engkwentro sa kasundaluhan batok sa mga walhong grupo. Kining pagpatrolya sa mga kasundaluhan usa ka buluhaton ug lakang sa atong gobyerno nga ma mintena ang kahapsay ug kalinaw sa nagka lain laing dapit ning rehiyon hilabina usab sa kabukirang bahin niini. Ang pagbaton ug armas sa mga walhong grupo o npa dili lamang kini nakalapas sa batakang balaud sa Pilipinas kon dili, usa usab kini sa

pagpanglapas sa tawhanong katungod diin kini nakabatog kahadlok sa katawhan, kay ang pagbaton ug armas hinagiban alang lamang kini sa mga awtorisadong ahensiya sa atong goberno ug gamiton kini sa pagpakgang kontra kriminalidad ug insurhensiya.

REPORT ON QUALIFIED TRESPASS TO DWELLING AND under Guerrilla Front 30 of Northeastern Mindanao Regional Committee lasted for 10 minutes. Rebels withdrew towards GRAVE THREATS northwest with no casualty on the government side while it has Surigao City Police Station received a telephone call yet been identified on the enemy. Operating troops recovered from the concerned citizen that there were commotions at M14 rifle and a magazine of AK47 rifle after the clearing opthe residence of Carmelita Lozada Balbutin, 65 years old, eration. Nearby police stations are conducting checkpoints while widow, self employed in 04258 Narciso Street, Brgy. Wash- intelligence monitoring has been intensified to intercept the fleeington, Surigao City around 7:30 in the morning of Oc- ing communists. tober 21, 2012. Immediately, personnel from Surigao City RECOVERY OF ABANDONED VEHICLES Police Station, Surigao del Norte PPO proceeded to the Through the cooperation and active support of the comaforesaid place and verify the said report. Investigation conducted revealed that Romeo Cezar munity, joint elements of Tandag City Police Station and ProZabala, Brgy Kagawad of Brgy Taft, Surigao City entered vincial Highway Patrol Team recovered an abandoned black the house without the knowledge and consent of the owner Toyota Lancer bearing plate KFE 882 with engine number 4G18 and shouted her in an angry manner, and then the sus- CG8213 and chassis number CS2A 0501385 and a gray Toyota pect showed a bottle filled with a red liquid. Jestony Hadji Hilux bearing plate number XHY 871 around 4:30 PM and 7:30 Congayo, 19 years old, single, helper and a resident of Brgy PM, October 20, 2012 in Brgy Awasian and Brgy Telaje all of Libuac, Surigao City, revealed that the suspect locked the Tandag City, Surigao del Sur respectively. Recovered vehicles are door and closed the windows of the house and shouted now under the custody of Surigao del Sur Police Provincial Office and will be turned –over to the Regional Office of Highway again and showed him a hand grenade. At about 11:00am same date, the suspect voluntarily Patrol Unit for proper disposition. surrendered to the responding police officers and brought RECOVERY OF CARNAPPED VEHICLE to Surigao City Police Station for proper disposition and Through intelligence gathering and monitoring, a carnapped while the EOD team of Surigao del Norte PPO and K-9 unit Toyota Innova (KET 833) was recovered by the personnel of of Surigao City Quick Action Response Team conducted Provincial Service Support Unit and Provincial Highway Patrol search inside the house and found no traces of explosives Unit of Surigao del Sur together with the elements of 36th IB, and other volatile substances. Philippine Army along the national highway of Brgy. Bag-ong Appropriate charges are now being prepared by Surigao Lungsod, Tandag City, Surigao del Sur on October 16, 2012 at City PS for filing in court against the suspect. 9:00AM. The said vehicle was owned by Sumifru Company in REPORT ON ENCOUNTER Davao City and was reportedly carnapped early dawn of October 16, 2012 at St. Vincent Subd. Davao City. Suspect was identified While conducting combat operation at Sitio Cagmon, as Hermie S. Tahum, 37, driver of Ultra Star Marketing based in Brgy. Maitom, Tandag City, Surigao del Sur, Scout Pla- Tandag City, resident of Brgy. San Agustin, Tandag of the aforetoon of 26IB, Philippine Army encountered more or less said province. Arrested suspect together with the carnapped ve10 armed rebels on October 19, 2012 at 11:15AM. Fire- hicle is now under the custody of Surigao del Sur Police Provinfight between the government troops and CNN members cial Office, Tandag City for proper disposition. PSUPT MARTIN M GAMBA Regional Public Information Office

PNP REGIONAL OFFICE 13 Camp. Rafael C. Rodriques Libertad, Butuan City

Email: Tel number: 8153325

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Camp Rafael C. Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City

October 22 - 26 2012

PRO 13 Gears Up to Elevate its Performance

Camp Rafael C Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City - Police Regional Office 13 launched a seminar on Integrated Transfor-

mation Program-Performance Governance System here to improve its performance in the delivery of police services. The first phase of the seminar was held at the Multi-Purpose Hall of 13th Regional Public Safety Battalion. PSUPT Susan Jalla, chief of Regional Crime Laboratory 13 and secretariat of Performance Governance System, discussed the importance of the PNP individual scorecard. “Police officers are encouraged to support the worthwhile advocacy of the Chief PNP as the latter has been giving emphasis on the integrated transformation program,” PSUPT Jalla said. The speaker also said in order to resolve the organizational dysfunctions, all PNP personnel shall have known and understood their works. She also presented sample of scorecards as basis for making an individual scorecard of personnel assigned at Police Regional Office 13. Scorecards are tools used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the personnel’s job description based on the current thrusts, plans and programsof the PNP including his/her budgetary requirements that hold every officer accountable for his/ her performance. On October 23, another set of working force from PRO 13 will participate in the 2nd phase of the seminar.



ue to unending persistence and commitment, the PNP has gained its momentum in resolving the police force’s organizational dysfunctions, in improving the quality of police services and in strengthening law enforcement capabilities. The improved physical facilities and equipment of police headquarters/ stations, better systems and procedures, and more competent personnel equipped with salient trainings have defined the quality of service the PNP has offered. With our celebration of 111th police service anniversary comes another


milestone for the PNP to constantly do ble contributions to God, country and its share of building a peaceful and pro- people. gressive community. The PNP under the leadership of our Chief PNP, PDG NICANOR A. BARTOLOME is determined to be continuously transformed into a world-class police force. Amidst an exhilarating path, challenges or difficulties should in no way dissuade us from pursuing our mission of enforcing the laws and ideals of democracy, protecting the human rights and properties, and securing the peace and order against insurgency and lawlessness. Our accomplishments are our hum-

PRO 13 urges GUN owners to Renew Licences

Police Regional Office 13 -

Urged the gun owners to immediately reregister their expired firearms licenses to avoid possible legal consequences. A total of 8, 430 loose firearms were believed to be in the hands of gun owners in Caraga region. The data comprised the following: Actual number of expired firearms from Firearms Explosive Division- 5,900; Estimated number of firearms from the Local Communist Movement450; Estimated number of firearms from Criminal Gangs10; Estimated number of firearms from Wanted Persons 320; Estimated number of Homemade firearms1,750 A firearm is considered “loose” when its license expires. Those who fail to seek renewal of their gun licenses will be subject to police operations. In the pursuit to run after those unauthorized gun holders and put them behind the bars of justice, PRO 13 has intensified the conduct of checkpoints, on- the-spot gun check operations, and service of search warrants. On the other hand, owners who are no longer interested to renew should surrender their firearms to the nearest police station to avoid criminal prosecution. The police operations against loose firearms are also part of the campaign to ensure the safe and peaceful 2013 elections.


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