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February 13, 2014 Vol. 47, Issue 8



Black History Month: A student’s perspective, Page 7

A public forum for Pierce College students of Lakewood, Wash.

Stern words:

Hollywood legend offers advice on living life and writing

Meet Stewart Stern

Aaryn Kornbau/Staff Photos

Stewart Stern shares stories and experiences from his more than nine decades of living. Stern has been nominated twice for Oscars for his screenplays, which includes 1955’s “Rebel Without a Cause.” Holly Buchanan Staff Writer The chairs were full of students and faculty members who waited to hear the 91 year-old, Rebel Without a Cause, screenplay writer share his secret, of what it took to become a renowned storyteller. Stern grew up with his uncle Adolph Zukor, who founded Paramount Pictures and with his cousins, the Loews, who had control of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM Studios). Arthur Loew, Stern’s cousin, was the person who pushed him to become a screenplay writer. He attended the Ethical Culture Fieldston private school in New York, back then known as The Ethical Culture School. This private school had a mission to pursue social justice, racial equality, and intellectual freedom, and was one of Stern’s outlets to becoming a writer. “The school had a great emphasis on

the art of creativity,” Stern said. “We were were priests and rabbis and swamis,” Stern trained to receive through our pores, what said. was needed in the world.” Every experience has The outcome of learnan opportunity for a reing from The Ethical cord that people will be Culture School led to interested in. “WherStern participating in the ever you look, wherever Selma to Montgomery you can accept and emmarches in 1965, propathize with people, is testing for black people where your story comes to have equal rights. from,” said Stern. Among the protesters Stern shared that aside from learning how to was Martin Luther King — Denise Hartley Jr. English and humanities coordinator write in school his source for writing came from “We all rallied in a being in World War II, muddy field outside of the city, without any security except our the Battle of the Bulge, where he earned a own because the local police were turning Purple Heart. During the war he recorded everything he saw and felt. their backs on us, ”Stern said. Thousands linked arms, blocking cars from passing. “Everyone you could think of made that march. There was an amputee Please see “Stewart Stern spends time who made that march on crutches and there with students,” page 2.

“With Stewart’s films it’s not about the head and the equation but about the heart and the poetry,”

Stewart Stern was born March 22, 1922 in New York City, NY. He was a soldier in World War II Battle of the Bulge, and was awarded with a Purple Heart. It was this experience that gave Stern his strong source for writing. He wrote “Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams,” based on his experience in the war. This film was one of his favorites, due to how personal it was. Currently Stern teaches at The Film School located in Seattle, and at the Sundance Institute once a year. Stern was one of the founders for the Film School, which is a non-profit film program where he teaches a course called The Personal Connection.

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February 13, 2014

The Pioneer ||

Ishtiaq Qureshi/Contributing Photos

Patrick Daughtery’s takes his film class to meet Stewart Stern.

Denise Hartley, a former student of Stern, invites him to speak at Pierce College.

Stewart Stern spends time with students “Stern words” Continued from front page. “You have to have notebooks all the time because your memory, unless you’re a prodigy, is not reliable,” Stern said. His experience in the war was accounted for in his film Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams. The feeling Stern gave audience members was that of encouragement, but not just for writing, but also for living life. No experience is too much to handle when it can be turned into a story that will help others. “You have to drink everything that will help you be you. You have the best story to tell. That story can save other people,” Stern said. “Even your weaknesses are loveable.”

In many of his films, the characters are taken from people he knew, like his parents. In “Rebel Without a Cause” and “Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams,” the parent’s characters are identical with his own Mom and Dad. When showing the script to his Dad he reacted by telling Stern not to show his Mom. And when Stern finally did show her she said, “ Well I wasn’t born yesterday. I can see what I’m reading, you better not let your father see this.” “Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams” was one of Stern’s favorite films but least successful. “To reach other people we have to share ourselves with other people,” said Stern.

English Professor Vicki Scannell meets Stern after the workshop.

“We have to share our agony and our joy and our masturbation and our first vomiting and go in search of it, go and search all over the world to mate with everybody, to lock arms with everybody.” To go in search of life and take everything you can from it was Stern’s most stood by guideline, to becoming a better writer and writing something people are interested in. Stern has a passion for life that he stresses other people should have. “The details of a stain on somebody’s knee or the question of why it’s on somebody’s rump, all the things that you notice about a person how they cover themselves up, how they hide from

Biology Professor Robert Johnson has a humorous moment with Stern.

Colleges unite for a single cause Neal Curtis-Duguay Contributing Writer

On Friday Feb. 7 Pierce College along with many other colleges attended the legislative rally

other people, and how they engage with other people, are all details to get down in writing,” Stern said. “And to approach other people you don’t know and buy them lunch and get their biographies and their autobiographies in exchange for yours, is what you have to do to find your characters, to find the truth of your characters.” “With Stewart’s films it’s not about the head and the equation but about the heart and the poetry,” said Denise Hartley, English and humanities coordinator. “That’s what I get from Stewart as a teacher and a writer, is love and humanity.”

at the Rotunda of the State Capitol in Olympia, to speak on terms of funding for the CTC System.

Cameron Cyprain/Staff Photo

Supporters of the rally voice their opinions at the Rotunda of the State Capital.

At the rally state representatives and students spoke about how funding community and technical colleges and preventing unnecessary cuts is important for both the students and the state’s future. Several leaders stepped up to the podium to share their insight and wisdom, including Pierce’s president from the Puyallup campus, Marty Cavalluzzi, and fellow students. The leaders spoke on topics of union and the future, claiming that we were the future. “We are Washington’s greatest investment,” many of the key speakers said. The usage of this phrase bridged the gap between speaker and students, creating a deafening roar in the echoing halls of the capitol. Cavalluzzi used his speech to rouse spirit in a redirected, but incredibly positive fashion. Rather than shine a negative light on politicians, he encouraged the crowd to reach out to legislatures on a regular basis, rather than

whenever a crisis such as funding was looming. He encouraged that relationship, to bring voters together with legislature. Observations of the crowd showed initial cognitive dissonance to that line of thinking, but acceptance of the prospect spread and the speaker gained wild cheers as a result. Colleges came together for a purpose to change legislature and their futures. Students held up signs of their future, declaring who they were going to be and what they wanted to do. The colleges stood up for each other as one, spoke together as one, and reached out to the government as one. After a personal speech about his humble beginnings and his rise to high education, Student Programs president Robert Lasker said, “We can be a part of a movement, and give back. I took a lot from the community, and now I can give back. And now, I’m ready to take that next step and go to a university.”

February 13, 2014

The Pioneer ||

Anti-smoking policies catch flame Pierce College weighing the possibility of banning smoking on campus Cameron Cyprain Staff Writer Leaders of Pierce College Fort Steilacoom have been considering making it a violation of campus policy to smoke tobacco and other potentially harmful substances on school grounds. Such a decision could instigate debates about student and employee rights, as a sizable number of individuals choose to frequent the few designated smoking areas placed around the campus. Most establishments designate smoking areas as a compromise to accommodate smokers as well as non-smokers, who may have health concerns. Often encountered in classrooms, rest-

rooms, and hallways, electronic cigarettes that emit water vapor with or without nicotine in place of toxic smoke have become increasingly popular. Many students have voiced their concerns about whether or not a relaxed approach on these alternatives could compromise the learning environment, pose health risks to second-hand smokers, or even encourage people to begin smoking beyond the bounds of designated areas. For many years leading up to the 2011 academic year, Fort Steilacoom struggled to enforce its District smoking policy, as groups of people were frequently found smoking behind vehicles and storage containers near doors. The Pierce College District policy states that smoking shall take place at least 30 feet

Cameron Cyprain/Staff Photo

Multiple brands of traditional cigarettes quickly pile up throughout the day.

away from any entrance of a building. The legalization of marijuana in 2012, medical or otherwise, required less effort to restrict since Pierce College is federally funded and must therefore adhere to federal guidelines concerning public places. Despite the typical rift that occurs between smokers and non-smokers on the issue, resistance among smokers themselves has received little attention. When asked why he disapproves of those who ignore rules that were put in place to keep everyone content, student John Stauder said, “You see them over by the parking lot, by the drains, and then where do you think it goes? To the lake. That’s what the ashtrays are for.” Two other students, who chose to remain anonymous, also voiced their displeasure, stating that the impolite smokers “gave them a bad name.” At present, smoking is the most widely practiced form of cigarette tobacco consumption in the world, and one of the most popular forms of consumption in general. Owing to the extraordinary number of additives found in the typical cigarette, which are known to cause a plethora of health effects including heart attacks, strokes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, policies that limit and dictate the act of smoking tobacco and various other substances in public places have become commonplace throughout the nation. E-cigarettes are also still largely unregulated, and the potential negative health effects they pose to both users and non-users may provide enough leverage for an effort to completely ban the act on campus.

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Library? • New Hours

The library is now open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

• Informant

A documentary by Jamie Meltzer that features a portrait of Brandon Darby, a radical left-wing activist turned FBI informant, and the complicated and mysterious life he lived, depicted by interviews and carefully constructed reenactments, to create a look at the “paranoia-filled American political divide.”

• Divergent by Veronica Roth

A teen fiction book set in a future Chicago about 16 year-old Beatrice Prior, who must chose among five predetermined factions that will define her for the rest of her life. This decision becomes more difficult when she discovers that she doesn’t belong in any one group and the society she lives in isn’t perfect after all.




Official notification: Changes in the student constitution and by-laws proposed You as a student at this campus are a member of the Associated Students of Pierce College Fort Steilacoom. The Student Government teams of over the past 2 years have reviewed the current articles in place and felt there was a need to update them. Allow us to break down the main changes and some of the rationale we have discussed that justifies the changes: • In the current Constitution and By-laws the Student Government team is elected and we have chosen to change to selections: • Many of the schools in the state now have this model in effect. • Puyallup Campus has moved to this. o The schools that have moved to this method have noticed that it promotes higher quality applicants and a higher level of interest in the positions available on the Student government team. • With the considered changes to

February 13, 2014

The Pioneer ||

the team we are raising the bar for the GPA requirements: o Within the Student Government teams there has been frequent turnover of members who do not meet the current grade requirements. o By raising the bar we are hoping that the applicants will be high caliber students who will already be equipped with the skills needed to balance the demands of the job and their first, and most important, role as a student. • We are making changes to the Student Government positions: o There is a new addition of a Legislative Senator to really spearhead Legislative matters of our students. o The new documents merge the Student Relations and Campus Affairs Senators into the new Student Affairs Senator to maximize these separate roles into one power house role. • We are proposing changes in the

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Clubs and Organizations Ratification structure: o We are setting forth a more streamlined clubs and organizations ratification process. o The effort is to lessen the stress on the clubs for requirements that must be fulfilled The last thing you need to know is that you, as a member of the student body, have a chance to vote on our proposal. This is not a process that blindsides the students because it is the students that we represent. You can have a chance to get questions answered at the Hot Topics with SG next Tuesday the 18th at 12pm in the Fireside Lounge. The Election will be scheduled for Tuesday the 25th and will have polling stations in the Student Life Lobby. The above information on the proposed changes in the student constitution and by-laws was written by Sarah Wood, ASPCFS Vice President.

Stewart Stern// One on One interviews with The Pioneer watch?v=x4-nucl1BjY

Campus Calendar • February 13:

Student Government Meeting Fireside Lounge - 12 p.m. - 1p.m.

• February 14:

LoveSick Performance Lounge- 11 a.m.12 p.m.

• February 15:

Ski Trip Snoqualmie Pass - $30 student price, $92 nonstudent price

• February 17: President’s Day College Closed.

• February 18:

Hot Topics with SG Fireside Lounge – 12 p.m.

• February 18:

Advising Weeks Begins

• February 19:

“The Help” Performance Lounge – 9 a.m., 12 a.m., 3 p.m.

• February 20:

Culture on Canvas Performance Lounge – 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

• February 21:

Sprinker Ice Skating Trip 1 p.m. - $5 students only

• February 24:

Spring Quarter Registration begins for Current Students

• February 25: ASCO Meeting

Fireside Lounge - 12 p.m. • February 27: SG Meeting

Fireside Lounge – 12 p.m. • February 27:

Catch a Flick – “Thor: The Dark World” Performance Lounge – 6 p.m.

How to make Almond Milk watch?v=vxucGefY1V4

February 13, 2014

The Pioneer ||

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The Pioneer ||

February 13, 2014

Wiki Commons/Courtesy Photos

Beatles invade America From left to right: George Harrison, John Lonnon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Star.

A look back at the day American music changed forever Daniel Konicek Staff Writer On Feb 16, 1964, something strange was happening in America. For the first few months, the most popular act in London was slowly trickling their songs across the Atlantic, filling the airwaves and the collective consciousness. Teenagers wore moptop wigs and displayed bumper stickers apocalyptically proclaiming, “The Beatles are Coming.” All the excitement built up to their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show that evening, an event that would attract a record-setting 73 million viewers. 50 years later that performance endures as a landmark in American pop culture, all due to four young musicians and the inadvertent cult of personality they created. Other than their hero, Elvis Presley, The

Beatles were shocking in how loosely they played the fame game. During press conferences, they would leave reporters slackjawed in amazement with their quotes. “What’s this about an annual illness, George?” one would ask. “I get cancer every year,” George would reply. “Who in the world would The Beatles like to meet more in the world more than anybody else?” asked another. “The real Santa Claus,” Ringo replied. The sight of the four of them with their mop-tops and clever grins wading through thousands of screaming girls shocked America. There was a sense of something immense arriving. After their enormously successful first album arrived in the states, the excitement for their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show as breathtaking. 50,000 requests came in for seats in the audience for a theater that

only held 200. The airport the band arrived that was utterly swamped with fans shoving and fighting for just a glimpse of their idols. Watching the performance itself, it is very easy to distinguish the members by their personality alone. Paul flashes these big goofy grins, while George seems almost stone-faced. John just belts out the lyrics while Ringo bounces around in the background. They are not particularly exciting performers. There was no pyrotechnics and their dancing amounts to little than tapping their feet and bobbing their heads to the beat. The real appeal was the performers themselves, these goofy foreign lads who were thoroughly authentic. Before their popularity blew up, The Beatles, or Quarrymen or The Silver Beetles or any of the other names they went by, they were simply a live-in band playing pubs in Hamburg, Germany, often for eight hours at a time. Their audience often

didn’t even like them, so instead of playing for the crowd they played for themselves. They joked, they laughed, and they tried to have fun. When Ringo eventually joined the band as a session drummer, they were not that interested in fake personalities to impress an audience that did not care much for them. Imagine their surprise when they were suddenly the event of the decade. The cult of personality that they established, that is what makes a true pop icon. Stars like Michael Jackson, David Bowie or Madonna were shocking more in their existence than in their music, and their demand and popularity was because there was nobody else like them. The quality of the music or person of people like Kanye West or Lady Gaga might be debatable, but nobody else can begin to imitate them. That is part of the legacy of The Beatles, the quintessential rock band, and why people remember them 50 years later.

February 13, 2014

The Pioneer ||



Black History Month: A student’s perspective An inside scoop of Fredrick Douglas, W.E.B Dubois, and Carter G. Woodson Rhaczina Simms Contributing Writer When I think of the African American culture, I think of warmth and vitality: I think of soul, but I also think of strength and endurance. It has been these qualities only given by the most high God to the human mind, body and spirit—which to me, have presumably characterized a great deal of the African American race in being brought and established here within the United States of America. Thus, as to be seen with the inception of Black history month, it was African American minds that were veritably endowed with the qualities thereof that first sought intellectually to expand the awareness on and come to relish in the study of a people’s history that had for a long time been scarcely documented—if not documented at all—and at the time of it’s origin devoid of a due respectable place within the history books of America. A man born on December 19, 1875 to two former African slaves named Carter G. Woodson would be the man who was initially recognized for the beginning of this process, which had been formerly known by Americans as “Negro history week.”

Carter’s roots were poor, and his family also happened to be a large, so it wasn’t possible at the time to attend the high school that was undergoing the process of being built for black students in the city of Huntington, West Virginia when his family had decided to move to the state. But not letting this weigh him down with regard to his ambitions for the future, he through self-instruction, mastered the fundamentals of common school subjects by the age of 17. And by making the decision to take up his own living in Fayette county as a coal miner, also with dedicating but a few months to schooling each year, he finally was able to enter into Douglas High school in 1895 at the age of 20: it was just two years later from that point he had graduated and received his high school diploma. From then on, Woodson took a challenging but brightly colored path toward his success, gleaming with all his academic achievements and the recognition needed to eventually land him in the position as a PhD graduate of history at Harvard University in 1912—making Carter along with W.E.B Dubois, one of the first African Americans to graduate from Harvard. Black history month started

Rhaczina Simms/Contributing Photo

Black History Musuem in Seattle, Washington, built in 2008. in the summer of 1915 during the national celebration for the fiftieth year anniversary of emancipation. And Carter G. Woodson, an alumnus at the University of Chicago, left Washington DC to the state of Illinois, to participate as an exhibitor for the showcase of Black history that was to be featured at the Coliseum in the city of Chicago. Even though the republican convention of 1912 was also being held at the Coliseum, thousands of African Americans all around the country had come to view the showcase. What was to be displayed there as Black history, was to show African Americans how far they had come from the

destruction of slavery. Consequently, it was the setting of thousands of African Americans that found it important enough and exciting to come and view this display that inspired Carter G. Woodson for the concept of scientific study on African American life and history. It was later on Sep. 9 that Carter met at the Wabash YMCA with A. L. Jackson along with three others to form the “Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH).” Whom thence on went to publish a journal in 1916 entitled the “Journal of Negro history”, and hoped that the findings that he and other black intellectuals contributed

to would soon become popularized. He finally in 1926 sent out a press release that “Negro history week” would be held in February. The month of February was chosen because it encompassed the birthdays of two great men, Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas, which people often celebrated and mainly associated for black history. He did this for a chance to build upon this tradition so that an entire race would come into light, revealing all the black men and women in a respectable view rather than just the thought of slaves or two great men for the highlights of black history.

eCAMPUS makes online classrooms easier to use Pierce college’s online learning center does a great job of managing online classrooms and provides excellent services Austin Lewis Staff Writer Pierce College is nearing the half way mark of it’s winter quarter, and both it’s online and in person classes are well under way. Pierce officially launched it’s online learning center eCAMPUS in the fall of 2013, and it’s been helping students succeed in online classes. Online classes can be difficult for students because they don’t receive the face-to-face experience that many people need to stay focused in their class, and there can be a lack of communication between students and their teacher that makes getting help on assignments difficult. eCAMPUS attempts to solve both of these problems for students taking online classes by making it easier to communicate with not only the instructor, but other students as well. It solves these problems by having a home menu where information from all currently enrolled classes is posted under “Recent Activity” Alongside the Recent Activity space on the home menu, there is also a “Coming Up” and “Recent Feedback” sidebar located on the right side of

Trenton Botelho/Contributing Illustration

the home page. This side bar is a help to students because it pulls the links to all upcoming assignments in all online

classes the student is currently enrolled in onto the homepage, making it easy for the student to stay up to date on what

needs to completed and what date it needs to be completed by. eCAMPUS also has tabs for

its courses near the top of the home page, and clicking on the tab pulls up a menu of the classes students are currently enrolled in, allowing fast access to each class page and the files or links that are specific to each class, such as the required readings, PowerPoint’s, and video clips. Another important tab located at the top of the home page is Grades. This tab is helpful for taking online classes because as assignments are graded and entered into it, it will show the assignment list for each class and give the percentage total at the bottom, showing students exactly where are in the class grade wise at any moment. In the past, Pierce College has used multiple sites like ANGEL and WAMAP to host their online classrooms, but most of these sites were confusing at times and made online classes difficult to take and keep track of. While certain classes still do their online work through, the push Pierce College has made to unify the online classrooms onto one site has made it much easier on the student body and more encouraging for students to try taking a class online.

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To: My B aby Bear From: Ja smine (y our love ) I love yo One day u homie. the man I can give you ly love y ou deser ve.

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February 13, 2014

Pate d i v : Da day! m o r e, F re every t a P ur o y o e e l i m m na R ore and ing the v n i A g : To u m uch for ng i o e y b e I lov you so m sons and e ever! if l k Than wonderfu t loving w ith you, ne w ke two iest mos o l a i prett never I’m me feel l . Whe ou make le again y who m a I

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To: Carrie Warren From: Tia Foxx

Yo Carrie! You da best! Haha Hi! : D

To: Marc From: M os Olivan argar I’m so th ankful to et Cooper have you These tw in my lif o years h e. a v e b een ama Thank yo zing! u for giv i n gm the moti vation to e achieve m y dreams . Love you !

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To Fr : V om ivi Yo : P ana do u h ar W ke ri Va esn’ ate e r D gh Ha len t m ver eo t pp tine ean yon n y V s l yo e ale ooo u d but n t tu tin ooo on’t hat rd es vv ge ! Da ve t y y e! a

The Pioneer ||

a Nin m: y! Fro unn th ey b s wi dy hon tine ah Co uch alen !! Mw To: so m d V life ou spen f my oXo o ve y to oX I lo t wait e rest ah X w th n’ Ca for ah M you Mw

Love is the the air


Pioneer Valentine Grams To: Darius Robinson From: Tyrell Tollefson <3



February 13, 2014

The Pioneer ||

Movie Review: That Awkward Moment

which eventually ends up sleeping and forming a relationship with the beautiful goddess. The movie goes as far as to ensure that the cheating wife never meets her, soonto-be-ex-husband’s friends, who would most likely exact clever and amusing revenge for their honest, hardworking, loveable friend. Another flaw of the movie is its abuse of the rating. An R-rating should be utilized to tackle deep, hard topics like suicide or sex as an emotional experience, not to make a long stream of vulgar jokes. Some of the running gags were funny at first, like the cut-away Viagra gag, but soon lost their steam as the mood shifted to a more dramatic tone. Admittedly a disappointment for the actor Zac Efron, known for movies dealing with more serious topics like the social divide in high school or losing one’s younger brother in a shared car accident. Like the phallic decoration he wore to his girlfriend’s formal birthday party, his standards fell flat. A romantic comedy should be a romance with comedy, or a comedy with romance. A romantic comedy should not be a romance and a comedy dividing screen time. Zac Efron took what should have been a movie about the pivotal moment in a relationship and turned it into “Did you shit in my toilet again? You do this every time!” Out of generosity, the movie earns three out of five stars.

Neal Curtis-Duguay Staff Writer

Focus Features/Courtesy Photo

“That Awkward Moment” is, indeed, one awkward moment after another. Many romantic comedy goers have seen the exact same formula: guy dumps the fiftieth girl or so (most, unfortunately, are never named in-film), meets a new pretty one he falls in love with, tries to deny his feelings and use his stud approach, and eventually reforms his stud ways to form a proper, committed relationship with the one. And to add insult to injury, yet another R-rated film abuses its rating to deliver foul-mouthed humor that is otherwise not allowed instead of tackling deeper, harder topics. A movie with Zac Efron begs to be different, but in more ways than one, he falls flat. The movie’s greatest flaw is the organization. Rather than one story being told, it feels like two separate stories, that barely intertwine throughout the movie. One story is the tale of Jason, artist extraordinaire and self-declared stud, and his three friends as they try to understand the complicated turning point of their love lives. The other story is their actual love lives, ranging from new love, to strained love, to a cheating love. Unlike most romantic comedies, the two plots hardly interact. The greatest interaction between the bros and any of the girls is the wingman,

Through Delays and Changing Publishers, South Park is Here Kristoffer Hayward Staff Writer South Park: The Stick of Truth has a release date settled and steam is already taking pre-purchases of the title. The South Park game has been in development and nearly published a couple times before, however the biggest hit came from the loss of the game company THQ. The game company had a number of titles in the works and everything had to be parceled out to other companies, delaying South Park: The Stick of Truth and completely dissolving the sequel to Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. Now, the South Park game has come to Ubisoft, the publishers who brought the Assassin’s Creed series to life. This has become a mixed point for many fans, suggesting that dealing with Ubisoft’s U-play manager would become a headache. The developer came forward early in February to confirm that the South Park game would be a full Steam title, meaning no extra interface with Uplay. Steam acts as an independent client

for games, only recently having to contend with developer exclusive clients like Ubisoft’s U-play or Ea’s Origins. U-play and Origins may not be bad themselves, however having to download separate clients and manage separate downloads

Ubisoft/Courtesy Photo

or friend lists quickly make a cluttered market aggravating. For console gamers, this means no one has to sign into a separate login screen to gain access to the game after logging in to your Playstation or Xbox account.

With a release date in the first week of March, a well reputed publisher, and, for the computer players, Steam, everything is coming together. A game many people have waited nearly a year for, since it’s initial delay from April, 2013.

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Air Supply Tickets - Saturday, Februaray 15, 2014 - 8:00 PM at Emer-

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TobyMac - Wednesday, February

Snoqualmie, WA

2014 - 8:00 PM at the Showbox at •

Dome in Tacoma, WA

Band of Horses - Sunday, Febru-

Pixies - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

the Market in Seattle, WA

ary 16, 2014 - 8:00 PM at Moore

19, 2014 - 7:00 PM at the Toyata

Miley Cyrus - Sunday, February

Theater in Seattle, WA

Center in Kennewick, WA

February 21, 2014 - 8:00 PM at

Sting & Paul Simon - Wednesday,

Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA

16, 2014 - 7:00 PM at the Tacoma

Amos Lee - Monday, February 17,

Sharon Corr - Thursday, Febru-

The Head and The Heart - Friday,

February 13, 2014

A&E 11

The Pioneer ||

Science Dome show ‘Atlantis in the Stars’ The origins of Atlantis may be revealed in this out of this world Pierce College Science Dome feature A look into “The Secret Lives of Stars,” one of the five shows currently at The Dome Kaitlyn Turner Staff Writer “The Secret Lives of Stars,” one of the five presentations that the Science Dome currently cycles through, allowing viewers to witness the amazing variety of stars. As with any of the Science Dome at Pierce shows, “The Secret Lives of Stars” begins with a half hour tour of the night sky. During this time the audience can ask to “visit“ places such as stars and planets, and while they are there, the audience also learns interesting facts about the celestial objects that are very foreign to them. “The Secret Lives of Stars” is narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart of TV’s Star Trek: The Next Generation and the X-Men films. It moves across the galaxy, showing an infinite amount of different stars that are all around us. This show provides a view that goes as far back as the Big Bang Theory, and as far forward as the detonation of the sun; an uncountable number of years away.

Sitting in the Science Dome and “exploring” the universe was surprisingly realistic. It feels as though one is literally spinning through outer space, and at some times, it was even somewhat disorienting. Massive planets and fiery stars seemed to actually loom out in front of you, close enough to touch, and without so much as the use of 3-D glasses. People who are easily subjected to motion sickness would most likely not appreciate the show, but it was completely captivating. For approximately 30 minutes, the sky spun and stars flew by, always providing something new to look at. The Science Dome is an excellent source of entertainment, as well as education. There are shows every Friday and Saturday, costing $6 for adults and $3 for children and Pierce Students. Tickets can be bought at the Science Dome 20 minutes before the event, or reserved early online. For more information on showings go to shows/.

Ismael Rodriguez Contributing Writer The Science Dome is a unique part of Pierce College. Not only is it the biggest science dome in Washington, it also has the highest resolution, making it one of best science domes in the area. The Science Dome features five films. One of the featured videos is called “Lamps of Atlantis,” and is about the stars and how they might have led to the origins of Atlantis. This was preceded by a thirty-minute live presentation into Astronomy. The film moved from Egypt to China showing the differences in their constellations. Many of the western civilization’s constellations are different from other parts of the world. For instance Leo, the Lion constellation is the Spinning Wheel in China. The film showed astrological maps of the stars and provided information on how the stars helped in everyday life in those times. It also showed how the stars were used for recanting myths like Orion in Greece. The documentary includes art from Egypt, Greece, and where they believe Atlantis to be. A sculpture of Atlas bear-

ing the heavens is shown and the globe he has is a star map. The film explained how the documentary came to the conclusion that they found Atlantis’ original place. The art, history and information are well represented, and all this is packed into forty-five minutes. The special effects in “The Lamps of Atlantis” are quite realistic. The most notable was the rain, which was like a 3-D experience without the glasses, with the sensation of movement that is similar to a roller coaster. The film is well shot. The scenery gave the illusion of being close enough to touch. Every scene felt proportionate with the places shown. For instance, an Egyptian temple felt like a gargantuan building, with large pillars inside. The music added to the overall feel of the video, helping it transition from moment to moment and brought out the background. “The Lamps of Atlantis” is a Pierce College Science Dome feature. It can be viewed on Feb. 14 at 7p.m. and the 15 at 3:15 p.m. The cost of admission is three dollars for children or students and six dollars for adults. It can be found in the Rainer building on the Pierce campus.

Local video game store offers great selection and service Super Smash Games offers huge selections of games for everyone as well as tournaments; friendly service and atmosphere Austin Lewis Staff Writer Super Smash Games has a vast assortment of games for customers to choose from and friendly customer service to help in the selection process. The store sells games from the beginning era of gaming such as NES and Atari and goes all the way up to the newest consoles like WiiU, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. They have a large collection of games for each console ranging from the more common games like Madden and Mario, to the extremely rare games like Earthbound and Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask still in it’s box, giving customers a lot of choice when choosing a game they’d like the buy. Super Smash Games also sells consoles if the customer doesn’t have the required console to play a game their interested in. They have nearly every console available for the games they sell and they also have rare versions of each console in stock from time to time. Another thing to note is that they sell the controllers, accessories, and memory sticks required to use most of the older consoles, making it a one-stop shop for all gaming needs. Similar to large video game store franchises like GameStop and Eb Games, Super Smash Games allows you to trade in previously owned games, consoles, controllers, and accessories for store credit that you can then use to purchase something else at the store with. Unlike those large video game store franchises however, Super Smash games will give customers a fairer amount of store credit for what they trade in, and they accept a much larger array of games because they sell older games and gaming consoles that many of the franchises do not.

“One of best parts of working here is seeing all the cool stuff that comes in” Said Andy Clark, storeowner. Super Smash Games also hosts gaming tournaments for customers to show off their skills in. Past tournaments have included games like Tekken, Super Smash Bros., and Injustice. Super Smash Bros. tournaments have had entry and venue fees, but the money is pulled into a draw-

ing and given out as percentages to the winners, the first place winner receiving the highest percentage and then smaller percentages for second and third place. Lastly, the store also makes and sells it own portraits from popular video games. They use Perler beads to make images of varying shapes and sizes from many different popular game franchises and display them around the store for customers to admire and purchase if they’re interested. Super Smash Games may not be as popular major game retailers like Game-

Stop, but the friendly service, enormous selection, and friendly atmosphere give it an edge over the competition, it’s definitely worth the time to stop in.

Location 5449 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma WA

Austin Lewis/Staff Photo

Super Smash Games showcases their large collection of merchandise for customers to see.



The Pioneer ||


Cigarette bans While the concerns for health are important, there is a general rule that if it doesn’t harm or disrupt others then it’s their own decision. That being said, the harm or disruptions coming from electronic cigarettes are almost as bad to the rest of the students as traditional paper cigarettes. The area water vapor can cover may be smaller and dissipate faster than traditional smoke, but it can still affect people nearby. The act of casually exhaling the E-cig vapor is also quite a bit more noticeable than traditional cigarettes. Beyond that, the Electronic cigarettes are bigger and have come to a point of gaudy fashion. Instead of a small paper cigarette between two fingers, it’s now a gigantic

February 13, 2014

cylindrical pipe taking up the entire hand with a chrome finish. The whole act is being played up and has become obnoxious. The most disruptive aspect of these supposedly safe and trendy electronic cigarettes happens in the classroom. Teachers have complained before about something that seems completely ridiculous. Students have thought they could use their electronic cigarettes in the middle of a classroom and in the middle of class. There’s too much yet to be known about electronic cigarettes to keep them unregulated. If it comes to the safety of the campus population who don’t choose to use the electronic cigarettes themselves, we should air on the side of caution and place as heavy restriction as the paper cigarettes.

eCampus and learning styles clash The nature of E-campus and other online courses depends on a student’s learning style to be effective. While the E-campus has been made more streamlined, there is still a need for a given student to become motivated and almost obsessively check the program over once the rest of their daily life is taken into consideration. E-campus is not the only online oriented program the college puts out. There’s Angel, Canvas, and WAMAP, which all have different navigation bars and login information. Juggling a few different login names and passwords, social interactions, jobs, and in classroom education combined makes the E-classroom material first on the chopping block.

While the E-campus does solve the problem of student to teacher interactions and the means to feel less isolated by being able to directly contact fellow students, it still isn’t for everyone. As is, unless a student is well disciplined with self-study, has a relatively good chunk of free time, or genuinely learns best with all the material laid out in front of them, online classes can become a sticking point. Just like the difference between a standard classroom of thirty versus a lecture hall full of a hundred students, E-campus and online classes are not for everybody. Consider the online class before signing up, test the waters. There should be no problem if the online layout and a student’s learning style match.

Hallway Hassle:

What was your favorite Superbowl commercial?

Benjamen Cenit

Dessa Chalfant

“The matrix one, Morpheus was hilarious.”

“I liked the one with Ellen Degeneres.”

Jerron Juan “I’m more a world cup fan. Fifa.”

Joseph Johnson “I’m not a big fan of the commericals. They weren’t funny this year.”

February 13, 2014

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Commentaries WAMAP fails students

By Holly Buchanan The Math program at Pierce College uses a free web-based course management and math assessment program that takes away from a traditional classroom learning experience. The math website, known as WAMAP, is powered by the software named IMathAS and was introduced to high school and college classrooms only a few years ago. When teachers are new to using the program, it shows in the student’s grades. It proves difficult for students to be able to follow along with their professors faulty instruc-

The Pioneer office is in Cascade 323, near the bookstore. Main office number is 253-964-6604. Email us at

When classrooms had in class assignments, professors could look over a students work so they could solve a problem the whole class was having in minutes. With WAMAP you need to message the teacher on a message forum and wait for them to receive it and message you back, which could take as long as a few days. The website has tutorial videos for each chapter where the voice of an instructor leads the student through a problem and how to solve it. The situation gets a little trickier however, when the online instructor is giving different means to solve than the teacher in class. The free web-based program may be designed to make life easier for teachers, who no longer have to manually keep track of student grades completely, but it creates another puzzle for students to solve during the quarter. Not all students want to take a ride to the future, especially if it means missing out on in class assignments where an instructor is there for guidance.

Black History Month racist

By Kaitlyn Turner February is known nationwide as Black History Month. This delegation of an entire month to the memory of significant African Americans throughout our country’s history is, by general consensus, very important. Black History month, as well as Asian and Hispanic History Month, is seen as a way of setting people of color equal to the white people who supposedly discriminated against them. Sadly, people think that American History is the equivalent of White History, but the

truth is that people of all colors have played a big part in making America what it is today— that’s why America is considered the Melting Pot of the world. Racism is seen as individuals being treated differently according to their racial designation. How, by that standard, is it not racist to designate an entire month to honoring one race in specific? We Americans have defined ourselves as “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” When we are taught to hold that as the truth and as the identity for our country, setting aside months in recognition of only specific portions of our population contradicts the simplest definition of who we are as a nation. The very segregation that Martin Luther King, Jr. devoted his life to fighting against is being encouraged, and yet it’s all supposed to be in the name of honoring him and other

black people who made a significant contribution to our society. Black History Month is unfair to not just white people, but Americans of all racial backgrounds. With no White History Month, Americans have basically decided to honor White contributions to our society every day, while only paying homage to the contributions of minorities in their designated months. If we ever truly want to achieve the equality that people of all races have fought so hard to make the groundwork our present-day American society, we need to stop having months like Black History Month, and focus on acknowledging all of the different cultures that make up the patchwork that is America. Instead of dividing history into months like Black History Month, we need to let everything that’s happened—no matter what color the skin of the people who did it is—be a part of American History instead.

He, she, or shim Marty Lobdell American culture tends toward blatant sexuality and prudery at the same time. Picture young women twerking on award shows or YouTube but at the same time questionnaires won’t ask your sex (too risque) on a form but rather ask your gender. Americans also tend to like things simple and binary, for example, one/ zero, on/off, yes/no, black/white, etc. Unfortunately when it comes to sex and gender things are far from binary or simple. To begin with sex refers to biological differences while gender refers to psychosocial differences. Most believe that there are only two sexes: male and female. But things are not that simple. One can define sex by several biological markers. Genetically, females are usually defined as possessing two X chromosomes while males have an X and a Y chromosome. Females may also have a single X (Turner’s syndrome) or three or more X chromosomes (super-females, but not at all like Miley Cyrus).

Males may have XXY or XXYY (Klinefelter’s Syndrome) or XYY (super-males, not at all like Arnold Schwarzenegger). Sex may also be defined by which gonads are possessed. Most females have ovaries and males have testes, however, rare individuals (true hermaphrodites) possess one of each or a blended gonad called a ovitestis. Such individuals may also have a combination of male and female features, for example, a penis and a vagina. Sex may also be defined by genital appearance. Most females and males have normal genital appearance, but some do not. There are genetic females who were stimulated with too much male hormone during gestation that results in the clitoris looking more like a small penis (Adrenogenital Syndrome). And there are genetic males who suffer from Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) and look externally like normal females but they are missing some internal female sex organs. There is also a rare condition in the Dominican Republic where a genetic male appears to be a female at birth but grows a normal penis when he hits puberty. He also develops other masculine characteristics. Gender becomes even more complex asmost males identify themselves as masculine and most females identify as feminine. But there are some who identify as the other sex. So we have males that feel they are females and


The Pioneer

The views and opinions below are of the writers, not the publication

tions, which in turn creates difficult navigation on the web site that has the majority of the class assignments on it, and results in late work, overlooked assignments and the near death experience of forgetting to hit the submit button on time. In the beginning of a quarter students taking math courses aren’t just learning new concepts to a chapter they are also learning how to work their way through using WAMAP as their key source to a passing grade. If a professor is approached with complaints about the website, they say no software program is perfect, especially free ones. But there are plenty of imperfections that shouldn’t be shrugged off. There’s no way for a teacher to be able to see a students work, resulting in students not learning what they’re doing wrong or what they need to do differently to solve a problem correctly in the future. There can’t be success in trial and error when WAMAP doesn’t always show the correct answer to review.


females who feel they are male (transgender issues). There are also many people who feel they have a blend of masculine and feminine qualities. Most likely the supposed masculine/ feminine dichotomy is better viewed as a continuum. And last we get to sex object choice. There are people who definitely prefer sex with the other sex, and some who prefer sex with members of the same sex and other who can go either way. Unfortunately, people have the stereotypical notion that all lesbians are masculine and all gay men are feminine. Certainly, some gay people fit the stereotype, but the majority do not. Males who act effeminately may be entirely heterosexual and females who act in a masculine fashion may also be exclusively heterosexual. As you can see, sex is a complex issue. An issue that I hope makes a little more sense after reading this article. Marty Lobdell is a retired psychology instructor who taught Human Sexuality at Pierce. If you have questions or suggestions for Marty please submit to the Pioneer at

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John Simpson Photojournalism adviser 253-964-7346 jsimpson@pierce. Find us on Facebook: piercepioneer Follow us on Twitter: @piercepioneer Staff: Shane Agustin, Branson Albert, Trenton Botelho, Neal Curtis-Duguay, Cameron Cyprain, Addison Kelly, Crystal Kennedy, Daniel Konicek, Giovhanna Lee, Johnl Milhans, Kendra Pfeiffer, Anna Rhee, Ismael Rodriguez, Arthur Sheremet, Nevin Smith, Daniel Stentz, Sera Tucker.



Fight for the Win Raiders basketball highlights of game against Trailblazers Johnl Milhans Contributing Writer The Raiders Men’s Basketball team played against the Centralia Trailblazers on Saturday, Feb. 1. At half time, Raiders were ahead 43 to 28. The Trailblazers made an attempt to catch up by scoring 39 points within the second half, falling just three points short. Isaac Barsh, number four on the Raiders, made a remarkable dunk in the second half, that made everyone jump from

February 13, 2014

The Pioneer ||

their seats. The final score totaled 70-67, leaving the Raiders with their eighth win of the season. The Men’s Basketball team is still in for NWAACC Championship Tournament held in Tri-Cities in March. Last year the Raiders fell short of the team’s goal of bringing home the NWAACC title, but this has just made the returners hungry for success this year. Returning sophomore guards, Gary Jacobs and Devin Matthews, who have been playing basketball with each other since middle school, are especially ready for the big game. Jacobs and Matthews are known as the Playmakers for excellent leadership, who in high hopes will both play for a four year university after they win

NWAACC this year. The Ladies basketball team played against the Centralia Trailblazers this Saturday, with close calls throughout the whole game. The lady Raiders kept the scores neck and neck throughout the first half, just as number 21, Haley Hutchinson, scored an amazing shot within the last second, putting the Raiders in the lead 34 to 33. Throughout the second half the girls team demonstrated amazing communication with each other as they would shout for when a screen was about to take play, or when a Trailblazer was about to take the ball. Despite the high efforts of the Raiders team work the ladies lost with a score of 63 to 77. The Lady Raiders are now 4 and 6. Coach Brian Purugganan said, “This group has potential to be back at the NWAACC Tournament in Tri-Cities in March.”

Seattle Sounders FC 2014 Schedule Buy your Sounders gear now before the official season starts on March 8 Feb. 22, Saturday

vs. Battery 4:15 p.m. Away

Feb. 26, Wednesday

vs. Dynamo 2:00 p.m. Away

March 1, Saturday

vs. DC United 2:00 p.m. Away

March 8, Saturday

vs. Sporting KC 12:00 p.m. Home

March 15, Saturday

vs. Toronto FC 1:30 p.m. Home

March 22, Saturday

vs. Impact 1:00 p.m. Away

March 29, Saturday

vs. Crew 7: p.m. Home

Commentary: Jumping on the Seahawks bandwagon The Seahawks’ first Super Bowl trophy bound to trigger an onslaught of new “fans”

By Kaitlyn Turner Following their first-ever Super Bowl win, fans of the Seattle Seahawks fi-

nally have something to be proud of. Of course, before this big win, Seahawks fans still showed a tremendous amount of support for their team—to the point of being downright obnoxious. For true-to-the-core Seahawks fans, the hysteria over their (now) successful team has been 38 seasons in the making, and just the fact that any fans stuck around during seasons where the Hawks went 2-14, 4-12, or 5-11 means that

their excitement now was hard-earned. The swarms of die-hard Seahawks fans piling onto the bandwagon now that the team actually has a Super Bowl win to their name is completely superficial and a total slap in the face to Seattle’s true fans. A person doesn’t deserve to call themself a fan of a team until they’ve stuck by faithfully for the wins and the losses. There’s no way to know why people are so insistent on hopping on the bandwagon—maybe it’s just for the pride that comes from rooting for the winning team. No matter what motivates people

to abandon their current favorite team at its first moment of weakness and start supporting whatever team is ranked on top, it’s still pathetic. How can any of the Seahawks’ newest fans even try to call themselves such when the reality is that most wouldn’t even be able to name five players? Even if they refuse to admit it, most new Seahawks fans couldn’t care less about the team—they’re just in it for the glory. Rest assured that next year, or the year after, or whenever the Seahawks fall off the top, all their new fans will disappear right before your eyes.

Child ID Program

Feb. 19 Wednesday

Pierce College Ft. Steilacoom

3rd Floor Cascade Building

Criminal Justice Club will be providing identification kits to parents and caregivers to be able to locate their children in case of an emergency. We will provide free: fingerprints, dental impressions, DNA swabs, and a picture of your child. All of these will be provided to the caregiver, and no records will be kept by anyone else. Due to limited supplies, please contact the CJ club before the event so we can keep a head count of those who will attend. Hope to see you there! Contact info: 253-964-6357 or Teresa Carlo: for more information.

February 13, 2014

The Pioneer ||



Fitness for all Students have an assortment of physical fitness options to choose from Branson Albert Contributing Writer Pierce College offers a number of fitness classes that provide more than just a few credits towards student’s degrees. Pierce College has created an opportunity for college students to stay fit while still earning college credits. Classes range from Yoga and Pilates to Independent Fitness. Pierce College offers two classes that focus on cardio. PE 121 is a stationary bike workout while PE 129 incorporates a creative use of choreography and hand weights. PE 126, Hard Core, uses stability balls, free weights, and bands to

get the core into shape. PE 131 is a self-paced body conditioning class perfect for students who are interested in improving muscular strength, endurance, and body composition using aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Total Fitness is a unique class, which involves lectures, lab, and self-evaluations that promotes knowledge and the importance of life-long fitness. PE 191 is an independent fitness course designed for students who are unable to participate in Physical Education courses on campus. Sports classes change with the seasons and differ each quarter. None of the sports classes are re-

quired for students involved in Pierce College athletics, but they are encouraged to take them. This quarter Pierce College offers indoor soccer and intermediate indoor soccer. Both classes teach indoor soccer skills and are available at the Fort Steilacoom campus. Students who attend Pierce College have a variety of fitness classes to choose from and everyone is encouraged to attend them. “I feel that the college population would benefit by having more PE classes, but how many PE classes we can offer is determined by the available budget,” said Steve Crane, Pierce College’s athletic coordinator. With the wide range of fitness classes currently offered at Pierce College, students are encouraged to get fit, get healthy, and earn credits.

Crystal Kennedy/Contributing Photos

Top left: Rowan Keller is seen here utilizing the free weights. She is taking wellness classes at Pierce College. Left: Rawn Bernard is a trainer and a student. He is taking kinesthesiology, exercise physiology, and wellness classes at Pierce College. Above: Rawn is demonstrating how to use the equipment to two students he is training. Below: Birds eye view of the HEC. The spacious HEC is the location of fitness classes offered at Pierce.

February 13, 2014


The Pioneer ||

Campus Collage

Holly Buchanan/Staff Photos

The Cascade Mountain Range as seen from the campusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; parking lot A. Pierce College campus has many different view points to see breathtaking landscapes.

Buddhist monk Yong is a Pierce College student and has been on the path to enlightenment since the age of 15.

Rachel Crawford and Marvin Taber, Pierce College running start students, pose outside of Steilacoom Park.

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