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April 17, 2014

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Spring activities are blooming Get amped up at White River Amphitheatre Know all the right spots to go ‘sidewalk surfing’ Kaitlyn Turner Staff Writer No matter what kind of music people are interested in, summer is sure to bring with it the perfect outdoor concert for every music fan. One of the major events happening is Vans Warped Tour ’14 in Auburn at the White River Amphitheatre on June 28. General admission for Warped Tour is $48.50

per person, including fees. There will be 86 bands in attendance with genres ranging from Indie to Pop, Hip-Hop, and Metalcore. Featured bands include Crown the Empire, The Ready Set, Issues, and We The Kings. Also at the White River Amphitheater is Rockstar Mayhem Festival on July 8. There will be 19 bands playing, with headliners including Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexan-

dria, and Korn. General admission for Mayhem Fest is $38.50 per person, but discounted group rates are available. One more concert to see at the White River Amphitheater is Dodge Presents: Motley Crue The Final Tour on July 27. General admission to the lawn is $32.00 per person, and group discounted rates are available. The White River Amphitheater

will be offering plenty more concerts during the summer than what is listed here. Attendees should make sure to have sunscreen and water, because it gets really hot in the summer and the White River Amphitheater provides lots of exposure. Go to for extended concert listings. Also, watch over the summer for concert reviews and more.

The basics of camping Toss a disc at Fort Steilacoom Park Ismael Rodriguez Staff Writer A great summer activity would be disc golf. Much like golf, it’s a very easygoing sport. Participants can make their own course at a park. All they need is a laundry basket and some discs, which can be bought online and in many sporting goods stores. Disk Golf can be played at any park, such as the Fort Steilacoom Park, which is behind the college. The park is a great spot to relax and enjoy a few homemade courses. The large field allows you to play and enjoy the sun without too much hustle and bustle. Disc Golf is very relaxing, since it’s a low impact activity and people can get an easy work out in the span of one course, or even 30 minutes of practice. Disc Golf is perfect to bond with friends and family. One can take their family out

and play a game of catch with a putter disk, or start a competition. Students can make new friends or just hangout tossing the disc and seeing who can make it further. There’s a feeling of joy that comes from throwing a disc and watching it glide across the park, 20 to 150 feet depending on the player’s technique. Of course, skill doesn’t come without practice, and that’s another reason the park is an excellent spot. There is also the local baseball and sports field, as well as a dog park, that take up a large portion of the park. It might feel odd to walk into the middle of a baseball or soccer game, or to chase after a dog, after an especially long driver throw has wandered in. That shouldn’t stop students from going out and enjoying Disc Golf or the park. Whether you are seeking family time or hanging out with friends, disc golf is definitely an excellent summer activity.

Ismael Rodriguez/Staff Photos

Brooks Albert Staff Writer Spring is kicking into full gear and that means, for the people of Seattle and Tacoma, that summer is right around the corner. Sunny days combined with cities built on hills along the Puget Sound offers a near perfect environment for skaters to carve their way through the many parks and trails located in Seattle/Tacoma.

Sean Hobbs Staff Writer At its most basic level, camping doesn’t take a lot of effort. It’s mostly just sleeping in the woods. That said, park rangers and other authorities might get mad if people sleep wherever they like. To properly camp in these modern times takes some more effort, but can be as fun and relaxing as in days of old. Here are some basic tips to get started.

Point Defiance Park in Tacoma is one park that many skaters often visit. Point Defiance is a somewhat difficult park to skate, so be prepared. The main road, a 5 mile drive, is a long stretch of hills that has no level areas and some steep, fast down hills. There are not many other options to skate besides this trail. One bonus is that the 5 mile drive is closed to motorized traffic every Sunday until 1 p.m.. Point Defiance is tailored to the more advanced and confident skaters.

A good camping trip starts with a place to set up. There are plenty of campgrounds across Washington and the surrounding states, and there are some in Canada as well, if one feels like going abroad. Reservations can and generally should be made for a campsite, as they fill up quickly in the summer. If something close-by is preferred, backyard camping is a classic pastime with a lot less commitment involved. Of equal importance is what you sleep in. Many like to get an RV or

For easier trails to skate, venture north a few miles into Seattle and one will find two areas that attract skaters regularly. The trail that stretches along Alki Beach offers a flat, smooth, and relaxing ride along the beach with a beautiful view of downtown Seattle. There are many local restaurants along the way that could easily cause one to take a quick detour on this 3.5 mile trail. Located almost directly across Alki

camping trailer, but for a true camping experience, it’s hard to beat a tent. A lot of stores, like Target and Walmart, sell very basic tents, which are good if the weather is nice and they’re used sparingly. More intense camping requires a more durable and high-quality tent, which can be found at outdoor sports stores like REI or Cabela’s. Either way, make sure to always include a rain fly, just in case. Sleeping bags come in a huge variety

Beach is the Alaskan Way trail. The trail is another flat and scenic route with a fairly smooth surface. Skaters should be aware of obstacles such as tourists, cyclists, and train tracks that may test agility, as well as the ability to stop quickly. The trail extends from Myrtle Edwards Park at Pier 70 down to Safeco field and is about 3 miles in length. Regardless of skill, the Pacific Northwest offers opportunities to enjoy a summer of skating for everyone.

of colors, sizes, materials, and prices. For most casual camping, nothing more than a basic sleeping bag and maybe an extra blanket should be necessary. Other than that, it’s important to make sure to pack everything you think you’ll need and pay attention to information posted at campgrounds. Burn bans come and go, and camps can have many different kinds of rules. As the boy scout motto goes, “Be Prepared.”

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A guide to kayaking Daniel Konicek Staff Writer With the sky opening up for spring, dedicated kayakers all throughout the Puget Sound will be eagerly strapping their boats to cars and heading to the nearest boat-launch or beach. The Pacific Northwest is one of the kayak capitals of the world, and getting out on the water can be quick, easy, cheap, and fun. A kayak is like a very narrow canoe, usually seating one or two people, and is propelled forward with the signature double-sided paddle. Kayaks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from the long, stable sea-kayaks to tiny sit-upon boats used in warm lakes and calm water. When shopping for or renting a kayak, there is a variation for every kind of adventure. Most sports outfitters will be glad to point newcomers in the right direction. Kayaks are particularly effective in the Pacific Northwest. The Puget Sound offers a vast amount of relatively calm sea and an astounding number of islands and beaches to explore. Tourists from around the world come to Washington for the ability to ski one day and kayak the next. For someone looking to learn

how to kayak, they could not be in a better place. My personal kayak is a Dagger Cortez, a polymer sea-kayak with a foot-controlled rudder. The boat is light enough to carry, durable enough I can land it on rocky beaches, and stable enough to handle rough waters. This means I can feel safe and comfortable as I sit happily on the water enjoying the spring weather. As easy as kayaking can be, safety is still of the utmost importance. Nobody should go out on open water without a life preserver, extra paddle and equipment in case of capsizing. When buying or renting a kayak, sports outfitters are usually very good at providing the extra equipment and knowledge needed to have a safe adventure. Basic kayaking safety and technique can be learned in just one afternoon paddle, but newcomers should not attempt long paddles in open sea without simulating a flip at least once so that they are prepared. Safety becomes more important the more ambitious the journey, so it is important to ask an experienced kayaker what you might need to know. An evening paddle in a small lake is much less complicated than exploring glaciers, but both are possible with kayaks.

Daniel Konicek/Staff Photo

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